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Sant Kirpal Singh — Audio & Videofiles

I seguenti link puntano al nostro sito correlato “Sant Kirpal Singh Audio- and Videofiles” (in inglese) che fornisce una vasta collezione di file audio e video di Sant Kirpal Singh (si apre in una nuova scheda).

Sant Kirpal Singh — Audio- & Videofiles

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Youtube channel “Crown of Life”

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On Death and Suicide — Q&A (8:15)
See also “Q&A concerning death” (from talks by Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr Harbhajan Singh)

Child and Father are One — Remembering Dr Harbhajan Singh (11:46)

Sant Kirpal Singh – Remembrance – 21 August (9:32)
See also “The Competency of the Almighty Power” (excerpts from talks by Dr Harbhahan Singh)

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh — Who knows God, sit at His feet (6:04)
Excerpts from talk “How I Met My Master” (by Sant Kirpal Singh)

Initiation — A Special Grace of God by Sant Kirpal Singh (10:12)
Estratti da “Il vero servizio a Dio o a Dio nell’uomo” (I Discorsi Del Mattino, Capitolo 24)

Original English text: “The True Service of God or God-in-Man

Pearls of Wisdom — Inspiring poems by Hazur Baba Sawan Singh (1:30)

Biji Surinder Kaur — Something precious is hidden… (1:42)
Translation from Punjabi “Find the Treasure of the Great Masters” (from Surinder Kaur — Talks)

Biji Surinder Kaur — Birth Anniversary — 10 March (7:40)
Estratti da “Come sviluppare amore per Dio” (I Discorsi Del Mattino, Capitolo 6)

Sant Kirpal Singh — Birth Anniversary — 6 February (15:25)
Read transcript “This Power Never Leaves the World”

Pearls of Wisdom — Inspiring poems by KABIR (2:59)

Happy New Year 2023 by Sant Kirpal Singh (2:28)

The Best Way to Celebrate Christmas by Sant Kirpal Singh (6:32)

Conscious co-worker of the Divine plan by Dr Harbhajan Singh (8:22)
Celebrating Dr Harbhajan Singh’s 90th birth anniversary on 10 December 2022

NON-VIOLENCE, LOVE AND TOLERANCE from lecture by Dr Harbhajan Singh (14:55)
Read transcript of lecture: “The Change Must Start From Our Hearts

Dr Harbhajan Singh — Thinking of Master’s Mission up to the last breath. (12:30)
In remembrance of the 25 September 1995 — when Bhaji left the body

SPIRITUALITY — WHAT IT IS by Sant Kirpal Singh, London, 1972-09-17 (58:59)
For seekers on the path of Self- and God-knowledge. Transcript: “Spirituality — what it is (1972)

SANT KIRPAL SINGH — His grace and love is beyond description by Dr Harbhajan Singh (10:34)
In remembrance of the 21 August 1974 — when Master left the body

HAZUR BABA SAWAN SINGH — 27 July, Birth Anniversary
excerpts from talks by Sant Kirpal Singh (10:23)

KUNDALINI YOGA – Question and Answer by Sant Kirpal Singh (6:30)
Excerpt from talk in Tustin, CA. on December 18, 1963 [ read transcript here ]

Different Systems of Meditation − Questions & Answers by Dr Harbhajan Singh (11:28)
[ Read transcript of Different Systems of Meditation — Q&A ]

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh − The brilliant Sun of Spirituality by Sant Kirpal Singh (6:27)

Last Satsang in Amritsar-Centre (2016-03-06) by Biji Surinder Kaur (11:11)

Pearls of Wisdom by Biji Surinder Kaur (2:55)

Birthday Message for 6 February 2022 (excerpts from a talk) by Sant Kirpal Singh (15:20)

New Year Message 2022 (excerpts from “Love is the Way”) by Sant Kirpal Singh (5:01)
[ Read transcript of full talkLove is the Way” — Washington DC, 1964-01-25 ]

Talk (excerpts) “God Power, Christ Power, Master Powerby Sant Kirpal Singh Singh (7:45)

Talk “The mouthpiece of Godby Dr Harbhajan Singh (14:45)

Talk “BE GOOD – DO GOOD and BE ONE” by Sant Kirpal Singh (4:45)

Talk “Sant Kirpal Singh — Forever With Him” by Dr Harbhajan Singh (25:55)

Talk “Raising of Children is a Virtuous Duty” by Dr Harbhajan Singh (21:58)

Talk “Have Love for All” by Sant Kirpal Singh (17:36)

Talk “How Peace Can Be Cemented In The World” by Dr Harbhajan Singh (11:16)
[ Read transcript of “How Peace Can Be Cemented In The World ]

Talk “What Is True Living?” by Sant Kirpal Singh (11:45)
[ Read transcript of full talkWhat is true living? ]

Talk “The Inner and Outer Man” (Yoga of Attention) by Sant Kirpal Singh (1:21:33)
[ Read transcript of “The Inner and Outer Man ]

Punjabi Talk “Unforgettable moments in Kirpal Sagar” by Biji Surinder Kaur (9:11)

Talk “Man! Know Thyself” by Sant Kirpal Singh — Part 01 (9:18)

Talk “Purpose of Human Life” by Dr. Harbhajan Singh (57:43)

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