Best Use of Your Time

July 26, 1973 at Sawan Ashram, a morning Satsang given to visiting westerners during that year’s celebration of Baba Sawan Singh’s Birthday

We have come specifically for meditation, not to make new friends nor to write letters back home. We are here to forget all attachments, including families and countries. Our main purpose is to advance spiritually. Put in as much time as possible. Make the best use of your time while you are here. You can all become Saints if you put in your time. Time is valuable; do not fritter it away on frivolous things. It is later than you think. If you are due to leave this physical body and have only five minutes left, how will you save yourself? Keep your thoughts in me.

God is Light. God is Naam (Sound Current). He comes to make people see who could not see. All is the manifestation of Guru Power.

God cannot be had by (outer) observation. He is within you. That Power is controlling you in the body. As you think, so you become. You should be chaste in thought, word and deed. Mind your own business. God is in you. You’ve had some experience, go on with it. Simply listen to those people who have seen within (Saints). Listening to others will lead you nowhere. Do you understand what I am telling you? You must have a demonstration of that Power.
(Master puts His hands up to demonstrate how to see within and He points to the space between the two eyebrows.)
There is hope for everybody. Every Saint has His past and every sinner a future. This is very plain talk. I’m talking very openly now. I am not speaking Greek. A man may preach that he is in the Light but in reality he is in darkness. Only the man who sees Light can talk about Light. Don’t spend your time with worldly friends but with your Father who can make you see.

Rai Saligram says,How many sinners are there? I am the worst of all sinners.‘ This shows complete humility. Those who will awaken, they shall take intoxication (Master’s darshan). Those who get up early in the morning, three or four hours before sunrise, and who sit in meditation, they will enjoy the intoxication. If you are perfect, the whole world can be perfect. You can say, ‘My parents are Emperors and Kings,‘ but if you haven’t got Naam you are empty. If you meditate you will not see yourself but will reflect on me.

Note: Master asked who wanted to put into practice what He had said today. Everyone raised his hand. Master said:

You should go inside and see for yourself. Holy men have always been telling you to tap inside. He lives inside. Not outside. God is inside you. You’re looking at the outside world instead of the inside world. Why do you people go to outer temples when you should worship inside your own temple.

The basic teaching of all Masters is that you should find God within your body. The outer temple is just to give you some idea. The wise took this as an example, and they went inside their own temples. There is a real temple inside your body. The Lord said, ‘I am your real treasure, your hidden treasure. Tap inside and you will find it.‘ Make use of these worldly symbols, but tap inside to find the real truth. All Masters or Saints who have come, no matter what creed or class, have given the same teachings. If your friends are good, you will have holy or good thoughts. If your friends are bad, you will have bad thoughts. It is a question of attention. Right thoughts will bring you on the right path. What have you to do with others? Mind your own business. Mind your own conscience. God is within you. Inside is the Nectar of Love or Naam. The drop of immortality, for which you have come into this world, is within you. When you have come to the feet of the Lord, give up all cleverness. Give up your duality.
Two priests were initiated in Rome. They asked what they should do. I told them, ‘You are paid by the church; tell them this is spirituality.

You will go further when your intellect is stilled. Listen only to that man who has been inside. The Master will give you a demonstration so that you can see for yourself. There is a natural spring inside you. You can have that when you give up worldly things. Your eyes, ears and tongue will go on bringing bad ideas. It is all a question of attention. Try to control it. A duck gathers no water on its feathers. He is in the water, but he is not wet. We should be like this. Live in the world but be not of it.

This is my watch. (Master holds up his watch.) Some controlling power is holding that watch. That controlling power is me. When you sit at the feet of a Master, you sit at the feet of God. How many Saints can you find that are perfect? I’m not talking to amuse anybody; I’m speaking the truth. Manav Kendra, which I have started, is a great revolt against religious ceremonies. I have brought together all men who enter it on one platform.

You and your Guru are sleeping in one bed but you don’t talk to each other. Those who have not seen inside will give you different opinions. They will say this thing or that thing is correct. Only God is your friend and Master. Mind is a cunning friend; he will deceive you. You have come to me, I have not asked you to be attached to me, I have asked you to be attached to the Lord. All Saints say that they themselves are the worst sinners. Guru Amar Das said, ‘Once I was a low lying fellow. When I got initiated, I came to the feet of the Lord.‘ One who considers himself to be the lowest, he is the highest. If you sit near fire, you get warmth. If you sit near a holy man, you get some comfort. Those whom Master has met, their karmas are being wound up, so consider yourself at that state. Consider yourself cut off from all attachment. If you don’t give up all worldly attachments, then, know that you have not met the Satguru. If you don’t give up these worldly things you are not ready for this Path.

Masters are commissioned to take all to Sach Khand. He will not if you are not clean. Make my task easier. I must clean you. Keep your diary, do your meditation, and this will make my task easier. Your house is on fire and you are running around elsewhere. Try to look out for yourself. Change your angle of vision from the outside to the inside. Those who change their angle of vision are successful. See that you progress every day on your way to spirituality.

I have given a simple talk, not any philosophy. I have told you the truth. Following the directions will make your task simpler and my task simpler. From today on devote your time to your spiritual diaries. If you pity yourself, you will have pity on me. Are you ready to follow what I say? Hands up!

(All hands went up!)

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