This Power Never Leaves the World

Excerpts from a Satsang by Dr Harbhajan Singh, St. Gilgen, 1992

see also Sant Kirpal Singh — Birth Anniversary — 6 February (15:25)

“I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”
— Hebrews 13:5

This Power never leaves the world and the human beings. That Power always remains with us.

He comes in many forms, in different forms, in different religions. Their purpose was one and the same. So, if we remember Him, He is there. Sometimes He came as Guru Nanak, sometimes He came as Christ, sometimes He came as other Master, sometimes He came as Kirpal.

To celebrate the birthday with the Master Power, or in the sweet remembrance of that Power, that pays a lot. Because Master says, that celebration of those Masters is not only celebrated in the physical world, but on the higher planes as well.

If you think from the life of the Christ, he said,

“Yee be perfect, as your Father is in the heaven.”
— Matthew 5:48

This is a very important thing, because this comes from his life. So far we do not get in touch with this type of life, the life of full perfection, we cannot go back.

We have to be perfect, but how we can be perfect? Because no person in the world is perfect. Only with the Perfect One, we can get this perfection, otherwise not.

So I mean to say, it is a high time to live with the teaching of the Master Power, Christ Power, God Power. And this Power is there — our purpose is only to become receptive to that Power, receptive to our cause. Whenever we are receptive — this Power is already innate (in our soul).

What that Power does?

He will make a union, He will make a contact. And you experience these things. Those who are receptive, they come in contact like anything, as if we know each other for a very long time. So, such is the celebration.

And many celebrations we celebrated with our Master. It was very beautiful, and we could get some inspiration, because our soul must be inspired. Inspiration will come, when we are sitting only for one cause. Attention of each one of us is there. And this Power comes to help us.

In Gurbani it is said — because when we sit together, we forget the duality. All of us think, that we have to surrender to that Power, if not now, we have to surrender to it (later on), because our purpose is there. So, this remembrance of surrenderance is there, but it comes, when we all sit together, and then everyone feels his shortcomings, everyone feels his drawbacks, and everyone wanted Him by heart. He says, “It is very good, if he (the child) also comes in contact with this Power.” So this time, Master inspires our soul. He says, “My children are sitting” and He gives some boost in our life. He inspires our soul. This is the right food, by sitting together we get it.

“Where more than two sit in my name, there I am.”
— Matthew 18:20

This is — all Masters have told the same thing.

To celebrate in this way, by forgetting all about the worldly home and home affairs for some time, to sit collectively in His sweet remembrance. And that is only possible, when this Satsang, or a congregation is inspired by that Power. Because that Power inspires each one of us. And through this inspiration, we can celebrate it within also.

You know, in the past, many, many Masters came, but from different levels. So, they came according to our awakening. When man had little awakening, they gave us the lesson to a certain standard. Then others came, they gave a little bit above.

Thanks to Kabir, that He came in the Iron Age. He opened all those secrets. He told about the higher consciousness. He gave this awakening to all those who came, His teaching is there.

So my purpose of telling you is that, now it is the higher consciousness, the very highest teaching that we are getting.

Power is the same, but He came according to our standard, according to our awakening. Because the awakening in man, that is very, very slow. As for example: If there is a dissolution in the world, 100 000 years will pass and this awakening slowly, slowly will come, inherit in man. Man lives the animal life.

So now is the Highest awakening. And so the Highest Power came, the Christ Power, Master Power, God Power. Sant Kirpal Singh came with the Highest Power.

He (Sant Kirpal Singh) never said (to wait for a second birth), He rather told,

“Why in second birth, why delay it,
why not now, prepare for it.”
— Sant Kirpal Singh

His purpose was never to leave any soul unattended, and He wanted to take all of us back to our Home Eternal. That was His grand wish. And still this wish is with us, and He is with us.

Now, those who are inspired through the teaching, they are even getting this experience. Sometimes without Initiation, they are getting it, what a beautiful task it is, that of the Master Power.

“There is water for the thirsty
and bread for the hungry, always.”
— John 6:35

This is an eternal method. It never changes, it is there in the world. So, this is a very positive criterion in the world, that when you desire, it is there. Everyone would get it.

As for example: When we become receptive, even if you don’t sit in meditation, you would get some experience. It is only a matter to become receptive. When anyone becomes receptive in his life, he will have this contact. Master Power will help, because that Power is within, and He sees to the condition of the child. When the condition of the child is changed to the positive way, Master at once gives something. He finds chances, He finds a way out, and at once He gives something.

So, we are living in a beautiful time, I tell you. It is very beautiful time to live with our life.

You already know, times have changed, and everyone will feel a more change in the coming time (Golden Age) and better change for those, who really live with it. But those, who want to live with the world, there is also a better change for them, but they won’t get the life. They will lose the life.

These were the words, which Master has given according to the time.

His words are potent all the time. Very receptive for all the time, because he has given life to these words. So there is a life in His words, if really we become receptive.

We think, “Oh, this is our cause, and we have to do it,” and we do not look the other way. Only we look to the positive direction, and His words will inspire us.

And those who think, “No, we will see to it (later).” Even if they knew everything, they said, “No, we have to live in this world, (first) we have to overcome lots of problems in our physical life.”

No, this will never end. Those who think so, they will multiply their problems. Because they want to live with problems, so they will multiply their problems.

Those who want to finish with it, no problem will exist. It does not matter to the Master, whether you gain much or less in the world. But it matters to the Master, if you gain much in the positive way. He says, “Yes”, and then He will give everything to that child.

We are now living with the heritage of the Master Power. Means, we have to use those words for the development of our soul that is our heritage. Because in each word there is life.

There is no life in the money, there is no life (in) whatever we get in the world. It is a momentary pleasure, it is something to maintain this body.

But there is life in the word, if we live with this word, there is life. Even if we may have a palace, and we may have lots of amenities with us, even then there will be no life in it. These are the amenities. These are something with which we have to maintain in this world.

If we have all those things, and still we do not have the life within, our condition is not in the right direction.

Masters tell us,

“You are a life (in the body),
and you have to come in contact with this Life (God).”

There is much awakening, I tell you. And it was never beforehand.

So how this awakening came in?

By the Grace of the Master. Only by the Grace of the Master, it is not man made thing. It is not through the man it came. It came from the God Power. When that Power came from the highest plane, He gave this awakening everywhere. And His words are charged.

When He gives these words, even through the vibration, through the atmosphere, it affects everybody.

What a big change is there! And we want that this teaching must go everywhere in the world. It should transcend all the barriers.

We all are serving the only one cause, the right cause, and we are affected with this inspiration, and everyone needs the same thing, and nobody needs anything else.

If one has got it, he is thankful, and if anybody doesn’t have it due to some problem, he yearns to have it. And those, who yearn to have it, they will also get it, no problem for them. But they must yearn (for God).

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