Taking Leave Of The Sangat

Poem from the book “Forever with Master, vol. 1” by Dr Harbhajan Singh

His Mission too clear, does He everything so perfect,
Bothers and seeks not another help, does He everything so exact.
To save the Truth eternal for Master His prestige and pride
Sacrifices He to overcome tyranny,
spread Truth far, vast, and wide.
Sows the seed of compassion,
High He places the flag of victory.
For that many sacrificed their lives, tells the history.
Gives He not the Truth in hands of mud and clay,
Selects diamond-like which does not bend and decay.

Guru Teg Bahadur (1) whose heart so soft and shine,
Decided to sacrifice for the Mission too holy and divine.
Needs of times recall a great personality to sacrifice,
Gobind said, “Who can be greater than you to overcome the vice?”

Master did not go to His house to beg leave and go,
He sought His leave from the Sangat (2) which He did so:
15 August, on India’s Independence Day,
He made His determination for His onward way.
Said He, “I want independence and who else? Say!”
Said all, “Independence we want”, none spoke nay.
Raising His hands, said He, “I now am independent.
All of you are independent, too, and not dependent.”

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(1) At the time of Guru Teg Bahadur, hundred thousands of people were murdered and others were asked to change their faith. The Kashmiri Pandits requested the king not to murder the innocent people for the sake of changing their faith. “The faith for all human beings is one and the same, that is what we learned from Guru Teg Bahadur. Better you
change the faith of Guru Teg Bahadur and we all will follow.”
The Kashmiri Pandits also came to the Guru and requested for refuge. Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib came to his wife and his only child Gobind, who was hardly nine years old. Guru Teg Bahadur spoke of the tyranny and said, “The sacrifice of a great one is needed to overcome the tyranny.” Gobind at once answered, “Father, who can be greater than you?” So Guru Teg Bahadur sought leave and sacrificed.

(2) Sant Kirpal Singh did not go to His family but made a Satsang on 15 August, 1974 on the Independence Day of India. He said, ”Today is Independence Day and I want independence, and all who want it, too, should raise their hands.” The Sangat did so and said, “We also need the independence.” No one could know the meaning of independence at that time. Master raising His hands said, “Now I am independent and you, too.”
( Note: When Master asked “all who want independence should raise their hands”, Dr Harbhajan Singh did not raise his hand, because he only wanted to be a “borrowed servant” of the Master, always being dependent on Him alone. )

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