Commandments of the Master [3]

By Dr Harbhajan Singh (published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” 1983-3 edition)

The End of all Sects and Isms

There is less hope for those who pay obeisance to the body of the Master,
as compared with those who pay obedience to the words He utters.
For them, emancipation is definite, sure and certain.
We should obey and pay respect to the words that the Master utters.
Then we are sure to go back to the Home of our Father.
— Kirpal Singh

After Master had left His physical body I have declared all over the world, »If you can get something (true spirituality), you will get it from here, from this place where Sant Kirpal Singh gave the instructions , I tell you very frankly.« And moreover: »There is now no ‘new Master’ (successor), who can take you through the third eye and make you pass through the darkness.«

Sant Kirpal Singh gave me all these commandments for the work (Unity of Man) with full attention. And whatever He said, that is becoming true. If I say, »I am a Master«, then you will definitely believe it, »Alright? we have found the physical Master.« But tell me, who (of those who were competent) said, that He is a Master? Guru Nanak was asked, He said, »I am a borrowed servant«, Guru Gobind Singh said. He is a borrowed servant. Even Kabir said, He is a borrowed servant of the Lord. Is It not right?

One may work as a son, one may work as a borrowed servant. One may work as a competent Master, one work as Master said — there are three ways how Master can take the work:

He can prepare someone and take the work
He can guide someone and take the work, and third,
He can sit in the disciple and take the work.

Master said, »The best work and the shortest way back to God, the shortest way of work is that, when the Master Power sits in the disciple and takes the work. This time has now come.« Already you know.

After the physical departure of the Master, there are a lot of people who got mentally sick, who committed suicide; lot of problems with the negative power came. Lot of people will come to the Satsang who were affected by such people who approved themselves as masters (so-called masters).

Yet all positive possibilities are there for those who believe in it (in the commandments of Sant Kirpal Singh).

Those who do not believe in it, they will not get the positive experience anywhere. I tell you, in India there are more than four- five hundred people who were affected by these so-called ‘masters’. Go anywhere in the world and see whether someone is able to take you through the darkness, through, the third eye. When you do not get experience, then come over here. For those who have decided, Master Power is manifesting. And Master is giving the glimpses. He is giving it. Yet people do not understand what is happening now and what will happen in future.

Now I tell you a very important thing: Even if a competent Master may come, He cannot help you, because Master’s grace is coming now directly to everyone. We are getting it directly. All these things you can find in His speeches or in the books. Whatever you demand sincerely, it will be given, but demand it from the heart, not from outside.

It is better to depend on Him who is within you, not outside.
He is always with you.
If you think He is away, then away He will be.
It will take time for Him to come.
If you think He is already there,
He will come all at once.
— Kirpal Singh

And those who are secured, those who have made up their mind, they are getting it even in the West. And when Master Power is manifesting — where people are seeing Master Power standing, is with them and then again disappears, what happens? They are intoxicated. Meditation is no problem, but decision is a problem. If you decide, awakening will come. This is the work of the Master, He will do it. I already told it.

At the time of Raja Janak, a king in the olden India, there was a big meeting (Saba) held. Raja Janak asked all Saints to come and give him the first-hand experience. No one could give him the experience. Only when Ashtavakra came, the king could get the experience through him; he gave him the first-hand experience.

I suggest the same thing. People are spending lot of money. Money should also be spent for this purpose. Such a meeting should be held. Someone should come forward, he should invite all Masters who say they are Masters. They should all be invited, they should give the experience. But at the same time one disciple of Master Sant Kirpal Singh will give the experience in His name (Sant Kirpal Singh). There are possibilities to discriminate the right from the false — there are lot of things to check it, but people do not check it.

And wherever this Power is, He will give you
an experience to start with on the inner way.
That is the only criteria you can have.
But in due course of time you will behold Him,
see Him, meet Him inside.
The only thing required is obedience.
— Kirpal Singh

The Masters are dependent, they do not cross the fifth stage (Sach Khand). Such a Master remains in this region in between. He gets power from above and gives it downward. He is dependent. He always remains dependent. He has limitations. But when the Almighty Power (from the eighth stage) works Himself, then there is no need of any Master.

»The Masters teach us that there are seven planes:
Pind, And, Brahmand, Par Brahmand,
Sach Khand, Alakh and Agam.
And above all the cosmos, there is the eighth plane,
called differently by the Saints as
Anami, Maha Dayal, Nirala or Soami«
— Kirpal Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh was not a Master from the fifth stage, but — as foretold in the scriptures (Guru Granth Sahib) the highest Lord — Param Sant — who now completes His work through thousands of hands. He works directly — He is not dependent. Maybe a time will come, when this work will finish; it will come in the hand of a competent Master (from fifth stage). But I tell you very clearly, when this time comes, people will strike their head against the wall, then they will not get any reply from Him (the highest Lord of all) because the competent Master will be dependent. You already got this contact directly. Lot of difference! Those who got this direct contact in this way are very blessed. They are fortunate to go in one birth. Others not. Very rare chances.

My position with you will always remain as a co-worker with you (in the Mission of Sant Kirpal Singh). And in no way superior than that, I have to work with you as a brother. But whatever you want, this will be given (by Him directly) — without any promise. Even promise will not be given, as the contact of everyone is direct, It is a special time now. Who sees (how the Almighty Power works) he will never be­come a doer, because he himself has to go back. If someone becomes a doer, then he remains caught there, he will not go back.

In the Teaching of Kabir it is said that there is a lot of difference bet­ween those who work as Masters, and those who work without becoming something. Those who remain disciples are far more blessed, than even the Masters.

Attention is the physical Master. Where His attention does not work, there is no physical Master. I have cleared my position with you in the Mission. I will go on clearing as long as I am with you. I have to tell the same thing again and again.

But it is a pity to say, that Darshan Singh was there, Thakar Singh was there, Divianand (who say themselves to be the followers of Sant Kirpal Singh), all were there, but Master never gave them instruc­tions. Master even said (in the last hours in the hospital) »No one should come except this doctor!«

They all have created attachment for themselves, and they definitely create attachment for those who will follow them. They have appointed themselves. They are self-styled doers and their disciples will also be like this. Maybe I never told you like this, but today I tell also these things very frankly, be­cause I am afraid only of my Master, but not of these so-called ‘masters’. Truth is there. I have met each of these ‘masters’, but what was their reply — what should I tell?

One (of these ‘masters’) says, »My friends, my relatives compel me to do this, what should I do?« The other says, »Tai Ji (Master’s cook) is telling that my name should also exist in six persons (in a diary of Sant Kirpal Singh) and I can come.« But what was the problem? Only money-matter, nothing else.

You know what happened, when Baba Sawan Singh left the body. On before­hand Master (Sawan Singh) had declared that our Master (Kirpal Singh) would be His successor. But they made a false will and then decided — all sitting together — how it could be implemented best. So all said, Kirpal Singh is the only hindrance, He should be compelled to read it in the open Satsang.

This will was in favour of Sardar Jagat Bahadar Singh. Master (Kirpal Singh) — whom Sawan Singh had transferred spirituality through His eyes — knew it very well that He had to work. But the others had a worldly view: They said, »No, this is the will from the Master and there are the signs of Baba Sawan Singh And Sant Kirpal Singh said, »Alright, if you say, this is the signature of Baba Sawan Singh, then give it to me, I will read it.« And He read it In the open Satsang, that »This is the wish of the Master.« But He also said, that Spirituality cannot be transferred through a will. He said, buildings can be transferred through a will, worldly material things — all other things can be transferred through a will, but never spirituality can be transferred in this way, through a will. It (Spirituality) is always transferred through the eyes.

The same thing happened after 1974 at Delhi (with Darshan Singh). He made a will and said, »His will is there, I have a will of Kirpal Singh People replied him: »According to the spiritual books the successorship cannot be transferred through a will.« What happened? They changed their opinion and said, »Alright, Master then transferred Spirituality through the eyes.« What a fraud!

Tai Ji knew very well, that everything is given like this and how it would be carried out. But still she said to me, »You become the successor, I can help you.« I said to her, »Tai Ji, I know how to work. You cannot compel me — who are you to stand in my way. It is not good for you to do like this. How can you make me a Master? The one who would carry out Master’s work would only be a tool, to carry out His Mission (what Master instructed) and complete it.« Then she said, »There are six names in the diary of the Master and out of them, this name Thakar Singh is there.« I said, »Tai Ji, if it is there, well and good, if it is not there, you will be the sinner.«

Where was the need to get it written down by me alone, that Thakar Singh is the competent Master now, when there were 150.000 disciples all over the world? I tell you, I was the hindrance in their way. The same thing happened as it happened in Beas, I was asked to sign this. I told Tai Ji, »Whatever Master has written, it is up to you. I must comply with it, I must respect these words, if it is written in His diary, I can write everything for you, what you want.« She said, »You should write, he (Thakar Singh) is a competent Master.«»Alright, let me write, whatever you want.« There was one book, it was “Truth” lying on the table of the Master. When I had written down that thing what Tai Ji asked from me, I took this book and said, »Tai Ji, I am taking this book “Truth” with me.« She said, »If you take the truth with you, what will remain here (in Delhi)?« I said, »You and Thakar Singh know it.«

Why did Tai Ji then die through accident? Was not the Master Power working on her head? She served two Masters, I tell you, but she died out of accident. Why? Because she defamed the Mission of the Master. Master said, »He who will defame my Mission, will not be forgiven, he has to be punished.«

Now all these diaries of the Master are translated and there is not at least any mention of any six Masters. Even this subject of successorship is not touched there by the Master. Why was there so much importance given to such a big fraud? What was the reason? There are millions of ‘saints’, not only three. There are millions of ‘saints’. Why do you not bow down your head before them also? Each one of them claims to be ‘master’. They say, »Come and we reserve the seat for you in Sach Khand in the heaven.« Everywhere there are these problems, I tell you, search Him in the body, search Him there, Master is in you. Anybody who wants to get it by a physical Master — I am in the physical body, but I tell you, I can never label as Master. I have no concern with it. By the blessing of the Master (Sant Kirpal Singh), He is giving it direct to you.

Some people will understand it up to 50%, some will understand it up to 60%, 70%, but there will be very few persons who will understand it up to 100%. But everyone will understand when he will leave the physical body. Those who will believe it, they will have better chances. The work which is going on now, may it come again after 100.000 years, not now.

I have some letters, where Master is writing very important things. I could have printed them. Someone asked me to give these letters for printing. I said, »Why?« He said, »The work will then be very easy.« I replied, »Master has written these letters to me and nowhere it is mentioned that they should be used for ad­vertisements.« He has not permitted it. But if Master gave us instructions, then we must give it through practical examples. Not only in the theoretical way. Because we have not to gather so-called ‘followers’true disciples are needed.

I tell you, Master Jaimal Singh initiated very few persons. When He went, He took all along with Him. Whereas some previous Masters — I cannot mention their names — have given lot of initiations, anyone who came to them, they gave him initiation. And what is their condition? These Masters are begging behind their children. They create lot of problems. What will happen with these Masters? Long, long time they will stay in this world. He who gives you initiation, becomes your permanent slave, permanent servant of you. He has to let you go, before He goes. He will take you back, before He goes.

But it is not like this with the Almighty Power. His attention is needed and you will cross all barriers and go. This is why I tell you: Leave the attachments, this is something very important, what I tell you. If anybody wants to leave every attachment and he does not have any concern with anything, he can even go by tomorrow. If someone is ready to leave the body — he can do it. Darshan Singh wanted to occupy Master’s Ashram in Delhi. People came with revolvers and guns and asked us to leave the Ashram. But we did not care for it, because Master had given the promise: »If my disciple dies out of the negative power, then I myself will die.« It is like this — negative power has not the power to kill a disciple — but the disciple must be a disciple.

The Test

Whenever a competent Master leaves the physical body, He has to provide one of His disciples for a test. And this disciple is supplied fully to the negative power. Master withdraws all His protection from him. Master Power then does not work in the disciple. Such a disciple has to stand on his own legs and stand the test. And this test of the negative power is so difficult, that so far only two days were given by the Master for this test. But Sant Kirpal Singh said, »No, my disciple will take this test for at least seven days.«

Master had left the body, and she (Biji Surinder Kaur) was selected for the test. On that very day many people were with us over here. Then we went to the Ashram and stayed there. Whole her body had become senseless. She was unable to move. When this test was ended, there was no sign of life any more in her. The negative power asked her: »Say once, your Master is not Kirpal«, but she said again and again, »No, my Master is Kirpal — the Almighty Power We were about thirty to fifty persons in the Ashram. When this test was completed in seven days, she was truly dead. The negative power said, »She will now not survive. And when she will survive, then she won’t be able to stand on her legs at least for three years and after three years she will have to die.« This is what the negative power said.

But then, Master came. He said, »Alright, your test is finished. Now you say, she will not survive — she will survive. You say that she cannot stand on her legs for three years, Master said, I will make her to stand in three days.«

Then Master’s test started. Why are these tests held? You know, these (tests) are not from the Master, they are to prove whether a Master is a Master. Negative power says, »No, you are not a Master. If you are a Master, you must have made a perfect man. If you have created someone, he must come to this place to me for the test.«

If this test is passed — out of this test Master is capable to go into the hell or He can take all disciples from the hell there. When this test was held, three thousand disciples — Master said — three thousand disciples who were mislead by the negative power or who had totally abandoned the Master Power and even had become enemies of the Master, they were taken from the hell.

Master Himself always has only good wishes for His children. Whether the child is obedient or not. They suffered a lot, more than thousand years they were in the hell. But they all were liberated, when one disciple passed the test. Only one! Lot of persons could come along, were liberated along with him. Such a thing I was telling you, it is something out of the practice, not only theory. It happened after Sant Kirpal Singh left His physical body.

Those who have communed with the WORD,
their toils shall end.
And their faces shall flame with glory,
Not only shall they have salvation, O Nanak,
but many more shall find freedom with them.
— Jap Ji

Everyone these days tries to put the blame or fault
for his ills on the »times« and this complaint
is the greatest complaint of all times.
The present time as well as the time to come
is no more ours than the past.
This world is a huge magnetic field
and the more we strive to get out of it,
the more are we caught and entangled in the meshes.
Man dances in the net and thinks that nobody sees him.
The wise feel the net but do not know where to sit easy.
Thus, silently and ceaselessly revolves
the huge fly-wheel of the Karmic mill,
the giant Wheel of Life pounding to pieces all alike.
This mill of Nature grinds all slowly but surely.
Some feel and say: »It appears that Nature
made man and then broke the mold.«
— Kirpal Singh (From “The Wheel of Life”)

One Master said, that though there be thirty
or more teeth in the mouth,
yet the tongue is not harmed by them.
Similarly, the Master is protecting the disciple
from all the perils of the world around him.

When difficult times come, no one helps —
both enemies and friends forsake;
all hopes fade away — life becomes hopeless,
but if God is in the heart,
the flames of misery will not be felt.
— Kirpal Singh

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