The Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan (Gurmukh)

Section with the same title from “Forever with Master” vol. II (p. 19) — by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

He who becomes conscious of the Divine Plan is
the true man. In the true sense, the Lord’s man is
one who becomes a Conscious Co-worker of the
Divine Plan. (5)
— Kirpal Singh

The only way to become a Conscious Co-worker
of the Divine Plan is to know that He’s doing it,
you are not. You will have to become a mouthpiece
of God. Masters speak as inspired by God,
and we all have to become that. There’s nothing
to be afraid of. Every king wants his son to be a king,
not a minister. Every Saint wants his man coming up
to be a Saint. That is why I tell you, you are to
become ambassadors. Haven’t I done my part so far?
It is you people who have to carry on further.
You are the budding hopes of the coming generations,
I would say. (6)
— Kirpal Singh

Whenever Masters come into the world, they bring their staff-members along with them. Master knows the subject and the staff-members learn to propagate the subject in the world.

The Master Power has to bear upon His own shoulder any consequences which are brought about by them in the selfless service to the Master. And they are committed to serve in weal and woe. Some times they had to sacrifice their lives to uphold the Truth taught by their Masters. Such disciples are very rare, but a rare one can bring a sweeping victory against the evil forces of the world and brings Grace, peace, and tranquility in the hearts of human beings.

Without sacrifice no work is possible, and he who loves to sacrifice for the right cause is blessed with right understanding.

He who learns practically to raise his thoughts above mind, intellect and physical body and surrenders to the will of the Master and does not create any misunderstandings, be comes the mouthpiece of his Master and is blessed with rare right understanding. And he who becomes Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan and paves the way for others towards Godhood-journey and merges all his wishes into the grand wish of his Father, is blessed with rare right understanding
of its special significance. He be comes a borrowed servant of his Master and an abode of virtues and serves the Master’s Mission for all the times to come.

The life of the Gurmukh is like the gold which is useful in all climes and times. Thousand touchstones would appreciate the genuineness of the gold.

The Gurmukh is mirror-like and one can see one’s actions and feel one’s shortcomings by attuning his attention to the mirror. This mirror reflects for all yearning ones.

He would like to see all human beings in the grand mirror of his Master, so that all may know and see their imperfections. His happiness lies in communicating the wish of his Master.

In Holy Scriptures it is said: “He who sees Him in all and all in Him, is His real disciple.” A Gurmukh is a living example in the world. His motto is to create this phenomenon for all others.

He does not injure the feelings of anyone, but applies a soothing balm to cure the oozing ulcers, since no one is above the level of the bodily attachments.

Everyone is benefitted by the Gurmukh. More one is the sinner, more he gets from Him (his Master). The need of every body is fulfilled, if he who demands knows how to demand; then his demands are fulfilled by the Grace of the Master.

The Gurmukh is above the three gunas and is not controlled by any of the three during his whole life. So while doing everything in the best interest of his Master, he still remains above the effect of the three qualities. He has three different virtues unto his Master:

  1. He is the devotee of his Master and obeys Him completely in the three worlds.
  2. He is like a faithful wife who only knows her husband.
  3. He is a warrior of Truth and is ready to sacrifice his life for the cause of Truth.

The Gurmukh is like a fruit tree, nourished by his Master, he gives fruit to everybody. He does not keep the fruit for himself, as throughout his life he bears fruit and nourishes others.
His loveable thoughts are like a shadow of the green tree, which provides rest and comfort for the weary and tired. By good thoughts he bears flowers and spreads the smell. By doing good deeds he bears fruit. The heritage in the Gurmukh is meant for spending. He begs from his Master for others and spends for others. More he spends, more the heritage grows.
By wishing and spending he makes his Master known everywhere as the sole distributor of the wealth of heritage. His main yearning is to provide the Truth to everyone so that all praise the One and speak of the One. His purpose is to remove the duality through the very holy hints and true facts of life.
The Gurmukh in his astral stages had fulfilled all good wishes of his Master, and in lieu of that his Master finished all the desires of the Gurmukh. Since the grand wish of the Master has fermentated in the heart of his Gurmukh, the Gurmukh acts upon only with the grand wish of his Master.

The Gurmukh is like a distillery for a Master; he brings out intoxication by the crude material and helps the Master against the negative intoxication. This all is done by the Master Power through the Gurmukh, but directly under the guidance and competency of the Master.

The Master Power is the Word personified form, the God in Him, and not dependent upon anyone. The Gurmukh is a pole for the transference of thoughts of his Master. A little hint of the Master bears the full mystery along with the solution which is transferred to and applied by the Gurmukh. The Master Power is the source, but the Gurmukh delivers to the deserved and needy as it comes. His condition is like a postman who only delivers to the addresses. The Gurmukh
does not act and pose to gain the honour and praise from others, as he knows that the same is subject to their own feelings, emotions and views, which can further jeopardize the Mission of his Master.

The Gurmukh is a man of word and a man of life. He maintains these two factors until his last breath. These impressions work wonderfully and benefit others. His selfless service is an open book, and people remember him along with his Master forever.

The Gurmukh is the masterpiece in the display of the entire craftsmanship of his Master. The Master Power puts in hard labour to develop the Gurmukh according to His holy wish. One such example becomes a source of consolation to the Master, and the Gurmukh has full faith and devotion unto his Master. He does hundred percent for others and never hesitates in doing the right actions while in the most difficult time of his trial. In lieu of that his Master provides all feasible help which the Gurmukh delivers to others and never takes for his personal use.
Due to sweet remembrance and close nearness of his Master, sometimes the Gurmukh takes himself as his Master, he takes his hand as that of his Master and his voice as words spoken by the Master; and his ears begin to hear the commandment or any new assignment of his Master. Like fresh food the Gurmukh gets fresh energy along with the
fresh instructions, so that the work is done without delay. Delay in doing brings lethargy in the physical life of the Gurmukh.

The life of the Gurmukh is entirely the wish of his Master and he does not do of his own. What is to be seen is seen by him, and what is to be felt is felt by him, but what is to be known further is still to be known by the Grace of his Master.
The most obedient servant for all the times with Master is a Gurmukh, who abides by Him without thoughts. He remains the wanderer of yearnings in the cold forests, high mountains, and in hot deserts. He has restless affairs, but rests in the sweet lap of his Father.

God forgives those, whom the Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan forgives, but the forgiveness of the Gurmukh is the guideline to repentance and remembrance of the Master Power.

The great joy and peace is attained in the company of a Saint, where lust, ego, desires, avarice begin to shake and lose their grip. A Gurmukh is a living example of this Grace from his Master. The life of the Gurmukh is washed crystal clear, and he sheds pearls and bargains in pearls and distributes the pearl.

As the early bird fulfills its desire of hunger, so does the Gurmukh who is the first and regular visitor of the vineyard of his Master.

He is the main drunkard in the vineyard of his Master. He takes the wine of Naam every day and reflects the Divine knowledge upon others.

The ornament that a Gurmukh wears is studded with jewels and pearls which shine beyond the sun and moons and is kept shining by the regular radiation of his Master, though this is not visible to the naked eye but is felt by the yearning heart.

Though God manifests everywhere, it is the Gurmukh in whom the presence of God is felt by others, because the Godly attributes shine in his life; the radiation in his life attracts others to ask him about the God-into-Expression Power.
The attention of the Master carries vision and word, and the Gurmukh absorbs them. He witnesses his Master with open eyes and talks and hears without his physical tongue and ears. The Gurmukh while in this state feels himself fully embedded in the full faith and fear of his Master.

The Gurmukh sees in the eyes of the Master, and the Master absorbs the reflection of the Gurmukh, and the awareness of the I-hood of the Gurmukh is lost there and then.

Without the support of his Master he is a useless instrument, since he cannot be reused for any other cause. He once undertook the slavery unto his Master which he never offers to anyone else. His contact of faithfulness towards his Master is forever. His Master thus becomes his protector for ever.

The Gurmukh spends his whole life in faith and devotion to his Master. Only he who suffers from the acute pain knows the intensity of pain. His constant faith and devotion have chained him unto the Holy Feet of his Master.

“I am a sacrifice to those who serve
the Gurmukh with love; He is free himself,
he frees his family, and the whole world.”
Here he is not speaking of the Guru but the
Gurmukh; and those who serve the Gurmukh
sincerely with love not only will receive salvation
for themselves, but also for their relatives and
friends, for the Gurmukh comes to give salvation
to the whole world. “Gurmukh frees millions
with a spark of Naam.
” His resources are
everlasting, but those people who have gained a
little and start distributing it everywhere only
end up with regrets. They are doomed themselves
and so are those who follow them. (7)
— Kirpal Singh

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