21 August — Sant Kirpal Singh’s Departure

Message by Dr Harbahaj Singh at the anniversary of Master’s physical departure

He, the Ocean of Grace,
stole our heart and went inside.
Seeing Him here in this world,
we saw that He was God,
seeing Him inside, we saw that He was
the Creator of the whole universe.

— Dr Harbhajan Singh

(Following is a Christmas message by Sant Kirpal Singh, sent from Vancouver during His Third World Tour)

We are all lovers and devotees of a higher Power, called by so many names and these are given by us for God, as I explained to you yesterday. So thousands of lovers there are, but the Beloved is one for all. Is it not? Christians have got another God to love and others have got another? No! There is only one God.

He whom we desire is the Beloved of the whole world and the one God of all men. Not special God He is for one religion or the other, not monopoly of any sect, religion or the other, He is for all. And we are of the same essence as that of God, and we have to unite with Him.

Ever since we have been separated, we have forgotten Him, truly speaking. Because we are under the great delusion, as I explained to you yesterday. So, God is one for all men, for all creation, and all the devotees have the desire to meet that very same one God, is it not?

Those who really need – desire Him are truly speaking His true relatives. So those who love God, they are all joined in true relation to God, is it not? And that person who tells us about Him, about God, I mean, truly he is our brother and our friend. So He joins us in such a relation with God, He unites us with God and joins us in such a relation which cannot be broken in this world and the world thereafter.

— Sant Kirpal Singh, Vancouver, 10 November, 1972

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