Birth Anniversary of Sant Kirpal Singh 1987

Written by Dr Harbhajan Singh, February 1987

My dear brothers and sisters, with all love in Him!

Soon we are celebrating the birthday of our beloved Master, Sant Kirpal Singh, entirely with self-confidence. Who knows the heart and the pains (of yearning) arising out of the heart?
Self-confidence brings resistance to all worldly factors. Seeing the sun and feeling its rays, the coldest snowy mountains will not affect your comfort. Please do not feel weak with my weak words (full of pains of separation), go brave and jolly, learn forbearance from the earth and detachment from the sky.

(When the) sun rises, it gives light everywhere, and rain showers at high and low places, as well. He came with an abundance of wealth, which He distributed freely with both His hands. One may or may not believe, know or understand – (but) He dyed all in fast colour. He, the Holiest, did not see the righteous or the sinner, but lifted both from floor to sky. The godly laws are like an iron wall between the Master and the disciple, but out of love and compassion for humanity He Himself smashed the wall once for all and multiplied His hands.

The whole world is searching for God, but very few know that God is searching for human beings.

Still we feel that – with a glimpse of His eye – He rendered us fit on the path, and we enjoyed our journey. He smiled a little and went away, and left our ailing heart unattended. This He did to settle in our heart, so we may also settle in His heart.

They are fortunate who are remembered by Him, out of His remembrances they receive the waves of intoxication which have an exquisite taste. He is within us as our secret of life and made this body a true temple of this phenomena. He does everything for our betterment. He is an Archer and teaches us to bend like an arc, in order to remove the feelings of individuality and ego.

Meditation and knowledge are good at their own places, but You are something inexpressible. Those eyes which saw the glimpses of Thine eyes now may not become the eyes for the world.

When you put two half-breads together, it can become one full bread, but out of one thousand foolish persons you cannot make a wise selection. Master has made His selection and you are all together. You will need Him. It is now highest time to please Him. It is possible through His secret and secret is life.

I send you my heartiest congratulations on His birth anniversary

Yours, Harbhajan Singh

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