How Peace Can Be Cemented In The World

Address to the audience of the Plenary Session of the States by Dr Harbhajan Singh
UN World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, 18 June 1993 [ see also Media (How Peace …) or Youtube ]

Talk “How Peace Can Be Cemented In The World” by Dr Harbhajan Singh (11:16)

Dear brothers and sisters,

I want to share my views on these most important issues. I want to have some heart-to-heart talk with you, because I think the problems of the world are not political, but they are more spiritual.

So we have to find a way out of these problems.

As for example: There are individual problems in different countries. Whether we are politicians, religious or spiritual leaders, our purpose is one and the same: that is man–making and man–service. If we live up to it, and do with it, there will be total perfection — rather the solution to all the problems in our different countries.

Then on the international level we have to form a common opinion. And which common opinion?

Which is existing from our religion, our own ways. Because I would like to tell you that …

… God made man and man made religion.

Never in the history a competent Master ever created a religion, rather religion was created after their physical departure by the so-called followers of the faith. So thereafter they created lots of shackles therein.

Now all these problems in the world are due to the shackles and not due to the true religion. So what are those shackles?

Everyone knows. Because …

… this man-body is a true temple of God.

Everything is within. It is a true Bible, a true Church, it is a true Mosque, it is a true Koran, it is a true Gurdawara, and all temples.

Man is made after the image of God.

So what we have to find?

That we are all one in God. We are all one, our Father is one, and our purpose is one — our way back to God is one.

So on this issue we have to see as how peace can be cemented in the world, how all these affairs can be set fully right. If really people rise above their ‘isms’, sects, and religions, and premiers and presidents rise above their kingdoms, peace is already there, the human rights are already there. These are lying within the man.

Everything is innate in man:

There is a question (within), the answer is also within.

Supposed you put me a question and I gave you the wrong answer, you would never cooperate with me, since you have the right answer within you.

So man is first a human being, then we are wearing different labels, and we are reading in different schools and colleges. Our purpose is to rise above the shackles.

Secondly, my opinion is that there are so many problems that have gone beyond the care of man and if we clutch to them, they will create more hatred and bloodshed in the world.

There is only one solution:

To forgive and forget.

For there is a law of justice, and there is a law of forgiveness. The law of justice can do a lot in the world, but what the law of forgiveness can do, the law of justice cannot do.

He who forgives and forgets, he is the brave and strong.

The law of forgiveness also is called the law of Grace. So he who forgives and forgets, he is gracious and loveable to all. So in my opinion these are the things with which we have to be very sincere, potent, and positive.

Now all those Masters who came in the world, they lived hundred percent for others, and our purpose is also the same. It is from the Holy Scriptures that …

… to live beyond necessity is a sin.

So if really we live up to it, we can save a lot for the poor and the needy, and we can overcome lot of shortcomings of the human beings.

My last point concerns the problem of the women. So far I didn’t think that women are different from men. Both cannot live without each other. Whereas the woman is the inspiration to the husband, to the children, and can be the inspiration to the surroundings as well.

Christ has told in the Bible,

“Husband should love his wife as Christ loves Church.”
(Ephesians 5:25)

What does it mean?

It is a beautiful thing to live with it. If really we live with it, then there will be no problem in the world. Because the woman is a source of bliss, and in the womb of the mother she gives the right understanding to the unborn child, blessed by the light and the sound principle that was taught by all the competent Masters of the world.

When the child comes out of the womb of the mother, it cries due to its detachment. What do we do?
We show the light or we ring the bell, and the child feels happy with it.

Now what should we do on this matter?

When the woman cries, she would only need the love and favour from the man (her husband). If it is not given, her heart becomes stone-like, and whatever and whosoever she lived with in the past, that becomes fake and void for her.

So there is a very potent and positive way of life, and we should live in this direction, and we can give a lot to all other people.

“Ye be perfect as your Father is in the heaven.”
(Matthew 5:48)

These are most important issues, and (you will find that) all those problems in the world are due to different shackles arising out of different religions, if you try to know the very base of the problem, that has arisen out of it.

So in this direction, I would like to tell you that our purpose in this world is very unique, and we should love others as we do love our dear ones. This is the way to expand our own self to embrace the whole humanity, and prove ourselves as human beings in the true sense of the world.

Only when we rise above the narrow confines of our own self, our own family, our own community or nation, we can take into our hearts the concerns and sufferings of our near and far neighbours. It is the way for any individual, and it is the noble task of those who help for the cause of others.

So while sitting in the heart of this beautiful country, we should have appreciation for those who have put their heart and head, and let us pledge ourselves to go with higher values of life, since …

… the purpose of human life is to meet good end.

Let us go back to our country to preach the truth through our higher values of life, so that there is an eternal peace in our heart.

So, thank you all.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh

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