Third World Tour

Chapter from book “Forever with Master, vol. 1” by Dr Harbhajan Singh

While in Dehra Dun

In the month of June 1972, at Manav Kendra, Master asked me, ‘Can you come along with me on my Western tour?’ I gladly accepted.

Master requested, ‘How much money do you earn per month?’ I replied, ‘Master, I earn two thousand rupees every month.’ Master said, ‘So I must pay twelve thousand rupees to you, if I take you along with me for six months.’
I replied Master that I could give that amount in the Mission, because my purpose was not to take but to give. Master asked me to go on tour with Him.

After some time Tai Ji called me and I went there. Master asked me all about my home and home affairs and advised me to handle them in such and such a way. Further He told me, ‘As soon as you manage the home affairs and get free, I may use you in the Mission.’

Third World Tour

Sant Kirpal Singh went on the Western tour on August 26, 1972. On August 25, 1972, lots of people gathered in the Ashram. Master held a Satsang and gave assurance to come back as early as possible. ‘Keep the love of the Master in your heart — Master already keeps your love in His heart’, He said, ‘Who can be more dear to Him than His children?’
He said that lots of people eagerly were waiting for Him as it was nine years ago since He had visited the West.

At the Palam Airport He held a short and beautiful Satsang and made a sitting for a few minutes. Within this sitting a serene vibration of His love raised the souls of all above the body consciousness, and many, many kept bitterly weeping while Master lovably went for departure. Master visited many big cities of Germany, Switzerland, France, England, USA, Canada and Mexico. Everywhere He was given a warm welcome by thousands of His beloved children.

After this separation of nearly nine years, seeing Him, many burst into tears. It is too difficult to express, how lovable He delivered His love into the heart of thousands of children, but the important and meaningful impression He left with His children, reminds them of the greatness of their Master as long as they live in the world.

He told, ‘This time I have only come to strengthen your belief, devotion and love to the Master.’‘Make the best use of this golden opportunity. I am now approaching my eightieth year. God knows if I come another time or not. But believe Him, He will not let you down.’‘I am a son of man first, and not a lecturer. I can give you only heart-to-heart talks, which come from the heart and are delivered into the heart.’

January 2, 1973 — Master returned from the West

Thousand people from all over India came to Sawan Ashram, Delhi, to welcome the Master. Master arrived in the Ashram, and went straight to the bathroom. One step already inside the bathroom, Master asked Tai Ji, ‘Who has come?’ (Since Master saw thousand people who greeted Him.) Tai Ji said, ‘From all centres they have come.’ Master asked, ‘Who came from Punjab?’ Tai Ji replied, ‘From all centres of Punjab; also whom you wish to see from Amritsar.’

Many disciples from Punjab and from other centres had gathered in front of the veranda and kept a chair for the Master to come and sit there before He would go to the stage for Satsang. This is what Master did. He sat on the chair and we all greeted Him.

He asked me all about the Amritsar Centre. I told about two incidences which happened during His physical absence in Amritsar. Master asked me, ‘Where is your companion?’ My wife came near to Him and Master asked her, ‘What is your experience for today?’ She told, that this day Kabir and Guru Gobind Singh appeared, and Guru Gobind Singh said: ‘Sant Kirpal Singh is making preparations to go back, whereas He has to initiate nearly 500.000 aspirants, but He has initiated only 150.000 out of 500.000.’ Master answered, ‘This is right, but then you also cannot sleep in warm beds.’

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