Commandments of the Master [2]

By Dr Harbhajan Singh (published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1984-5 edition)

Part 2 of the report by Dr Harbhajan Singh about the instructions given to him by Sant Kirpal Singh regarding the further course of the world-wide movement of UNITY OF MAN started in 1974 (the editors)

The End of all Sects and Isms

On third April 1974 when we were in Dehra Dun to celebrate the day of Master Sawan Singh’s physical departure, I wanted to clear something fundamentally from my side. It was midnight and we were about 25 to 30 persons sitting with Master. So I spoke: »Master You have given us the Initiation but You are not the Master, I want to clear this.«

So Master knew what I wanted to say because if I spoke something, I only spoke with the attention of the Master — He wanted me to speak, so I spoke. Master asked me to keep silent. I said, »Master I want to ask You…« but Master again told that I should keep silent. But I said, »Master I want to confirm from You, that You are not the Master, but You have given us the Initiation. What will become of us?« Master said: »What do you want to tell? Tell it!«

I said, »Master, in Your own book ‘Godman‘ it is written that in Iron Age only 14 Masters would come. So according to the experience you gave her (Surinder Kaur, a disciple also present there) these 14 Masters already had gone before You and You Yourself are not among them.«»What do you want?« Master asked, »What do you want to tell?«

»The first thing I want to know, is whether something I experienced is true or not.«

Master said, »O.k., tell!«

I said, »When I read this passage in the book, I was not happy. Then I slept, I heard the sound current and You showed me the list of all these 14 Masters.«
Master asked, »My name was also there?« — I said, »No, Your name was not there.« Then Master asked, »Who were these 14 Masters?«

Now I wanted to confirm from Him: »Kabir came, but He was no Master.« Master said, »He was the Maker of the Masters. He was no Saint, He made Saints.«

In Gurbani there is written,

»Kaho Kabir ham Dur gahr ke bedi lae hukam Hasuri.«
Kabir says: “I have come from the highest plane with authority.”

Then ten Masters came. I knew that after Guru Gobind Singh there was another one (Tulsi Sahib), I forgot.

So Master started to explain, when Guru Gobind Singh went to the Hurka family, He initiated one Sham Rao Bhaj, whose name was later on Tulsi Sahib. So this was the eleventh Master. And twelfth Master was Soami Shiv Dajal SinghSoami Ji. Thirteenth Master was Baba Jaimal Singh; fourteenth Master was Baba Sawan Singh.

I said, »When Your name was not written there, I cried, I wept, but then out of Your grace You showed me the top of the list. And there the name of Kabir and Kirpal was written.« Master then said, »What was the colour, how it was written there?« I replied, »It was glittering like gold, and I was unable to look into this light. Only when the highest Sound Currents became audible and I charged these five names, then I was able to read it.« So Master said: »Your meditation was alright.«

Then Master took up this subject directly concerning Him. He said,

»Alright, those who think that they will go in second,
third or fourth birth they should know fully, that
everyone has to go back in this birth alone,
no further birth will be given to anybody now.
This is the last birth for everybody
because the Golden Age is approaching;
Everyone has to go now.
Those who will disobey the order of the Master,
they have to travel a very, very long road
for the completion of their journey.

Then I told, »Master, when the Almighty Power comes then there is no need for any Master (from fifth stage) to come here with Him.«

Master said, »It is right. But someone is needed who can do the work. I will be responsible for whom I would select, for others (who appointed themselves) not

So then Master told something more and next day Master asked me to come to Him early in the morning. I went there; I was with Master for ten hours and Master told me everything (about His Mission). Whatever He told — it was with attention. Then He gave me the instruction to initiate. He said, »Initiation is being given through the Self (the Master), with His help.« I said, »Master I don’t need it. It is Your work, not my work.« Master said, »You are a borrowed servant. A borrowed servant has nothing to say, but simply to obey the orders.«

And Master gave this charging and said, »Alright, it will work out. Don’t worry, I will be with you.« Then Master said many things more. After some time Master was sick again. Due to the situation in the world, due to the problems of the whole world as well as of the disciples He was physically never healthy.

So on sixth July, Master was again at Dehra Dun. I went there as per direction of Baba Jaimal Singh (in meditation). Baba Jaimal Singh told, »You go to your Master, He should not take any allopathic medicine, because that does not fit Him. All Doctors diagnose an asthmatic case but it is not so. He does not suffer from any trouble, if He takes that it will create problem for Him. Because if this drug is taken, what will happen? His lungs will not supply oxygen to the brain, so problem will arise.«

So I went on sixth July direct to Master from Amritsar. Master asked, »You have brought some message?« I said, »Yes, Master, You should not take the allopathic medicine.« Master asked, »Then what should I take?«

I said, »Master, You take homeopathic medicine or those Indian herbals, called Ayurvedic medicine. These will fit You. But You should not take these allopathic tablets. These are not good for You. Doctors think, You are suffering from asthma, but really, You do not suffer from asthma.«

Master said, »It is right, I do not suffer from asthma.« Then Master said to Tai Ji (Mrs Hardevi — Master’s cook), »Come, you always say that I should be healthy. But now you write down the date. After one and half month I will not take any medicine, then I will be very healthy.«

So even Tai Ji could not understand. No one, even I could not understand, but we were afraid that this will come (Master’s physical departure). These days were very shaky for us. Neither we could live here nor we could go there. Whole the time we were thinking about the Master, about the situation, about the health of the Master.

But we never knew that Master would leave us. No one knew, that Master would do like this. But Master gave the definite hint: It was the 6th July, so 21th August comes after one and half month. Forty-five days exactly.

Then Master said, »All right, you have stopped my medicine, then I will come to your house.«

»What Master says?« I was thinking; three times Master said it, and again, »Alright, now if I don’t take any medicine then I will come to your house.« I wanted to bow down my head on His feet, but Master did not allow. Master gave His hand and I caught hold of His arm and put it against my heart, I was pressing it.

So we were sitting and Masters eyes were full of tears. Then I caught hold of His legs, I pressed them little bit and I felt, Master was very unhappy, like somebody who has to depart — that is what I felt this day. I do not know from where it came — but then Master had one branch with two jasmine flowers in His hand. He said, »This is for you and your wife.« I took it over there.

And Master asked, »You are coming on the 27th The 27th, Master Sawan Singh’s birthday, was short after that, maybe 20 days. I said, »Master, I must come there, we will definitely come.«

So I went there on 27th. Lot of persons were in the Ashram (at Delhi). The place was too little, so it was arranged outside for Satsang. The Satsang was outside and already before it was over, many, many people had gathered in the Ashram to wait for the food. Still the Satsang was not finished, and it was very hot this moment and Master was not healthy. His condition was such that He was unable to even sit in the car; it was burning, the sun was burning like anything.

Master could not enter the Ashram. He had to wait there, outside, for fifteen minutes. Master was very unhappy. It was a routine that everyone should hear the Satsang first, then Master goes to the kitchen and then afterwards the food is delivered. But people did not listen to the Satsang. Half of these people already had come to the Ashram. Just to have their turn for food beforehand.

When Master finally could enter it, He said, »Alright, this place will remain a place only for the langar (langar means place for food). People will fight for the food here like dogs. This will not remain a center, it will become a place only for this purpose.«

Then Master went inside. His breath was going so hasty. »Alright, Doctor, lock the door, no one should come in« He said. Master was sitting there, inside His room and said, »How beautiful it would have been, if I had gone back.«

It was a beautiful day, it was the birthday of His Master Baba Sawan Singh. So He wanted to go on this day. I wept. I said, »Master why You say this thing. It is not good.«

Then Master said,

»Either the managing body will live or I will prolong,
both cannot exist together.«

It was the extreme, something of the extreme, that Master had to explain. Really — He was fed up of this thing; otherwise there was no need to tell it like this. I had no remedy for this thing. So — Master was very unhappy, these things came through His holy mouth and He said it.

I said, »Master, You come up. I give You little massage and You will be healthy.« Master said, »How can I be healthy, even tomorrow I have to give the Initiation again.« And Master went up.

While giving Him massage, He caught hold of my arm and said, »Doctor feel the pulse of this patient and tell me for how long it will linger on.« I again said, »Master, why You say the same thing again and again?« He replied, »I have said it now.« This day Master said, »I have said it now.« Just to console me, Master added, »Don’t worry, I am not going anywhere, these were only some words, I said, there is no problem.«

When we came for the last meeting, Master told me, »You must reach before 20th August. I have very important work.« I said, »Master, I don’t think that You feel well. I don’t go at all.«»Why you don’t go at all? You will put them (your family) into some ocean and then come back? You have also to look after the house, everything.«»O.k.« I said.

When we just departed Master had again tears in His eyes. I saw it when I turned and looked and Master was also looking from behind. These days were very difficult for us.

Something was going on in the head every moment and day and night there was some disturbance in the mind as if something extraordinary was to happen. When we came home, my wife had lot of experiences in meditation; and I always thought, that as per His orders I must go to the Ashram on 19th.

The day before my Doctor asked me at midnight to come and treat one patient. I got up. When I came back to the bed — it was very hot, I was sleeping outside — I saw Master coming through the gate into the house. Immediately Master got hold of me from behind with both hands, so rigid that I was unable to move my neck. I was fully awake, because I just wanted to sleep when Master caught hold of me. I started to do Simran, as I was getting unconscious, whole the time I repeated Simran. Then I became relaxed and Master left me.

He turned and showed me His face. It was yellow, pale. Master said, »So much time has passed and you have not come to see me. You must come earlier; as early as possible. Don’t you think I am sick?« Immediately I got up, I said, »Something is wrong.«

But the same night, Master instructed my wife to prepare a meal. He said, »Take this wheat, wash it many times, then make Simran and prepare it.« I should bring it to Master and He would take it.

Master had told her in meditation, »So many people now say, that this Doctor and his wife are only after Sant Kirpal Singh; they have left home and are not caring for their children. So you should be wise now. Only send the Doctor. Even if Doctor compels you, you don’t obey him, it is my order. You must not come along with him, you should remain in home, but you should send him. He will remain with me up to Saturday; five days. You should give him cloths for at least five days.« Then Master took hold of her arm and said, »It is a vow from me, that you will not come.«

When I got up next morning, I said, »I am going, you should come along with me.« She said, »No, I have not to go. It is a order from the Master.«»What you say is not right« I said, »You say, that you are not to go, you must come along with me.«»Even if God tells me, you should go, I will not go, because I have made promise with Master.«»This promise is false« I objected, »It is not right, you are in doubt. You must come along.«»No, I will not go along with you, I have made promise with the Master not to go.« Much told I to make her come along.

In the morning of 19th, Master was sick. They wanted to give medicine to Him, but Master refused it. He said, »I don’t want to take am allopathic medicine. Because it does not fit me. You should make phone call to Doctor from Amritsar. He should come.«

I was on the way, but my train was late. In the evening, they compelled Master very much. They said, »Master, these Doctors we have brought. They are specialists. What this Doctor from Amritsar can tell more. You should take the medicine.« Master again and again refused.

But in the evening they compelled Master very much to take the medicine. The Doctor prescribed all these four tablets, which I asked Master not to take. They prescribed all four tablets together, saying, »You suffer very much from chest trouble, You should take this medicine.«

It was not the fault of this Doctor, it was his ignorance, he could not realize that Master was not suffering from asthma. After Master had taken the food, after He had taken these tablets, His whole body started to burn, as the lungs did not supply oxygen to the brain. And if the oxygen is not supplied to the brain, the body begins to burn, becomes very hot. When I went there, Master was not ready to keep any cover and hardly any cloth on His body.

That whole night all tried to compel Master to go to the hospital. He did not agree. »I don’t have any trouble, if you have any trouble, then tell me.« Master said, »No — I don’t have any trouble, why should I go there.«

The next day, the 20th August, at 15:30 p.m. they brought a specialist from the hospital. Master said, »Alright, if you have brought the Doctor from the hospital, then I have to go. If you want like this, then I go.« You know, Master was never against the law. »Otherwise I don’t feel any necessity to go to the hospital.«

He was brought with the help of a chair. But His expression was radiant and there was no sign of illness on His face. I was sitting behind Him in the car. I had brought four or five pillows with me to ease His sitting. When Master started to drive it began to rain little. It was very hot and it began to rain.

Many people were sitting in the Ashram. Master asked all of them to come near and instructed them that no one should come to the hospital. »No one should come into my room except… «, because Master said already, »I don’t want to repeat the history.«

History was a reference to the physical departure of Master Sawan Singh. You know Master Sawan Singh had directed our Master to work but at the time of His physical departure, they manipulated the situation and made a will. But Spirituality can never be transferred by a will. Spirituality is only transferred through the eyes.

So Master only allowed Tai Ji, the driver and me to come. Everybody obeyed His orders; no one came.

In the hospital Master’s condition on the first day, the 20th, was little better. He said, »Alright, you should all sleep, take rest.« I mean to say that, in spite of His so heavy physical condition Master thought only of His disciples and not of Himself.

I was most of the time sitting at His bedside. I said, »Master, the Doctor has prescribed this injection.«»Alright« He said. Still His words were very soft, very lovable. I asked Him, »How do you feel?«»I feel really good. Very healthy.«

Once in the evening I wanted to go to the market to bring one medicine, which the Doctors had prescribed. It was late and I wanted to go immediately to bed afterwards. But when Master saw, that I wanted to go, He did not allow it. Master ordered me not to go anywhere but always to stay with Him.

On 21st August, Tai Ji wanted to give water to the Master. But Master said, »It is not a time for water, it is a tea time.« We were very happy to hear from the Master, that He wanted tea. Master said, »O.k., I will take the tea, but you take first.«

They had brought breakfast for four. So we all took tea and breakfast. Master said, »You are hungry from the night, you can take it fully.« They had brought lot of things and we were very happy that Master now demanded for tea. It was a good sign. Master Himself did not take anything.

But when we had taken everything, then we presented the tea to the Master. Master said, »Oh, no, I do not need it really. I have not to take this tea.«

Why He had ordered it? He knew, that He would leave the body and that we would not take anything; already we had not taken anything from night and at least would not take anything for one day. So Master was more conscious to our food. He was leaving the body and still He was caring for our food. And whatever trouble He was bearing, He neglected it. He was thinking about us.

Then Master’s condition started to grow worse and worse. One woman who had some high post in the government and was very devoted to the Master specially came to see Master. Master was lying. When she came, He sat up immediately. He loved her very much.

After she had gone, Master said, »This was the woman, who could see the Master, before He left the body; others were not given time for that.«
About after midday, Tai Ji asked Master, »What will become of the disciples?« Master said, »Already He worked, still after this He will go on working.«

And then I became very upset. When I was making Simran, something happened. I knew, the Simran was from Him — how Master can be pleased with our Simran, He does not need it. He has given it. It is as if we want to please a king by giving him some money. He will never be pleased, because it is he who gives the money to everybody. How can we please Him with meditation if the meditation is only for ourselves.

So I was thinking many times; in the heart I was feeling, »Master, You must get well, now we will obey Your order. We have made many mistakes but in future we will never do. But You must get alright again. We need You, we pray to You.« Many things I was saying (inside to Him). I was thinking it in my mind and Master replied it. He said: »Alright.«

Immediately then Tai Ji came, she started to weep and asked, »Master what would become of your disciples?« Again Master said, »Already He worked, still afterwards He will go on working, you need not to worry.« This much He told.

It grew more dark. Actually it was not so dark (outside), it was only maybe after 18:00, maybe 18:30 p.m. I saw, that Master’s condition was not good. Then I just wanted to sit in meditation. I sat in the corner and prayed to Master like someone who is really much in trouble, finds no way and then prays to God for safety.

Where all things fail, there prayer succeeds. So I prayed, I was fully shaky. I prayed, »Master, You must guide us, You must promise that You will be alright.«

Immediately Master replied this prayer. I just had shut my eyes when Master replied: »You don’t worry. I will always remain with you. You don’t worry.«

I never knew how Master meant this. When I got up, Master looked at me and I could only realize that in these eyes — His eye — the whole secret of the Path from the first to the eighth stage was hidden. We call it »third eye« — in His third eye this whole mystery was hidden. In the same moment, I could realize, that this eye cannot depend upon anybody. This I realized: He is not dependent upon anybody.

Thereafter He immediately shut His eyes. Then He closed His mouth Himself. His pulse was in my hand. It went so fast that no one could trace it later on.

In the case of an ordinary person the pulse disappears slowly. This electrocardiogram finished like as there was a full stop. It went like this. And there was no sign of life later on. Master had withdrawn in a moment after closing His eyes and His mouth.

You know, pictures later on taken from the Master are showing this: His mouth was tightly shut and His eyes were as if He wanted to sleep.

In the case of an ordinary person, the mouth remains open. But He shut His mouth and kept it like this, so tight, up till His body was consumed by the flames.

When we took His body back to the Ashram I could never believe that Master had gone. It was my big foolishness, that I did not believe. I said, »No, Master only wants to test us, where His children are, Master will never…« — I was hundred percent thinking that everything is false, everything is false.

These people were weeping, but I was not weeping at all. But when I came into the Ashram with Master’s body and saw that they did not take the Master to His room, my heart was sinking and I felt worst. They put Him on a big table outside in the meeting hall. There I was not needed anymore. I was feeling very upset.

Many came there, »Doctor, you tell us, to whom Master has appointed, to whom Master has handed over everything, which directions Master gave to work.« I was so upset, that I was feeling, »Who are these persons, are they the disciples of the Master, or have they come from some forest? How it is possible that they ask these things?«

I was feeling very, very opposite to their ideas. I put myself under the table, on which Master’s body was laying. I hid myself below this table. No one could find me there. There I was sitting. Some times I was feeling that I am going away from my body as if I am dying. But I could not die.

Then problems over problems started. Because in whatever way I tried to tell Master’s instructions, nobody was ready to accept it. Everyone wanted to become something and only wanted to hear that Master has told nothing. Many, many problems arose, lot of changes came.

I am telling these things in a very short way, a few out of the whole. Whatever Master wanted, that was not really done by anyone.

The one in whose hands Master left His physical body is not fortunate, rather very unfortunate. And it is not good to say these things. It is very miserable for me and if sometime I had to weep for certain reason, Master said, »No, if the heat goes out of the bricks, the bricks cannot be ready for use.«

It was He who did everything. Those who happened to be here saw the tests that came after the physical departure of the Master.

He will only be kind if we do according to His wish.
If while working we forget everything, we forget ourselves,
we become part and parcel of Master Power — His work,
then He gives some vibration.
— Dr Harbhajan Singh

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