After August 21, 1974

Chapter from book “Forever with Master, vol. 1” by Dr Harbhajan Singh

Master’s Body in the Ashram

Immediately Master’s body was taken to the Ashram and laid on a wooden table in the veranda. Many people, specially those who were very close to the Master, asked me one after another as what Master told about His further Mission. Hearing that, I was nonplussed and thought how they could ask me such questions in this moment. I did not believe that Master had left us. I thought, ‘It is our test. Master will come back in the body. Why was Master not brought into His room?’ Such thoughts prevailed in me. I started to be stone-like and I saw that the Master Power helped me to remain in senses.

Then at once I realized, ‘If Master does not come back, how would I show my face to the world?’ But those persons went on asking me, whereas I felt that the life was withdrawing from me, and I was unable to stand on my legs. At once I sat down and hid myself under the table where Master’s body was lying.

Cremation in Pambari-Road Garden, August 22, 1974

Thousands of people from all Centres of India gathered. Preparations were made to cremate the Master in the land already acquired by the Master at the Pambari-Road. This decision was taken according to the wish of the Master.

(Note: This land had been acquired for Satsang-purposes, and the watchman in charge had some controversy with one man. Master sent one of the members of the managing body to decide about the case. But anxious about his own prestige he did not decide anything but said, ‘You better go to Master.’ So the complaint was lodged with Master by the watchman. Master said, ‘The prestige and respect of this gentleman is more for him than His Master.’ Consoling the watchman, Master said, ‘Well, I will come to you and stay with you permanently.’)

It was night when the body of the Master was burning in the fire. The tape of the Master was running. Tired and uneasy the Sangat slept there at the Pambari-Road all around the cremation place.

In that night Master appeared to three, four brothers and sisters, caught hold of their arm and told them,

‘I am not dead, you are dead.’


According to the tradition, on the fourth day the flowers (remains) were collected. The date for the Bhog-Ceremony was announced in a big gathering.

(Note: Bhog-Ceremony is the final ceremony with prayers.)

Declaration of the successorship of Darshan Singh
August 26, 1974

While the Sangat went back, the managing committee decided about the further steps. The managing committee took all responsibilities on its own shoulders and immediately took hasty decisions, leaving beside the consequences connected with the holy Mission of the Master. The managing committee decided to install Darshan Singh as the spiritual successor and Tai Ji as the chairman of the society. On August 26, 1974 it appeared in the newspaper:

‘Sant Darshan Singh has been installed as spiritual successor of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj. Sant Kirpal Singh had written a will in favour of His son.’

The Sangat got annoyed and upset

Reading this news, the majority of the Sangat got annoyed and all gathered in the centre. In Sawan Ashram, Delhi, the Sangat started to shout, protesting about the immediate trick of the managing body.

Meeting with various representatives

I myself, Ranbir Singh, Chet Singh from Chandigarh, and most of the members of the Sawan Ashram Delhi management got together for a meeting which started in the house of Gyani Bhagwan Singh.

Darshan Singh was requested to come to the meeting. We asked Darshan Singh to tell honestly, if really Master had appointed him as His spiritual successor. He flatly refused and remarked that Master had not given him the power, whereas his relatives, family members and friends compelled him to work as master, and that he never would do that.

It was confirmed by all who were present there that by will only worldly wealth can be transferred, but that the spirituality has always been transferred through the eye. Due to this very reason Master left Beas and family members of Baba Sawan Singh started with a so-called mission. Master has written very clearly about this point in many books.

August 19, 1974 – A fake story

As per His order of July 27, I was with Master on August 19, 1974. This order of the Master was known to most of the disciples of Amritsar. I reached Delhi in the evening. I remained beside the bed of the Master throughout the night. Darshan Singh himself was sick and throughout the night neither Master asked him to come, nor did he come there.

Another thing proves quite positively the falsehood. Master says, that the Master can transfer the spirituality among thousands and still it is not visible. Whereas, after six months, when Darshan Singh and his supporters were miserably hit back through their ignorance, they hit another plan to misguide the innocent children. They said, that Master had passed His spirituality through the eyes to Darshan Singh in the midnight of August 19, 1974, and that Dr. Metha witnessed the transference with his own eyes; so they thought that this way of transference of spirituality still needed a witness.

(Note: One time with old disciples of Baba Sawan Singh Ji in Amritsar Master said, if somebody would tell Him how the spirituality is transferred from one pole to another pole, He would sacrifice both the worlds for such a person.)

The turban-tying ceremony on August 30, 1974

It is a tradition in India, when the (physical) father dies, that the eldest son ties the turban in place of his father. It means that the eldest son becomes responsible like a father. In spite of the decision all the relatives, friends and family members made a plan to tie the turban to Darshan Singh at the Bhog-Ceremony on August 30, 1974 at Sawan Ashram (see also above).

Collaboration with Beas People

For the turban-tying ceremony they made a closed-door collaboration with the Beas people. That plan came into light and again the Sangat got annoyed. Those assembled at the ceremony refused to let them do and all advised, that since Darshan Singh is the physical son of the Master he can perform the ceremony in his own house.

Immersion of Master’s Flowers

The Beas people collaborated with the family members and relatives of the Master and they unanimously decided to bring Master’s flowers to Beas Dera.

Beas being close to Amritsar, we went up to the bridge of the River Beas. Meanwhile, many people approached by car and brought Master’s flowers from Delhi. I talked with Tai Ji, and she said that it was decided like this. I asked, ‘Tai Ji is it all right?’‘Since I know,’ she said, ‘No.’ I asked for the reason. Tai Ji replied, ‘If we bring Master’s flowers to Beas, the whole Mission of our Master mixes in the dust. They (Beas people) would say that without Beas, there was no salvation of Sant Kirpal Singh.’

(Note: Master Himself told, ‘Since the nightingale has left the Gardens it may get dry or flourish, it bothers not to her.’ Master left everything for them, but He took His Master with Him.)

Then it was decided, that Master’s flowers should not be taken to Beas Dera, but should be immerged in the River Beas. The ceremony was done there at the river.

(Note: Later on the ashes of Master’s body were flown to different countries for the immersion ceremony in different rivers.)

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