His Compassion, Grace, and Competency

Incidences with the Master Powers Who are always in the world, by Dr Harbhajan Singh
(Excerpt from “Biography of Sant Kirpal Singh”, also published in ”Sayings 1998-2”)

His compassion, grace, and competency help the disciple to have His constant remembrance, the very elementary step to reach the destination, helping the aspirant for taking up the path of truth as well. He blessed His children with the practical experience to the greatest heights, and those who could know Him by His grace always shun from artificiality and fabrication. He made us realize the very essence of our life in Him.

One time, while in Srinagar, Master told us that Kabir and those Masters who had a link with Kabir had not left their physical body. They can materialize and work.

Thereafter she (Biji) had a wish to see Kabir in His physical body. Master said, “You will see Guru Gobind Singh, Baba Jaimal Singh as well, but it will need time.” Here I am talking about the ever-existent, all pervading and self-existent Power, who is never apart from His creation.

While working in the Mission, we once met serious problems. Master told us in meditation, “Tomorrow Baba Jaimal Singh Ji will meet both of you at 4:00 p.m. at such and such place.” We already reached there an hour before to see from which direction He would come. It was exactly 4:00 p.m., we thought that He was late. But the same moment we saw Him entering a shop. When we approached this shop, we saw Him coming out of it. He at once looked at both of us from feet to head, our hands were folded in great respect for Him, and a vibrating serene happiness thrilled our life. We wanted to follow Him but we could not move till He departed about one hundred metres and from there mixed into the air. The problem which had been lingering on our head (concerning the Mission) was off.

Next day we went to see the Master at Delhi and told Him the whole experience. Master said, “That was the reason why He (Baba Jaimal Singh) did not allow anyone to take a photo of Him.” The Master has to suffer a lot in the world.

Then we had the wish to see our Master Kabir. Master told us, “When your Master comes, He will be bare-footed and His feet will be fully dirty.”

In 1972 a beautiful, tall personality (nearly two metres of height) came to my hospital. By seeing Him, I started to remember Kabir. While attending the patients, my attention would move automatically towards that old person who was sitting nearly ten metres away from me. When I had checked all patients, I myself went to that old man and brought Him near to the examination table. He told me, “I had the intention not to come to you till you would come to me. So you seem to be a conscious one.” I replied, “If it is so, then it is the grace of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj.”

He said to me, “I am suffering from abdominal problems.” I inquired as what was his daily diet. He said, “Many years before I took something, I am never hungry. I shall be thankful if you can help me to eat something.”

I asked, “Where do you come from?” He told me about a distant place, and that He had to go back since He had a return ticket. I thought that in Amritsar there was not such a provision for a return ticket for the bus.

I felt that I was getting very close to Him. I gave Him the medicine and refused to take the money, but He said, “You have to take the money.”

He left my hospital but I followed Him with my eyes till He disappeared from my sight. Afterwards I became restless. Then I wanted to see Him at the bus stop. I went there, and I saw that He would not look eye to eye to anybody, but He at once looked at me.

I thought, “If He is my Master, then He must quit this place and come outside the crowd, so that I may talk to Him separately.” Immediately He gave response to my thought and went to the place I had thought of.

I could not ask anything more than to provide Him with an extra medicine in case He did not feel well with the first medicine.

I had some urgent work for half an hour. I again thought, “If He is my Master, He must wait for me till I come again to the bus stop.” I went there again after half an hour, and this time He was the last one who held the handle of the bus to step in. I at once went to Him and asked, “Babaji, I myself go to Amritsar and I can take You there in my car”, and He happily agreed.

Then I brought Him back in our house, and just as Master had told us, He was bare-footed and His feet were dirty. I washed His feet and gave Him “chapels” (shoes) to wear.

Afterwards we wanted to inquire from Him who He was. So we said, “Babaji, my wife believes in God, but I do not believe in God.” He said, “You are both right. If somebody says, ‘Please, cut this tree’, and the other one says, ‘I have now cut down the tree’, the first one can say, ‘Had I not asked you to cut the tree, how could you have cut it?’ So in my opinion, you both are conscious and your eyes are opened.”

Then we had little talks, and we felt very happy. Later on I asked my wife, “You can sit for meditation and inquire from the Master who that old person is. We have great reverence for Him, and we get some radiation from Him.” She sat in meditation for about half an hour and then came back. Master said,

“He is your Master, He is Kabir, who has not left the body.
That Power can materialize and that Power is working.
He is the Father of Spirituality.
He is a traveller, so let Him travel, don’t delay Him.”
— Sant Kirpal Singh

But He had a great affection with us. At that time, He wanted to go immediately. Then I asked, “Babaji, what will you take (eat)?” He said, “I told you already that I have not taken anything for years, I will be very happy if you help me to take something.” I said, “Master, we know that Kabir used to take kicheri. He was a great Saint. So you also take kicheri.” He agreed. Then we prepared kicheri, which consists of pulse and rice cooked in water. Kabir used to take it for Himself. He lived throughout His life on very simple food, and He was very strong.

When the kicheri was ready, we presented it to Him. But after fifteen minutes we saw that the whole plate was full and He had not taken anything. So then I said, “Babaji, you have not yet taken the kicheri, and we are ready to go now.” He said, “Yes, I take it.” I went only a little bit, maybe two metres away, and when I turned my face towards Him, I saw that the plate was empty. There was not a sign of kicheri, it was fully empty. He said, “I am ready.”

Then we told Him, “Babaji, we want to show you the room where our Master materialized and manifested. He was then in Delhi, He had met an accident, and the same evening, He visited here. It was the first time we experienced that the Master Power can materialize and appear in the physical form. So that was the room where our Master Sant Kirpal Singh appeared, and You can also see this room.”

So we took Him there. Out of reverence, we used to take off the shoes outside, but He was wearing the “chapels” and while He was entering the room, I looked to His feet. He knew my intention and said, “This Master cannot harm me.” So He went inside with shoes.

Thereafter we got ready and requested, “Babaji, come into the car.” I asked Him to sit on the front seat along with me, but He said, “No, this seat is for Bibiji.” I replied, “No, Babaji, it is for You. She will sit behind.” So He agreed. Parminder and Kuku, our children, had already gone to school. He said, “I may not forget – where are the two children?” We said, “Babaji, they have already gone to school.” Then looking intently into the house and above, up to the roof, he said, “God bless you, live in the true temple of God.” It meant that the house was now blessed by the God Power.

While going to the car, I inquired something more, “Babaji, something seems not to be clear in the world. Did Guru Nanak have any Master, or did He come directly?” He said, Guru Nanak got the highest status, He was one with God. This God Power blessed Him directly. He got the Power of the Sat Purusha and He could lead (the souls) to the highest plane.”

On the way there was one place where we always had to fear that some people might be hiding there. When we were just passing by that place a flying insect, whose sting is very poisonous, came into the car. He opened two fingers, keeping the thumb parallel to the forefinger, and the insect came automatically into His fingers. Then He tore off its sting – I was seeing it – and then threw it at that very place where actually we were afraid to be attacked. I asked, “Babaji, what did you do?” He said, “Now I have taken off the sting, it will not sting you any more, I have finished with it.”

It was very hot, so before we went to the bus-stand we bought some dextrose (juice) along with some cups, so that He had something to drink on the way. Giving one of the cups to us, He said, “This cup is for both of You.” He gave us one cup. When we arrived at the bus-stand, He said that He actually wanted to go to the Golden Temple. We replied, “Babaji, then we will take You to the Golden Temple. We will not let You go by bus.” He wanted that we should drop Him anywhere. But we insisted to take Him to the Golden Temple. Before the Golden Temple a little canal was being dug out and we had to stop there. He got out of the car, and in this moment another car came very fast, and the driver of the car stopped directly beside this Power. Seeing this old person, he said, “O bhakta, save yourself!” Means, lest He should come under the car. Instantaneously He replied, “O, this is not the bhakta you think. This bhakta has come from that country!” “That country” meant that He had come from the highest plane, from the eternal home.

When I came out of the car, I bowed down my head, and He took me and embraced me. Then He showed His eyes – He was looking to me eye to eye, and I felt, what I had already experienced one time.

That experience I had when He (Kabir) was put into the fire by order of the King. I was then standing beside Him, when He came out of the fire, and He embraced me in the same way and showed His eyes. Embracing me, His hands were reaching up to my breast, and in the same way He was holding me and I remembered, I had this experience beforehand. When I remembered that, I was again assured that He was the same. But as Master had already confirmed it beforehand, we had no doubt.

Before, when we had been in the house, I gave Him a massage. While pressing, I felt that there was a wound on each leg, very exactly at the same place, two fingers deep. It was a healed wound, and it looked like a very old wound. Then, when I was pressing His arms, I felt the same wound on both arms. And there also nearly two fingers could go into it. At once I knew that, when He was bound in chains, He was pressed like a ball, and then He was thrown into the Ganges. When His bones were fully pressed, these signs were left. I asked, “Babaji, how did that happen to you.”“In 1947, during the partition of India, there was a fight, and in this fight, some people injured me.” I asked, “You were injured at both legs and both arms?” He smiled a little bit and again bowed His head. Then He said, “You seem to be one whose eye is open.” When we took Him near the Golden Temple, He said, “Now you cannot move further.” So we were looking behind, and He had not even reached the Golden Temple, when He disappeared like Baba Jaimal Singh. He mixed into the air, and we could not know where He actually had gone. But before He went, I asked Him, “Babaji, would You come again?” He said, “Yes, I will come again.”

When He came again, it was in the month of August 1972. At that time we were with Master in Dehra Dun. My wife used to go above the body-consciousness, and when we departed from there, Master said, “Now when you die, four brothers will take your body to the cremation ground.” In this way He pointed out that she had to leave the body.

It was very hot when Kabir came, and this time He was very weak. I did not know when He had come there, I saw Him just lying on the kod (bed) in my hospital and said, “Babaji, so You have come.” He said, “Yes, I have come.” I immediately took Him to the house. We prepared for Him a bed there and asked Him to rest. Three days He stayed with us. Master was very strict then. He said, “Let Him go, don’t hold Him, He should not remain in the house, He should go.” But Kabir didn’t want to go. He never showed His intention to go. He was lying on the bed, and always kept His face covered, because He would not show His face or eyes to anybody. No one from our neighbours or our own family members knew who He was. We asked many times, “Babaji, why do you have your face always covered?” He said, “I am very afraid of these flies.” With “flies” He meant persons with bad intentions.

It was one month back that Master had told her that she would go, but she had not disclosed it. When Kabir came, He said, “The day after tomorrow she will go back, you may tell it to everybody that she has to go.” Then she finally told me that the day after the next she was going. I said, “There is no problem, you could have told me, after all, everyone has to go.” And that day, Kabir gave the time. He said, “She will go at 4:35 p.m.”

Some disciples of our Master from Chandigarh knew that He had come, because it was known at a lot of places that she had to leave the body that day. They knew that Kabir had come. It is not a fictive story, it is an incidence, with which Master blessed us.

One man brought many books just to put questions to Kabir. But he was not able to speak anything.

There is one sentence, “With the killing of one, two die, and with the death of two, four die, and with the death of four, six die, and out of six, two are female and four are male.” This is what another person questioned Him. In no book the correct translation is to be found. Kabir Sahib explained it: “If you do not create a wish, then you will not suffer with attachment and ego.”

I never found this translation (explanation) anywhere. Some people try to explain it by telling stories about kings or this and that, but He explained it in this way and completed it. (see also “Forever with Master, vol.1”)

After that there was such a radiation that everyone became silent. There were nearly more than fifty persons in our house.

Since morning she was above the body-consciousness, and Kabir had told that if anybody had any question, he could ask her and she would give the answer.

She was really intoxicated and very happy within that she was going. When the time approached, it was nearly after three, everyone got very unhappy that she would go. She had almost left the body, she was only here, in the part from chest to mouth, and from there she was talking. There was no sign of pulse at the wrist. Then Kuku, our son, started crying. He went to Kabir, got hold of His arm and said, “Babaji, my mother should not go.” He replied, “No, the way is clear, she must go.” Then He got hold of his hand and told, “Your life is very long.”

There was another person, his name was Rajpal. He also requested Babaji but He would not care for him. Both came to me and said, “You must ask Babaji.” It was after three o’clock when I went to Him and said, “Babaji, my wife is going.” He said, “Yes, she is going. Her way is clear and there is no problem. She knows how to leave the body. So the way is clear. Both ways are clear for her, for staying and for going.”

I said, “If both ways are clear, then she should remain here. She is needed in the Mission.

Smilingly He (Kabir) said, If you want her, I can leave her, and then she can come back.

He told me, “Only bring some ashes from the kitchen.” He saw into it and said, “Put it on her belly and she will be blessed.” I did so, and immediately she started to come down (back into the body).

Later on Master said (to her),

“You have got a new life,
and this new life is only for the Mission.”

In the meantime my mother-in-law was coming by car from her village. She knew that her daughter was leaving the body, and from within she could see each and everything which was going on. She was still on the way to our village, and in the very moment, when the decision was taken that my wife could stay, she held up her arm and happily explained, “She will stay, she will stay!”

Master was unhappy with the whole situation, He said, “No, let Him go.” Master also phoned from Delhi that He should go. So the next day we brought Him to the Amritsar-Centre. All people gathered there, and Babaji had many talks with us. Then we brought Him to some people. There was one house, where they knew Him, and He said, “They are related to me.”

We saw that He was living there for some days, and we had no option than to go to Him every day.

In His poems it is said, “O Kabir, your cottage is near the butcher’s, why are you surprised, they have to bear the consequences.” We saw that there were butchers where He lived. He stayed there three, four days more. All in all He stayed in Amritsar and in our house for about one week.

But Master said, “No, He should go.” Then we planned to take Him there where He wanted to go, and He happily agreed. Then we brought Him by car to some distant place. I said, “No, Babaji, we will take You to the place where You really live.” But He would never agree. He said, “No, at the most you can take me to this place.” There we got a ticket for Him and looked for a seat, and when the bus was started we went out. Before, He gave us some money, a currency note of ten rupees, which is still lying with us in Nag Kalan.

All these possibilities our Master has with Him. My wife also had asked Master beforehand, how she would meet her Master. She wanted that I myself should be in the hospital and that my Master should come to the hospital and inquire to see her, and then He should come to our house. And the same thing happened.

Again, on 3 April 1974, when there was the celebration of the death anniversary of Baba Sawan Singh, Master told us that night, “If you would like to see Guru Gobind Singh, then come after midnight, at two.” We went there, and Guru Gobind Singh was there. We could not talk with Him, He was talking with Master, but we were very close to Him. Standing at a distance, just about two metres from Him, Master was talking with Him, and we heard very clearly what Guru Gobind Singh said. He said, Kirpal Singh, Your Sangat loves You very much, but there are very few persons who know about your competency.” And after saying these things, He went.

This lies within the grace of a competent Master. Only He who has transcended all barriers can show us the glimpses of such great Masters like Kabir, Baba Jaimal Singh and Guru Gobind Singh. I would say that He was one with Him (Kabir).

Guru Gobind Singh Himself said,

Kirpal Singh has come for a special purpose.
Because He has His own power, but since He has
to take all the old disciples of various Masters,
all the powers of different Masters are working with Him.
So He has been given a special task to work in this world.
He has to bring a very big change in the world.

That is what He told, when our Master returned from His third world tour, on 2 January, 1973. It was His first question which Master put to my wife, “Who appeared to you today?”

She said, “Master, today Guru Gobind Singh and Kabir, they both appeared to me. And Guru Gobind Singh said, ‘Sant Kirpal Singh has initiated only 150.000 whereas He has to initiate 500.000.’”

Master replied, “This is right, but mind that you cannot sleep in warm beds then.”

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