Master’s Mission brought into the Golden Age

Chapter from book “Forever with Master, vol. 1” by Dr Harbhajan Singh

It is a rare phenomena that Master’s Mission has entered in the Golden Age. It was the power and the Grace of the Master which helped His disciple to develop, so that the disciple could take the test of the negative power and justified the Master on all the planes (Khandas and Brahmandas).

In Saarsathi the negative power displays all his forces to destroy the Mission of the Master by any possible and effective way. If the test taken over by His disciple is lost, the work of the Master Power ceases at once.

Master asked to continue the work

Before His physical departure Master finished all His works. Where He had given a promise, He even wrote letters to cancel. He also told that He would not be able to make a fourth world tour. In Amritsar He gave two promises: One was to visit a village, Jagdev Kumd, the other one was to help for the installation of a college in the village Mahal Jandiala. He told me to convey them that He would not be able to do that.

He commissioned Manav Kendra in October 1973

But when He came to commission that place where now Kirpal Sagar is under construction, He told that the Manav Kendra (man-making centre) He wanted to build is not yet built. It will be built here. This was the only work which He commissioned and left for His children.

Kings and premiers and rich persons can create cities, but holy places are built only by the Masters, they are built in the omnipresence of the Master Power. The guidance of the Master continues every moment, and in spite of many problems created by our own brothers and sisters we were able to start with the commissioned Manav Kendra.

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