Whom Should We Love (I)

October 31, 1967 — Morning Talks, chapter 12

God is love. Our soul is of the same essence as that of God, so love is innate in us, and must have some body to love. We are conscious entities and we have to make our beloved an all conscious God. But we are attached to our children, our families, our own society, religion and country.

There are some people who are Nero-like. When Rome was burning, Nero fiddled. In India too we had a king like that. His name was Mohammed Shah Ramila. The whole town of Delhi was on fire and the people sent in a petition to him to save them. He was taking wine at the time and was intoxicated. “All right,” he said, “put this petition into the cup of wine.” Such like people are everywhere. Their type is the lowest class. They are congealed with their own selves.

If your love is for your families only, then you will think only of their good. If each man has the attitude that his children must be fed properly, but others may go hungry, there will be a clash between family and family. The police stations are full of such like reports. Their attitude is good for their own families of course, but they will clash with others.

If our love is for our own society or for the religion to which we belong, naturally we will love the men of our own society and religion more than anybody else. In family strifes, some people are hurt, their heads are broken.

If we have love for our own community or religion only, what is the result? Thousands will be killed. We had a clear show, a demonstration I would say, when Pakistan was formed. More than one million two hundred thousand people were killed on both sides, because they loved their own outer forms of religion. It is better to be born in a temple, but to die in it is a sin. So that results in the loss of thousands of lives.

If our love expands, we love our own country. We think that a dog of our own country is better than a man of another country. The result is that we fight, and millions of people are killed. So this expansion of love, of the love of self, of the family, of the society and country is fraught with difficulties and dangers. The cost to life is more and more.

Unless the love of our soul expands to love an all conscious, an all pervading God, there can be no peace. Our ideal is, God is love and we have got love innate in our own selves. It must have some thing to love.

Whom should we love?

Guru Nanak said,

“Peace be unto all the world over
under Thy Will O God”.

God resides in every heart and our souls are of the same essence as that of God. So if we love God, naturally we will love every body.

The tenth Guru of the Sikhs said,

“I tell you the truth,
those who love, only they can know God.”

Christ said,

“Those who do not know love
can not know God.”

So love is the way back to God. We speak of love. On the pulpits every body speaks of love. But how many are there who really love? They love their families, societies and countries. For their sake they will sacrifice hundreds of lives. There can be no peace in the world unless we love God.

God resides in every heart, but where He is manifest, we should have more respect for Him, for the God in Him of course, not for the son of man. We love and respect Him because God is manifest in Him and He helps others to make manifest the God in them.

So whom should we love? That’s the point, where we can be all at peace, all at rest, all bliss filled. This will happen only when we love God. He should be our Beloved.

That is why Christ said,

“Love thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength.”

This is the first commandment and the second is not less than that –

“Love thy neighbour as thyself”.

All the saints who come say,

“God says, you should see me in all and all in me.
You are then a true follower and I will love you.”

This is the ultimate goal. If we have that ideal before us, we will earn the full fruit of having the man-body. The man-body is the highest rung in Creation. It is here that we can turn our attention and unite our souls to God and in no other form. We are blessed to have the man-body. We have to see how far we have advanced. Unless you love God and God in all, there can be no peace.

God is within you. You are not to go elsewhere but are just to invert inside. He is the Controlling Power within you. Our body works so long as we are in the body and we are controlled in the body. There are so many apertures in the body, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, the mouth and two apertures below, but we can not run away out of the body. Some Power is controlling us in the body.

The breathing goes out but there is some Power that pushes it back. As soon as that Controlling Power is withdrawn, we have to leave the body. That very Power controls all the Universe. When that Power with draws from the Universe, the result will be dissolution and grand dissolution.

So what should be the ideal in the man body? We should love God because we are conscious entities. We can become more conscious by absorbing our selves in the All Consciousness, in the God Consciousness. This is our goal.

Christ said,

“The Son knows the Father
and others whom the Son reveals.”

Where God is manifested, such a human body helps others to manifest God, who is already within them. He is not to put in something from outside, it is already there. So the body is the true temple of God. Here you can open your inner eye to see Him.

In what Form? Not in Absolute Form, but in God-into-Expression, which is Light and Sound principle. You can have your inner eye opened, the third or single eye.

“When thine eye be single,
thy whole body shall be full of Light.

To see Him, you will have to invert, withdraw from out side, withdraw from the body and rise above body-consciousness. He is waiting for you. You are simply going astray. For the love of the world you have for gotten God.

So today’s subject is, “Whom should we love?” We should love God.

Remain in any form or religion you like. The highest aim of all religions is to see God, and that you can do only in the man-body and nowhere else. It is a matter of seeing, not of emotions, feelings or drawing inferences, which are all subject to error.

Seeing is above all. We can achieve this ideal in the man body only. We are blessed in having the man-body. For that very pose, we have joined so many schools of thought, but where do we stand? that’s the point.

So we must make the best use of the man-body that we have got, with the grace of God. If an animal, whose head God has made downwards, always remains enjoying the downward things, that’s all right. You are a man after all, look above.

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