Different Systems of Meditation — Q&A

Transcript of interview with Dr Harbhajan Singh in Kirpal Sagar on 1994-02-09

Different Systems of Meditation − Questions & Answers by Dr Harbhajan Singh (11:28)

Question: Esoteric groups, they have different systems of meditation and you can experience some (astral) light and some sound. You have some experiences. So how can one differentiate what is the way back to God and what are the other things which stands in the way?

Dr Harbhajan Singh: Actually this is very easy to understand, and when one understands then he will not be misled.
Now there are astral and causal regions. So similarly Christ has told that,

“Where the world-philosophies end,
there the (true) religion starts”

as I told you beforehand.

World philosophies do not end in astral or causal regions. If the heaven (true Home of our Father) that is taught by the Christ is within the astral or the causal regions that will come to the cause and effect of the world. So that will not persist for all the times. But according to the Scriptures those who will enter into the (true) heaven they will have the eternal lifethen they will not meet the death. Once they go there, they have to life forever.

How is it possible that this ‘heaven’ which is taught now and the light showed therein (is forever)? It is the astral light.
About this astral or the causal light in the body, Kabir says,

“These regions are death-traps”

As I told you, there is no such power that lives there (in astral and causal regions) with discriminating power. If there is one, he will rise above the cause and effect of the world. This is the teaching of the Christ and all other competent Masters.

So now, this is the true temple of God, body is the true temple of God, it has now three ways to go up.

There are three (nadis) — these arteries: on the left, right and in the middle (Ida, Pingala and Sushmana). The midway is that of the Saints, and this left and right arteries they go to the astral and the causal plane. These are physically seen but the midway that is vacuum (it is void of matter) and it is full of darkness. You know light only shines (is reflected) on the matter. So there is no matter.

In the astral and the causal plane there are matters. So there is excessive light, but this is controlled by the negative power. We can attain lot of powers there, riddhis and siddhis, miraculous (Yogi) powers, but not the Truth (God) within.

Those souls who live there they have to come back again into the transmigration (birth as lower species) after the dissolution of the world; it is from the Holy Scriptures.

But those who go through the midway and it is utter darkness but when the Master Power — Master Power always comes through the midway — this midway means it goes direct through the Third Eye, it opens and when this Third Eye is opened you are welcome in the Heaven that was taught by the Christ. There is the Bread of Life and there is Water of Life. Once you take it then you never feel hungry or thirsty to come back into the world.

So it is the cause and effect of the world — means, you have to rise above the causal plane. Above the causal plane there is the Tenth Gate of the body that helps us to enter into the Heaven, that was taught by the Christ, but it is above the cause and effect of the world. You understand?

This is a big thing to understand.

Those ‘experiences’ which people get, they only stress over here, because when it is said, here is the seat of the soul, but to reach at the seat of the soul is also very difficult, because before there is the intellect, then mind and then the soul.

As long as you are not free from the intellect and mind, how can you be (reach) there at the seat of the soul?

But most of people they stress over here when their intellect and mind is working and moving all around and they are stressing there and what is the resultant?

Mind in the body is always the astral mind. So it will bring you to the chakras, then to take upward, then to take through the Third Eye. So there is excessive light in chakras.

So people waste their life and energy and what is there? All this inferior task with which man is fully entangled and miserably misled.

There are the black magic, spiritual healing, all that, the knowledge of the inferior (lower) worlds are there. So people are misled by these things and take them as the right one. But it is not the right one!

Christ has told,

“Learn to die so that you may begin to live.”

You cannot die, you cannot loose the awareness of the world so far you do not rise above the cause and effect of the world. Only thereafter you are reborn (in Spirit).

Otherwise what happens?

You are in the world, you are having (the view of) different beauties and you are looking into the astral and into the causal plane. But that will not help you to be reborn. There is the one problem there.

People are wasting their energy in meditating because meditation has become a breakfast for everybody now. (They say,) “Let me meditate”.

But this meditation, I think, is not of any use for the soul, though it can fulfill your wishes, but if only you fulfill your wishes, it will bring more attachment, more ego in you and you will certainly come back into the world and you have to suffer again and again, again and again.

I would suggest you to go back to your Holy Scripture, read it carefully and see!

Many Holy Scriptures in the world they are changed according to once own taste. But your true Bible, your true Holy Scripture is within and so far it is not answered in single answer you won’t trust even the Holy Scriptures.

You must experience this answer within you and that should be single, it should be not adulterated with other thoughts. There is only one question and one answer to this question.

So in this way lot of people they are doing it. Hundred thousands ‘masters’ they are working in these astral and causal planes and there maybe only one Power that comes which works above these planes. So their experience differs, but the experience given by a competent Master that will be exactly what all other competent Masters got in their life and it is also written in their Holy Scriptures. So we should compare that experience if really it is so.

In Guru Grant Sahib (this is also described). People come over here and those who have learned this Guru Grant Sahib and they are going from one step to other step and the same experience people are getting. And whatever they say, they say, “Yes, so far they had not got it in this way, in the sequence form, but they were misled into the astral plane and their mind became more emotional, but soul was not developed.”

Only your mind can be more emotional. You can feel happy but you will never be contented with these things, I tell you. Contentment is not there. You will be more with emotions and some knowledge and you can be well equipped with the knowledge of the three worlds but not beyond the three worlds.

But if you transcend above the cause and effect of the world you have many benefits. You can have the real life and you can know even the three worlds and what is even beyond that. This is how we can become conscious co-worker of divine plan like as Christ said,

“I and my father are one.”

He who becomes conscious co-worker of divine plan he will become one with his Master.

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