In Remembrance Of Hazur

English translation of a Hindi Satsang (in remembrance of Baba Sawan Singh Ji)

The company of a true Master is uplifting to the soul. When you see a wrestler reveling in his strength, you naturally desire to be strong. Similarly, when you are fortunate to sit by a Master enrapt in loving thought, you get uplift by the radiation in the charged atmosphere surrounding Him, more than you will get from years of doing ascetic practices. Maulana Rumi says,

If you are fortunate enough to sit at the feet of a God-realized man
for even one-quarter of a day with attention fully absorbed,
you will derive from that a Life Impulse
which you will not get from doing even one hundred years
of desireless worship of the Lord.

If there is a fire burning somewhere, take a little from that and derive the benefit of the warmth. The charging you get in such a place you cannot get from reading books. It should then be increased day by day.

Those people who sat at Hazur’s feet were most fortunate. Just by being in His presence and seeing the Life Essence, they experienced great bliss. How can they forget that? One can say that it is something like the chakor bird who gazes at the moon and does not avert her eyes until, bending backward, her beak rests on the ground. Being thus so enamoured, what would her condition be if the moon disappeared? This is an example to remind those who, like moths, enjoyed the sweet company of the Master. To one who enjoyed such a blessing, this reference is enough to bring home the condition of the hearts of those who were so fortunate to have a glimpse of Hazur. Even today, through His graciousness, people are being helped. What was His teaching? It was the same as that which has been going on for ages past. Whenever people forget that teaching, Masters come to revive it. Today the world is again full of tormented hearts, but where there is a demand, the supply will come. This is the rule of nature. There is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty.

For the literate and illiterate both, the subject of Spirituality is the same. All have to still the senses, the mind, and the intellect, and then realize the Truth. Whatever a person’s vocabulary commands, he will in that many words tell what God is, and give different examples. How can one know when the world was made and how — and who made it? The answer as given is that God made it. When and how can only be known if one goes to Him and asks Him, for He is the Creator.

When we reach Him, our senses will not be with us, nor will the mind and intellect or the body. Great knowledge will open up in front of us, and there will be no need for any questions. So, our Hazur always gave the answer,

Come on, brothers, why not ask this question of He Who created this world?

It is a very simple solution. All Masters have given similar answers. Kabir Sahib says,

When the juggler performed his feat, everyone came to see the play.

God is the Controller of all time and space. If we want to see all this, we have to rise as high as He is.
A Muslim prophet, Hafiz Sahib, says,

O heart, rise above your body-consciousness and transcend into the Beyond;
then you will be able to see that which is your very Life.

Kabir Sahib once said to some learned people who came to discuss this very subject,

Your mind and mine cannot become one.
I say what I have seen, and you say what you have read on paper.

What a person sees is very clear-cut. So if a man wants to contact the Truth, what should he do? He should keep the company of any Master Who is already in contact with the Truth.

Even in the Gita, Lord Krishna said that if you are in search of knowledge, then go to such a Master Who is One with God inside. Then again He says that,

. . . when you go to a God-realized man with all sincerity and humility,
question Him as much as you like;
and when you are satisfied, take His path and work for it.

You should also remember that no true Master will impose His will on anyone, but He will develop one’s better understanding until the subject has some appeal.

For this Path, a chaste life is very important. If a house has no foundation, how long will it stand? For Spirituality, this is most important to guard. The Vedas say that with forty drops of ghee (clarified butter), one drop of blood is made; and with forty drops of blood, one drop of bone marrow is made; and with forty drops of marrow one drop of semen is made. Just see what a valuable thing it is; the more it is protected, the more life one will have. The more indulgence one has, the nearer to death one will advance, for one indulgence of passion will result in several days of damaging effects. What happens to those people who spend day and night in passion? Their hearts, minds, and physical forms are sick. If the illness in the world is on the increase, it is because of this. People of my age can bear witness that when we were small and a baby was born in a family, if a small child would ask, “Where has it come from?” the parents would say that somebody had brought it. The purity of parents was so high that we lived in innocence. You might laugh at this, but what purity of life it was! Today when you ask a small child, he will tell you everything about the subject. We are responsible for this, because our whole life is filthy. So, I always advocate that our lives should be pure in thought, word, and action. You might raise objections to this and say, “What about the family life?” Only yesterday I received a letter from an American who writes, “Now we are husband and wife in soul” — they are companions in life.

Marriage means taking a companion in life
who will be with us in weal or woe,
and both should realize God.

Married life is no bar to Spirituality, if conducted according to tine scriptures. To have children is one duty, but only when you want a child should you have any contact. But, we are under the impression that a family life is one of indulgence; that is wrong. Nearly all Masters Who came led a family life — but Their lives were balanced and controlled.

When I was in Lahore, I remember once that Hazur received a letter from a man who wished to meet Him; so the Master called me and said, “Kirpal Singh, you go and see him.” This man lived on the edge of town; and when I arrived he said, “Has Hazur sent you?” and I replied that He had. He then said very quietly, “I would like to tell you that I was first with Guru Ram Das Ji (the fourth Guru of the Sikhs).” I am telling you that man’s very words. “Then I came in the time of the tenth Guru — Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Up to now, I have not returned Home. So, I want to request to Hazur that whomsoever He initiates, He should give complete initiation into Light and Sound Principle of Naam, not only Simran, so that the disciple should work hard and earn his salvation through it, and cut short his long race of life and death.” So with great blessing one gets a human form, and with greater blessing one comes to the true Master Who gives you full initiation. Make the best use of it — why do you want to come again and again to this world?

Today we are sitting in remembrance of Baba Sawan Singh Ji. One year has gone by since we last sat together; think back over that year and find out where you were then and where you are now. Have you had promotion in you life or demotion? If a promotion, then I congratulate you; if a demotion, then try to revive your lesson again. The more you live up to His words, the nearer you will get to Him. He once said that if you take a medicine and lock it away in a cupboard, then how is the cure going to be effected?

Contact with the Light and Sound Principle of Naam is the Bread and Water of Life. Don’t give bread to your physical body until you give bread to your soul.

On October 4, 1947, Hazur fell physically ill. He sent for me on the morning of October 12 and told me,

“All other duties have been distributed to various people,
but I have not given the duty of initiation to anybody.
That I give unto you so that the spiritual work may flourish.”
— Hazur Baba Sawan Singh

These are His very words, and the work is flourishing. Any person who can obtain help from somewhere should get it. This teaching is an inner one. I have love for everyone and I want that my Master’s name be known more and more, and that His work should continue.

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