God’s Message to Mankind

This message introduced the English version of the publication “Sat Sandesh” (Jan 1968)

Dear Ones,

I am sending you Sat Sandesh”, the message of the Lord, all saints and prophets have been bringing from time to time for the guidance and uplift of man. Kabir says: I am the knower of the True Home of the Father and have come to give you the message of God.

God’s message is:

I am the Lord of all creation. Man is the highest in all creation. He is next to Me. I have given equal privileges to all mankind. They are born the same way and with the same outer and inner construction. This is the golden opportunity you have been given to know Me. Ever since you were sent down to the world, you have not returned to Me — the True Home — but have stuck fast in the enjoyments of mind and outgoing faculties, so much so that you have forgotten even yourself, what to speak of Me. I sent saints and prophets to awaken and to bring you back to Me, but you did not care to come. Instead of appreciating their services, you have been molesting them.

I sent Christ — the Word made flesh — who reminded you vehemently: change your mind, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Religions came into being to keep the teachings of all such Masters afresh. Religion in its pristine beauty means a living reality. It is a state of universal God-consciousness, in which you live, move and have your being in My loving presence. All your activities or institutions should have been inspired by love of Me. Then there would have been left no stranger, no alien, no hatred, and strife would have been unknown.

If you like to seek Me, conquer all fears; this you can achieve only when you shake off attachment for wealth, family, body, as one and all are Mine, and have been given to you to make the best use of them to reach Me. This detachment of heart can only come when you love me »with all thy heart, with all thy mind, and with all thy strength«. This is true renunciation, which is the highest expression of religion.

All saints and prophets I sent to the East or West; their lives were filled with the rapture of the vision of the unity of all races and religions in the spirit. The outer world is the expression of the mind. Unless you first establish unity in your hearts, you cannot develop the unity of all men.

There are two methods by which you can achieve this end: One is the interior method of meditation to go into the silence of the heart where flows the fountain of My love, all bliss and joy. You must be reborn; »Except you be reborn (or twice born) you cannot enter into My Kingdom which is within you.« Those who have once drunk the water of life from this fountain are intoxicated forever and love flows out from them in all its joy and gracefulness to all humanity — overflowing as they are with the love and intoxication of Me — giving vent to »Peace be unto all the world under Thy Will, O’Lord.« Mind that it is not religion that failed you; it is you who have failed religion.

The second method is to understand the meaning and the purpose of knowledge which in one single thought is »service« to all My creation — men, beasts, birds etc. The meaning of true life is service and sacrifice.

So long as you want, first and foremost, to be blessed yourselves, and you expect others to minister to you, you will remain a stranger to the way of Spirituality. When you will wish others to be blessed, you will begin to speed on your way back to Me.

Let you not be a reformer to whip others into goodness, but be a witness of the Great love radiating all love in thought, word and deed. Be an example rather than give precepts to others. You are indulging in oceans of talks, but how many ounces of action? An ounce of practice is more than tons of theories. »Wanted reformers not of others, but of themselves.«

Religion decays when forms and rituals become more important than Me (God). The inner light within you fades away, giving place to intellectual acceptance of dogma or creed which you hold tenaciously for the vindication of which you willingly lay down your lives. Religion further decays when neither Me (God) nor the Church rules you, but you become slaves to mammon and material power of the once virile religion; only the form remains, ending in selfish ends by the so-called defenders of faiths and contractors of religions.

You are all dear to Me, sweet children. I advise you all, residing anywhere, to sit together as brothers and sisters and understand each other. Dissolve all differences and misconceptions — you are already one as man, as soul (conscious beings) as followers of the same Master Power and I reside in each one of you as controlling power keeping you in the body. Remove all duality and otherness. You will be able to sit together only in My name, and will realise this unity in Me in the company of Saints.”

May this lesson go out to the hearts of each one of you on this blessed Christmas Day and New Year Day so that the purpose of life is dedication to the Eternal and the meaning of life is consecration to the Eternal Value of life.

May the benediction of the Master shine upon you for ever and ever more.

With love and best wishes,

Yours affectionately,

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