Christmas Message 1994

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

for Christmas and New Year, we send you our love and good wishes.

Masters come in the world to create peace, harmony and unity among all.

Guru Nanak prayed for the eternal peace within the Will of God. What happens within the Will of God is eternal joy for those who yearn to overcome the mysterious way of mind and matter.

Those who love God, serve human beings, and the highest service among all services is the service of the soul. The service rendered unto soul brings in liberation from the tentacles of the three world. Such souls transcend the calamities of the three world and nourish there.

On the physical level, They come to suffer for others, more they suffer, more their soul soars high into the Beyond. They attain the physical body out of compassion and love for their fellow-beings and They teach and help us in our development on the level of our soul.

The bliss of God dwells within by devotion onto the Master; and in whose heart the pangs of separation burns into flames partake the Elixir of life.

His Work (Mission) reveals His Word (Sound Current), and by doing, we can quench our thirst and hunger. There is the life of senses and flesh, and there is the life of spirit. Master like Jesus, Guru Nanak, Sant Kirpal Singh, Kabir, Gobind Singh, Shamas Tabrez and Mansor sacrificed their life of sense and flesh, and glorifies the life of spirit and became the embodiment of Truth.

Within the body, the love (Water of Life) is surging into fullness to the brim, and can be had only by rising above body-consciousness — either by meditation or by forgetting ourselves into the service of the Master — otherwise we are in the snares of the three worlds. What a pity that we have accepted a prison, than to be out of prison, which is our self-supporting way of life.

Let us decide and pledge on this auspicious day, and pray to God, to provide us lifelong work and His sweet remembrance so that we may live loveably and go back honourably.

Our good wishes are with all of you. We are proud of our Master, Who has blessed us so much that we can dominate our mind and senses and rise into higher consciousness.

Harbhajan Singh
Surinder Kaur

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