Drops of Elixir

Exerpts from the Master’s letters, previously unpublished, written during the early 1960’s (published in Sat Sandesh Jan 1975)

Sat Sandesh EDITOR’S NOTE (January 1975 issue): These letters, never before published, were slated for inclusion in a second volume of Spiritual Elixir. But that never came about, and through Master’s infinite wisdom, we have them now, as fresh and new, as relevant as if He had written them yesterday…

WHEN TRUTH grows strong, the Negative Power also intervenes so as to undo the work done for the upliftment of the souls. We are all laborers in the Vineyard of the Lord working through the Master. If we work with that spirit, there will be love around us; but unfortunately the Negative Power begins to find a place in the workers in the form of ego and then each one considers himself or herself as the sole master and dictator in the petty duties allotted to them. This results in a clash of interest among them and they go to form groups setting one against the other, criticizing each other vehemently, little knowing that by doing so they are going astray and off the Way. Those who listen to these bickerings are also badly affected and doubts creep in everywhere and spoil even the meditations of the initiates. The wise way is to refrain from listening and to remain aloof from such a society and continue to be connected within and devoted to the spiritual practices. Even if by chance you hear anything, you should not take it as gospel truth. If still any doubts lurk in your mind, the same may please be referred to the Master for clarification. It is with the Master that you are directly connected and not to the representative who is immediately near you so as to be helpful to you in elementary matters. Remember that all on the Way are not as yet perfect. We are all on the way to perfection. Each man has some good quality, though not perfect, and has to be put in charge to carry on the work entrusted to him with clear instructions at the time, and again, to be of help to others and also to set a good example. If any imperfections in him come to your notice, it is not because the Master or His teachings are imperfect, not that the Master advocates or encourages what he does, but simply because he is yet imperfect. To the Master all initiates are very dear. Any such treatment grieves Him the most. The Master works from the level of a man, and issues instructions so as to bring all to the right Path. Judas betrayed Jesus.

If per chance you come across such undesirable things, it is wise to shun them, yet at the same time to remain in contact with the Master for right guidance. If one does not do this, the doubts go on rankling in the heart and multiply from day to day by listening to the criticism of those who themselves are not perfect yet, and gradually this shatters the loving faith and devotion to the Master. The kindly Father always loves His children who remain in touch with Him, but He is all the more anxious about His children who are silent. Do not be led away by hearing any criticism from others.

You need not entertain the idea that Master is far away. He is always with you each fraction of a second, protecting, correcting and patting you internally even when you are fast asleep.

I am glad you are devoting a small time to meditation; try to take a little more time from your night’s rest, perhaps the last portion. It will not bring fatigue, but will be very refreshing.

You see blue light with a white flurring ring around it. Fix your gaze intently and constantly in the middle of that. The Light will in this way become stationary and then brighter.

It often happens that one who sees light inside also sees it everywhere outside even when moving in the waking state. So the circle of light, etc., seen in front of you on the road is Master’s gift. As for describing Master’s presence by your side–there are deserving souls whose mind vision is clear and they see the Master clearly as He works over-head. Such souls do come in contact to be put on the Way when their time comes.

Every initiate is connected directly with Master and there is a good deal more in store for every initiate. There are persons who see Master both inside and outside.

The world is, no doubt, full of adversities and pitfalls, but you have to wade through them all with the sweet and loving Grace of the Master, who helps you, guides you and leads you on the Way. You have simply to follow Him with loving devotion. All of the difficulties will be solved and the apparently dark passages will be made smooth and clean. The Master’s love for the children is unfathomable. It is a thousand times more than the love of a worldly father and mother put together. The Master listens to the prayers of His children and extends all necessary help and protection. Those who turn their faces to Him, are truly fortunate and receive His grace and blessings.

I have read with interest an account of your early efforts to become an English-Spanish stenography teacher in one of the higher institutions of special education. Now you have been put on the Royal Road to your Eternal Home of the True One. I hope you will now devote equal attention to this all important matter, with similar steadfastness, coupled with love and devotion. You will have inner progress from day to day.

As regards your wife, please treat her with love and tolerance; she will then gradually begin to understand the true worth of the higher life and she will begin to appreciate your endeavors on this side. Until such time comes, there is no occasion for you to feel disturbed or work up to a bad temper. After all, at present, she speaks from her own level and when that level is raised, she will come to a better understanding. So she needs your love and tolerance to bring her around. Hate does not make any amends for a bad thing. It is love that corrects. So give her your love in as large a measure as possible.

I am in receipt of your sweet letter; it stirs me to the very depth of my heart to hear from you. With all the strength a man can have, he cannot fathom the love of God and of the Master which He has for a loving disciple. The Master stands by the initiates even in dreams. The disciple is guided by His mighty hand each fraction of a second. It is first He who loves the initiate, and the latter’s love is only reciprocal. Sometimes there are negative appearances such as you have referred to; they will go away when you repeat the five holy Names.

I note about the household life you are experiencing on account of the behavior of – – –. You have tried, and find yourself unable to carry on. Yet I will advise you to pull on a little more. Love, more love, and again love achieves a conquest that other means cannot. Karmic debts also come in a man’s life to be squared up, but in the case of a loving disciple the dose is generously diluted and is held firm in the hands and charge of Master Power sugared with love. Try again for sometime longer, once or twice, talking calmly, and reasoning with her in privacy. When after using your weapon of Love you find that she is still unmoved, leave all to the Master Power, reposing your all in Him, and act very wisely in a way so as not to allow any shadow of blame to fall upon you.

I am sorry to learn about the tensions which assail you at times, developed as they apparently seem to be from harboring excessive sexual thoughts from your childhood. The physical disease which has resulted from the above may be attended to by a physician, preferably a homeopath. As to diverting your thinking process, you may, during the day, work hard with full attention; but whenever the mind is vacant, repeat the five Names or remember sweetly the Master. Whenever you have to be in the company of women, which may only be on essential occasions, you had better avoid looking into their eyes; and devote time regularly in meditation. A habit you have formed from childhood has to be replaced with another good habit by:

a) giving regular time to meditation;

b) when at work, be fully at work; and when vacant, occupy yourself by sweetly remembering and thinking of the Master or listening to the Sound Current, if it is so developed as to have become constant at all times even when not in meditation. Let the mind not remain vacant, as a vacant mind is the home of the devil.

c) when retiring for the night, pray to the Master Power overhead for a while, and lie down in the bed duly relaxed, fixing your inner gaze into the middle of what you see before you and repeating the five holy Names, and go to sleep. While doing so, please remember that the Master Power is always with you working over your head and always is at your disposal. Depend upon His merciful Power and protection and look up to Him for all help and guidance. All feasible help and protection will be forth-coming.

I hope, if you act as suggested, that your life will soon be molded into a new fine and good pattern.

Grief as well as opposition, if we are not adrift, go a long way to help us in our progress; they will strengthen our souls. Those who turn against us are really our friends in disguise. “Love thine enemies” as was taught by Christ.

There are different stages through which one has to pass. To attempt to by-pass any stage would make one short of development in that particular stage and eventually prolong final attainment. Let every one develop steadily and slowly.

The Journey from the right side is the safe way up to the Beyond. The Journey from the left side should be avoided, as that is the way of the Negative Power.

The traveling soul finds similar constructions on that way and believes she is traveling on the right way, but it is not so. She is hurled into the darkness. When traveling on the right side the Master Power will appear to you. To test this Form the repetition of the five Names is required. You ask Him as to the way and the regions you are traveling. You will receive correct guidance and help.

One should not be in a hurry. Often hurry is not free from risks or set-backs. These react in one’s mind creating doubts and confusion. Lack of faith and devotion creeps in stealthily and affects progress.

I am glad the Master is now clear to you and you are sincere in your efforts. Following initiation one doesn’t become perfect all at once. The tender growth in the disciple is apt to be blasted by the vigorous hot winds. The small seedling needs constant nourishment and protection. Let it grow into a big tree first. It will then be capable of withstanding the onslaughts of the mighty animals and not be uprooted. In its tender stage even a passing goat can eat it away.

The Master Power resides with the initiates from the moment of initiation. The disciple is then in the charge of the Master Power. He knows and sees everything. Even the minutest thoughts in the disciple have their reaction. That Power will never err. So one should be true to one’s Self and to his God overhead. A loving Father always delights to see His children progress on the Path.

I am in receipt of your letter and note your earnest desire to become aware of the stupendous Truth and to rise into Its realization.

I am glad that your desire for the above is supreme in your heart and you are willing to give up all else for it. Those who yearn for it will get it. There is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty.

Man is an ensouled body or an embodied soul. The soul is a conscious entity, a drop of all consciousness covered by various vestures, i.e., a physical body, an astral body, a causal body and a super-causal body. Through the grace of the Master, it disrobes itself of all the bodies and reaches its ultimate source or Home, the Sach Khand or the plane of all consciousness and all bliss, never to come back again. This is the first plane which came into being on creation at His Will. Below this there are four planes to pass, the details of which were given to you at the time of initiation. All of these planes are sustained by the same Power of God, called by different names in different planes. Each plane may be said to have its own Lord, or Ruler, and is distinguishable by its own particularly sweet melody and peculiar pattern of Light; which was also explained at that time, and the details of which you will find in the instructions for initiation sent to you. These detailed instructions are not to be given out in open talks but are to be disclosed to the real seekers after Truth at the time of initiation. These five planes have been named by different Saints, each in his own language; Pind, Und, Brahmand, Par Brahmand and Sach Khand and by other names as referred to by you in your letter, but the distinguishing features in Light and Sound of each plane are the basic criteria which they go by, irrespective of the different names by which they may be called by different Masters.

A “Saint” or a “Master” in the terminology of the Saints is one who has the competency to go and come from the fifth plane, i.e., Sach Khand (or the abode of Truth) at His sweet will and pleasure. A Mahatma is a vernacular word meant to convey a highly evolved soul, as the name implies. These words are, however, not properly used these days and an ordinary person with a little piety may be termed as Sant or Master. But you need not worry about words.

A Master gives an initiate an experience of rising above the body consciousness. This experience, however, varies more or less according to the background which each one has and connects him or her with the lowest end of the link of God’s Light and Audible Sound Current, which is the Way back to God. The disciple has to develop this initial experience day by day with the grace and guidance of the Master until he or she reaches the ultimate goal. In due course of practice, the Master appears to the disciple in the inner planes and talks as one does outside and guides and helps in further progress, inwards and upwards, from plane to plane. The initiate can talk to Him at will and can also meet many other Masters on these planes.

All thoughts leave an indescribable impression in the etheric records.

The word Samadhi is used by yogis to denote a state in which one becomes oblivious to one’s Self. This takes place even when one is withdrawn from the body and outer environments, and is called Jar Samadhi. Saints do not advocate suchlike Samadhi. They preach Chaitanya Samadhi in which one remains fully conscious of the Self (of course, not of the body), and of the Overself and ultimately rises into higher consciousness, cosmic and super-cosmic, forgetting oneself just as a river when flowing into the ocean loses all sense of individuality.* (* See ‘The Crown of Life‘, p. 77, for further explanation)

Jesus said: “I and my Father are one.” And another Saint, Guru Arjan says: “Father and son have taken the same form.

There is only one initiation that is given to the initiate: by giving him or her some experience as to how to rise above the body consciousness and then connecting him or her with the twin principle of Light and Sound of God, which is nothing but an expression of the God Power and takes the disciple back to God, stage by stage. By regular practice, one begins to traverse from plane to plane, with the guidance and help of the Master, until the disciple reaches the fifth plane, Sach Khand, the abode of eternal and unchangeable Truth.

I hope the above will clarify this for you. Any points which may not be clear to you and which require any further elucidation, may please be referred to me. You are always welcome to ask for any further clarification you may like.

A person is accepted for initiation when he or she has fully understood the theory, and has lived on a vegetarian diet, i.e., abstaining from all meat, fowl, fish or eggs for at least three months prior to initiation, and promises that he or she can adapt themselves to a strict vegetarian living. In dealing with all, the Master usually takes every one at his or her word; and even when one does not keep the promise afterward, the Master Power above does not leave the disciple until the end of the world.

A genuine or True Master is invested with unlimited powers from God and is chosen to distribute and extend His unbounded grace and mercy to anyone coming with a sincere heart in his or her search for the Way back to God. When he or she is accepted, the Master knows how to correct, mold and uplift that soul, for the soul is of the same essence as that of God and the Master looks on all as embodied souls. So all are dear to Him and He wishes them to reach the True Home of the Father. Even a repentant sinner coming to Him with a sincere heart is acceptable to Him. We are all sinners. We come to Him in order that we may be cleansed.

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