The Mission of the Almighty Power [3]

(published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1984-6 edition)

»The Christpower worked through all the ages
and will continue to work, but through
different divine instruments
and according to the needs of the time.
The body perishes but the Power remains.«
— Kirpal Singh

The manifested aspect of the Absolute — the God Power, Christ Power or Master Power — is the Cause of all that exists. It is the groundless primary Source from where everything visible or invisible emanated and which is enlivening all. In his true being man himself is a part of this Power, he is of the same essence as that Power. According to the divine plan, this Power is manifesting on the level of man to lead those, who have developed true longing in their heart, back to their Home Eternal, the All-Consciousness. The Power is one, yet it is not fully manifested at all times. Sometimes it works 50%, 70% or like now, as the age is changing, 100%. One cycle of time is finishing, another Age is starting — and during this Golden Opportunity for all humanity, the God Power works to full extent and finishes the work of the great Masters of the past. In the Guru Granth Sahib it is written, that at the end of the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, the Almighty Power will appear in the form of Kirpal. Kirpal means: The Lord of Compassion, the Highest Lord of all.

It was on 6th February 1894 at Sayyat Kasran in the Rawalpindi District (today in Pakistan), that the Almighty Power of God manifested in a human body to redeem mankind from the deepest darkness. This Power came to be a living example for all and to reveal the path of ultimate liberation from the bondage of mind and matter. It came to put the child humanity back on the path to God. It came as a servant for the poor and helpless, as a manifestation of the Highest Lord Himself. God is all love and the way back to Him is also love. He — Kirpal — is that Power which never dies and that lives in every heart.

God lives in every heart, but He is not fully manifested in every heart. Only at certain times there is a possibility for everyone to come into conscious contact with Him in the innermost being, directly, without media. This is the real Golden Opportunity for the soul as it can go back home during this present birth.

In 1956 Sant Kirpal Singh was elected President of the World Fellowship of Religions. Through the grace of God, many religious and spiritual leaders were brought together on this platform and made to work out common principles to promote the understanding and tolerance among the followers of the different religious orders. But (later) among the respective followers tendencies arose, that all Moslems should be united, all Christians, all Buddhists, etc.

The world cannot be united on the level of religions because first there was man and only then religions came into being. God made man and man made religions. Unity already exists on the level of man, on the level of the soul — that we are.

Man is created three-fold: Body, mind and soul. We are already one. Born in the same way, we have the same elementary inner and outer construction. The soul, the indweller of the body, is a tiny drop of the ocean of All-Consciousness. Thus we are conscious beings and have a body. And — God is all attention. This existing unity we have forgotten, because we have identified ourselves with the body and the world.

Unity of Man is the hint to the Eternal Being, to the Reality that works behind the veil of transistorizes. The souls, as a part of the Absolute, are therein connected with each other in an inseparable manner — like the rays are connected in the sun. To realize this, to realize one’s own Self, to rise above the body and everything connected with it, is the only way to get out of the great delusion, wherein we are caught. Man know thyself and be free!

Unity of Man means: The end of all ‘isms’ and limitations — the blessed time to reveal the unity already existing. This is the Mission of God on earth. He is the true Self within us, He is the soul of our soul. It is the birthright of everyone and the purpose of our being to get in conscious contact with HIM again. The root of all evil and of all suffering lies in the ignorance of this reality.

A high purpose lies in this human birth:
Self-realization and God-realization.
This leads to true and eternal peace,
here and now on earth and thereafter.

Through Sant Kirpal Singh, the message of the Almighty Lord comes to whole of humanity, and everyone who puts it into practice, realizes himself in the whole universe and the whole universe in himself — and he attains liberation. (1)

This work will not finish. It will go on like a wild fire. Because it removes all the barriers between man and man, between religion and religion and between the countries.
Why did Sant Kirpal Singh start with Unity of Man? To put a halt to the ‘isms’ and sects coming up everywhere now. Unity of Man is no sect, no ism, it teaches man-making. Man must be changed from inside not from outside. (2)

Whenever this Highest Power starts Himself the work in this physical world, He also finishes it Himself, and it has nothing to say if He leaves the body beforehand or not. As Master Himself is finishing the work, He did not appoint any successor. No Master is necessary when the Almighty Power is doing the work. We are all brothers and sisters in God, and only disciples are necessary now, to spread the message of God all over the world, it is the wish of the Almighty »to do the work with thousands of hands through each one of his disciples«.

Sant Kirpal Singh has given us all things in such a form that nobody can be misled. But it may be difficult for us in our present state of mind to realize the simplicity and greatness of this Highest Teaching:

»It is better to depend on Him Who is within you,
not outside. He is always with you.
If you think He is away, then away He will be.
It will take time for Him to come.
If you think He is already there,
He will come all at once.
If you want to see God,
search for Him within your own house (body).«

»My work is to reveal to you the unity already existing through all.
Preach the gospel of oneness.
Spread the message of oneness and live a life of oneness.
There will be peace on earth.
This is the Mission of my life and I pray it may be fulfilled.«
— Kirpal Singh

This opportunity is the highest one, for it is the shortest way back to God. All other Ages are only preparatory ages for the soul to finally come in contact with the Almighty Power.

»This is the latest, I mean, concession of God
for those who are really seeking after Him,
to befit the Age; that’s all.«
— Kirpal Singh

»When God sees how His children are suffering,
then He comes Himself in human form
and opens the gate (third eye) and says:
Come on, let’s go home!«

I would like to sow the seeds of love in your hearts so that the feeling of love is brought to all, among all nations, creeds, sects and casts of the world. All Saints preached the same: »Love and all things shall be added unto you.« If we wish to love God truly in the most practical way, we must love our fellow-beings. We must love others as we do our dear ones. We should be happy in the happiness of others and suffer in the suffering of others. We should endure all that comes cheerfully, accepting His Will, and never hurt or harm any of His beings. You should know that to love God, we must live for God and die for God.
— Kirpal Singh

The Masters do not destroy any religion
or introduce new on. When They come,
They come for the whole world.
They consider all humans alike and want us
to unravel this mystery of the man-body.
Great is man. He lives in this body
in which God controls him.
And within the microcosm of it,
exists the macrocosm.
We know so much about the outer subjects,
but for want of practical people,
we know little or nothing about ourselves,
the great boon, the great blessing, that
we have in the form of the man-body —
the Golden Opportunity.
— Kirpal Singh

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(1) Unity of Man Journal
(2) Dr Harbhajan Singh

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