Wishes and detachment

Chapter from “Forever with Master” vol. II (p. 58), section “Leading a life of perfection” — by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

When attachment leaves, you will then know that you have truly met the Guru.
When your children die, you cry. When there is no praise or respect coming
to you, you cry again. If you are in such a turmoil, how can it be that you have
met the Guru? When one rises above the physical form, then one can say that
one has met the Guru – within. Save yourself from the outer fires of the body,
of the desires of the world and other worlds. When you are free from all this,
you will know that you have met the Guru.
— Kirpal Singh

The Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan deserves to fulfill the conditions of over-all perfection in his life and to mingle with the grand wish of the Master. For that he surrenders all his wishes unto Him. Being conscious and mindful of the dire consequences of the agony of the attachments, which may add to the woe and miseries and would prolong his journey towards Godhood, he would never delay his purpose of human life.

If the insect goes into the dust, nobody cares, but everyone wonders if a bird is got stuck fast in the mud. The Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan would never like to be affected by the worldly attachments during his life. If
he does so, the Truth is affected. For fear of love, respect and prestige of his Master he would rather prefer to sacrifice his life than to do a sin in his life.

Attachments bring in the losing of faith in Master. Those who claim Him while in attachment simply while away their time and simply satisfy themselves and their minds as well.

The Gurmukh has attained the remarkable status through his Master by surrendering all his wishes and pleasures and is contented. Those who hunger for more and more desires are beggars and are never satisfied. Whatever the Gurmukh receives from Him is preordained for him.

He is detached permanently, and through his practical living his dependents attain this heritage of detachment on hereditary grounds. The blood of detachment serves the right cause and is committed to sacrifice (Master’s blood is blood of detachment)

He would never create any wish, because there is no charming beauty equal to his Master in the three worlds, and there is no precious heritage equal to the word of his Master.

Those who deserve need not to desire anything. Those who surrender to the will of God deserve everything from Him. That is the secret in the life of the Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan who has learnt from his practical life with his Master. By doing so he has overcome all his wishes, and all his wishes have been fulfilled as well. He foresees the reaction of every wish, if created by any co-worker and he reminds him to be conscious, lest the fruit (of his selfless service) is eaten up by the antiforces.

When it is our turn to meet God and create faith in God, then where is the necessity to identify into the world for other reasons? This is a hard fact which our soul cannot deny. The human body is gripped by the reaction of the past, and our attention does not ponder over the body and body-consciousness and is further gripped by weal and woe; one suffers from separation and is worst affected by the three qualities (gunas) of the world. The Gurmukh is above the three gunas.

As there is subtle sound in the fire with the help of which it burns, so is the condition in the Gurmukh, which helps to burn all his desires and the hindrances between the Master and himself.
The Gurmukh experiences the attachment widely diffused in every heart. He knows how to prick the flesh and bring out the thorn. The teaching of the Master cures the aching heart and dissolves all impurities into crystal clearness.

Disassociating from the wishes, one associates with the life. And only through life one meets the life-giver. Those who live for themselves are affected much more with attachment and ego, and those who remain more isolate, their condition becomes like the snake in the hole. All that ripples on the surface (forehead). The Gurmukh is blessed to know the condition (without wishes and attachments). Life without wishes is like the morning breeze in the garden.

In the hues and cries of the world man finds ways and means to live happily with it, but a Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan finds ways and means to leave happily the hues and cries of the world.

The Gurmukh has only one attachment – the profound love of his Master. If he loses that attachment, all attachments of the world surround him from all sides. All this he sees with open eyes and remains conscious about the wishes of others, and verifies all that comes and goes out of his thoughts and remains alert of advantages and disadvantages of every single moment of his life.

Know you have met the Satguru when attachment
and desire are finished. From that day, your good
days will start – but not by wavering your hands,
dancing, jumping around, showing outer enthusiasm
and demonstration. Only one who respects and
follows the Master’s words – is utterly truthful
before him – will gain the spiritual riches.
— Kirpal Singh

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