Birth Anniversary of Baba Sawan Singh 1994

Satsang by Dr Harbhajan Singh in St. Gilgen, 27 July 1994

Dear brothers and sisters,

You were just listening to the tape of the Master.

Sometimes in the world there are good times, sometimes there are bad times. History repeats itself. In bad times, we are afraid of the consequences, in good times we do not care for the consequences. Only those are the right persons who feel the pulse of the time and bring the time in their favour. It was only Sant Kirpal Singh who made the best use of the time.

You know, when we speak of the Father, then we have also to speak of the Son. Because Father and Son are embedded into each other, They are one. We cannot separate them, their story becomes one, their life becomes one.

Baba Sawan Singh, on whose birth anniversary we are sitting and whose radiation is there, Baba Sawan Singh was the blessed soul, very blessed soul, because His Master Baba Jaimal Singh also was a very high Power in whom Kabir and thereafter Guru Gobind Singh worked.

The Spirituality was out of the Punjab for certain reason. It was God’s will. But during this time, in reality it had gone down. Soamiji told, “This Spirituality belongs to the Punjab, now it will go back to the Punjab.” It was the Will of God. So then Kabir worked.

Baba Jaimal Singh selected Baba Sawan Singh as His disciple. Master says, He (Baba Jaimal Singh) had to go to the mountains only to see Him (Baba Sawan Singh) there. He left Punjab, and Baba Sawan Singh was posted there at that moment. Master says, “Was there not any other person at that moment? No, there were a lot of persons but there was no conscious one. He searched for a conscious one, who could make the best use of that time.” So He went there.

The second thing was that His disciple was Sant Kirpal Singh, of whom we really cannot say anything about His Power, about how He worked in the world, from where He came — it is beyond description. Only very few could know about Him, and He was His disciple. So Baba Sawan Singh was the blessed soul, for the Highest Power, His Master and His disciple, both came from the highest plane. This is the reality. That was the reason that His work was very much flourished, and people were joining from all over the world. In reality His mission was flourished with the help of Sant Kirpal Singh.

You know, He wrote a book, Gurmat Siddhant. Sant Kirpal Singh wrote this book, but He said, “Master, it will be printed in your name, because it is written out of your Grace.” When this book was presented to Baba Sawan Singh, He said, “Now, this can bring a big change. Now, a lot of work is finished.” You know, many books were written afterwards, but only comments were given from this book. The subject became more easy for other people to follow and to write.

So Sant Kirpal Singh worked with Baba Sawan Singh as a big helping hand.

All Saints are sent by the Will of God

You know, we do not know the inner condition of the Master, we take Master as ‘He is very great, and He is very humble’. These are the signs we always take into consideration – ‘He is very lovable, He will save us’. But the inner condition of the God-into-action Power, that is very different. Because He is in the fix. Such Powers would never like to come into the world, they are forced to come back into the world. They say “It is the Will of God, and nobody can say ‘no’ to the Will of God. Everyone has to accept it.”

Baba Sawan Singh and Sant Kirpal Singh,
and all other Masters were sent into the world
by the Will of God.

Baba Sawan Singh had written one letter to our Master. He said, “Dear Kirpal Singh, we are sent by God, and the crown of responsibility is now put on our head. And what are we given to overcome that responsibility? We are given the sighs to bear for all our life, and a desert is given to us as a property, as a capital. We have to spend it, we have to bring in and to search the heritage for all human beings out of this desert.”

You know, when someone has to work very hard, he takes so many sighs, “How I will prolong with my life?” That is the condition of a Saint. Nobody knows. Because He has to live, no way out. Master’s inner problems nobody knows. Only that One knows who feels the pulse of the time, they know. Otherwise, all human beings are ignorant.

What a Master does for us is beyond our knowledge and description, and even Master does not want that this secret is known to others. Because He does it with all His responsibility. You do everything for the child — do you tell, that you are doing it for the child? It is out of the love of the mother who does everything for the child, for the welfare of the child. That is how the Master does. Master only wants something from us — that the child in whose favour everything is done at least should be devotional, he should be fully devoted to the Master Power, then Master Power is very happy.

Master used to say, “Master is like an unpaid servant.” He says, that they have no will, they only have to obey the Will of God. So in this letter He writes, “We are dragged wherever He likes.” Baba Sawan Singh used to say, “When a work is finished at one place then we are sent to the other place.” They are very hard labourers, it is a hard labour They are doing. And He said, “No exception, we are bound where we are ordered by Him.” And we cannot say anything to the Will of God. It is the Master Power who really obeys the Will of God.

And in this letter Baba Sawan Singh further tells to Sant Kirpal Singh, “Our purpose is to let other people know the Truth. We have come into the world to spread the love of God. If people do not accept it or do not respond to it, even then we should not have any expectation from them, because it is a Will of God.”

So the Masters, doing everything, They even don’t expect any reward from any person. Such are the Saints. Such was Baba Sawan Singh and Sant Kirpal Singh who came into this world, and lots of people were gifted with that Grace.

And we go on telling about the Son and the Father, this is a history. We can only tell something which we know outwardly. But what was there in their heart, their feelings, their love, their devotion to each other, nobody can tell. We only add something for our own choice. Only a true one can know the true one, others cannot know Him. But anyhow, if we sit in their sweet remembrance, we enjoy their radiation. And what the Master wants from us? That you always remain co-sharers — let us enjoy it for all the times.

The Shower of Sawan’s Grace

You know, July is the hottest month in India, and people yearn for rain. Baba Sawan Singh was born in this month. It is usually said, “When He is very happy, He brings rain.” Many times we experienced that there were no clouds, but immediately they gathered and it started raining. It so happened.

You know, when it rains, it comes over the high and the lowest places equally. So Baba Sawan Singh broke all barriers. He said, “We are all one.” During the time of Baba Sawan Singh this Spirituality could extend all over the world. But He was too old to bear the burden of the work and He said, “Kirpal Singh, now you should go there.” It was the Grace of Baba Sawan Singh that was extended to Sant Kirpal Singh. The whole thing was cleared.

Baba Sawan Singh was brought up in a very open atmosphere. Right from His childhood He was very broad-hearted. He loved the truth, and He remained with truthful people — that was His career right from the beginning. He used to meet Saints, He used to have always good company. He was very fond of the real teaching, and His angle of vision right from the beginning was totally separate from all other people. His family was a very respectable family. All loved Him. He was the only child of His family, of His parents. He was brought up in a very nice way, and from His childhood, He never created any duality.

This time, there were hardly very few persons who could study, it was too difficult. There were very few schools and [it was a] distant area. I think, He was the only one, or may be a few were there who were literate ones.

He was also respected in all this atmosphere in all these villages. Baba Sawan Singh was not only loved by His parents, but He was loved right from the beginning from all the neighbours from the nearby places, and He had become a figure there. They said, “He is a very nice child, He has the respect for all human beings”. He would never say, “He is rich, he is poor” when there was a lot of discrimination between the good and the poor, and the caste-system was also too high in it. (The poor are mostly belonging to the disrespected lower casts, so this was interconnected.) But in this direction, He loved all. He used to embrace all, irrespective of whether one was poor or one was dirty. From His teaching you can very well know it. He used to say, “It is a gift from God, but you are not entitled to misuse this gift. Your purpose is different.”

He was very broad-hearted. He used to remove the ignorance of the masses with very simple ways. People were very simple during His time. He had such a simple way to let them understand. When He was asked about the so-called masters and so-called people, He used to say, “If the dog passes through the cotton field, would he be dressed well? He will remain a dog.” Such things He used to say, very simple things.

While telling about the competency of Master, He used to say, “Believe His competency. He comes (from God), He is commissioned from God. His purpose is entirely different, believe Him, He is the king of kings. He has everything you need. Believe Him and rest assured that He will take you back.” He used to tell about a Tonga-driver, this carriage which is driven by the horse. He said, “Suppose, if the leather, which is holding this carriage with the horse, is broken on the way, he will take off his turban and tie it there. You have not still paid the money to him, but you are sure, that he will take you to the destination. You believe, that this driver will take you home, why don’t you believe the Master? Master is the supreme in the three worlds. He has His flight right from here, and He will take you there.” He said, “Believe the Master Power. He is beyond all description, try to know Him.”

He used to reach the heart of men with very simple words. You know, when He told about the mind, He said, “If there is any person who gives his mind, Master Power can take him back at once.” One person stood up and said, “Yes, Master, I give the mind to you. Take me back.” He said, “Yes, first make your mind your own. Your mind is not your own. It is now identified somewhere else.” He gave the radiation, He gave a direction. Out of His vibration he could feel, “Oh, my mind is not within me. My mind is identified somewhere else.” So He used to use very simple words just to approach the common man.

He was highly qualified. He could speak Persian, He knew the language of all the Saints. He was a great Saint of the world, but His contact was with very common people, very simple people, who knew nothing. They were illiterate, most of them. But He used those words, very common words. With little words it was meaningful.

Some people who used to be very highly qualified, literate persons, when they came, He used to say, “Okay, if you want to listen with one word then you come over here. If you want to listen with lots of words, then go to Sant Kirpal Singh.” That were His words. Father and Son both could satisfy everybody. Whenever any person went there, he became one of Them; either he trusted the words of Sant Kirpal Singh, or Sant Kirpal Singh said, “If you keep my words, you keep the words of my Master.” And Baba Sawan Singh said, “If you have understood me, you have understood Sant Kirpal Singh, there is no difference between me and Him.”

But people were misguided, people misunderstood Him. Right from the beginning They knew each other, they were very loveable.

Satsang with Hazur

You know, Baba Sawan Singh would never start Satsang till Sant Kirpal Singh was there. Sometimes, if Master was given a duty and did not come, He said to the Pathi, Read some more Shabda,” and again, “One more, one more,” till Sant Kirpal Singh used to come.

What is meant by it?

Actually there should be someone who can listen to the Saint, there should be someone. Otherwise the Satsang is fake, it has no value. There should be someone who may tell something and there should be someone who must listen it from heart. Without Sant Kirpal Singh He would not make Satsang, He would always be waiting for Sant Kirpal Singh.

So either Baba Sawan Singh used to make Satsang and Sant Kirpal Singh was sitting beside, and sometimes Sant Kirpal Singh was making Satsang, and Baba Sawan Singh used to sit beside looking very attentively towards Master, Sant Kirpal Singh. It was some extraordinary atmosphere which our Master used to tell about.

Sant Kirpal Singh used to say, “When I went there, sometimes I had no power even to move a little bit more, sometimes I used to sit even at the end, at the last place.” And whenever He saw even the turban (of Baba Sawan Singh) from far away, His whole body used to be radiated by His love. Such was the relation between Father and son. Master used to tell that some people used to sit beside Him. One time a rich person whose seat was mostly very near to Baba Sawan Singh, also happened to sit beside Sant Kirpal Singh. He said, “So far we had been ignorant, but from this side, Baba Sawan Singh has given me such a radiation which we never felt before.”

Baba Sawan Singh had created His own atmosphere there out of His humour, out of His love for all human beings. People were very openhearted there. He had created all people like Him. So it used to be said, that those who go to Baba Sawan Singh do not create duality, they do not tell lies, even if they were in the court they would tell the right thing. It was a known factor there, that they would never tell lies.

People sitting there in thousands were very open-minded. They used to stand up, they said, “Master, we committed this mistake.” They had no shame — very broad-hearted people. And Baba Sawan Singh used to say, Is there any person who can bear the karmic reaction of this problem which he has created?” Then nobody from the Sangat would stand up.

Who can do that? We cannot bear our own karmas, who can bear the karmas of other people? Then Baba Sawan Singh, in big gathering, He said, “Yes, commit no more! Finished.” Such things He used to do. That was His diary, that was His self-introspection diary.

So people used to be very honest during this time, very simple-minded, broad-hearted. And I told you, He had created such a good atmosphere there. People were very loving with each other, from heart they loved each other. Such were the disciples of Baba Sawan Singh — very simple people.

One time it so happened that there was a girl who was very receptive. She got initiation and started seeing the Master Power within also. She was married, and her parents-in-law were worshippers of a goddess. They took her to the river Ganges were there was the temple of this goddess. She had to go there because of her parents-in-law. There they worshipped, and she was standing there. But then she was asked, “Okay, it is a tradition to put some money into the river to please this goddess.” And they all, her father-in-law, her mother-in-law and her husband also put the money and she was also asked, “Take the money and also do this.” So she did it also.

Then this girl happened to come again to Baba Sawan Singh. Sitting among thousands, she stood up and said, “Master, this thing has happened to me and now I have become quite blank from within, I have full darkness within.” Baba Sawan Singh told, “What happened?” She narrated the whole story, she said, “My father-in-law, my mother-in-law and my husband took me to this goddess’ place and asked me to put also the money there into the river Ganges, so I did it.”

Baba Sawan Singh said, “What happened?” She said, “Then you disappeared.” He said, “Yes, okay, there is a remedy — hold your ears (a sign to remember) that you will not commit such a mistake again.” And she said — she was a very simple girl, “Master, you also hold your ears that you will never go away from within again.” Such were the people. Baba Sawan Singh smiled, He laughed very loudly, lovably. He had a big attraction with such people. There were very innocent people during this time.

Mission is Man-Making and Man-Service

Sant Kirpal Singh was posted about 60 km away from this place. And there was only one way to come there by railway, by train. Sant Kirpal Singh had to do a lot in His office. While He was working very hard in His office, He used to bring His attention in the Mission and see, if His Master was in any problem — while writing He was putting His attention there, it was no obstacle in His work. He only used to bring His attention there and see, if there was any problem in the Mission. And if there was any problem, He used to finish, and after finishing His work He would go directly to that place and finish with this problem. And whenever He went to Baba Sawan Singh, Baba Sawan Singh said, “Sant Kirpal Singh, how is it?” He said, Master, it is fully alright.” He would never keep His Master in any problem. Such was a good disciple of a good Master. It was such a good relation which continued. So Baba Sawan Singh used to be very happy, because His disciple would avoid all the problems in the Mission. The credit goes to whom? Both did, the Father and the Son as well, it was their joint work in reality.

Baba Sawan Singh had beautiful incidences, a lot of incidences during His time. Once Baba Sawan Singh happened to come, He mostly used to come to Amritsar, and he was making a Satsang in the house of one Dhuni Chand. There one person came, he was not initiated, he was a new one, but he was yearning. Sant Kirpal Singh was sitting outside. This man said, “I want to see Baba Sawan Singh.” Sant Kirpal Singh asked, “Where do you come from?” He said, “I have come from such and such village.”“You also came here before?” He said, “No.”“Then how you came, how you knew, that Baba Sawan Singh is here?” He said, “Last night, Baba Sawan Singh met me within. He said: ‘I am in such and such house in Amritsar, you can come tomorrow’.” When this man was brought to Baba Sawan Singh, He said, “You have come? Okey, sit.” So this is the Master.

There were lots of incidences. One time, Master was in the office and He saw that there was one problem. He put His attention in the Mission, saw that there was something and that His Master was very much worried. He asked with attention, “Master, what is the problem? In your presence one feels carefree, you should be all the time very carefree, why you are worried for, when I am there to work for you?” He said, “Yes, Kirpal, go to this place and solve the problem”, only with attention. Now Sant Kirpal Singh knew only this much that He had to go to a city. It was a big city, but never He knew about the address. Anyhow, He said, “He who has directed, He will also arrange for that person.” So now He knew. And Baba Sawan Singh directed this person, “Sant Kirpal Singh is coming, meet Him at the railway-station.” This man was already there. So little, little things were there, but it was all full of meaning.

During this time, people were very much bound to their religions. They were not so liberal as it is now. It was the grace of Baba Sawan Singh who created a common ground for all people to get together. Some people used to come, they said, “Oh, who are you? We are ‘Naamdhari!’,” means, ‘those who are initiated’ — they are called ‘Naamdhari’. Baba Sawan Singh said, “Yes, I am also Naamdhari, I am also initiated.” He took this word for Himself. He said, “Yes, it is the same thing, no problem.” People asked Him, “Who are you?” He said, “If God is a Sikh, I am a Sikh, if He is a Hindu, I am a Hindu, if He is a Christian, then I am a Christian, if He is a Muslim, then I am a Muslim.” So when people used to say, “Who then are you?”, He said: “Don´t put a label on me.” He used to remove all these doubts. So those people who had some dint of light within them, they could very easily understand the Master.

He said, “Let us become conscious of our own self. When you are not the body, then why you are putting the label thereon? These labels are a very big burden, remove the burden. We have to leave the body, even this body is a big burden, and you are labelling it with big loads. Don´t put yourself in problems.” With very few words He used to convince a lot of people.

As concerned with His grace, He looked very different while sitting in thousands of people. One time He was travelling in a train, you know, the train was going at a speed of one hundred kilometres per hour. There was one person who was on this railway-crossing. He was riding a camel, and Baba Sawan Singh saw him through the window and he also could see Baba Sawan Singh. After some time this man´s end came. And he sent message to some Master-disciple, he said, Your Master has come within me.” He said, “How did you meet Him?” He said, “I could meet Him only for one second in my life. Only one second.” Feel the grace of the Master! He could remain in contact with the Master only for one second. In one second the train was there out. With this single attention — it was a single attention of the Master, and with single attention he saw the Master. And he said, “Baba Sawan Singh has come, and now He wants to take me back.” So this was the grace of the Master.

Most of the time He used to travel by train. Train was a fast way to approach to other people. One time He was travelling and the train stopped at one railway station. There was one person who was selling grapes. When he saw Baba Sawan Singh, he said, “When this old person will accept my grapes, perhaps I will be forgiven, I will be out of my sins, my sins will be forgiven. He looks like a holy person.” He never knew that He was a holy person. He said, He seems to be a holy person. If He accepts my grapes, then perhaps I will be forgiven.” So he took all his grapes and put them before Baba Sawan Singh. Baba Sawan Singh did not take them, He said, “All have come to me, I have received all these grapes.”

So it was also an incidence in the life of that person — when he died, he told a lot of people, “The one who accepted me at the railway-station has come to receive me.”

This is a natural grace of the Master Power. If you come in contact with such a personality, His one positive view in the life is that He will not leave you. He will remain in contact with you. At the time of your physical departure He has to be there.

You know, the husband of Taiji (Mrs Hardevi), Raja Ram, he was a very devoted disciple of Baba Sawan Singh. And one time Baba Sawan Singh became very happy with him. He said, “Raja Ram, do you have any wish?” He said, “Yes, Master, I have one wish.” He said, “Yes, tell me.” He said, “At my end you must be within and without.” He said, “Okay, this will happen.” When this time came, Baba Sawan Singh managed to go there. It was a place far away from Beas, where Baba Sawan Singh had to go.

Raja Ram could not leave his body, he was suffering very seriously. He had to leave, but when Baba Sawan Singh went there, he said, “Hazur, you are already within me, but I was waiting for your physical presence.” Hazur put His gracious hand on his head and said, “Now you can go back.” This grace of Master is following you like anything. And he smiled. Anybody who looked on the face of that person said, “How he went smilingly?” It was a pose, it was a pose that he was only smiling. Such is the grace of the Master, I tell you.

Baba Sawan Singh loved Sant Kirpal Singh very much. While Sant Kirpal Singh was in military service, He sometimes had a lot of work and was not free. When He did not come, Baba Sawan Singh took His car and went directly there. As no one is permitted to enter the military field, Baba Sawan Singh used to send a message, “Ask Sant Kirpal Singh, an old person has come to meet him.” Sant Kirpal Singh knew as who was that old person, He used to rush, “Hazur, why do you take so much trouble on you to come over here?”“Kirpal Singh, how can I live for so long time without you? You must think over, you must not get late.” Master used to say, “Master, this is a law of military, how can I avoid it?”

Sant Kirpal Singh used to do so much work during His lifetime. He said that He even did not get leave. Throughout life He got only two or three times leave, otherwise He was working too hard. Because Masters have to justify in the world. They have to justify their Master and they have to justify all others. If one is not responsible for one reason, he is not responsible for lots of reasons which are interconnected. So Master was perfect in all directions, while doing in the worldly way or all other ways.

His way was — He was very loveable to our Master. One time, one person said to Baba Sawan Singh, “Can I have one of your pictures?” He said, “No, no, not the least. I have not still given it to Sant Kirpal Singh, how can I give it to you?” It was a way of His love towards Sant Kirpal Singh. And He was sitting there among many. He always told in different ways, in different tone that He had a lot of love, affection for Sant Kirpal Singh.

One time He felt that there were a lot of persons who wanted this successorship, and just to remove their doubts, to remove their ignorance, one day He said, “I want to go somewhere. I want to go to the railway-station. Does somebody want to come along with me?” All those persons who were anxious for, who wanted this successorship from Him, they all joined Him. When He started, He said, “Such a beautiful smell is coming up, it is just like roses and jasmine, do you feel it?” All of them said, “No, Master, there is no such smell.” He said, “No, there is a smell.” They started. In the way He said, “Now this smell is increasing more and more.” What happened? There Sant Kirpal Singh felt it, and He started from that place to the railway station, it was 6-7 km from there.

In the way again Baba Sawan Singh said, “Oh, now this is increasing, now I am getting intoxicated, so much smell is there.” When He reached at the railway station, He said, “Now you must be feeling it at all, it is so much now. This smell is there.” They said, “Master, no, we do not feel it at all.”

After some time, this train was coming which Sant Kirpal Singh was already riding, and seeing this train, Baba Sawan Singh said: “Okey, ask Sant Kirpal Singh not to jump over. Because when He will see me, He will jump from the train.” So the same thing happened. When Sant Kirpal Singh saw Hazur sitting on the chair on the platform, Sant Kirpal Singh jumped, He came and touched the holy feet of Baba Sawan Singh. Then all people could understand that it was the smell from His disciple.

Master tells us, if we feel the smell — smell is the radiation of the Master. This smell comes, if the Master Power remembers us. Master says, “This smell is not coming only to the disciple but the smell of the disciple also reaches the Master Power.” Both smell it. The smell of the Master and the smell of the disciple — it reaches here and it reaches there. Anything that touches the heart here, touches the heart there. Such thing is there.

Then Sant Kirpal told, “Master, you had given us such a radiation, I could not stay there. At once I had to decide to come to you.” And Baba Sawan Singh said, “My condition was the same.”

Sometimes, while He was distributing Parshad, He said, “Kirpal Singh, do you also want Parshad?” He said, “Master, if you are happy, if you are too gracious, you can also give me.” Then He was putting (holding out) His shirt, and both were above the body-consciousness. He was putting, and a lot of Parshad was falling down, it was some fruit.

Like this was the story of the Son and the Father. It is full of — I mean to say — a continuous state of ecstasy.

Master had written some thousands of poems in the love of His Master. Sometimes He just used a poetic way to send His thoughts towards His Master, and Taiji was there and Baba Sawan Singh used to say, “Okey, you have a good throat, you can sing this poem.” She used to sing it in a very beautiful tone, in very musical tone. So all this life between the Father and the Son was just like a holy romance. It continued throughout life. Sant Kirpal Singh said that His life with Hazur was a beautiful one. He never thought, “I am working.” Going through lots of hazards, lots of problems, He always thought, “Oh, it is such a happiness.” He never said that it was a very dreadful thing, He had to go through very hardships. No, He said, “It was a very beautiful time with Master.” Because with all that He did, He said, “It was the Grace of my Master. Never I did it myself. I always felt the presence of my Master. He used to be with me.”

Such is the grace of the Master that He says, “I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world.” — No, not even of the world. His love is eternal, for all the times. This world will end, but His love will not end. We are going to have the eternal life with Him. Such is the Grace which all the time follows from Master to Master.

And Master used to say, if He really tells or if He gives experience about His love towards His child, even one would come above his body consciousness. He would become mad. He would forget to do anything which he has to do in the world. He will even forget to pay off the debts of the Pralabdh Karma of this man-body. Master says that His love is under the curtain, He does not let His love be known to His child. Because He also knows, except by His love nobody can love Him.

His purpose is very unique in His circle. He keeps us in His circle, in His atmosphere, and there He is very careful for each one of us, just to give us proper food, a right food so that we always remain healthy. He gives health to the soul, He provides all that is feasible for our consciousness.

In this way it is said about Sant Kirpal Singh, that by doing He learned a lot. In one letter, Baba Sawan Singh told, “Kirpal Singh, our work is entirely different from that of others.” He said, sometimes He did not find much time even to meditate. Masters meditate not for self-purposes. They only meditate to overcome our difficulties, to overcome the tentacles of the negative power. That is their work.

So then He advised Sant Kirpal Singh, “The selfless service is not less than meditation. Be fully equipped with it.” In this letter He was telling that to our Master, He was telling about the importance of the selfless service. Our Master did it. Throughout His life He was doing man-making and man-service.

This was the task of all Masters. You know, if you read the history of any competent Master, it is full of man-making and man-service. No Master ever could become a Master unless He went through this process. This is a process. Everyone has to go through this process.

Selfless service, man-making is the main theme, is the spiritual heritage of all competent Masters. And they stress the need for us. So now it is high time, when our Masters have transferred this heritage to all of us. “You all can do it.” Such a beautiful heritage! When He tells something, He is responsible for it. So this fruit which you are having, that was planted in the olden times, it was there. It is the same tree. It is not a new tree, this tree is very, very old, and it is yielding the fruit. It is not a new philosophy. It is the same philosophy that started from the beginning of this world, and this will end with the world, till we all go back home. And it will finish within ourselves, but it will awake further with our eternal life. This was the heritage of all Masters, and in this time it is our heritage.

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