Theory and practice of the Higher Values of Life

By Dr Harbhajan Singh, St. Gilgen, Austria, 1986
(Published in “Sayings of Sant Kirpal Singh” edition 1987-1)

Sant Kirpal Singh teaches the Universal Teaching that is innate in the soul; no “ism”, no sect, nothing of this sort. He teaches the Higher Values of Life and that is one very important thing in the world. Otherwise people come and teach their own faith, “ism” and sect. But He told:

“The essence of the religion is there, it is innate in the soul.
God made man, and man made religion.
The very right Teaching is within you.” (1)

So the purpose of human life is somewhat different to what we understand of it. It is directly connected with the Higher Values of Life. For Higher Values of Life, we need a very accurate decision in the life, which we must not change afterwards. Our Pur­pose of Human Life is one, our difficulties are one, and the solution is one and the same. We suffer from one and the same disease, and our Master — the God Power — is one. He teaches oneness, and we have to live up to it. For that purpose we have to attain the Higher Values of Life.

As you all know, we are not the body, we are the indweller of the body. And as we are something beyond, our subject is also beyond what we have learned so far. We have to make the best use of the man-body. We must know what we need, in which capacity and how we need the thing. In the scorching heat of the sun we can enjoy the shadow of a tree, but we cannot catch it. Similarly while living in the body we can solve the purpose of human life, but we cannot hold the body. Those who try to catch the body will lose the life. Those who let it free — means those who learn to leave the body — they achieve the life.

We all have to leave the body. It is a fundamental law and there is no exception to that rule. But we have forgotten that truth. The fact that we have to leave the body reminds us of our purpose of human life. Most of the time we go astray and forget it, only because of ignorance. We do not pay much attention to our subject and even forget sometimes.(2)

Master said,

“Man-making is difficult,
but God-realization is not difficult.”

From where does the man-making start? How is man made? It is a development that starts from within.

We have to realize the feelings. We have to realize the necessity of the Higher Values of Life. This subject will only arise, if you really want it, otherwise not.

So you have to go into the word very minutely,
seriously and effectively.
And when you digest all about the Higher Values of Life,
then you are very conscious.

You do not commit any mistake, even not by thoughts. Reactions of your deeds and actions are very apparent then. You can feel and realize all, and even with thoughts you are free from the reaction.(3)

At present we sometimes do something and we know that we must not do it again. But again we commit it and even say, “No, I should not have done it”, but we do it again and again. When we repeat the same thing again and again, it becomes a habit. And with habit Karma is formed, which we have to bear. Those who have created such — can easily solve them, if they know the Higher Values of Life.(4)

This subject is very easy, because it is reality.

The path of reality (the right way)
is very smooth, cool and calm.
There can be no problem,
this whole way is bright and clear.

You know Hafiz (a Persian poet) told,

“The way is very dangerous and neither one can attain life nor one can die.
There are whirlpools in the way in which one can drown easily,
there is no escape. Only the Master Power can help.”

But Bhai Nandlal (a disciple of Guru Gobind Singh) says,

“I never saw such things in the way. The way is clear and smooth.
I am already in the lap of my Father and thereafter I will be there.
I do not find any place where He is not present.”

Everything is clear to Bhai Nandlal. That is because of the Higher Values of Life. To one who attains them, everything becomes very clear and clean in his eyes.

Problems which we cannot solve in this very life, they grow further and further, and roots are created in mind. Then it is very difficult to cut the roots from there. The same problems become whirlpools and pits in the way, and this way becomes very dangerous for one who has not realized the Higher Values of Life in this very birth. This is very important to understand.

If you try to understand the theoretical aspect of life and after that you make the decision, then Master Power gives you something to start with. This is the primary stage. But the second step starts with the Higher Values of Life. When you practice the Higher Values of Life, your questions are there, but the answer is there and then. Whatever may come, the sin is there, and the remedy is also there. Everything is there: the question arises, the answer is there. The disease arises, the remedy is also there.

So these two things go side by side,
and the track becomes very clear
for those who need it. (5)
For higher consciousness
we have to practice our life.

To get rid of a sin is a practice, it is not a theory.

To know about sin is a theory,
but to get rid of the sin is a practice.

For higher consciousness theory and practice go side by side. You know about the sin and you get rid of the sin. Whatever is written in the Holy Scriptures concerning the purpose of human life is a theory. To practice it and to rise above the body-consciousness is a practical thing.(6)

Awakened persons or Saints are the symbol of the Higher Values of Life. They have already attained them and can help others to attain them.(7)

To attain that Higher Values of Life we have to learn much. Master said,

“If you live up to such a life,
you will become aware and fully conscious.
You do not commit any mistake of the past.”

You only stop now and stand where you are. Do not commit any mistake which kills your consciousness. Then you will become conscious. You are conscious in what respects? About the life, its purpose and the sins, how to cover all those things. You are conscious about the ill-feelings, about forgive and forget, and you know what humility is. All these things concern the Higher Values of Life. They relate only to man (and are given to us) for realizing the higher consciousness.(8)

Now there are things to which you are not giving full attention because you think there is no need as they are little things. But when you become more conscious and you are attentive, then the same seems to be a big sin.

Suppose there is a hole in the ground which is covered with grass.
You don’t find that there is a hole (unless you cut the grass),
and you do not know what is (hidden) in the hole.
If you put some water in the hole, some insects will come out.
If you put in more water, more insects will come out.

With us it is like this: first the thing is hidden, then it comes in your knowledge, you give due considera­tion, due attention, then you will find something there, more things will come up.

Attention is: to know about our weakness, and then surrender to the Master. Then we need the help of the Master and we need our help also to do that.

It is from the Teaching that meditation helps us to get conscious. That is the work: to create love for the Master and attain the higher consciousness. Meditation is meant for that purpose. But that alone is not sufficient. We also have to overpower the Pralabdh Karma which is related to our physical body. If these things remain hindrances in our life, we cannot even solve our purpose of human life and attain the higher consciousness while living in the body. We have to learn how to get rid of these problems.

If we go on only meditating and do not solve the riddle of life, then we can never be conscious throughout life; but that is the purpose.

So equally we have to be attentive to solve our problems in life.
Otherwise we cannot rise into the higher consciousness.
It is no easy job, but it can be made easy, if we give attention.(9)

If you practice the Higher Values of Life, where will you go after leaving the body? Your first place will be on the conscious stage. You will cross over all these material and spiritual regions altogether and reach the plane of higher consciousness. That is from the Teaching of the Master.(10)

In this world it matters to the Master as how far the disciple is consciously awakened. If he is meditating throughout his life and is not conscious, he cannot be taken into the higher consciousness. He has to stop where his wishes and emotions still exist. So only one who becomes fully conscious can rise above body-consciousness.(11)

Many Masters told about those things that you have to live consciously in the world.

If you are conscious in the world, you are still conscious after leaving the body.
You will remain there in consciousness and never come to the material regions.

Ill thoughts and ill-feelings for others are the great hindrance in man. Man has not finished his ill-feelings and creates and digests the ill-feelings of others. He is not able to give the solution to problems of others, to their ill-feelings, but takes them into his own heart. If we learn to observe what we do and how we behave, we can learn a lot of lessons from our own life.

If we observe all those things with due attention,
there are chances of having the Higher Values of Life.(12)

When you don’t become attentive to the problems, then all will be clouded within. Whatever you do, you must consider if it is entirely in your interest, means in the interest of consciousness. If it is not so, then omit it. From today on give the due consideration, then slowly, slowly the all-clouded thing will be washed away.(13)

There is a mention of God in the Holy Scriptures,
but God is not there.
Everywhere prayers are held, Satsangs are held,
but God is not there.
God is in the body.

There are two aspects:

One side is that we have not realized the truth ourselves, but only feel emotions and draw inferences. Both are subject to error.
The other aspect is: first seeing, and then realizing.

So which is the better one? We can easily understand which is the better one and which is the false one. So for that purpose we have to know the Higher Values of Life. They will teach man in the right direction. With the Higher Values of Life one becomes true to oneself.(14)

It is the beginning of Higher Values of Life
if we are true to ourselves.
It will give us a smooth living
and higher consciousness.(15)

One knows the reason
and the consequence of all things.
One knows each thing
that arises from the heart
and goes back into the heart.

Actions give birth to reactions, but we even don’t know about our actions. If we get free from the mind, from the outgoing faculties of the mind and the shackles of the world, then at least we can come to a certain stage where we can start with the Higher Values of Life. The theoretical aspect of life teaches us how to realize God in the practical way; and we have to realize it. After realizing we attain the higher aspect of life. The theory and practice go side by side.(16)

With the Higher Values of Life you become conscious. And this consciousness will take you somewhere. For example if we are on the road for special reason we know which side we have to go as we know the purpose. Sometimes we do not know and we say, “Okay, let us move a little bit, we go for a walk.” Now we go to one side and do not want to go to the other side. But we do not know, why we do not want to go to the other side. If you have become conscious then you can also know why you do not want to go there, what problem could be there and why you are moving to that direction, forced by mind or attention. Now you do not know and you also cannot differentiate. But when you become conscious, when you know the Higher Values of Life, even these little things will not affect you at all. You may or may not go to that side but you will know the effect of going or not going there.

So these are little things, very easy to understand. Unless you grasp these minute things which happen in your life and in the whole atmosphere, directly or indirectly connected with you, you cannot get free from the cause and effect. Please, try to understand.

This subject is very delicate, and we have to deal also with the delicate matter of life. Delicate in that respect that we do not pay attention to the very little, little problems. And after little problems there are still more delicate problems which again become hindrances. If you know about all these things, then you can follow the Higher Values of Life. That is an awakening. But we are not yet stepping on those lines. We have to step on, because the Master Power is above all those things. He is capable of taking us very high.(17)

Master says,

“A time will come, when this awake­ning
will go everywhere in the world.”

We can say, Master Kirpal Singh has taught us the Higher Values of Life. Go everywhere in the world, you will not get this thing.

To give the Higher Values of Life
and along with it the practical experience,
that is His work, God-work.

Master has one open way and He knows how and when to apply it. So this will be a revolution in the world because it is above the labels of rituals and rites, of religions.

Through these Higher Values of Life
Master gives this awakening
direct from within.
It is an experience
which is coming up now.
It is a short-cut to our desti­nation.

Such short-cut destination was not possible before. This you will only realize practically when you boost within. Then Master will help you to know the facts.

Only through Sant Kirpal Singh that path opened for us. He will do His work in that way now because there are lot of people who wanted Him — God — but it was not possible for them. So He will give this direct revelation now. He will do His job. So Master has much more possibilities than the hazard which is encircling man or would encircle him. Such things are there, but who knows? Nobody tries to know it, nobody determines his view-point.

The more the world goes to the worst stage, the more the people will try to understand. The more tight circumstances are coming, the more man wants to become free. Now man is ever free, so he does not know the significance of being free. Man has his free will, but he doesn’t know God’s will. When he is caught in the trap, then he tries to do all these things. So when the circumstances in the world would get tight and dreadful, then man wants all these things and then they can be supplied there and then.

It is no problem for Master to take the disciple above body-consciousness only within the twinkling of an eye. We do not know His competency.(18)

There is no dearth of His grace,
but there is lack of receptive people, good ones.(19)

We should develop love for Him and try to know Him. If we knew His competency, the whole work could be done very soon.

So Master can control only according to our receptivity.

If we don’t need Him, how can He help us?

The Law of Demand and Supply is eternally working. When people needed it Master Power would help them. Now people don’t need it, they are only identified and getting more and more identified. How will the Master Power help them? Those who detach, those who just get free from the world, worldly attachment and atmosphere, they at least come into the man-body to be able to think over. And then Master Power steps millions of steps forward and helps the child. This is also an eternal method.

So all possibilities are there, but for whom?
For those who need Him, not for all.

How will He come to those who do not need Him? When He comes He has to stay in our heart. When the heart is full of filth, where will He stay then? Even a dog will at least clean the place with his tale. Even a dog wants a neat and clean place to sit on. He does not sit on the dirt or filth. So Master Power, God Power, who is the King of kings, at least needs a nice and clean heart to sit in there. Once He sits in, He will never go.

“I shall never leave thee, nor forsake thee
till the end of this world.”

That is what Christ told.(20)

Those who are receptive, they take the matter deep into their heart and do it there and then. They decide their life and never again change their decision.

They can be helped very much from within. Master Power comes there and then, He is there in a moment. Master comes to help those who try to put the theory into practice as soon as possible. Master is controlling the whole situation. For Him there exists no time factor and no distance. It is something that comes from the core of the heart.(21)

God is All-Consciousness
and we are a drop of this All-Consciousness,
and the essence of All-Consciousness is Love.
One who is without Love cannot be conscious.
That is impossible.

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