Master’s guarantee

Sections from Forever with Master vol.1 by Dr Harbhajan Singh
(see also “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh 91-1” and “Forever with Master vol.1”)

Master’s Mission brought into the Golden Age

It is a rare phenomena that Master’s Mission has entered in the Golden Age. It was the power and the Grace of the Master which helped His disciple to develop, so that the disciple could take the test of the negative power and justified the Master on all the planes (Khandas and Brahmandas).

( Note: In Saarsathi the negative power displays all his forces to destroy the Mission of the Master by any possible and effective way. If the test taken over by His disciple is lost, the work of the Master Power ceases at once. )

( Note: Saarsathi in the terminology of the Saints is a dreadful period before the beginning of the Golden Age and before the end of the Iron Age. )

Master asked to continue the work

Before His physical departure Master finished all His works. Where He had given a promise, He even wrote letters to cancel. He also told that He would not be able to make a fourth world tour.

In Amritsar He gave two promises: One was to visit a village, Jagdev Kumd, the other one was to help for the installation of a college in the village Mahal Jandiala. He told me to convey them that He would not be able to do that.

He commissioned Manav Kendra in October 1973

But when He came to commission that place where now Kirpal Sagar is under construction (this text was written 1990), He told that the Manav Kendra (man-making centre) He wanted to build is not yet built. It will be built here. This was the only work which He commissioned and left for His children.

Kings and premiers and rich persons can create cities, but holy places are built only by the Masters, they are built in the omnipresence of the Master Power. The guidance of the Master continues every moment, and in spite of many problems created by our own brothers and sisters we were able to start with the commissioned Manav Kendra.

Initiation of three persons

When Master was in Willington Hospital on August 20, 1974, Master told me that He had to initiate three persons urgently. He told me that he had the tape of initiation recorded and said, “When they come and inquire for initiation, you can give the initiation through this tape.”

( Note: On July 29, 1974 on the last initiation, Master gave initiation to more than one thousand people. Master asked to record a tape during the initiation. This was the first time when Master allowed His top secret work to be recorded. Later on Master told that this was one work which was pending and is done now. )

( Note: One time Master went for a Satsang programme in Kalka, near Chandigarh, where His talk was being played. Master said, “You are very fortunate that you are hearing the tape of your Master. If I ever had the words of my Master on tape with me, I would never have given initiation from my tongue. The charged names (shabdas) differ though the Naam is only one; as it comes through five planes, it differs and is spoken five-worded. But the voice of the Master does not change in all the planes.Master said, “It was the first time that the charged names of a competent Master were taped.” )

April 3, 1974 at midnight

More than forty persons were sitting in Master’s room in Dehra Dun; most of them were from Chandighar, from Amritsar, from Delhi, and some were from other centres. It was midnight. I said, “Master, I have a question.” Master made a sign which meant, not to speak. I said, “Master, if the disciple does not tell about the competency of His Master, then who else will tell?”

Master allowed me to speak. I said, “Master, I have read the book ‘Godman‘, written by You. There I have read that in the Iron Age only fourteen Masters and seventy Bhagats would come. After reading I got sad and thought, ‘Then my Master is not a Master. Because up to Baba Sawan Singh, there are all in all 14 Masters who have already passed.”

Master said, “That I have not written.” I agreed and said, “Master, but it was written by Bhai Bala during the time of Guru Nanak, and you confirmed it in Your book ‘Godman’.”

Master told, “Bring the book.” The book was brought by Devi Dass Patwari, the cashier of the Amritsar centre. When I opened the book, Master said, “Well, tell, who were those Masters?” I answered, “Master, You made one sitting in Srinagar. There You told about the fourteen Masters.”

“You go on and tell”, Master said, and I continued. “After reading the book that night I became very sad; I did not sit in meditation, but You withdrew me above the body-consciousness. The sound became very strong, and soon I saw a brilliant and shining gold-like list bearing the names of all the 14 Masters.”

I asked Master to confirm whether this meditation was positive. Master asked, “How did it look like?” I answered, “Master, it was shining like gold, and seeing to it my sight would not withstand, and then the sound current became very loud and I was able to read it.” Master confirmed, “Your experience was positive, tell further!”

I said, “Master, I came to know that the name of Kabir was there. Whereas I did not know why I thought of Kabir.”

Raising His hand Master said,

“What to say of Him – He (Kabir) was the Creator.
He came in all the four Ages:
In Golden Age He was Satsukrat.
In Silver Age He was Munindar.
In Copper Age He was Karuname.
In Iron Age He was Kabir.

He did not come through the womb of a mother.”
— Sant Kirpal Singh

I said, “Master, from Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind there are ten Masters. Guru Gobind Singh, after leaving Punjab, initiated one, Ratnagar Rao, who further initiated Tulsi Sahib. So the eleventh was Tulsi Sahib, the twelfth was Swami Shiv Dayal Singh Ji, the thirteenth was Baba Jaimal Singh Ji, the fourteenth was Baba Sawan Singh Ji, but I did not find Your name there. I wept bitterly, and then I saw Your name along with Kabir‘s at the top of the list, and it looked like Guru Nanak and Kabir being one.”

Then Master, facing all, said,

“Mind, that the Golden Age is approaching.
Everyone has to go back now. No one will be spared.
Those who disobey the order of the Master
will have to travel a very long road
for the completion of their journey.”

This was the most important declaration during His tenure of twenty-six years.

April 4, 1974

When Master called me on the 4 of April 1974, I was with Him for ten hours, and Master told me each and everything, how His Mission will work. Then Master gave me these initiation-instructions — all is still with me — with His signature it is there. I said, “Master, I don’t need it. I never wished it throughout my life. If I had any wish, I only wanted to see You physically well and very healthy.” I always got very sick and very unhappy when Master was sick and Master wrote me one thing.

One time I was very unhappy and Master asked, “What do you want from me?” I replied, “Master, I don’t need anything. I never wanted meditation, I never had any wish from you. I only had one wish. (Lots of people were sitting there): Master, I want that you must never fall sick again.” Master said, “Only this much? — No problem. Bring paper!” Paper was brought and He said, “Okay, I will not fall sick in future.”

Sign and the date is there. So thereafter, after half an hour, I recollected something and I went to Master again. I said, “Master, I want a little change in it.” Actually it was written: I will not fall sick again. So I said, “Master, You write down, physically I will not fall sick again.”

Master said, “This I will never write because I am not the body. I will not write it.” So I said, “Master, I never wanted anything from You, because I know, this one glimpse of You is sufficient to take us back. We never wanted anything or had any questions. Whatever duty You have given — it is sufficient for us to release us from this world.” It was His grace that we never created any personal wish.

Master said,

“There are lots of persons with this
rare right understanding of its special significance.
They are scattered everywhere all over the world.
A time will come, when they will all get together
and there will be a revolution of spirituality.”

Then Master said,

“Only those, who are already in contact with that Power,
will come to you, others will not come.
This guarantee I have given to you.”

Master said,

“My work will be inside, your work is outside.”

When Master was in Willington Hospital on 20 August 1974, He told me that He urgently had to initiate three persons. He told me that He had the tape of initiation recorded and said, “When they come and require for initiation, you can give the initiation by using this tape.” According to Master’s instruction the initiation was given to the aspirants in Amritsar.

Two of them had come to the Ashram, one after the other, they understood and accepted Master’s competency. The third person came after some time. All were blessed with the experience of light and sound. In course of time — according to Master’s words — Amritsar became the headquarter.

August 21, 1974 – My Prayer to Master

I felt very uneasy and made a prayer before the Master, “In future we will do as You wish. Take pity on us, be healthy.” At once I realized that my prayer was true. Master opened His eyes and told me, “Yes, all right.” Soon Tai Ji came and seeing the Master, she cried and asked Master, “Who will be our Saviour after You?” Master, holding His finger above, said,

“He already did and He will do in future.
You need not worry.
He has done everything.”
— Sant Kirpal Singh, August 21, 1974

My hopes dashed to ground and I started praying again and again. Finally I sat in meditation in one corner of the room. I felt His voice resounding in my ear, “Don’t be worried, He will not leave you.” I stood up and went again to Master’s bedside. While standing I at once experienced Master looking at me with a big red eye, like that of the rising sun, and within some seconds I bowed down before the Master. But in the same moment I realized that this is the support for the borrowed servant, as I had thought many times if Master would leave us, I would lose my support in the world, since my eyes would never perceive the eyes of anybody.

After the physical departure of the Master I was in Delhi for three years and explained all those things about Master’s further Mission. In the beginning very few people believed, but one little boy came to my rescue. He came along with his parents.

This boy saw Master with his own eyes. He said, “Father, have you seen? Master had a very beautiful pen in His hand; it was shining like gold and the paper He had was also like gold. He was writing the names of all persons present in the Satsang.” They did not believe in Master’s teaching, but they believed a child.

Where Satsang is held in His name, there the Master Power comes.

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