To live and do for Him

Chapter from “Forever with Master” vol. II (p. 148), section “Living and doing for Him” — by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

To become a mouthpiece of Master, expressing
Master’s will and purpose, you must surrender
all to Master. This does not mean the giving up
of employment, home, possessions, family and
friends. It means simply – let the will of the
Master work in and through you, let your whole
life be dedicated to the service of the Master.
Like a flute, be all vacant from within, so that the
Master may make sweet music of your life. (53)
Kirpal Singh

Think of Him and do for Him. Only by thinking of Him you will be helped to do for Him. This will further help you to think only in the right way and ultimately you will work hundred per cent for Him. He who learns it step by step becomes a Gurmukh.

The Gurmukh does every action in the positive way and is not affected by the reaction. All those actions done in living and doing for His Mission, bear no reaction, but yield the right solution to the problems. So the worldly problems of those who are engaged in the service to God, yield the positive solution as well, and they are saved from the severe effect of the attachment. This is how He does everything Himself in the best interest of the child.

In living and doing for the Mission of the Master, the attention of the disciple bears the fruit of life, which is bitter for the mind. So instead of getting tasty views and dues, the mind will try to run, but without your help it will fall down and surrender to follow you. The mind of the Gurmukh is in full tune with the Gurmukh. His mind never finds any reason to do or deal in any other way. With higher consciousness the intellect, mind, and ego collapse to something which is nothingness for the Gurmukh. Without the Grace of the Master the remains of the intellect, mind, and ego create illusionary effects. Thus the Gurmukh prays to remain in the holy protection of the Masterpower.

Some people take the work of the Master as an easy doing and do loveably, but during a hard test they hesitate to do. For a Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan it is his lifelong and cherished desire to live and do for the holy and noble cause of the Almighty God.

Who understands the purpose of human life is fit for initiation. When he obeys the commandments of the Master, he is fit for meditation and serves his Master selflessly. Who determines to live and do for Him is fit for the Mission. And who becomes responsible in the Mission of the Master finds due place in the heart of the Master. Such one is guided into the higher consciousness and becomes the Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan. The disciple going through all the stages and hardships of life becomes the Gurmukh.

He who lives for Him, does for Him. But he who claims to live for Him, but does not do for Him, deceives himself and from within keeps distance from the Master. Living and doing for the right cause is the way of life of the Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan. Those who make a show of what they do for Master feed their mind and the senses. The life of the Gurmukh is complete in all doings unto his Master.

His demand that others serve the Master’s Mission physically and financially increases but never decreases. Already he has surrendered each and everything unto the service of others and is a living example. Thus the Gurmukh clears the way for all by setting his own example to live and do for the Master. To live for the Master is to live forever. He teaches everyone to detach before the detachment, which is sure and certain for all human beings.

Only through the detachment the Gurmukh was able to remember the Master, and only through the remembrance he could get his eternal link. Now in no way anything – how attractive or desired it may appear – can divert his detachment from the world. By detachment he has acquired unexpected and marvelous changes in the physical and mental stages of his life. He is resistant to all likes and dislikes of the world and relishes the Bread of Life and Water of Life.

The Gurmukh follows the words and footsteps of his Master, with which he finds his easy going in the world. Every disease finds the remedy itself. He finds no better remedy than the submission to his Master. People may disbelieve the Gurmukh, but the words spoken by him are spoken by his Master, so he trusts those words and does not care for what the others may think. His submission is not time-bound but is the ultimate way of his life.

Because of the support of his Master no one questions his authority in the three worlds. While descending and transcending he sees many drifted away by their wishes. The conscious co-worker of the Divine plan comes with the Divine wish of his Master and he spreads it in the three worlds.

The life of the conscious co-worker of the Divine plan is predestined according to his thoughts, deeds, and actions paid back to his Master. The work of the Master is his life and life-factor. His life is the exalted and prestigious work of his Master. His Master provides all feasible helps to maintain and keep his body fresh to live a better and a long life in the physical world.

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(53) Light of Kirpal, p. 366

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