Wheel of Life

There is a law of justice, and
there is a law of grace — both of them:
they are both laws.
It is just like, when you light a candle,
the light is above and the darkness below.
If you have a bulb, then the light is below
and the darkness above.
So both are the laws working in the world.
— Sant Kirpal Singh

Karma is the root-cause of our existence —
coming again and again into the man-body
and bearing all the sufferings.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh
(from talk “How we can get rid of the karmic reactions”)

In this book, Sant Kirpal Singh explains the various aspects of the Law of Action and Reaction, also know as Justice or Karma. But He also gives the solution how to come out of this endless Wheel of Life by ultimately learning to surrender to the Will of God and becoming a conscious co-worker of the Divine Plan.

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