The Competency of the Almighty Power

Excerpts from Satsangs by Dr Harbhahan Singh
(Published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh”, edition 2011 – also available as PDF)

Out of humbleness the Masters don’t speak about their own competency. It is the task of the disciple.
And who could bring us nearer to the greatness of Sant Kirpal Singh than His Gurmukh Dr Harbhajan Singh?
In nearly all his lectures and talks he makes clear statements about Sant Kirpal Singh’s competency. He relates incidences which He has witnessed personally and which reveal how people could experience this special competency in their own lives.
Some of the most important statements and central incidences have been collected for this booklet (Sayings 2011).

Sant Kirpal Singh’s purpose in the world was to bring a flood of Spirituality — an awakening in the world. Once, by the grace of the Master, one has understood even a little bit about the competency of the Master, it is a big thing in the world.

You know, after the physical departure of the Master I tried to explain the competency of the Master. It was due to Him! Even during His lifetime He told lots of times, to tell something in open Satsang. I didn’t tell anything else, but every time I spoke about the competency of the Master, because where I lived, there Master showed lots of incidences and this whole area became a living example of the greatness of the Master.

There, all the time existed such a vibration that those who came there, they all felt life. So instead all around people started to think about Sant Kirpal Singh. Even some who were initiated by others took the photo of Sant Kirpal Singh in their homes, only due to the reason that He was very loveable. It is a reality! He who has some charming in himself is also very loveable! Nobody can deny it! So, out of love, many people asked me, “Can you give me a photo of your Master?” I used to give it. Master said,

“A time will come, when those who have met Him will weep
and those who have not met Him, they will also weep!
Because that power will remain too near to them.
They will not be able to see Him physically,
but they will realize His presence all the time with them.”

That was His wish. He has left the body, but He has not left the work. His competency, His grace has started to flow more and more. What He used to say? He said, “Man-making is difficult, but to realize God is not difficult, because He is too near.” He wants the child (back), He comes for the child, He loves the child, He has no other purpose in the world. (1)

At the time of Master there was a very big centre in Chandigarh. There were good persons, but Master said, “Have you seen doctor and his wife?” They said, “No.” To us Master said, “Have you seen these people from Chandigarh?” We said, “No.” Master said, “They are also very nice people.” Anyhow, Master made us to contact each other. We used to go to Master and then Master one time said, “Okay, this is a Parshad for your friends at Chandigarh.” We never wanted to go there, our way was different. But when Master said, “Okay, it is a Parshad for them” we knew that we had to go to Chandigarh, instead. Anyhow, we went there.

And it was a time when during the whole night something from the Master was going on. Some time we started in the evening and when we finished it was early in the morning. Nearly the sun was to rise. Sometimes we were sitting for twelve hours and telling everything about the Master Power.

Then one time, Master asked them, “Do you know why this doctor and his wife were made to be attached with you?” They said, “No.” Master said,

“You had love for the Master, but you never knew
about the competency of the Master.
You should also know
about the competency of your Father.”

Everyone praises his Master, but how to praise Him? If we praise Him less, or we just compare Him as He is not, it is also not good. One must know about the competency of his Master. Why Master said it? Because He was something more than people think of Him, than people thought of Him. He was very different from all those things. So that is why Master in His own time tried to let all those persons surrounding Him know something about Him. And these things by His grace He told us and we could describe everywhere in the world.

And in the beginning people said, “No, it is not right, it is something from these two persons, they are saying like this, it can not happen.” But since this thing has the positive finding and there is all vibration and everything is going very exactly as to what He told, now people believe — It is very good, it is something extraordinary. How it is possible? Because the grace that is being given, that is sufficient to take us back.(2)

What is the difference between a competent Master and the so-called ‘masters’?

You heard something about the purpose of human life and that it is the work of the disciple to come in contact with reality. More he understands, more he will gain. As I told you, our Father is one, God is one and He is the Master for the whole creation. This is the highest teaching.

To get Him and to have Him within, we must know the competency of that Master, as what He gives, how He gives, this is a must. Selection will come through the disciple, he has to select, otherwise all masters say that they are the competent Master. But in holy scriptures it is said,

“There is none in million, maybe one in billion.”

And that one, who comes as One, He would never say that He is the Master. He would say He (God) is the Doer. All Masters say one and the same thing. Guru Nanak said it, Guru Gobind Singh said it, Kabir told it, Shamas Tabrez told it. All Masters have said one and the same thing, that He (God) is the Doer, He is the Creator. And they said, they are the borrowed servant.

Sant Kirpal Singh, August 17, 1974
Sant Kirpal Singh, August 17, 1974

What is the function of that One, Who gives you some experience?

The first thing is that He is commissioned. He is commissioned from above. His work is entirely to do for Him. He comes for everybody, He does not create any ism or sect or circle or religion. Though He is born in a religion, He respects all religions. All religions belong to Him because of the children who reside there. He has love and compassion for everyone.

These countries are like different chambers in the house of the Lord. His purpose is to unite you back where He is already united. He won’t tell you any outer rituals and rites, this or that. His purpose is very direct and independent. And your contact with God is direct and independent. God is innate in the soul.

Nobody has seen God in absolute form, but when He came into being, He created the Satpurusha, a primal force that created the whole universe. Everything came with His wish. He is called Satpurusha. So He created this whole universe.

There are two forces working, negative and Positive power. This whole world is a play field (of both powers), but the greater play field is the human body. As man is the highest rung in the creation, being next to God this whole play is played in this very field.

Everything is made for the man, man is the prototype of the whole creation. Macro-cosm is in the micro-cosm. So this God Power, all forces — negative and positive — these all reside in this holy body.

Now as per Holy Scriptures and the experience of those competent Masters, there is Guru, Guru Dev and Satguru. There are three forms of the Master. Satguru is the highest one.

Who is the Satguru? He who has known the Satpurusha, who has created this whole universe, He is called Satguru. His approach is very high, He can transcend and crosses all barriers beyond material-conscious and fully conscious regions. He can go back to the home eternal and come back.

Now the same Master, when it manifests in you, it is called Guru Dev. Guru Dev means, ‘radiant form of the Master’. The radiant form of the Master that appears within, that is your Master. When the same Master comes in the physical form, He is called Word-personified Form (or Guru).

So Guru, Guru Dev and Satguru are the three forms of one Power. And they are one. They have different forms, but they are the One. Outwardly He helps you (as Guru) to withdraw you from the body-consciousness, and when He appears within you, He is called ‘radiant form of the Master’ (Guru Dev). When He takes you and crosses all those barriers and takes you to home eternal, He is called Satguru. So this is His work.

So these Forces are in the body. A son of man cannot be the Master. (Embodied in human form) He can help you, He is a commissioned, but He is dependent. He will reveal you the truth, whatever comes from above. He will not tell you anything from Himself. He only speaks that much, which He is being ordered.

So the Master for the whole creation is one and the same. All Masters came at different levels, at different places. Some time He came as Jesus Christ, some time He came as Kabir; the same power some time came as Guru Nanak, some time He came as Hafiz, but the Power is One. Like now there are so many bulbs, but our attention is in the light, not on the glass. They are the children of Light. They are all one.

So all those competent Masters came, lived, worked and guided with one opinion and with one very fundamental rule. The only exception there is that they worked according to the present prevalent condition of the time. Teaching was never changed, but their mode of function sometimes was different, according to the atmosphere.

Man from inside and outside — maybe from any nationality — is one and the same, construction is one and the same. There is no difference at all in the inner and outer construction. The purpose of all human beings on the earth is one and the same. We are born in the same way, we die in the same way, there is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty.

Kabir says, “On that very day our blood was one.” Which day? “The day we were sent into the world. And we had one desire for life.” All had one desire for life. We all came from one mother. There is a very hard friendship, hard relation which nobody can deny, everyone accepts it. But when experience is given through a competent Master, He reveals the truth on that very line (of unity).

He will teach you the very universal teaching above the label of outer rituals and rites, different dogmas, cast, colour, creed or race. God made man and man made religion. It is no problem where we live or how we live as the purpose is one and the same.

Christ came from the East, He brought a very big revolution in the West.

Guru Nanak travelled on foot and went very long distance up to Mecca, Persia, China, Burma, lots of places, whatever He could; for forty-eight years of His life He was on foot. For what purpose? To see His children, to take His children back to Home Eternal. His purpose in the world differs from all other masters. Outwardly and inwardly, He is bound to take us back.

He will take you to the place of no hope, no comfort, no solace, because He wants you to get rid of the deluding nature of hope, solace and comfort. He will raise you above the body-consciousness.

For what? When you rise above the body-consciousness, then He will make you detached from all other things. He will let you know how to live in the world. He will teach you the art of life.

He is very pure and pious and He will develop you like this. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Two things cannot go together (you cannot see God without having a pure heart).

In His capacity He does everything for His child, like a mother who serves her child. His love is beyond all barriers; no one can know about His love. He knows that this whole creation belongs to Him, belongs to His Father. He is specially sent to bring them (the children) back. He knows the worth of this world and He even knows the worth of the three worlds, and that is less precious even than your each breath.

Your each breath is even more costly for the Master than the price of the three worlds. He needs you and not anything else. But He is also bound with a lot of laws. Negative and Positive are the impelling forces, their destination is fully fixed and they are doing their utmost. He is bound to remain in that law, otherwise Hafiz says, “If one time He sounds, the whole world could go back to its home.” But that is not possible, it is not allowed, as it is His manifestation.

So God is love, love is God, and the way back to God is also love. So He will make you love-personified form. He will develop you in such a way that you are detached from the world. You remain in the world, yet you are out of the world. You will work in the world, but your attention will not work in the world. I told you, He teaches us the higher values of life.

Higher values of life means, the one factor of life which we have forgotten. One may try his level best, but one cannot get rid of the poisonous effect of the mind and the poisonous stings of this attachment.

So these higher values of life come through Him, He is the Giver. I mean to say, His work is stretched from you to Him, and He covers everything. When you start to know the competency of your Father — the more you know (of it), the more you will be blessed.

There are so many virtues, because He has a boundless vibration. You may say, He is a source of vibration. When you become receptive, this vibration will work with you like anything. Nobody can detach you from that source. I told you, two things cannot go together. He makes you one, He knows how to detach you from the world. He also knows how to finish with your old, old karmas in the world. If His virtues were to be written, it is said,

“If the whole world is made to paper,
out of the ocean ink is made,
out of the trees pens are made,
one may go on writing ages upon ages,
but still nobody can know (can describe)
the virtues of Master Power.”

Because wherever you go, the subject of that Power is there. You understand? Subject is there. There is nothing that is not enlivened by the God Power. Everywhere in every creature, whether in man, in beast, in flowers, vegetables, in mountains, everywhere — nothing is made without His Power, He dwells everywhere. This whole creation is made by whom? By the Creator. Now I want to tell you, people say this way or that way… — no — you cannot separate the Creator from the creation.

You have your friend, he has been given a name. If you remember him by his name, at once his face comes to you. By remembering God, you think of God. By remembering anything, its appearance comes to your side. So you cannot separate the Creator from the creation. But creation is Maya (delusion), it is attachment, but the Creator is True.

Music (creation) is false, Musician (Creator) is true. Those who come in contact with that very Power, their eye is opened, they see the world as a true temple of God. While knowing each and everything, they are detached from those things, because they know the creation and the Creator. They know about the music and the musician. They know about the play and the player.

So Master is the breath of your breath, He is the soul of your soul, which is called Oversoul. He helps His disciples not only physically but also He helps inwardly; He helps with everything within. Wherever you are alone, you are in problems, you are in the very awful condition in your life, and nobody can save you, there the Master comes and receives you with all love, with all compassion and with all help.

Where nobody can approach you, there He is.

He can materialize and can manifest and can help you, because He is the Doer. He is everywhere. You think (of Him) from within and He is there. He has not to come from outside, He is within you, He will come out, will materialize and manifest and will help you.

One time Draupadi, (the wife of the Pandava princes), had to meet a big test. (She was caught by enemies, and they wanted to make her naked.) She first cried for Krishna, but Lord Krishna didn’t reach. When he didn’t reach, she cried from within and at once He (the God Power) appeared and gave all feasible help and finished with the matter.

She was helped by whom? By that very Doer, which comes from Age to Age, He who neither goes nor comes. He all the times remains in the world. Our contact with Him in the man-body is also continuous. Due to Him we have the continuous life.

We change the body and we have to leave the body, but we do not leave the life; life is permanent, continuous, without break. We have a direct and independent contact. It is said in holy scriptures, “The Sound Current, the Music of the Spheres that comes from Thy threshold, it strikes my forehead continuously. I hear this contact regularly in my forehead.” This is a link that is not broken. Once the link is established, it won’t break.

This is one condition for a competent Master: When He gives you the initiation, when He takes your hand, He won’t let you go anywhere. No force on the earth can snatch you from Him. He is the Supreme Power, He is sent by God, He will take you back. You may leave Him, but He will not leave you.

It is unlike all other meditations which are going on in the world. This is something unique in the world, where there are hundred percent possibilities. Outward His hands are very soft, but inside He has steel-hands. When He takes care of the child, He won’t let him go anywhere. He is that Master. His purpose is only one, not two, only one. He is One, His purpose is also one.

There are lots of incidences from the life of Sant Kirpal Singh. He, being a Word-personified Form, materialized and manifested a lot of times and helped. He is helping and will help. This help will go on. This Power is no other than that very Power (ever working as Almighty Power in the world), that Power is the same.

One time Master told about it when He had got one letter in 1957. In 1934 there was one old lady in Chicago. She went to the market to buy some fruits. He appeared and said: “I want some fruits.” She gave the basket, and within the twinkling of an eye, the man with the basket was away. It was very surprising to her, where this man has gone. From within she was very happy, but she started to yearn and long for Him.

Lots of people said, “No, this one is the competent Master, you have a yearning for him, you can go to him. He is a very high personality, he is a spiritual man.” She said, “No, I don’t want to see a master, I am searching for my thief who has taken my basket along with flowers and has taken my heart, I have to search Him alone.” Her search continued. In 1957, she happened to come to London, and there in one house of her friend, she saw the picture of Sant Kirpal Singh. She started to dance there. “Today, I have found my thief.” By knowing His address, she wrote one letter: “Now I am coming to see my thief.”

So He is not the body. He can materialize, He can create a body and can come. So this Master who works in the physical form, He works for that Power, His work is connected with that Power. He is not different from that Power. He is a borrowed servant of that Power.

His purpose is to unite all direct within, because that Power is direct in connection with you. Once you are connected with the pole, once you are connected with the light-house, then you stand on your legs, but without earth. If you understand these things, it will help you. Master will make you stand, but there will be no earth below your feet. He is very gracious.

So all those yogas, all those other ways which are being taught by hundred thousand masters in the world, these are only to put the attention from one direction to another direction, so that one may not get (the real thing) and goes as foolish as he was in the past. Like a parrot one has to beat his beak here or there, but he will not get anything, so this is a big illusion, inside and outside. You know the sword of doubt cuts very deep.

The purpose of the so-called ‘masters’ is to create the doubt. So this is the reason that the teaching is not given in the right way. “You are doing this, it is not good, you are doing this, it is good. You should have done like this or that.”

But you have to remain detached in the world of attachment. You have to learn how to remain detached in the world of attachment.

Is it difficult? No, it is not difficult, but it is not taught. Even if it is said, it is not given. If something is told, if the practical experience is told, that is not given. But practice is the base.

Their experience (the competent Masters’ experience) must become our experience. They are standing on the base, and we are moving around — lots of difference.

Once Kabir went to a place where a Pid-Kuku (this is a bird, from which it is told that it only takes water from the rain, and not from below) was on the tree, holding his beak up. He was thirsty, and he wanted the first drop of the rain from the heaven. He would not take any water from the pond, which was flowing underneath.

He could not get it (as there was no rain), so he got unconscious and fell down back into the pond, where there was water. Even then he didn’t take any water from the pond, by which he could survive. Had he taken some water from the pond, he could have survived, but he didn’t take that water.

Kabir was seeing this and in awe describes,

“Oh man, that was your purpose,
you should have done the same thing.
These birds and creatures they are doing it
(having real desire), how disciplined they are,
and you are not disciplined.
The ocean of all consciousness is flowing within you,
the water of life is within you,
but you do not move inside.
It belongs to you, you can taste that elixir
within the body, it is yours, it is not of anybody else.
You enter, it is a wonderful house you have been given!
There is a water of life, bread of life, it belongs to you
and you are not going (inside) to taste it.
Either you are a child or you are a stupid,
there is some problem with you, oh man.”

Man is blessed with qualities, with supreme qualities. We are of the same essence as that of God. God is an ocean of all consciousness and we are the drop of that consciousness. This consciousness is overflowing in man, but he doesn’t want to taste it.

Whose fault is this? Fault lies in the man. He is not awakened. He is getting unconscious, he wants to search all those things outwardly. He wants to allure with this music, outside music.

The real Music is within and this outer music is a copy of the inner music. The music which is not made within, that is also not made outside. Man needs intoxication, intoxication is within, but he searches outside. Masters tell us,

“Oh dear soul, you are the indweller of the skies.
Unfortunately you came on the earth.
You are a conscious entity,
there is very much intoxication in you
when you rise above the sky.”

To rise above the body-consciousness means to rise above the sky. There is a sky in the body. When you rise above the plane of senses, the sky is there. You forget what is going on below. You rise in the music of the spheres, you forget what is going on.

Once you come in contact with the overflowing cosmic awareness, your angle of vision will be changed. That is what Master does. He gives you something on the very first day, His purpose is that much.

If He doesn’t give you that contact, he is not the Master. You may say, he is not doing His (God’s) work, he is doing his work. He is doing his own work (with own aims).

One is doing the work of the One who is above all, and the other one is doing the earthly work, he is maintaining his status, he is maintaining his religion, he is maintaining his ego. So this whole machinery is going on in a very reverse pattern. No one understands.

Kabir says, “He who separates the milk from the water, he is my friend.” (Kabir speaks here of a Hansa or “swan” — who is someone with true discrimination power.) He who understands the Master, belongs to Him. Try to understand the Master, who is He, what is He, and what is His purpose? If one understands like this, you’ll get everything from Him.

So Master says, “I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world.” Not only till the end of the world, He will take you to Home Eternal, merge you (in Him) there and merges along with you; it is His work. It is not a little work, but it is a very big work, which He has to do.

Master’s work in the world is very unique. You cannot compare His Grace with anything in the world. He is a Supreme in the world, provided He is commissioned by Him (God).

There are hundred thousand so-called ‘masters’ directly or indirectly working for the negative power, their purpose is different. They will teach you some other way of life.

But whatever a competent Master will say, He will also give a demonstration of it. Without demonstration He doesn’t believe for He is the believer of the Truth (God) and He makes your contact with the Truth, the living Truth that exists in you. That truth exists in the Master and that exists everywhere. It is concealed within, but it is approachable. For that reason He gave you the practical experience to raise you above the body-consciousness and the shackles of the mind.(3)

All of us know that there is one Creator, one Doer, and He is the Master for all. So, how we we came to know? Only by the Grace of Sant Kirpal Singh. Wherever He went and wherever He gave the practical experience, that one accepted Him as a God-into-Action Power, a Word-made-Flesh Power.

Master used to say, “I have given you the highest thing which I got from the God Power. If you get something higher, please don´t go alone, take me also with you.” But throughout His life nobody turned up, nobody said, “Master, I have got such a thing.”

This Teaching remains in the world all the time. But blessed are those who come in contact with it. Not all do come in contact with it. But this time Master said, “I want to multiply my hands. Gods and goddesses work with four hands, but when that Power leaves the body, He can work with thousands of hands.”

But it is not always the same thing, the same case. It is a special time now. This grace is there and everyone is benefitted. Master is an unpaid servant. Once He initiates somebody, He looks after all the interests of that man.

Because He thinks, “He is my child, he is ignorant, he does not know about the competency of his Father. After all who will tell him?” So, He always takes pity on us. Though we make mistakes a lot of times, but each time He hugs us and says, “No, he is my child.”

So, if I have seen throughout my life anyone who was full of compassion, that was Sant Kirpal Singh who was full of humility. Anyone who went to Him, he would ask what he needs and He gave everything to them.

Many things in His life teach us a lesson of contentment, a lesson of forbearance, and what not? So, why is it so? He was a born Saint, He came from that place, from where a Saint comes after a hundred thousand years. He has acquired the knowledge of the whole creation and has become one with the Satpurusha, and He Himself became a Satpurusha.

And the second thing which He did, which was never brought in the world so far: The Grace will start from here, back to Home Eternal. Now we are in the world, we do not know about our past life.

But do we know our future life? Yes, it is written in the Holy Scriptures that the purpose of human life is to meet a good end, which means we have to go back — no exception to the rule. We should go with all joy, because we have not to go alone, we have to go with Him.

I often receive letters from a lot of places that say, “Master helped our father before he died. He said a lot of things about Sant Kirpal Singh. His departure was very peaceful.” Others said, “We were in problems and Master gave a solution; overnight the problem was solved.” (4)

One time I was in Amsterdam, Holland, and there was boy who was hardly twelve years old. Seeing me tying a turban, he said, “Do you have any book from Sant Kirpal Singh?” I said, “How you know Sant Kirpal Singh?” That time He had already left His body twelve, thirteen years before, and the boy hardly seemed to be twelve or thirteen years old. He said, “No, my father knew Him.” I said, “Was your father initiated?” He said, “No.”“How your father knew Him?”

Then he said that his father had met Him in His last tour in 1973 when He visited the West. He had only seen Him from far away and both could see eye to eye and they said, “Hello.”“And two years ago,” the boy further said, “my father left the body, and he told that the One who had met him at the airport has come within and is telling him to go back.” So it was a wonderful experience of his father.

But it is a matter of attention. Once He accepts you, He will never leave you, I tell you. Don‘t take Him as the body. He is something greater. But once you accept, once you determine your life, He accepts you, and He will not leave you. That is one thing in Him, because there is no other Supreme Power except Him.

Even the gods, goddesses, avataras, if they want to meet God, they have to come back into the human body and also have to accept such a Master, a Word-personified Form. Otherwise, they cannot go back.

And I said, “How do you show respect now for Sant Kirpal Singh?”“Since then we have the photo of Sant Kirpal Singh along with the Christ Power.” I said, “How you love Him?” He said, “We love Him, we take Him as Christ, because that Power told us about the Christ Power.”

So He is the Christ Power. So how we can know the Christ Power? Only through the teaching and whether He is able to give that experience which was taught by the Christ. If there is none who can give this experience, how can we claim, that He is a God-into-Action Power? We cannot do that. (5)

Once a relative, whose name was Harjit Kaur, came to my house. When she saw Master’s picture there, she told that she was also initiated (by a so-called ‘master’). There was another person whom I was telling the theoretical aspect of life, and she listened carefully, too. After I had finished, she said that it was right, that this is a Master who gives the first-hand experience above the senses and the shackles of the mind, whereas she had not had that experience from her ‘master’.

She said, “My Master tells to all that he is responsible for all of them. He stresses to put in many, many hours, some put in eight hours for meditation, but still they don’t get that very experience which you are speaking of, and which is also in accordance with the teaching of the Guru Granth Sahib.” She asked me, “Am I also such a fortunate one to have this initiation?” I said, “Yes, you can have it.”

After about one month later Master visited Amritsar. During the mean time she had told about the Master to some persons, and all came to listen to Master, but her husband did not allow her to hear the Satsang.

At that time it was extreme hot weather. She fell sick with acute meningitis. The attending doctor referred the case to the Government hospital, whereas she insisted on her husband to visit my hospital at Nag Kalan. When she was brought, her condition had alarmingly deteriorated. She was given a glucose infusion with which she was able to talk. But I asked her husband to shift her immediately to the Government Hospital. Her husband went to get leave from his office, but he did not return until evening.

She told me that she had come to get the promise fulfilled. I asked her, “Why did you not come to see the Master when He was here?” She answered that it was not her fault, but that her husband had not allowed her to go. After every ten to fifteen minutes, she repeated her question. In the evening, she asked me for a glass of cold water. After she had taken one glass, she asked my wife for another one. After taking both the glasses, she closed her eyes and in a moment she left the body.

We were sitting beside her and after an hour she came back into the body and opened her eyes. We felt very happy and put her questions.

She replied that she had left her body, and the way her soul found was burning like fire. She saw her previous master sitting on the hot sand and a lot of his disciples were crying with him. She told further that she felt, that this was not her way and the same moment one old person caught hold of her shoulder and told her, “Your way has been changed now.” She said, “Thereafter he had taken me to a place where I felt comfortable, and I enjoyed my stay there. But He told me that my decision would be taken on the birthday of His Master Baba Sawan Singh Ji on 27 July.” It was then the 22 July. I told this incidence on the celebration of Baba Sawan Singh Ji’s birthday with due permission of the Master. Master said, “All those who yearn and want the Grace from the Master Power will be forgiven this day.” (6)

So, many things, so many happenings — everywhere in the world! Those who didn’t see Him (for a longer time), they say,

“You are fortunate that you remained
in contact with Sant Kirpal Singh.
We only met Him one time, and He helped us.
If really we had taken the initiation
and remained in contact with Him,
how far could we have been benefitted!”

So, I mean to say, He is the God-into-Action Power. (7)

I will try to explain something only about the Master Power:

Who was Sant Kirpal Singh,
who is Sant Kirpal Singh,
and who will He be?

He always remained in the world, He never leaves us. That is the Almighty God, that Almighty Power, who came for our survival. You are getting this contact right directly from Him and everywhere this contact is available. Only persons are needed to give it (the outer instructions), and then it is available. You are getting it directly. That means that you are not to live in this world forever, maybe you don’t come again. This is the shortest way back (to God).

Sant Kirpal Singh, July 1974
Sant Kirpal Singh, July 1974

You have read some old history of the competent Masters, whereas they could bless the disciple to go back within two, three or four births altogether, but then the disciples used to prolong their journey.

Why? Time was not fit for them to go back. They had to digest more, they had to come on the path properly.

They had to shed off the terrible vestures of the mind, because there are chains upon chains on the soul and nobody could get them off so easily. So a lot of people had to come back into the man-body. In this case even Master Power could not help.

In 1972 Sant Kirpal Singh said that so far He had not initiated any new one…

“You are all old disciples, old enough.”

Some Saints come directly from above, they are already made.

Some come into the world and they are in the make, and consequently they are made and put to work. They are commissioned here.

Sant Kirpal Singh, however, came in the highest capacity. He came with all full powers. There are lots of incidences at our disposal which we can read in various books.

Even while He was young, it happened that if He went to some dying person, that person couldn’t die. As long as He was with her, she couldn’t die. The angel of death came and went back.

Why was the angel of death unable to come near to the dying person? The angel of death could not enter the room in the presence of Sant Kirpal Singh. This incidence is described by Sant Kirpal Singh Himself in His book, “The Night is a Jungle”.

There are not only one or two, but many such instances happened. Sant Kirpal Singh could foretell everything about life and death.

Even if some persons remembered Him and sent for Him, or they could only talk something to Him on the telephone, that man began to recover, whereas the doctor said that it was a hopeless case. Master, however, said to the doctor, “Doesn’t matter, you go on treating him, he will be alright, no problem for him!”

Sant Kirpal Singh came with the highest capacity. By then He had not even been initiated (when already such incidences happend), I tell you. He had not yet gone to the Holy Feet of His Master, when He used to display such incidences. All these incidences came along with Him as earned talents. He had already earned all those talents in His previous life.

He was already a Saint, He went to the higher stages of Alakh and Agam, thereupon He went up to the stage of the Almighty God — He could know each and everything about the Almighty God. He Himself became the Almighty Power.

Lots of Saints came in this world, but this Power — the Almighty Power — remained hidden to them. They went to the various stages and could only tell up to these stages. They could not tell beyond their stages.

Sant Kirpal Singh, however, not only told of, but also took someone along to those stages and above those stages. Go and see His glory, His beauty within!

So this lesson is for the new ones. It will be a beautiful lesson for each one of us: to step off and go ahead with the journey, because time is too short and we have to accompany Him.

He is already in the heaven, He is already in each of the planes, and He is already here. This Power can materialize and can manifest and can give you this demonstration right from His own wish and will. I want to tell you with clarity and with full conviction that since you get initiation from Him, you are directly in touch with Him.

A Master Power sitting on the fifth plane has much work to do. Such a Master has to obey the orders from above (from the Almighty Power) and exactly in the same way he has to work over here in the world (He is dependent).

But your Father now is independent. This Grace which comes from Him is very independent and direct. Once Master told in the Satsang,

“Such grace comes after hundred thousand years.
It is not possible every moment.
It may come after hundred thousand years.”

Those who come in contact with such a Grace, they do not only go themselves, but they can help lots of people after them and even before them. They stay in the world, they can help a lot and many people can be helped after them by following them. So you are going to be an example for the Master Power and for all others.

One thing is important: It is said in the Holy Scriptures, that there is none in a Million, maybe there is one in a Billion. So how can you find a real Master when this whole world is full of so-called ‘masters’? The source back according to all the competent Masters of the world is one: they stressed the need to get it from here (Third Eye). If someone is capable of giving it (the inner experience) right here (at the Third Eye), then He is something. At least He is a borrowed servant of the Master, if He is not more than that — and no one wants to become more.

All those competent Masters, though they were the Doer, they never wanted to become the Doer. They always told about their Master as the Doer. In reality this time has come when a Doer is not needed. I exactly tell you the same thing: Only He is the Doer. (8)

In reality we could not understand Sant Kirpal Singh. We could understand only that much, which He made us to understand. Otherwise it is too difficult to understand a competent Master. He was the King of Kings. He was the Supreme Power and in fact we didn’t justify Him.

He was so loveable that each of His words used to touch us to the inner core of our heart. His each word spoken now becomes more and more potent when we remember Him. His remembrances grow while remembering Him. This is the only criterion for a competent Master, or a Word-personified Form, that this Power settles in every heart.

And when He settles in one’s heart, you cannot separate His remembrances. So He lives like the smell in the flower. If we live with such thoughts, His remembrance is at once felt within. By remembering His word, we cannot avoid His remembrance also.

Physically He left us, but every day His remembrance increases in the true disciples. It does not matter, if somebody had seen Him physically or not, because He is not the physical body, He is the Power. He is the God-into-Action Power. He does not come into the world nor leave the world.

We have direct and immediate contact, He has the holy link with us, and our contact is unbreakable, ever fresh. It reminds us of the purpose of human life. It is the life-impulse.

So all competent Masters have written with one and the same opinion that such a Power never leaves anybody. It is we who keep distance due to our wishes, due to our identification in the world. If at any stage in our life we remember Him, He comes to help. If we take one step, He comes with millions of steps forward, because He loves the child.

So it is the Master Power who creates yearning in us. When we remember His words, His teachings, then we come close to the yearning. By sitting in His sweet remembrance He comes to help us. He awakens our consciousness. He helps us to discriminate and then gives the gift of life.

He is the Power, He is the radiant form of the Master, that is the Christ Power, Master Power, God Power, and that never leaves us. We leave the physical body but our contact with Him is not broken. Our contact with Him is unbreakable, ever fresh.

So only the name of that Power is changed, otherwise the Power is one and the same. This Power now is the Kirpal. Now it is a Golden Age. Kabir came as the Christ Power, now He (Kirpal) is the Power. Now His plane will go direct, it will not stop at all.

So it is a rare opportunity. Otherwise this plane stops at various places. But His plane will fly from here (Third Eye) and go direct there (Home Eternal). It is a rare opportunity.

It always is the same Power, I tell you, but sometimes that Power comes with fifty percent, sometimes seventy percent and then — according to the time — it comes with hundred percent.

Now this (Power) is hundred percent.

Once you enter there, it will fly direct there. So the experiences of those who leave the body are sufficient and your own experience will help you a lot.

The purpose of Spirituality, the purpose of coming in contact with the Master Power, is how He develops your consciousness. It is up to His competency that He will not let you go down and He will always make you more and more conscious.

He is very vigilent that your food is not taken away by the negative power. He will never make your mind emotional.

Like a mother He is very wise. He loves the child and also does not want to depart from the child. Because the mother has given birth to the child, she has kept this child for a quite long time in her womb. So she knows all those difficulties, which she had to bear.

So once we are reborn, once we are born in the house of the Master, how He will leave us?

He will never leave! He needs nothing for His respect, He needs nothing for outer shows, because He knows the soul very direct and knows how to develop each one of us.

He will never give you any emotional touch in your life, I tell you; His purpose is to make you more and more conscious all the time. Because He is the Creator, He is the Controller, He is the Supreme Power.

Once He takes over the charge of the soul, He will not leave, because there is no other Supreme Power except for Him. There is a long rope, but at the end there is a knot and knot is in His hand. So to tell about Sant Kirpal Singh is too difficult but to live with Him is very beautiful. (9)

We cannot know His greatness on the level of senses or on the level of intellect. There is no end to His competency and there is no end to our learning.

We have to learn it not only in the physical body but we have to learn it till we become one with Him.The most unforgettable events in our life show that we are having this Grace direct from the God Power, from Sant Kirpal Singh. (10)

Once we could come to know a very big secret in His set-up. It is written everywhere that Master has His own smell, a beautiful smell, just like roses and jasmine. When you have this vibration direct from within, you will sometimes feel that this smell of the Master is within.

Master is within and this perfume is also within. This purifies the soul; it develops the soul. That comes only through His Grace, whenever He wishes.

What does He do? He materializes and manifests within and also stands outside. In both ways one is very close to the Master and by this phenomenon one gets a lot of radiation from the Master Power.

While doing His Mission we could know that Master was very close to us though we could not see Him with our eyes. Right in the beginning it was like this.

One time we had to attend a marriage. We decided to go there because Delhi was on the way and so we could see the Master there. But on the way we came to know that He had already gone to Dehra Dun for ten days. But we could get a strong vibration and radiation and the smell of roses and jasmine.

We became very sad, but we said, “Well, most of the distance we have already covered, we will nevertheless go to Delhi. We shall at least go there and bow down our head, although the Master is not there.”

To our surprise, when we reached the Ashram in Delhi, Master was standing on the roof of the house. Master said, “Well, come up on the roof.” I asked Him, “Master, on the way we got to know that You are not here?”

Then one man from Delhi asked the same question, “Master, You had already gone to Dehra Dun and You should come back after ten days, but You came back today. What is the reason for it?” Master, looking at us, said, “I do not know whose love took me back.”

Then Master discussed some very important matter with us. This was a time when we could know many things out of His vibration, and while sitting together He told us lots of things.

So this time we told Master, “Master, while we were on the way we felt a very good smell, a very good perfume like that of roses.” Master said, “Not only the disciple smells it, but Master also smells it from the disciple.” When the disciple starts to see the Master with love and receptivity, then this smell also reaches the Master Power. This is something very unique in the world.

When we came back to Delhi after that marriage, Master told us that He was going to Chandigarh, which was on the way back to Amritsar. So we came along with Master.

While passing through the city (of Ambala), Master stopped His car in the market. I at once went to Him and asked whether He needed anything. Master said, “Yes.” I asked, “Master, what?” He said, “I want you!”

It is a lesson! We are in this worldly market where we are amiss, very adversely. Master only wants to take His child out of the market (of the world).

Man comes into this world with a promise from God. Man has also given the promise to God that in this birth he will return home to the Father but it is man who again and again does not fulfill this promise. God, our Father, the Master Power, by His Grace gives us this promise again and again. He has never left us.

On this journey we paid a visit to one brother whose name was Sadhu Singh. He did everything exactly as Master wished. He was happy all the time, because He had no problem. He was very receptive and when he spoke a word, it inspired others like anything. He was a wonderful person and did everything for Master throughout his life.

When his time came to leave the body he said, “Master, I will not go!” Master said, “No, your work in the world is finished. You can go, the doors are open for you. You can reach your home.” He said, “Master, no, there is much work. I do not find good persons to help you. No, I want to work for you!” Master said, “No, you are getting old now, better you go.”

When you get initiation and you become conscious, it is a beautiful thing. The talk between the Master and the disciple becomes a heart-to-heart talk. Everything is possible, there is nothing that is impossible. Sadhu Singh was not happy to leave.

So the same night Master took him above the body consciousness and showed him the place where he had to go. He became so conscious that he forgot everything about the matter, everything about the world.

Next day we asked him what was his opinion. He said, “No, I have to go! I have a beautiful place there. I never could really know the Master throughout my life.”

Now he had realized Master’s greatness. He was a conscious man, I tell you. Even when he got the super-consciousness in him and was taken there, he was surprised that such a good place was possible for him.

Then he always said, “Master, I want to go!” Master asked, “When do you want to go? Tell me, I’ll take you on the same date.” Master also asked, “Do you want to leave the body here in the ashram or do you want to leave your body in your home?” He said, “I want to go to my village, I want to tell everybody that I am going on such and such date, at such and such a time.”

It was miraculous. I don’t say that he “died” — no, he even took each and every penny from his pocket and said, “This belongs to the Master, please. I am going alone. I have nothing, no attachment in the world. I am for the Master as Master is for me. I am going where Master is taking me.” He left the body so happily.

When Master wanted to tell something about Sadhu Singh’s physical departure, His eyes were full of tears. Master said, “I have lost one of my companions in the world.” And again He said, “He is not lost; he is gained forever.” Why? Because Master has started to take work from him inside much more than when he had worked physically. (11)

In the beginning, when Sant Kirpal Singh had left His body, I told, that it is very difficult to get such a Master. But I felt the heart of other people. (Thinking the other way) They said, “Yes, He was a successor of His Master Baba Sawan Singh, and anybody can become His successor whom He wants.”

But when I cleared it with Master and said “Master, even you are not the Master”, He said, Yes, I am not the Master.”
He came to create something, and He can create as many Masters as He likes, but He came for a special purpose:

He has to bring a change into the world, He had to finish with the negative tentacles because negative power wanted to finish, to punish the world with his severe tentacles, and the negative power was bent upon (destroying the world), but Master did it in the other way.

He brought a better change. He said,

“Why should those people, who are humble, polite,
having all humilities, why should they suffer
out of the hand of bad people?
At least they should be given some time
to understand themselves and understand God.”

That was His purpose.

But when I told to Master, Master, only fourteen Masters would come (in the Iron Age) and You are not the Master,” Master said, Yes.”

I tell this experience because when I told that experience to Master it was confirmed by Master, so it has become a law for us.

When I told Him, “Master, your name (Kirpal) was written on top (of the list with the fourteen Masters) along with Kabir’s, and there was a special sound which helped me to reach that, I listened to this sound.” Master asked, “Do you hear it from this world?” I said, “No, in the three worlds there is no such instrument giving such a sound.” Master said, “Your experience is positive.”

Then Master said,

“Now a further time is coming;
be aware that this Golden Age is coming.”

Who was He who replaced Kabir, who was blessed by Kabir and to whom Kabir gave that seat of a Satpurusha? So there cannot be any successor of the Almighty God, there can not be a successor of the Satpurusha.

There can be, but He has to create (His successor) when this Golden Age is finished and He has to control the Silver Age. Only there at that time His successor will come, otherwise not beforehand.

Now what is our condition? We have all direct contact with Him. Otherwise the Master Power is dependent upon the Almighty Power who then delivers this Grace in the physical world.

But now this contact is direct and independent, and the way back to God is very easy.

This was the reason why Master said,

“Only those will come to you who are sent by Him,
and they will work with you.
I will be responsible for all of them.”

So it is a biggest grace and biggest work, a great work, which Master Power has helped us to do. (12)

I would like to explain these things now, the very secret of Master’s physical departure. People said, “Master had not created any spiritual successor.”“There must be a spiritual successor of a competent Master!” But why He did not create? Whenever we said to Master, “Master, you are not the Master,” He said, “Yes, I am not the Master!”

He did not come in the list of those Masters who came in the Iron Age. He Himself confirmed it. How He came, why He came? He brought the change from Iron to Golden Age. The one who brings that change, He becomes a Sat Purusha, as Kabir was.

And let me know, who can be the successor of that Power?

Can there be any successor of the Satpurusha?

No, there can not be. There can be, but after the Golden Age. God knows how long this Age would come. It may take thousand years, hundred thousand years. Then only He has to create one successor, He will create one successor who will work in the Silver Age.

Master said, that many fresh and many excellent Saints will come up in the world. And you are all the Saints. Whenever Master was asked, “Master, who is your successor?” Master said, “You are all my Saints.”

Like Kabir, He created many Saints, but He Himself did not become anything, He said, “No, I am not the Master.”

He was the Creator of those Masters, but He never said, He is the Master. I tell you the Grace which is coming now, you won’t find it afterwards. It is a very high time. Because this Grace is binding you within its fold and will not leave you at all.

People get the initiation today, and if they have to go tomorrow, they will go by Master. Those who did not see the Master throughout their life, even they are blessed. Those who opposed the Master, but later on repent and wept, they are taken back. (13)

Now we say, All Masters are one.”No, it is not reality.

Even those who are going towards this path, they also differ from one stage to another stage.

The Master said that there are those who are on the way and who are progressing very well. They are called ‘Sadhs’ and they are also respected very much. A Master Power can create many of them, but if they are affected with ego or something like this, they are stopped.

They can advise other people, but not beyond the stage they have transcended. They will tell only within this stage.

But those who go further and into the conscious plane, they are called ‘Sant’.

And those who go beyond, they are called ‘Param Sant’.

So the one who is Param Sant is not dependent, but all others below are dependent upon Him.

Master said that a Master can develop His children in three ways.

(First) He can develop somebody and can take the work from him, and only Master knows how far he is developed, how far he can help others; such a one is fully dependent.

Then secondly, Master can create somebody, guide him and through guidance He can take the work from him.

The third one is one in whom He, Master, sits and takes the work. Master says, “All are blessed, but most blessed is the one in whom He sits and takes the work.” Because the work will not differ at all, this work will be in accordance with His will. He can be said to be a borrowed servant of God. If you have a servant, he has to do everything in accordance with your wish. He will not go away from your orders.

So Master says, “Such are the blessed ones.” Those who are really on the way to become conscious, they all pray, “Oh Master, help us.” They always remain dependent upon Him. So anyone who is fully dependent upon that Power, he will definitely get the Grace.

So I will tell you something about Sant Kirpal Singh which you already know, every one of you — that such a Power comes very rarely in the world. Master used to say,

“Hundred thousand years before
this Power worked in the world,
and now this Power is working.”

What is the difference? Difference is in Grace. Otherwise, no man would like to leave the taste of the world. It is His radiation, it is His Grace that He very loveably detaches us from the world.

And the second thing is that He is not dependent. So our way is direct now, independent with God, and being independent, everyone can become a Conscious Co-worker of the Divine plan. This is the rare phenomena, otherwise limitations in the way are there. Suppose a Master is there who is dependent — the Masters in the fifth plane are dependent upon the above Masters.

There are Masters who are on the Highest Plane like Sant Kirpal Singh.

He (the Master of the fifth plane) has to get this Grace from Him, and then he has to deliver this Grace into the world to His children. So this is something else, and we cannot go beyond those barriers.

So this is the rare phenomena (now in the world) that we are independent, direct working with that (highest) Power. So everyone can become a Conscious Co-worker of the Divine plan and this is the real phenomena.

And it is not a matter of yearning the whole life, it is a matter to start and everything is there. People say it is right. Whereas I myself, I tell you very frankly, I have also seen the conditions of some other persons; they are going down, because their so-called ‘masters’ are getting help from them.

What is the condition of the so-called ‘masters’? If people withdraw their attention from them, they stand nowhere. It is the attention of their disciples which help them to move around, otherwise they are helpless.

So it is often that the so-called ‘masters’ are getting powers from their disciples and mostly those people, who are engaged hundred percent for them, they are getting weaker and weaker. So I tell you some secret today. Their life within becomes very hard, very dry. They are not getting the water of life, whereas the disciples of the competent Masters are getting it.

Even if you don’t remember Him, even then He will, on the level of consciousness, give you something; like the mother who gives the milk to the child and while it is sleeping. Unconsciously they take the milk, but in the morning they say, “Oh, mother, you didn’t give the milk to me.” But milk was given.

So Master keeps His disciple, the soul of the disciple, ever fresh, so that it is not controlled by some other facts, so that it is not controlled by the mind. So Master’s purpose is to develop, is to give the food every moment to the child.

So what is our purpose now? We should give the food to our soul, the maximum we can, with the sweet remembrance of the Master, with Simran, with doing some good things to others, living and doing unto the Mission of the Master. All this is a food for the soul. The whole creation needs such persons — their attention is needed. So now Master has done a beautiful thing.

Wherever you go, you take your Master with you, because He works in whom?

In the one who wants Him. He sits in one and takes the work. He will always give Grace, so that you do not commit any mistakes in saying and doing.

Two things He keeps under His control: saying and doing. He develops the child so that, whatever word is spoken by the child, that comes from the Master Power. All that you need to tell and to speak, that is given by the Master Power and He will help you.

But now, I tell you, these are the golden chances for us and we can earn a lot of means, bliss and virtues, not only for ourselves but for others. Now if we have a wish, only for ourselves, it (the Grace) will come less, but if we need something for others, it will come more.

More we need for others, more it will come and the Grace will be over brimming, overflowing through you. An awakened one would never want anything for himself, he would always need this Grace for others.

So he is more fortunate who doesn’t need anything for himself, whose demands are always for others. He says, “No, it should be given to others.” I tell you, if many people are hungry and food is less, and there is one who says, “Okay, I am full, I am not hungry, you take it.”

What will be the condition for this one? God will bless him with food. So there is food at the very hand. Those who serve others, they will never remain hungry, I tell you, so is the condition. Masters come in the world, outwardly they seem to be suffering. But no, God is with them and helps them, because when their purpose is to live for others, then God lives in them. God is not away from them.

So we know our purpose of human life: Not only to meditate, not only to think within our environments. It is a beginning, but every moment, every day, every year, we should develop more and more. His sphere is very vast and wide. We have to learn how to go through all these spheres and he who has the wish to help the Master in all spheres, he can become Conscious Co-worker of the Divine plan. (14)

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