Commandments of the Master [1]

By Dr Harbhajan Singh (published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1983-1 edition)

We asked Dr Harbhajan Singh for a report about the instructions given to him by Sant Kirpal Singh regarding the further course of the world-wide movement of UNITY OF MAN started in 1974 (the editors)

The End of all Sects and Isms

The practical life in the real sense of the
Unity of Man is removing with God’s help
all hindrances of religious and national
conflicts and at the same time brings about
understanding between all men and
in the end: the Peace of the world. (1)

On His last physical birthday in 1974 in February, Master, in the World Unity of Man Conference, said all those things which were in His heart — how He wanted to do the work in the world later on. In which way it should be done is already before you. (Hints are given in the books, some circulars referring to this were already printed). This day Master said to anyone who went to Him: »Work, work and work!« He said it to everyone. Anyone who went to Him, Master said: »It is a time now to work. Your duty is to meditate and work.«

So this is the latest, I mean, concession of God
for those who are really seeking after Him,
to befit the age: that’s all. (2)

How the sects and isms and many religions are functioning? They are only telling the things on the level of the mind and not on the level of the spirit, I tell you. Spirit is being totally withdrawn from the subject. And everyone accepts the subject on the level of the mind very much. He is happy. But if this subject is told on the level of the spirit, then one will say, »O.k., it is very difficult, I cannot under­stand.« If you cannot understand, how can you then go back home? If you do not rise as your Father is high, how can you meet Him? All over the world, all the sects and isms, are they preaching the truth? It is not the truth. It is only truth being told on the level of the mind, and not on the level of the spirit. If it is not truth, it can be a lie, a false thing. How can we prove the truth? We can only prove the truth with the help of the spirit — consciousness.

In the World Unity of Man Conference in 1974, Master said,

»I will go, many after me, they will go back,
but this Spirituality has caught into flames now like fire,
that has broken into the forest, and no one can extinguish it.
It will go and go and go.
A time will come when it will cover the whole world.«

This is such a fire, I tell you, that was never burned by anyone so far. See the books, the holy books, nothing is there which exists now. A part of it is there, but not as whole, as it is now, as Master said, it is a wild fire that has caught into flames — world-wide, like the fire in the forest. Nobody on earth can extinguish it. It will go on and go on. It will cover whole the world — a time will come. It is just the start. See — every year it will grow. Because it is not the work of mine or anybody else, it is the work of that very highest Power, that right from the beginning used to materialize and now again materializes. Remember Him — and He is there.

Master said: »See — that Power can materialize, one thing. It can come into “Word made flesh” and It stays hidden.« Three forms of the Master Power, God Power, that exist in the world. The Power which stays hidden, that works everywhere in this whole Universe. And the Power which comes as »Word made flesh«, it comes with limitations. When competent Masters come, they come with limitations. But when that highest Power materializes, it has no limitations. So I mean to tell you, that Power which is capable of being materialized, that works directly (without media).

Word was made flesh, hundred percent,
or seventy percent, or fifty percent,
as the time required. They worked
to the extend that the time required,
but the Power is the same. (3)

That Power does not live anywhere in the churches, temples or mosques, that lives in the true temple of the human body.

This grace, which is coming now, a competent Master cannot give, as it is right from Him. Otherwise it is also from Him, but through a Master. This is why it is now the shortest way back to God, or you may call it, »the possibility to solve the mystery of death in one life.«

For you Golden age has come, for
whenever the Almighty Power comes
Himself it is the Golden age for the
disciple to go back to Home eternal.
No Master is necessary when the
Almighty Power is doing His work. (4)

The span of the [direct] work of the Almighty Power cannot be much. It is for limited period. After this golden opportunity, He starts again to work through different Masters. It is His last concession.

So for those who have got the human body,
this is the golden opportunity in which
they can go back to their Father, but first of all,
they have to know about their Father. (5)

A big change is coming in the world. It is not a matter of many years, it has begun.

You see, we are passing now through
the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age.
Golden age is arising from the Iron Age.
This is springtime which is approaching. (6)

So awakening is going all around,
in the East and the West.
That means Golden age is arising
from the Iron Age. And for that —
the science of the soul is for that. (7)

So springtime is upon us now;
there will be more fragrant Saints, I would say now,
who will come up and give us through the grace of God,
a contact with the God-into-Expression-Power,
and this is the revolution, the spiritual revolution,
which is coming up — an awakening all around, you see?
In the past these things were told in the ears
of the disciples after a long time of testing.
Now it is given out from open platforms;
people are having it without distinction,
whether they are ready or not ready,
they are getting something.
This is what is needed — times have changed now. (8)

Those who are thinking, that any competent Master will do that work, which now has to be done by the disciples of the Master, they must forget it. The Almighty Power can replace the Almighty Power, but a competent Master cannot do His work. It is a Law. When the Almighty Power came in the form of Kabir, He did His work Himself. Kabir Sahib came in all the four ages and no one — only few persons could hardly judge Him. Kabir could come in all the four ages, is it not possible that He now came in the form of Kirpal?

Kabir Sahib informed us that He came in all
the four ages and always teached on Naam.
In each Yuga He was differ­ently known as
Sat Sukrat, Munindar, Karunamae and
lastly as Kabir. (9)

We have to flourish the Mission of the Almighty Power, so we have to love all humanity.

Kabir Sahib told,

»This Sound Current, which is coming right from your home,
that is coming in my forehead at the seat of the soul
and converts into the Radiant Form of the Master —
that is my Master.«

And this Master Power will guide the soul every moment. Unity of Man can only be utilized if it is in His name — the name of the Almighty Power all over the world.

He was nameless. When He came into the Naam form, names were given to Him. Some called Him the »Almighty«, some Christ Power, and if you read the book »God-man«, there is written, that there are three degrees of Saints: One, who rectifies his mistakes and becomes one with Him is called »Sadh«. He goes up to the fourth stage. Then he becomes one with the Master, »I and my Father are one«, »Father and child are dyed in the same colour.« When he crosses that very plane, he goes to the fifth region and is called a »Sant«. If any person goes to that very place and is commissioned right from above, he can go and take someone with him also. He is called a »Sant«.

A few initiates are taken up by the Master and
shown the glory of the fifth region (Sach Khand)
and most of the initiates are guided on to that plane.
But as said before, there are in all eight regions,
and the eighth is the ultimate goal which is reached
by those who attain complete per­fection. (10)

The Sant has to carry out the work with the permission of the Almighty Power. He is not self-dependent. And when that Power from this stage crosses all regions and goes to the eighth stage, He is called a »Param Sant«. The Param Sant comes very rare, in few cases. When that very Power leaves His physical body. He starts to work as Almighty Power. To reveal Unity of Man — the unity — is always the work of the Almighty Power, not of the Sants.

A Param Sant is the Grand Master of Truth
beyond all description and hence ineffable.
He is at one with what is variously known as
Anami (the Nameless One) of Kabir;
Nirala (Indescribably Wonderful),
Maha-dayal (Boundless Mercy) or
Swami (The Great Lord of all). (11)

The further stages are those of the Param Sants.
But generally the people make no difference.
They say, anybody is a guru. (12)

The Param Sant is perfect. He has finished everything. He is again asked to come down and the work He then does. He is doing alone. They are not born in this world, they are already made, come right from above, as our Master came. Therefore He was knowing everything, He was knowing right from the beginning, what was going on, on the higher plane and everywhere — He knew everything. And why did He then still pray to the God Power? Because it is a law, that the Almighty Power has to select His own Master. In His Sat Sandesh Master ex­plained many times, that He knew the main purpose of His life was to meet God and still He wondered — this lesson was for us — He said, »Oh God, there may be some so-called Masters, who have not reached You. If I come in contact with such a Master, I might loose my confidence and later on my whole life, aim of life.« He prayed to that Power: »You used to meet Prahlad directly, you met Dhruv, directly — is it not possible now, that You also meet me?« And the result was, that to whom He had to select, He was to appear on that very pole, and Master said, »I thought that Guru Nanak is there.«

And even Baba Sawan Singh did not come to our Master, He went Himself to His Master. In one case (of the Sants) the Master goes out and finds His disciple, and in this case, the »disciple« has to go out to search His Master, as in the case of Kabir Sahib and now in the case of our Kirpal Singh. When such Powers come on earth, they have their own duty.

Those, who turn inside, will see that
the Power of Kirpal is the Highest.
He is enabling the disciples to go back
to their home eternal. (13)

Those who are in wait of the competent Master, I request you to understand, that those competent Masters cannot come, until His work (the work of Unity of Man) is finished.

The Almighty Power never leaves His physical body. You might have heard from Master, He said, that Kabir Sahib was the Almighty Power. He has not left His body so far. Almighty Power came three times, one time in Kabir Sahib, second time in Jaimal Singh and third time in our Master (Sant Kirpal Singh). And it is the duty of our Master to take all the souls from the previous Masters also.

The iron age is the only competent age when all the disciples can go back. You have heard that in Golden Age only four souls could go back. How long this Golden Age is and only four souls! The different ages are preparatory Ages for the souls so that they can go back in the Iron Age. So that is the most fortunate opportunity. Master wanted everyone of us. The Teaching which our Master gave, no Saint could give.

Kabir Sahib was not the Guru, He was the maker of the Guru, the Sant. He started with Sant Mat. Master said, »The Gurus who are coming from various stages, from the first, second, third, fourth, fifth stage — when they leave their physical body, they transfer their spirituality to the new ones. But not in the case of the Almighty Power, who ever comes from the eighth stage. He may or may not leave His physical body, but He ever does His work.«

He entreats us to try and realize
what the Master is.
The Master is not the physical form —
He is not the human pole but is
the All-omnipotent Power of God
which is manifested therein. (14)

I already told you, that if you give any guarantee on behalf of His Teaching, Master will fulfill it. Beforehand Master fulfilled them at the level of His Saints, competent Saints. Now He fulfills at your demand. Do you think, you are not dear to Him? Do you think whatever competency He gives to a competent Master, you do not get it now?

He has given it. I tell you, His work will not stop. It will go like a wild fire. Because it removes all the barriers between man and man, between religion and religion and between the countries. And this work started right when man came into being. It will directly stick into the pure hearts and go on sticking.

If you give the right understanding to one person, others will also be infected through this. As one news goes everywhere in the city, reality also goes everywhere, if it is really spoken. Master started with the Unity of Man, to make a halt for the “isms” and sects which are growing day by day. Unity of Man is not a sect, it is not an “ism”, it is the Teaching for all humanity. Man has to be changed from inside, not from outside. Reality is no “ism”.

It is sufficient to understand only one thing that Master told:

Nobody before me has requested you in such a way
and nobody after me will do it
and have compassion for you as I have. (15)

That clears every question. Moreover He said: »If my disciple bows down his head before anybody He only prolongs his way, because this Teaching and this grace which is given now, is sufficient to take him back home.«

But we are misguided, foolish people
who sometimes allow ourselves
to be drawn away from the true Guru —
forgive me, but this happens.
No matter what difficulties come,
no matter what your condition may be,
never leave hold of the Guru’s hand —
for your own sake.
It is a natural law that you will go to
that stage which your Master reached. (16)

If such Power leaves the body, the Teaching begins with His last commandments. According to spirituality, this Absolute Form, whom none has seen so far, He came into being with Light- and Sound-Principle and works as Almighty Power. He is the Controlling Power. He created the first plane which is called Sach Khand, where this Master Power is formed. And from there Master Power starts its work on the lower planes. This Master Power is dependent upon the Almighty Power. It receives the Light- and Sound-Principle to wind up the karmas of the disciples on the lower planes.

When the Master Power from the fifth stage leaves His physical body then He transfers His spirituality on the new pole. The bulb is replaced and the other light works.

But this whole system is only possible with the help of the Almighty Power.

And what is when this Almighty Power comes?

He does His work Himself,
He is not dependent at all.

What is the Almighty Power?

When the Master Power is so high, that He becomes one with the Almighty Power, then He starts to work as Almighty Power, when He leaves His physical body. At one time there can be two Masters, three Masters, as Almighty Power has the Power to create any number of Masters, but Almighty Power Itself always remained one. And that is why He cannot depend upon any person, when He starts to work.

Kabir came as Almighty Power, and He said,

I am the Knower of the Absolute and I have come with His orders.
I am the Knower of the True Home of the Father
and have come to give you the message of God.

God’s message is:
»l am the Lord of all creation. Man is the highest in all creation.
He is next to Me. I have given equal privi­leges to all mankind.
They are born in the same way and with the same outer
and inner construction.
This is the Golden Opportunity you have been given to know Me.
I sent saints and prophets to awaken and to bring you back
to Me but you did not care to come.
Instead of appreciating their services, you have been molesting them.
I sent Christ — the Word made flesh — who reminded you vehemently:
Change your mind, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.
All saints and prophets I sent to the East or West,
Their lives were filled with the rapture of the vision
of the unity of all races and religions in the spirit.« (17)

He never depended upon anybody, He always did His work Himself. After Guru Gobind Singh the Almighty Power worked twelve years — up to Tulsi Sahib.
This burden, to work in His Mission, lies on the shoulders of all those who are having this awakening in them. This is why Master always said: »You are my preachers, you are my ambassadors, go and start the work.«

How happy I shall be if you all have become ambassadors.
I want, that you all become like this.
Then certainly your duty will grow —
as Christ told His apostles when He sent them
to preach the humanity:
»What is being told to you into the ears,
that you give out from the roofs,
so that the people who search,
know about the true facts.« (18)

Preach the gospel of oneness.
Spread the message of oneness
and live a life of oneness.
There will be peace on earth.
This is the Mission of my life
and I pray it may be fulfilled. (19)

It is therefore earnestly requested,
that all those who believe in the Unity of Man
and wish to carry its message must work ceaselessly
so that it may reach the loneliest corner of the world. (20)

Master wants to take work from many souls in the world and bring a big revolution in this world. And for that He gave the positive possibilities. You come forward, as many as you like, this is a assurance from Him alone and this grace is there. All these things are with Him. If true persons exist, the thing will be carried out, when Master Power sees no possibilities, then He does not work. Master Power is not bound with the physical things which exist.

One example: The Sarovar (Holy Pond) of the Golden Temple of Amritsar was filled with earth by the enemies. But later on some persons came, who emptied it and it is still running. Sometimes after, we will be no more on this earth. But His Mission will not stop. Some people will succeed and flourish the Teaching. It depends upon Him, how He sends. After all, true thing will come forward. Almighty Power has all the possibilities with Him. He does not depend upon anybody.

There is less hope for those who pay
obeisance to the body of the Master,
as compared with those who pay
obeisance to the words He utters.
For them, emancipation is definite,
sure and certain.
We should obey and pay respect
to the words that the Master utters.
Then we are sure to go back
to home of our Father. (21)

Master said, »I will be responsible for those, from whom I will take the direct work.«

The main thing is, that we have to decide about what has been given to us, we have to go ahead with it, we have to find what is what and we have to know the reality. It is not sufficient to say: »We are now put on the right path and require nothing more.«

If we have digested the theoretical aspect of life fully, there is no power on the earth, which can mislead us.

The people with whom you are working together
and with whom you are coming in contact will put questions.
First give them the right understanding of Unity of Man. (22)

Saints always come as common men, so that only blessed souls who are really to go back should recognize them, and not others, who are not prepared for that purpose. Some have witnessed that in the World Unity of Man Conference in February, 1984, Sant Kirpal Singh was declared as Almighty Power. »He is doing what any Saint could not do.« And what happened? There was so much rush of people besetting Him that He had to leave after six month.

There are several advanced initiates in India
who talk with the Master regularly in meditation.
And it’s pretty well universally experienced
that Master was not happy with the way
things were going on at Sawan Ashram,
and this is one of the reasons He left earlier —
He left fourteen years earlier
than He intended leaving. (23)

There are many important things for all of us to adopt, because some things create misunderstanding within. There­fore it is utmost needed, that we are in touch with the Satsang.

When we reform ourselves, we become reformers. We are having the right understanding. And whenever right understanding comes, it conies for the humanity, not for the individual. You can see the example of the Saints: They were not idle, they were wandering from one place to another. Due to their sacrifice, our angle of vision is changed.

What is “Mission”?

To help others who are not on the path. Once Master told me, which is the best way, to reform ourselves. Master said, »When you help others to reform themselves, when you do something regarding the subject on spirituality, you are reforming yourself.«

A lawyer, who is going to the court, a doctor who is practicing, he gains much more while he is practicing. So, when we are giving the theoretical aspect of life to some people, that is the inner Teaching, that is coming automatically and we are gaining much and much. We are softening the heart of others and still we are softening ourselves. That is utmost needed. If we keep (whatever we got from the Master) within ourselves, in a very strict way, that is not the Christ Teaching.

Master said, »Those who are now getting Initiation, they have the same privilege, they have the same fortune, they have the same inner guarantees to have this Power as those who enjoyed His physical presence.«

Whosoever has got the human body,
has got the birthright to become one
with God, I tell you.
There is no exaggeration. (24)

And wherever this Power is, He will give you
an experience, to start with on the inner way.
That is the only criteria you can have.
But in due course of time you will behold Him,
see Him, meet Him inside.
The only thing required is obedience. (25)

Because that Power has not ceased to work, He is still doing His work Himself. The very special thing is, that those newcomers, they are enjoying the same competency.

And one thing more I want to tell you: That those, who are thinking, that they will enjoy this thing, they will enjoy that thing and postpone this Spirituality, put off this Spirituality, they are murdering themselves. Because we have to go in this birth alone. Master knows better, what will become of this earth.

So many times before His physical departure Master said: »This Golden Age is approaching. No one will be spared. Everyone will have to go in this birth alone, because the other three ages are the preparatory ages for the soul and in the previous Golden Age only four souls could go back to home eternal.«

That is what Master was explaining. So Master said,

“Those who will disobey the order of the Master,
they will have to travel a very, very long road
for the completion of their journey.”

It is very easy to understand. When other ages are not competent ages for the souls to go back, then we have to shelter ourselves in all three ages. We have to make whole the journey through the three ages again, though everyone will have to go back. So many births only for that purpose! So it was Masters order. I will remind you the same thing, because it was spoken by the Master.

Once they said to Master: »You are giving so much blessing.« He was saying, »I am not giving, this Almighty Power is giving this blessing.« So, He was giving some hints regarding His competency. Master said, »In olden days — those who were having a little bit brightness here, they used to cry like anything.« How far this grace has been extended! They were crying that we are getting this thing. There is no Power on the earth which can prevent us — only this misunderstanding which can take us away from the teaching, true teaching. That can make our journey late. But surely we have to go back.

And Master said, “This silver cord comes in the hand of the Almighty Power.” So when we have been given the right under­standing, when we have been given this Initiation — after that, no one is going to die. I may assure you on behalf of the Teaching of the Master, on behalf of the Teaching of Sant Kirpal Singh Maharaj, those who are put on the path, they are not going to die. »Learn to die so that you may begin to live.« Once we leave this physical body and go into the higher planes, come in contact with the Word or Word personified form where there will be death, when He is having the silver cord in His hand? He is catching it.

What happens when Master breaks it?

Shamas Tabrez was dancing like anything before his death. He was going to be beheaded and he was dancing. Someone asked, »Why you are dancing like that, when you are going to be beheaded tomorrow?« He said, »This wall which is responsible for separating me from the God Power, that is breaking forever.« What is this wall? It is the silver cord. That was kept by the Almighty Power, and when it breaks — then?

Once Master said, »Once we were pleased, once we were very much pleased, when we were in the lap of our Father And now after Initiation, when we have this right contact within and this Almighty Power then breaks the silver cord Himself, that will be the most pleasant time for the soul. When the soul goes back to Home Eternal, we will have this pleasure again. I saw many persons when they left their body. They gave the time beforehand: »On such and such date, we are going. Our Master Sant Kirpal Singh has appeared within, and we are going on this date.« What they did? They were dancing like anything, »Yes, we are going!« They were not worried about anything. »The silver cord which was attached with the matter, which was responsible for giving us so many hurdles, so many obstacles and so many indifferences in this world, that we were kept in so many miserable anxieties etc., this silver cord is breaking and we go to home eternal.«

In Gurbani (the holy book of the Sikhs) it says in one shabd regarding this Almighty Power, »Since I sent you back to this earth, from that very moment I am here, waiting for you — when my child will come back?« He is asking: »Who can wait for so long time? Maybe someone can wait for two, three, four days or one, two years. But I wait since millions of births and still I am there. Your throne is ready. I am cleaning it daily for you, but you are not caring for this throne, which is kept for you. You come there and I give you the guarantee, that once you come, I will never let you go back. I will keep you there. I have been put in so many miseries. The miseries you are having on this earth, they are not yours, I am bearing them. So my dear child you come back to your kingdom, this throne is your seat.«

This is the Christ Teaching, that is the highest teaching above all. That is the Light- and Sound-Principle the contact with which has been given to you. And you who are now coming in contact with that Power (Almighty Power), you are really very much blessed souls. You are enjoying the same benefit as per Teaching of the Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj as those, who enjoyed His physical presence.

In thy own house you will see Him.
Therefore, I would request you to gaze
and gaze with longing in your heart,
with silence in your soul and with no thought
of this world and the next.
The grace of God will descend on you
and the gaze will grow into a glimpse
and He will reveal Himself to you
and you will find, nay see Him within yourself (26)

                                *     *     *

Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots;
Kind words are the blossoms,
Kind deeds are the fruits.

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