New Year Message 1995

By Dr Harbhajan Singh, December 1994

Dr Harbhajan Singh

For New Year we must make a decision. Some bad things we have to leave and something good we have to create in us. This is: to be particular and positive in saying and doing. Master says,

“Whatever you say you must also do (fulfill)!”

Master does not say anything which is beyond our capacity. Though Master’s work is already done our efforts are needed to grace the Master.

Master’s words are a Gospel of Truth for our life.

History shows: when disciples kept the words of their Master, maybe their body suffered, but soul was not at all affected; rather their soul developed when their body suffered out of love and devotion for the sake of others.

This is again the need of the time: to sacrifice our wishes for our fellow-beings who have gone astray and are in the darkness, unable by themselves to find a way out.

When we have a clear-cut view in our life, this then becomes a light-house for their guidance. For this they must not feel any irregularities in us. Others should be encouraged by our potent thoughts and love for all human beings.

It is told, that man is known by the company he keeps; rather he is known by the deeds he does. Wherever we live, we should hold up Master’s prestige. When people are in problems they need our help. So Master went to such places, as prisons and hospitals, where people were in problems.

This year we have to give out something more: It is that we don’t need anything for us. We must have good thoughts and love for others. We need something to help them, something to give to them.

If you give it to others, then you will become the abode of love and affection where God Himself resides, an abode of all virtues. Such one will get everything because he needs it for others.

It is a matter of demand and supply:

If you need it for others, Master will give it.
If you want it only for yourself, Master may give it or not.

There are many, many ways to create unity and love in our life. More you have good thoughts for others, more good thoughts will come up in you. The same is with bad thoughts, which then manifest in form of dreams. Dreams come out of our thoughts, maybe from this life or a previous one, which we have created without any reason.

So the solution for this is: to have good thoughts for the cause of the Master, for others, for our own development, and for the Mission. If we dream something about the Mission, it is a help for us.

When we now determine our life, we should start with the first day of the year and not with the second. Leave what you should leave (bad habits, etc.) and then you will definitely get something good.

Solve the mystery of death so that this body becomes a living temple of God. We should thank the Master. All our happiness lies with Him who gave us this awakening.

Without the powerhouse you cannot have the light. It is the Master Power which can help us through His radiation. And this is His Naam. Through it you come closer to the life in you.

Tulsi Das told,

“The Naam is to be worshipped more than Ram,
because by it hundred-thousands of people are helped.
So Naam is greater than Ram.”

You must have it, hold fast to it and live with it.

With a clear-cut view we can change a man!

Masters did like this. When iron is heated, it gets red, and then it can be molded. At other (certain) times Masters only applied a heart-to-heart talk, but They tried all possibilities. An iron-smith can change even rusty iron when he makes it hot, then it will look nice. Masters can change even the very notorious person, as shows the examples of Sadhna, a former butcher, and Surdas. Their teaching is also in the Guru Grant Sahib.

All Masters have gone through these stages of life. He who has not gone through, cannot be perfect. So They are competent to deal with all these things and Their heart has become crystal-clear.

Obey and serve from today on. All we need is there. All we have in our mind can be controlled. Then it is comparable with the kite string: the string went into the hand of the Father, and He lets the kite fly as far as He wants. So we have given this string to Him and we don’t want it back.

With love and wishing you all that is good for you

Signature of Dr Harbhajan Singh
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