Commandments of the Master [5]

By Dr Harbhajan Singh (published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1983-5 edition)

»Whatever you do, you have the source within.
So if you get this duty (in Master’s work) from within,
you will be successful.
If you simply get labour from outward,
it will not fulfill the desire or wish of the Master.«
— Kirpal Singh

Real work for the Right Cause

Right from the beginning Master gave us instruction, neither to create problem nor to allow any problem to come in the Mission. Master made us very strict and strong. We did not allow any misunderstanding in us. If it was there created by someone we immediately removed it and did not allow to enter into us.

If you fully know how to overcome the problem, and you stand on the reality and keep standing there whatever the case may he, you need not bother for any wrong reaction on you, because you are already with the reality. By overcoming those problems there will be tolerance in you. Once this tolerance comes in man, then he doesn’t bother. He knows how to overcome those things.

Previously it was like this, that everyone did according to his own wish somewhere. Now it should only be like this that we here, in Germany, in Austria and anywhere in the world work with one opinion. This is why we have told you that as for directions of the Master we will send you all what is needed, and now we have to work only on this view. Whatever he commands, we will go on doing it.

All those instructions which will be sent will be universal in nature and appeal to everybody; so the work will start now like this.

Question: »You said that Master’s main attention is this Kirpal Sagar. Can you say what Master wants from us in the West?«

Bhaji: »I tell you, this Mission of the Master goes on all the time, but sometimes some important matters come in the way; but that doesn’t mean that Master is mainly attached to this place and not to anywhere else. This Power is working everywhere at one time. So when you go back to your country your full attention should be there; Master Power is there to help you. Now it is the attention of all our brothers and sisters for Kirpal Sagar, it gives the importance there. When you put your full attention towards the Mission in your country, it is your attention through which the Master Power works.«

It is the biggest work, which Master wanted to do in His physical body. But as I told you He said, »The Manav Kendra (man-making center) which I wanted to build is still not built.«

The most important thing, the most grace we got from this Source, from starting with this work is: we could do some selfless service. Selfless service is not available without the grace of the Master. If people were working with other things, like Satsang, and could not do this selfless service, all was dry and not the real subject. All the competent Masters had side by side this selfless service. Master Power comes with constructive work. But you know a lot of organizations only do the Satsang-work and then they have a lot of money to spend as their own disposal and as their own choice. But there is no constructive work.

It is a time now when we can do a lot of things, when we can manage everything, when we can create this missing link again (to our eternal home). There is no problem, because this time is as easy as it is only a matter of attention. If you connect the attention with it, the thing will be there. Before meditations and a lot of other things required for the meditation were needed, but now above all your thoughts are needed, your hearts are needed. If this thing is there, Master- power will definitely help you on the very same day.

With previous Masters maybe one or two souls were taken back directly by the help of the Master, with the power of the Master. Maybe now this is a time when some hundred persons will go. This is not meant for those who meditate a lot, but for those who put attention on the work of the Master, for those who please Him those who work for Him. He is responsible for it.

You may say meditation is a self-help, but your self-help will not take you anywhere. It will take you from this world but much more responsibility is on your shoulders. Master wants you to leave all responsibility, leave all attachments and do whatever Master wants. Surrender everything for the cause of the Master.

We cannot go back home by our own deeds, by our own actions, by our own meditation. I tell you this is very long. But with His grace we can go easily, without the help of meditation, without the help of anything else. With His grace we can go immediately. We need not to stay here. It is said that there were Masters who could only take one or two souls back home eternal with their powers, not more. Some Master Power came and could not take more than five or six persons with their power. And there were others who could take some more. But there was no on who could take a lot of persons. »And this time« Master said, »a lot of persons will come, who will get together and join you.«

Thousands of persons can go back with His power, but only those will, who work for Him, those Master will give this power, those He will take back. I want that each of the disciples who wants to work for the Master should surrender all his wishes, everything for the cause of the Master. He must know that he has to go back, he has not to remain in this world.

If your attention is with the work of the Master, means, you give priority to the Master before everything else and your every work belongs to the Master. Master then thinks of you, Master will never leave you, Master will provide you all ways and means. When you think everything for the Master with full attention, you will never commit any mistake, I tell you. It is the beginning of man-making.

Last time in St. Gilgen (Austria), I told that so far we do not see many persons who are really working. Some are working, not doing fully; some are only thinking that there are some duties and that they must obey. Very few persons are working with attention. When Master has decided to take us back, it means that we have to go fully. We are not going haphazardly, we are going forever. And it is only possible, when we further have no attention with the world, we lose this attachment for the world. We forget everything from this place. Maybe everything exists after us, but we cannot have any attachment. Latitude was given by many Masters just to prepare us, but now no further concession is there. It is the final time now for each of us.

»So this is the latest, I mean,
concession for those who are
really seeking after Him,
to befit the age; that’s all.«
— Kirpal Singh

And nothing, no wish is created by you, who always thinks about the Master work with attention. You do work for the Master and haven’t any time to think about the worldly things. And these things come automatically, all necessities! If Christ said, »Love and all things shall be added unto you« he is true there. We do not check it, but he is true there.

So now it is not a question to do it little, not even 99%, it must be 100%, because Master has planned some good thing for us. Right from 1974 I have requested you many times and told what Master said, »Do not worry, we will go together. Many persons will come along with you and those who will work for you — I will also be responsible for them.« Responsibility of the Master in this direction is a blessing, which you cannot compare with meditation nor with any means of vibration; or you may meditate many life’s, but if He gives this direct blessing and becomes responsible for it there is no parallel.

One may have some problem in his life, but when he wants to remove it, it may take some time. But there is a remedy: if he starts to work for the Master. If one has started to work in His Mission and tries to put the attention fully for it, all these problems will go itself. These will not remain there. Your attention will work. Main attention is with the work of the Master. And that is only done with the cooperation. Where there is cooperation some good atmosphere will appear. Definitely then you forget all weakness. You will try to improve more and more. Many things will go itself, these will not entangle you any more. So these are the things how people can develop.

And once people decide to work for the Master, surrender to the Master and want to work for it, then a lot of problems will disappear . So this is the time for the preparation of such souls. They are needed. Now it is a time to improve ourselves, only through attention improve ourselves and improve His work. Master is only responsible for us when we are responsible for something fully. To go with Him is not an easy job and it is not in the hand of man. But only one thing is with us: to follow this path.

A big change will come in the world, and perhaps a lot of such things we want to do now — cannot do it or delay it for certain reasons — are then maybe not needed, and then we are only a useless instrument in His Mission, in His setup. It will benefit anyhow those who want to work even later on, but this is now the right time, when He needs us so badly. To do 100% is very simple, but to do it with less than 100% brings a lot of problems. More and more you go down, more and more problems will come. So it is to do the work with 100% attention; that is very easy and soft way. If you calculate mathematically: if you want to do 50%, then you have 50% problems. The problem can multiply and it will take you somewhere else.

So it is to do the work with 100% attention;
that is very easy and soft way.
If you calculate mathematically:
if you want to do 50%, then you have 50% problems.

Once this time passes — such time may come again, but after hundred thousand years. Then there is more work required. This high time is not possible.

More things will be enclosed for this very reason, but later-on, first we should decide. I tell you only do it; once you have decided for the right cause you will definitely get some vibration. You will be happy. You will gain a lot of happiness. I have seen it in my life: I was not so happy while meditating, but when I finished some work (in His Mission) I used to get intoxication, I used to get some vibration. That helped me a lot.

Whenever this Highest Power is doing himself His Mission
in the physical world, a big change is approaching.
Then the time has come for many
to return to the home eternal,
under the direct guidance of the Almighty Power.

This opportunity is the highest one,
for it is the shortest way back to God.
All other ages are only preparatory ages
for the soul to finally come in contact
with the Almighty Power.
— Kirpal Singh

»Oh Man, so far you only played with people of this world.
If you lose the game, you are unhappy.
If you gain you always take possession
of somebody and make him unhappy.
It would be better, if you played the game with God.
If you lose, you will be His.
If you gain, then He is yours.
In both cases you will be happily united with Him.«
— Kabir

The Master Power never leaves you.
It is not the human body but the Power
working through it that remains forever.
Christ Power has been working through the ages
and shall continue to work;
but through different divine instruments
and according to the needs of the times.
The body alone perishes, but that Power remains.
— Kirpal Singh

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