Chapter from “Forever with Master” vol. II (p. 154), section “Living and doing for Him” — by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

Ego and attachment were both burned through
the Shabd; a Gurmukh gets the everlasting light.
This disease is destroyed only by the Shabd —
contact with the God-into-Expression Power.
And who gets this realization? He who becomes
a Gurmukh. (56)
— Kirpal Singh

The meditation of the Gurmukh is to know more from Him. Sometimes his purpose of meditation helps him to weep over his shortcomings causing delay in his doing. If the desire of the Master is fulfilled, his meditation helps him to rejoice with his Master. The meditation which makes one feel happy on the level of mind, makes the man to cut sorry figure for the ignorance. The emotional and the surprising scene of the astral and the causal planes keeps the man quite away from the reality. The Gurmukh absorbs his first attention in the light and sound that appears in the midway; this helps him to cross the causal plane, whereas the light directly from the astral and causal plane binds the soul into its alluring charms.

A man of high thoughts, deeds, and actions can meditate high and can reach the maximum height of his life. The Gurmukh does it by taking the whole span of his life into the spiritual atmosphere. He does the maximum service unto his Master and attains the higher values of life. Breath spent on inferior motives morbids the development. The discrimination-power of the Gurmukh is the touchstone during his whole life.

Most of the people make jokes of meditation because of their various wishes. Such people have no reverence for meditation and the God-into-action Power. To meditate means to stand in obeisance before the Unseen. No one knows what he must get from Him. It is only the Master who knows what He must give to the child. He gives according to one’s capabilities, whereas one demands more than one’s capabilities. Sometimes our demand does not tally with our capabilities. It is the Gurmukh who stands in the first and foremost row of service in devotion unto his Master. The Gurmukh is thus receptive all the time to meditate. For him his meditation is to obey His commandments.

More one gets conscious, more the meditation gets tough. The meditation of the Gurmukh to overcome the antiforces, which bar the way in the Mission of the Master, is the uphill task, which he does to keep the Grace of his Master available all the times. Though the Master Power does it Himself, it is more fruitful when the Gurmukh does it, as he glorifies and strengthens his Master.

Morning ends in evening. What is displayed in between, if positive, will help the sun to rise at midnight; otherwise, whatever deludes everyone, brings one into the wilderness of the world. The Gurmukh is above the ten doors of his physical frame as well as above the ten directions of the world.

Without living and doing for Him there is no access to the Guru Dev (the radiant form of the Master), and without this access there is no access beyond the causal. So far one does not know the cause and effect of the world, one does not become the Gurmukh. One such Gurmukh can develop lots of people and creates a link to the Guru Dev. Mere meditation without living and doing turns into a wish, and one is sure to be affected with ego. The barrier of the ego is strong enough to hold one below the causal plane.

Charghar-Ghat Meditation, the most difficult meditation, is done on the higher planes by the Master to overcome the effect of all such forces including the negative power. Its fruit is utilized to liberate the souls from the physical bondage along with mind and matter. Only the Gurmukh knows the secret of this meditation. If we trust the word of the Gurmukh, we accept the Grace of the Master. The Gurmukh would never misuse this Grace. This is the eternal heritage of yearning souls and for those who do the selfless service unto their Master.

Kabir has told about the effortless way back to God. He says that He is situated on the peak of the mountain; the way leading there is so narrow, that a mustard seed cannot stay, and it is so slippery as well, that an ant would slip – and there people would like to go with their belongings loaded on a bullock. It is up to one’s own acceptance of Truth within oneself, whether one accepts the mind like an elephant or develops it as little as it may pass through the gateway to heaven which is one tenth of the mustard seed. Oh man, think of the Grace of the Master unto his Gurmukh for a while, with whose attention the Gurmukh gets that status merely by obeying his Master.

The Master does not visit the astral and causal plane while transcending and descending on the higher plane. He directs His children while in the midway. The midway is the shortest and most effectful way his Gurmukh always transcends. The Gurmukh is not affected by the astral and causal beauty. To fulfill the demand of the transcending soul the supernatural powers show more charm and beauty to the wishful persons and help them to step down. The Gurmukh never keeps any wish while transcending or descending, and the charm and beauty of the astral and the causal have no effect on him. The supernatural provisions absorb the attention and strengthen the barrier against the man. Once the disciple is controlled by such powers, the charged words of his Master start to become less and less effectful, and ultimately the disciple loses the faith unto his Master. The word of the Master is potent for ever, and the attention of the disciple does not work with it.

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(56) I am Thine, Thou art not mine, SSE 3/71

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