Purpose of Human Life — Strasbourg 1994

Lecture by Dr Harbhajan Singh, in Strasbourg (France) on June 13, 1994
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Audio Talk “Purpose of Human Life” by Dr Harbhajan Singh (59:11)

Dear brothers and sisters,

today’s subject is: “Man, Know Thyself!” and all Masters stressed the need for it. Why have they stressed?

Because without knowing our self (soul or consciousness) we cannot know the Overself (God), even we could not know anything that involves us into the three worlds. So there are a lot of illusions and delusions in the world, suppressed or created by us or by others.

Masters have told,

“Oh man, know thyself.”

Because we have to know what we are, who we are, from where we came, how we came and now what is the purpose of human life. That is all our consideration.

If we think, we are the body, alas, we are not the body!

We have to leave this body. How can we claim that we are the body?

So what we are, who we are? We are the indweller of the body. We are living in this body.

Who is living in it?

Our self — the soul. The Power of God is dwelling in the body. So Masters tell us that this man-body has got the soul. We are embodied souls.

What is our contact with the body? And what we are? How we can overcome the shackles?

This subject is very delicate.

If you know, you will see that you are bewildered in the world. So far you have done nothing in the world, you are simply identified into the world, and ages upon ages we are in this world.

But what have we got in our hand?

We are still empty-handed!

Go back to your Holy Scriptures. There are the practical experience of our competent Masters. And they have spoken about the plight of man.

This subject itself is very beautiful. Because, after all, what we are and what is our relation in the world?

At least we have to leave it. Because we do not know how we came in the world and why we are leaving it. Now in the worldly way it is very easy to live in the world and enjoy the world. But it is very difficult to leave it and to leave this body.

Masters tell us the way out. And the way out is only possible when you know all the “whys” and “buts”, all the consequences of this man-body. We have to know a lot of things and we have to discriminate a lot of things. Then you would have the right understanding. Then you would have a viewpoint in your hand.

So this subject will give you a way out, a complete way out. Not only a little bit of it. I will tell you why.

Man differs from the whole creation only due to one factor. That is the discriminating power, an awakening, an awareness. We have to make the best use of this awareness that is within us, that is latent and we have not used it. Simply we are identified into the body through the outgoing faculties of the mind, and we have been engrossed in the world so much so that we have forgotten. We never knew what we are.

That is a very important subject, because it will deal with your overall problems, not only with one problem, so that you become a complete man in itself.

The purpose of human life is not to look like a man,
but to appear (act) like a (true) human being.

God is an Ocean of All-Consciousness, we are the drop of that consciousness. We are of the same essence as that of God. We are the indweller of the Heaven, but not the indweller of this world. We have come down over here, but so far we have not come back.

All our competent Masters, those who came, whether they came in the East or in the West, at different places and at different times, they taught the same very Truth with one opinion. This one opinion exists in the Holy Scriptures. We should believe it. This is the testimony of the Masters.

What do the Masters say?

“Oh man, you are in suffering.”

Why do they say, we are in suffering?

We want to be happy in the world. You say, “Oh, I am very happy today.” No. You are not happy. You are happy outside but you are not contented within, because you have not got this eternal happiness within you. This happiness which you claim to have or you are searching for, it is only on the level of the senses and the mind. It is not the eternal happiness.

What is this happiness?

There are the two phases of our attention. We are soul, soul has the attention. Wherever our attention is fixed, there we feel happy. And when this attention is withdrawn, we feel unhappy. This is a phase of our attention.

We claim that we are happy, but we are not contented within.

This happiness which we want to have that is above the level of the senses and the shackles of the mind. All Masters got the eternal peace, eternal happiness, while they were in the body. And they claimed it. And those who yearned for it, they were also helped for it.

So what is our purpose?

We have to live in the world, and yet we have to leave it, no exception to the rule. We must know what is our purpose of coming into this world.

(We come to this world) only to solve the riddle of life, only to solve the purpose of human life and the mystery of death. We are (bound). This death is inescapable. We even want to get rid of its subject. We say, “No, it will happen, no, it must happen. No exception to the rule, it will happen.”

But Master tells us,

“You must have that very experience which our Master got.”

What is (written) in the Holy Scriptures?

The practical experience of our competent Masters. Whatever they saw within — this is a holy temple, a holy body.

Because body is a true temple of God. All temples, gurdawaras, mosques, churches are made out of the symbol of a man-body. God lives in this man-body, in this temple. Our purpose is as great as that of the Masters.

Now everyone wants to be happy in this world. (For that) he just has to create a wish. Everybody has to create a wish just to be happy in the world. While creating wishes, he creates a lot of negative facts in his life. He tells lies, he creates otherness, duality, bloodshed, all that and what not?

So what happens?

When this wish is fulfilled, it becomes attachment. We take it to the heart. And with attachment, ego is there. After some time, this wish which you already fulfilled becomes fake and void. It does no longer interest you. Then you have to create another wish just to be happy in the world. Throughout life man goes on creating wishes after wishes till the end of life comes and he goes on weeping.

What is the plight of man?
He goes weeping.
He came crying and went crying.

What happens at the time of death?

With attachment, diseases of the mind appear. People are suffering from psychic problems. This is the attachment.

Now with ego one suffers from wrath and anger. It is said, with anger this body burns, the heart burns.

What happens?

Diseases of the body appear.

When the diseases of the mind
and body get together,
man dies in the negative circle.

There are two circles already. One is a negative circle and one is a positive circle. If you are in the negative circle, you are not in the positive circle. If you are in the positive circle, then you are not in the negative circle. So man has come over here with the free will.

What is that (free) will which we have to create? This is the discriminating power. By discriminating power we can come very close to the Reality (God) that is within us and is too close. That is innate in our heart, but we have forgotten.

Every Saint has a past and every sinner a future.

This subject is very beautiful, please hear it. Our wishes are the root cause of our existence in this world.

Kabir says,

“With the death of one, two die,
and with the death of two, four die,
and with the death of four, six die.
Out of six, four are male, two are female.”

It is an example, a very good example.

If you don’t create a wish (desire), you will not be affected by the attachment and the ego.

If you are not affected by the attachment and the ego, you will not be affected by all other problems that we have created in this human life. Because (these) two are female (meaning, they give birth to all other problems).

What are these two?

These are attachment and ego.

That brings (gives birth to) all the diseases of the mind and diseases of the body and all the diseases with which we are all in this physical body. Had we solved the mystery of death beforehand, we would have not come over here. We must have gone back to the House, back to the Home of our Father, into the Heaven.

So that is a very practical subject. We have to know that all those experiences which are written in the Holy Scriptures are practical experiences of our competent Masters.

How did they go into this true temple of God?

They have read the true Bible. This teaching is within. Suppose as for example, five to six thousand years there was no trace of any religion, no formations, but we existed in the world. Where those formations and religions went? (What has become of them?) They are just like a stagnant water that gives smell. Water is everywhere but no person would like to take the dirty water.

The same good old custom corrupts itself. These formations went aside. Suppose if there were no Holy Scriptures in the world. You can (nevertheless) go within and you can take the teaching and put it in the Holy Scriptures again. We didn’t get back this teaching, we didn’t use that heritage that is within us. But we can have it back.

It is said, macrocosm (Creation and Creator) is in the microcosm (human body).

Whatever you see, whatever you experience, that is in the man-body, (and) whatever you don’t see, in the astral or in the causal, even beyond, rather the whole Creation and the Creator Himself live (also) in the man-body. This is why it is said to be a true temple of God.

Body is a true temple of God.

We are within the body, and our Creator, whom we have to realize is also in the man-body. Both are in the man-body, but, alas, they don’t talk to each other.

Where is the problem? The problem is with us, because we are identified into this body and even have gone so much so into the world that we have forgotten what we are, who we are.

We have to realize this very fact, because it will make you a complete man in itself and will help you to solve the riddle of life as I told you in the beginning.

But now we have to analyse that (question), What is in the man-body?

If you know it, so whatever thing is there?

The question is within and the answer is also within.
The disease is within and the remedy is also within.

Suppose you put me a question. If I give you the wrong answer, you will not cooperate with me since you have the right answer within you.

That is meant with the Holy Scriptures. And that is the experience that is within you.

Every Saint has a past and every sinner a future.

Masters tell us,

“You are of the same essence as that of God.
You are the indweller of the Heaven.
You are the living child of a living God.
Why are you identified into the body?
Don’t you think, don’t you see
what will be your end?”

You have to meet a tragic end.

Therefore you must learn how to live in the body and how to live in this world. Masters tell us the way how to remain unattached in the world of attachment.

Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. But for a layman it is something else.

So Masters lived with practical life. They will let you know how to live in this (man-body), this is an art of life. If you learn the very art of life, you can go with “sweets” (the Nectar of Life) in your hand. You can solve the riddle of life.

Now we’ll see, what is in the man-body? How to realize that God Power?

How can we come in contact (with the God Power within) to (solve) this purpose?

These are all our considerations. Without these considerations our purpose to live in the world is fake and void. It is meaningless. Your house (man-body) is empty. Your arrival and departure in an empty house is meaningless.

The purpose of human life is to meet a good end.

And for that purpose we have to analyse some very important positive factors, the very hard facts of our life, and you can not ignore those hard facts of life. You have to go through it. Because, when we meet the last end (death), what happens with us?

We transcend from the lower extremities, transcending all these chakras, passing through the throat ganglion and our soul comes at the root of the two eyes. From there we take an upward trend and then we take an inward trend. Here we die.

You (may) have seen dying person. Everybody may have seen what happens at the time of death.

Masters tell us, it is very, very dreadful. And they have given a lot of experiences of what happens. It is said, even the bone cracks within. When really this time comes, one Master has told, one may compare it to the pain when a thorny bush is pulled from the mouth to the anus. This whole body will be shattered. So it is even much worse than that.

It is said, if you are bitten by a scorpion, you have to go to a doctor because the bite is so painful. But they say it so happens at the time of death as if one thousand scorpions bit together. Then again they say, (we should) believe the testimony of the Masters because whatever they have seen, they explain it. They don’t tell any lie, that is their experience. That is our end.

Whose end?

The end of those who do not attend to the purpose of human life. Those who don’t know, those who don’t know themselves. So far you don’t know yourself, you can not know the Overself, you can not know the God within us. So the purpose of human life is to realize.

Now the man differs from the whole Creation with one factor: that (we are) blessed with discriminating power, with awareness. Both — God has (it) and his child (soul) has it. No other in the whole creation has this right understanding, this discriminating power. With discriminating power we have to go into the man-body. We have to find, we have to realize all those facts.

The fear of death is only due to two facts:

The one thing is that we have not learned how to leave the body and second thing is, we do not know where to go after leaving the body. These two things, if you read all Holy Scriptures, you will find the essence (of it) in there.

On that very point all Masters have claimed,

“Oh man, know thyself, what you are, who you are.
You are bewildered in the world for no reason,
but lot of consequences will arise out of you.”

We have to be aware, because those are the practical experiences of our competent Masters.

Their experience must become our experience.

They say,

“You can have that experience
because it is our turn to meet God.”

When we come back into the man-body, when the soul dwells in the man-body, then the purpose of human life is to meet God. Everything in the world is a side issue.

Why side issue?

Because all what you are doing is connected with your man-body, is connected with your wishes. When you are no more in the body, where those things (reactions, consequences, karmas) will go? No, they will not go anywhere. You have to carry them.

How (can) you carry them?

You can not carry them, but the poison, the attachment you created, that you have to (carry), that your soul has to bear upon. This is the reaction.

So what is this man-body?

It is a (result of your) Pralabdh-karma (unchangeable destiny). Whatever you did in the past you are blessed (or cursed) by the same reaction. So you- all of us have done good things. God has blessed (us) to come into the man-body and that is a rare opportunity.

Masters tell us,

“You may or may not be given the man-body,
if it is not given to you, you have to go into
the transmigration (reincarnation in lower species).
It may take millions (and) millions of births
to get you back again into the man-body.”

So it is a rare chance.

Master said,

“Make the best use of your being in this world
because it is your chance.
It is a chance. It is a gift from God.
We have forgotten this mystery.”

All Masters have told,

“Learn to die so that you may begin to live.”

Only after you (once) leave the body and it is the same experience which happens at the time of death. They say, you need (or you must have) this experience.

So who can help us to rise above the body-consciousness and give us the same experience which happens at the time of death?

Then we will say, Who is the Master?

Now there are hundred thousand ‘masters’, but all competent Masters whose teachings are alive with us, and that is in accordance with the teaching which is within us, They said,

There is only one Doer (Controlling Power).
There is no second doer in the world.

Who is the Doer?
The Christ Power, Master Power, God Power.

And what is that Power?

The radiant form of the Master (Gurudev), that is sustaining this body. That is the radiant form of the Master.

We say, “No, our Master is this”, and other person, “Our Master is this.”

No, Master is One.

There is only one Doer.

Who is that Doer?

Just take the example of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was the son of man on whose pole
the Christ Power worked.
And Christ lived before Jesus.

Christ is the Power, God Power, Master Power, which has no beginning, no end. It has created and sustained the whole world and is sustaining our body.

We have a direct and independent contact
with that Power.

The Master for the whole Creation is one and the same. The same Christ Power worked on different poles like Guru Nanak, Kabir, Shamaz Tabrez, Maulana Rumi, and in the twentieth century, Sant Kirpal Singh was the apostle of Truth. And He became the Word-personified form. He gave the practical experience as all other Masters did.

What they did? They took us above the body-consciousness.

So Masters come for those to let them see who not see, and to make them hear who are deaf, who do not hear. We are deaf from within. We do not hear the Music of the Spheres within. We do not see the Light of God that is within us.

What is our condition when we leave the body?

Without the help of a competent Master we go into the darkness. Now you shut your eyes, you see the darkness. It is utter darkness there but when you leave the body would there be many, many sun rising there?

No. The plight of man (is that he) goes into the darkness and is caught by the angels of death. And then, no exception to the rule, one can not even take one breath more.

Then there is a question of judgement. Everyone has to go to the judgement.

What that judgement tells us?

“Oh man, you were given the chance,
you have lost it,
now you have to weep forever.”

That is from the Holy Scriptures, it is not my word.

Masters tell us how to leave the body. We have to leave the body. This man-body is given to us only for certain purpose, only to realize our Self and realize God.

We are the micro-gods, (but) we never knew. We only enjoyed (ourselves) through the senses and we have forgotten the Reality.

Just take the case of a dog. It is a very bad example, but that fits very exactly to the human being. He is crushing the bone. What is the taste of the bone? Nothing. So only he crushes his jaw from inside and he squeezes his own blood. And so is the condition of a man.

We are living a life not less than the beasts. We are not human beings, we are beasts, we are living the animal life. So far we did not use this discriminating power, which can show us the way, which can tell what is what. We do not differentiate. And only after using the discriminating power we enter into the field of human being.

That is the terminology of the Masters. That is what they have told in all Holy Scriptures. This is why they explain their very hard facts of life.

They came for what purpose? To let us know the purpose of human life. They sacrificed their life. Christ was crucified, because at that moment people did not accept Him. They said, “Yes, we have come into the world to enjoy the world. We don’t follow your faith.”

But all people have enjoyed the life. Some people have enjoyed it for twenty years, thirty years, forty years, fifty, sixty. Now if you remember it, all the phases you have gone through, you will slip down like anything. Because it is all fake and void what you did. And what is left afterward, that will also remain fake and void. It will always be a dry subject with you.

“Oh, man, come into the senses.
Why you are wasting your precious time?”

This is the most precious time to have a man-body, to live in the body.

Now people say, “No, we are young, we can do it at the later stage.”

No. Nobody has time. Everybody has limited time. Because our life is balanced on the Pralabdh-karma. When those Pralabdh-karmas are finished, we at once have to leave the body. So nobody has time with him.

(Therefore) Masters tell us,

Do it at the earliest (possible time).
Solve your riddle of life at the earliest.

I was telling you who is the Master. It is said in the Holy Scriptures about (the Master), there is only one Doer, only one Master. And he who comes, who is commissioned from the God Power, he would never tell you, that he is a Master. He says, “I am a borrowed servant of the Master.” If he claims himself as doer, his contact will be broken at once from him. Nobody can claim (to work) as doer.

So all Masters, whose teaching is alive with us and they are innate in our soul, they never said, they are the Master. They have said, they are the borrowed servant of God. This is the reason.

Because all others are…, who are those?

Kabir has told, “they are the evil-doers.” They have started the evil in the world.

How they created the evil? From where they brought the evil?

It is a beautiful subject that would come up. Because once you know it, you will never be deluded by any (of these so-called) ‘masters’.

Masters have divided this man-body into two parts. One up to our awareness (which is) above the senses. So far our consciousness goes to the senses. And one beyond the body-consciousness. So up to here we are bound with the intellect, mind and the senses. And here we are imprisoned.

But what is there?

This man-body is having the physical body. When we leave the physical body, then our spirit, our soul assumes into the astral body and goes into the astral regions. And from there it assumes the causal body and then enter into the causal regions. So these are the three worlds. Whether it is physical, astral or causal, they are all made of matter.

When we live in the three worlds, what happens there?

As there is no person with right understanding in any religion, so is the condition with the astral and causal plane. There is no power, which lives there with discriminating power. Those who live there, they lose their discriminating power. If there is anyone, he will rise above the cause and effect of the world. He will rise above the causal world.

So is the condition with a person, (there is) no person with right understanding in any religion. If there is, he will rise above the shackles of the religion. There is no Truth in the three worlds, there is no Reality in the three worlds.

What is taught over here? Why all these so-called ‘masters’, who come over here, they preach the three worlds? And what is in the three worlds?

Those souls who are dwelling there as gods, goddesses, avataras, supernatural powers, angels, they all live with miraculous powersridhis and sidhis — by various nefarious ways. All the three worlds are the tricky worlds. There is no Truth in them. Those who go there, they lose the discrimination power. And what is there? Just take the example of the astral plane.

What is in the astral plane? There are the hell and heaven. And who created the hell and heaven?

It is the negative power who created the hell and heaven.

We created wishes, in lieu of that
we strengthened his hand and now
he has created the hell for the sinner
and heaven for the pious egoist.

So there is no way out. That heaven which is taught by the so-called ‘masters’, it is not the (true) Heaven that was preached by all competent Masters of the world.

The Heaven of the Christ does not exist in the three worlds, because He said,

“Where the world philosophies end,
there the religion starts.”

The world philosophy does not end either with the astral or the causal plane.

It (the true Heaven) is above the cause and effect of the world. The heaven that is within the cause and effect of the world, that will be destructible, it will finish.

It is (written) in the Bible and all other Masters have told with one and the same voice that, “Where the world philosophy end, there the religion starts.”

So the true heaven, the true religion starts where all this world philosophies finish. There are the three worlds. Three worlds are controlled by the negative power. And those who come there, they go to the transmigration. There is no way out. They will not come back into the man-body.

And what has come out of those?

I was just telling about the astral plane. There are miraculous powers lying like so many flowers scattered on the floor. If you look at them, you will be attracted (and affected). Those persons who are meditating there, they are only getting these miraculous powers.

And what has come out of the miraculous powers?

The spiritual healing, black magic, spiritism, spiritualism and what not. All these things, all these evils have come from there.

Masters tell us that all those hundred thousand ‘masters’ who may be very loving to all, they are very tricky, they are living for self-existence. One thing is there.

The second thing, they are directly connected with the negative power and they will take you back to the hell. No way out.

This is from the Holy Scriptures. Masters tell us, don’t sit by an evil-doer

Don’t sit by an ‘evil-doer’,
otherwise your virtues will fall down
like the petals of a flower.

There is nothing but only the fake and void life which is senseless.

Now what is there? Those who do those practices, those who are affected with those practices, they will not come into the man-body, negative power will send them as evil spirits into the world. They are going to the evil spirit (sphere), those who are practising it. They will not come back into the man-body.

Why? Because when they come back, when they go there (into the astral plane), they will loose the discriminating power.

The soul who goes there in the three worlds
at once loses the discriminating power,
no exception to the rule. It is a law.

So what we have to do?

(We should) just take the teaching of competent Masters.

There is a definite, very potent and positive answer to that. And this will reveal you the Truth. Once you know the very secret of it, you will never be deluded.

So we will take up this very important question. From there you will have something in your hand. Because you would have the right understanding. You will know about the competency of your Father. Though there is no end to the competency of our Father and there is no end to the learning. Everything is within. The purpose of human life is to know much more than expectations.

In the astral heaven there is a death trap. There are the hell and the heavens created by the negative power.

Hell is for the sinners and heaven for the pious egoists.

So both are under the clutch of the negative power, there is no escape.

It is open for everybody. And negative power wants that all should come there. So he is sending hundred thousand such ‘masters’, who are the evil doers.

Now what more? It is said that a disciple and a ‘master’, both were sitting (meditating) to go into the astral plane. Disciple was more receptive and he could easily go into the astral plane before his ‘master’.

If you have to go to the astral plane, you don’t need a master, you don’t need the help of anybody. Because it is a deathtrap, it is open for everybody. But you need to transcend the barrier of the body-consciousness. You have to rise above the plane of senses over here.

It is said that this man-body is not five-folded, it is eight-folded. Five folds (factors or elements) we have to leave (at the time of death).

What are these three folds (factors)?

Mind, intellect and ego.

We have created them where?

In the man-body, due to misunderstanding, due to lack of right understanding we have created lot of wishes.

And what happens there?

All those facts appear therein and Master Power is there to take us above. It is only the Master Power who can tell us the way back to God.

How it is done? These three factors — intellect, mind and ego take us back to the transmigration. The sphere of the transmigration starts from the physical world and transcends up to the causal plane. The whole three worlds are under transmigration. Those souls living there will go to transmigration, they will go to the hell and heaven, (there is) no escape. Even the avataras, those who are living on the causal plane, they are subject to the hell and heaven.

It is said, that Lord Krishna, pointing towards an insect told, “This insect many times went into the hell and heavens and he became avatara.”

Because what is there in the heaven, and the high heaven?

There are two heavens — one in the astral plane and one in the causal plane. Pious egoists live there in the lower plane and avataras (incarnations) live in the higher plane. When these avataras enjoy their virtues, they misuse their virtues. When those virtues are finished, they are rolled down back into the hell. That is the condition of avataras, those who are living there.

There is no escape in the three worlds. Master tells us,

“You rise above the three worlds.
You rise above the body-consciousness.”

He tells us from where to start, from where to take the start. He said, “Yes, as I told you, we transcend here at the time of death. Here is the seat of the soul.”

But where is the seat of the soul? Everybody says, here is the seat of the soul, we are meditating.

But before we reach the seat of the soul (we must know) what is the seat of the soul.

We shut our eyes at the time of death. Transcending all the chakras we come over here, take the cross here. When these two eyes take upward and inward trend, we come over here. We shut our eyes; we see something over here. That is the Third Eye that is seeing the thing. So that is the Third Eye.

But who can take us to the Third Eye?

All Masters say,

“If thine eye be single,
thy whole body shall be full of light.”

It happens at the time of death, not beforehand. We need such a one who can take us, who can give us that experience which happens at the time of death. If this experience is there, we are reborn. Once you are reborn, you will never come into the man-body.

How to be reborn? Now I tell you what those ‘masters’ are doing. Here is the mystery involved everywhere. This is the place where the whole creation has come out, where all the evils have sprung out.

There are these three (elements) — mind, intellect and ego. Mind’s place is there. First there is the intellect, then there is the mind (and ego). When you are free from the intellect and the mind, only then you can (come to) the seat of the soul.

So those ‘people’ who (pretend to) give you the experience, they stress upon the mind. Mind in the body is always astral mind. It has its own light.

Its (mind’s) condition is just like a parasitic plant which has no roots of its own, yet it gets its food from the parent-tree (soul) and remains green. That is the condition of the mind.

Mind in the body is always astral mind. When you stress over the mind, it will take you to the chakras (which are in the body below). And there is excessive light and many sceneries are in the chakras, people are bewildered there. They lose their life.

What happens actually?

You have to leave the body, you have to transcend and come back. From here we came down into the body. Now again we have to transcend from the lower extremities and come over here.

You have experienced (this) in a negative way, because you have to leave like this (at the time of death) but (instead) you have learned how to go (down) into the man-body (where those chakras are).

It is said, that 99.99 percent of those people, they only enjoy the chakras and they die in the chakras and the death is very dreadful, because you are following the reverse way. It is a very, very dreadful way, that is the way of the negative power.

But Masters tell us, at the seat of the soul the Master Power is that one, when you rise above the intellect and mind, there is utter darkness. Master will withdraw you from the darkness, direct from here.

So it is said,

“If you shut the ten doors of this temple,
you can see the Heavenly Light within.”

What are the ten doors of this temple, that we have to shut?

These are (related to) our attention. Our attention is spreading outside into the world by five outward doors and five doors inside.

What are those five doors? Eye, ear, nose, throat and touch below; five senses. Our attention is going out into the world through five outward doors whether they are receiving good actions or bad actions (impressions). They are there. Action and reaction are there. Now when you close these five doors from outside, you invert within.

As for example, you are not seeing outside, then where are you seeing?

Your attention is gone inside. Somebody passes by you, you say: “No, my attention was somewhere else. I could not see that person.” Newton, the great scientist, was solving his problem, a mathematical problem. He was so much absorbed, he said he did not hear the drums of the drum-beaters (that passed by). That is a matter of attention.

Now, practically I will tell you, here (at the seat of the soul) are the three arteries (nadis or channels). One is void (Sushmana or midway) and others are physical (of matter). So left and right, there are the two arteries (Ida and Pingala). These are both going into the astral and causal planes they are connected with.

The mind also reacts through these two arteries that will take you to the astral and causal plane. You can see the beauty of the astral and causal plane, but hardly anyone goes there, because you have to go through the chakras and it is very, very long, you cannot do it.

If you go into it, (Ida or Pingala) at the “Agya Chakra” — the seat of the soul — from there you are caught again by the negative power, (maximum) you will go into the astral plane. It is said that all the Yogis, Rishis and Munis, they became the skeleton of bone but could not get rid of the astral plane. They could not come out of it. They spoiled their whole life. There is no escape.

Master tells us,

“No, it is not your way.
Your way is the midway.”

Which is the midway? That is full of darkness (because it is a void, there is no matter to reflect any astral or causal light). So Master withdraws you from the midway, because the astral and the causal planes are the death-traps. He will not let you go there. If you go there, His Word, His charged Word (Naam and Simran) will take you back to the void.

So what is this void?

This void — the inner way from here, where the soul transcends above – that opens above the causal plane, above the cause and effect of the world. When Master helps you to rise above the void, you will rise into that Heaven which is taught by the Christ, which is above the cause and effect of the world.

“Where the world philosophy ends
there the (true) religion starts.”

There you would have a gushing light, effulgent light, that welcomes you with the music of the Sound. So this effulgent light, Holy Light and the Music of the Spheres is the Bread of Life and Water of Life. This is Holy Life.

Once you come in contact with this Holy Light and the Music of the Spheres, your whole angle of vision will be changed. You will be in the world, yet you will be out of the world. Nobody can delude you. It is an experience which all Masters used to give.

Now we are maybe meditating but that is not our subject. If you are meditating into the astral or causal plane, into the chakras, that makes your mind more emotional, because there is a light (which is food) for the mind.

This astral light creates psychic problems
and makes you emotional.

That is not our subject.

Follow the teaching of the Christ, follow the teaching of any Master, they are all one, like so many (electric) bulbs over here. Our attention is in the light, but not in the glass. They all came from one Source and went back to the same Source. Their purpose was one.

How to close the five doors inside?

Master tells us how. Because if you do not do it, if Master does not help us to close the five doors or He does not tell you how to be effective and come back to the void, that will take you again into the astral plane and that is very dangerous.

You need someone who has really solved that mystery of death, who has gone through this way. I tell you, when your attention is going inside, then these inner doors again open. Then with the attention of the Master, He helps you to shut these doors.

When these inside and outside doors are closed, it is utter darkness there. Going through this darkness you can rise above the causal plane.

It is said, Alexander the Great, whose attention was to create murder and tyranny in the world, his Master Khwaja Kidr knew his intention and he wanted to save him. It is said that he took him forcibly above the body-consciousness. He could not drink the Water of Life, because his intention was to create murder. He had wished to identify into the world so he could not drink the Water of Life because it was utter darkness there.

Time is up now, but it is our subject and nobody can help you, only the One who has already solved the mystery of death. He can help you and give this contact, but who is that person?

He is commissioned from God but he is not a Master. He says, “I am a borrowed servant of Master.” He can give you this experience.

Sant Kirpal Singh commissioned me. He said, “You do it.” I said, “Master, no, it is your work.” Anyhow, He commissioned me. He said, “Only those will come to you who are send by Him.”

You have been send by the Master Power, God Power.

Christ said: “Where more than two sit in my name, there I am.”

We were sitting in the sweet remembrance of God, of God Power and you were helped to know something. But today the subject was very mixed up. I wanted to bring you near to the mystery, the very secret of life, but not all of that could be told. It is something here, something from there and from there so that at least you have some idea why you have come over here.

But there are so many things regarding the true Spirituality, the Way of Life we are painting from time to time and once you have known it, then the purpose is to live and do with it, don’t forget, because we are given only one breath.

People say, we are given life. No, we are only entitled to one breath. This one breath is inside, it is going out. Some Power is pushing us back into the man-body. At the time of death this breath remains outside. So we have to make the best use of this very one breath. And in the breath there is life.

Everyone is entitled with one breath (only).

How to use it? How to overcome the mind and the senses? Because our thoughts are very potent.

How to begin with it?

This is also a mystery. That will be disclosed to you in further Satsangs when you gather over here and those who are interested, they can leave their addresses here, please. And here, no religion, no sect, no ‘ism’ (is preached). It is a universal teaching, it belongs to all human beings. It is our purpose, our Father is One and the same.

So there is no question of any ‘ism’ or sect. It is not a paid preaching, it is not for self existence, it is in the name of God. I speak from my practical life. It is no boasting, it is His grace. It is no ego, it’s the grace of my Master.

Sant Kirpal Singh was a word-personified form. Wherever He went, He helped a lot of people to solve the riddle of life and people, up to now, they are getting the grace of the Master and they can leave the body at will, because they could solve the riddle of life. By rising above the body-consciousness, they are reborn into the physical body.

So when you come at the seat of the soul, when somebody, some Power withdraws you from the seat of the soul and it is the same experience which happens at the time of death. Because,

“When your eye becomes single,
your whole body should be full of light.”

Our eyes will become single at the time of death. Master helps you to make your eye single. It means that He withdraws you from the body-consciousness and He gives you that experience which happens at the time of death. You are reborn.

Once you are reborn, then you will never come back into the man-body. If you come with the grace of the Master, then you won’t come as a prisoner. You can come as a doctor, who also goes to the prison to teach the prisoners.

Your purpose of human life lies with you, don’t forget. Otherwise your condition will be like a date palm tree, which has no shadow and the fruit is also too high to relish it. Be attentive.

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