God wants to save His children

This message was sent by Dr Harbhajan Singh as so called ‘masters’ give out world-wide prophecies of a near destruction of the world.
(originally published as “Message of March 12th, 1984”)

In the year 1963 H.H. Sant Kirpal Singh was asked in USA as when there will be a Third World War. Master told that “He cannot see His children dying.” He car­ried the whole bad atmosphere (in the world) on His shoulders.

In 1973, He told, that 1982-1983-1984 are bad times for the world. It is only the ne­gative power which declares about the war and wants destruction, again to keep the humanity in chain.

This is a sort of challenge to the Master Power working on all the planes and looking after His entire children regardless of caste, creed or religion. The Saviour is termed as Master Power, God Power or Christ Power. Negative power declares (the destruction) but Master Power averts and goes on postponing (unavoidable effects) for better and safe results.

In 1983, I requested while in Germany, that negative power has declared the war, but Master H.H. Sant Kirpal Singh through the inner revelation told, that disciples are needed to decide about the true aim of life, which is selfless service and sacri­fice. When a lot of people start to work for the Positive Power (Master Power, God Power or Christ Power) then balance is created on the higher planes and Posi­tive Power does not allow the meaningless wishes by the negative power.

Positive Power suggests to His children to meditate more for the welfare of the humanity. He advises a complete ethical life for everyone. Those who follow the Master’s advice and act upon 100% become co-worker of the Divine Plan and help to keep the balance.

The negative power through many, many so-called ‘masters’ (who are only guided from the negative power) declares such happenings (the destruction of the world). They (the so-called ‘masters’) want to save their skin whereas the competent Masters, who are very rare in the world, sacrificed their lives to save Their children. Such (competent Masters) will never allow the total de­struction and would never bring the war to the Astral plane.

Kabir(1) says, that the negative power has created 10 Avataras(2) for his help. Such Avataras are of no use to us, because they have come to the world out of their ego and wishes. Ego and wishes bring destruction in the world.

The Saviour is within you, He will save you provided you are true to yourself and you pour in and pour out good thoughts for the humanity. He who wants to save the humanity is the Saviour, he who thinks the opposite inwardly works for the negative.

On 6th February 1984, the birthday of H.H. Sant Kirpal Singh at Amritsar, the Spiritual headquarter, a lot of people meditated for the welfare of humanity. The co-worker of the Divine Plan do not have selfish motives. They never meditate for themselves. They come for the humanity, they love the humanity and they die for the humanity. Their purpose is quite different than others. The God Power works through such co-workers of the Divine Plan and saves all others, either connected or embedded with good thoughts with the co-workers of the Divine Plan, A Saint would never claim Himself as a Saint as He is fully free from ego. Make prayer within for finding such a co-worker of the Divine Plan inside. The same one can manifest outside, too.

Yours Harbhajan Singh

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(1) Kabir — the Almighty Power — works since the beginning of the world. He raised Kirpal unto Him — Kirpal became one with Kabir and manifests as the Almighty Power to men at the end of the Kali Yuga (Iron Age).

(2) Avataras are incarnations of justice, which are ordered to reward the good and punish the wicked. They only know justice (the Law of Karma or Action and Reaction) and not mercy, whereas the poles of the Positive Power only know mercy (the Law of Grace, or Demand and Supply) and come to save humanity.

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