The Competency of the Master

Chapter from “Forever with Master” vol. II (p. 113), section “The Gurmukh knows Master’s competency and how to develop others” — by Dr. Harbhajan Singh

“Take hold of the garment of a brave soul,
one who moves freely between earth and heaven.”

We do need a friend capable of working on all the levels of existence,
so that we may have the benefit of his instructions and guidance
here in this life as well as in the life hereafter, on realms astral,
causal and spiritual, and who will take us to the Home of our Father.

Who then can do all this?
None else than God Himself and He is the true guide and Master:
“One who stands supreme from beginning to end,
take Him to be our guide and friend.” (41)
— Kirpal Singh

The competency of his Master is displayed by His Gurmukh through the practical examples. The work done by the Gurmukh is the wish of his Master, and how the Gurmukh does it, is the way of doing of his Master. More the Gurmukh does it beautifully and practically, more the Grace of his Master follows. The purpose of doing by the Gurmukh is to create a super-structure of His will and to bring a spiritual revolution in the world. The Gurmukh is blessed with the next lesson, when he has already learnt the previous lesson completely and practically.

The teaching of the competent Master conveyed through his Gurmukh is very balanced, easy spoken, and most effective. It comes from the heart (Master) and reflects in the heart (Gurmukh) and affects others. Whatever a Gurmukh can speak about his Master, a Master cannot speak about His competency. It is the Gurmukh, from where the inspiration of his Master affects others in its gracious form.

The Gurmukh recommends his Master’s competency to others. He does not do it as a duty but as a belief, and by doing so his belief strengthens day by day. By doing so he feels his life being full of charm. There is no higher and no more important work than to do and live for Him. He sees the eternal life in His work and is entirely disassociated from the so-called inclinations of the world. Without doing His work he feels his life lost in dreams of no con-sequences. In reality he is embedded in Him, and He is embedded in him, and no one knows as how they are embedded in each other. Only those who follow and become conscious, are helped to reveal the same in their lives.

He makes prayer before his Master, “O my dear Master, appear to all through direct revelation, so that they may trust You and Your competency.”

The wonderful and surprising ways of doing of his Master surprise his Gurmukh and all those who are helped further in witnessing it. The Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan is the witness of so many problems which were to happen but were averted right from the source of their actions with the single attention of the Master Power. The adulterated atmosphere is shaken and is turned healthy and nourishing.

Both, deeds and words of the Gurmukh, are the same. Whatever he says, he does, since debts are redeemed by deeds and not by words. He would say only those words which have the practical existence. He is very proud of the competency of his Master, since the word spoken by his Master carries the immediate solution to the problems. The most difficult tasks turn into easy doing, like the hard ice is turned again into water.

When he promises out of Truth and Grace of his Master, his Master comes to help and fulfills the promise. Such things are called incidents based on Truth. His Master fulfills the real desire within natural laws. By doing so the Gurmukh reveals his Master as the Supreme in the whole creation. Wherever such a Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan resides, there the flood of Grace of his Master surpasses all miraculous powers. Only the Gurmukh sees with his naked eyes that dust is playing with dust and the result is illusion, confusion, doubt and greed. A monkey is caught due to the handful grain. Out of greed it does not leave the grain and is caught. The world is like the semblance of the she-elephant and the mind is like a lust-intoxicated elephant. Only the Gurmukh knows that he has to depart from the world. Whatever he has acquired or acquires through the pious and self-determined way of life is sacrificed unto his Master. In no way he wishes the fruit of anything. From the heart of heart he knows that all is possible with His Grace and blessing. His lifelong happiness lies in crediting his Master to his utmost. He gets never tired in praising his Master; he rather feels happy to tell about the competency of his Master and binds others within the competency and releases them from the mind and matter of the world. His earnest desire is to see his Master and His glory in all human beings.

The teaching of the competent Master through his Gurmukh is very much balanced, easy spoken, and most effective as it comes from the heart (Master), reflects in the heart (Gurmukh) and affects others simultaneously. It transmits in one-line action. Whatever a Gurmukh can speak about his Master, the Master cannot say Himself. The Master cannot tell about His competency. The Gurmukh is a source of inspiration of his Master’s competency unto others.

The Gurmukh does not compare the competency of his Master with another one. Always he takes the competency of his Master beyond his power of discrimination. He feels change after change in his life, and the change chained with another change helps him to be thankful but never to be satisfied with the change. This further helps him to know more and more the competency of his Master.

With a single glance of Him the Gurmukh has known the real value of life, so he determines to live with it forever. The life of the Gurmukh glamours and glorifies the competency of his Master. Only the real life reflects on the real life. Unpolished and uncoated glass cannot become a mirror and cannot reflect upon you, even if you stand very close to it. The Gurmukh has got many super-coatings of various virtues, and no dust particles can stay on the mirror of the Gurmukh.

The real project of the Master Power, with which the world is blessed from time to time, bears the unique value in accordance with the competency of the Master Power. The Master Power does not finish with the physical departure of the Master; the God-into-action Power (Guru Dev) will go on sending various Gurmukhs in the world to accomplish the work of the Master Power.

So high as the Master attains His place on the higher planes, so do His high thoughts dwell in His Gurmukh. The competency of the Master and the development of the Gurmukh affect His Mission. If one is developed in the physical world, others are affected with the similar development.

He would tell some happenings which may take place in future, if duly permitted by his Master. He would never tell anything which is contrary to the teaching or tell about such affairs which become untrue afterwards. If ever he talks something on the facts, his Master would help the word of His Gurmukh. Having discrimination he tells the supremacy that is lying in the competency of his Master, whereas his Master comes to help in the trial of his Gurmukh.
When the work of the Master Power is fully accomplished by the Gurmukh and His disciples, the competency of such a Master for His children transcends all barriers and strikes nail after nail in the head of Kal and Maya.

More you think of Him, more high and near He is, otherwise there is never nearness to His eternal height. The Gurmukh does in His competency and dwells in His competency. He is ever satisfied but yearns to satisfy more and more. The taste of satisfaction makes the Gurmukh yearn to relish in more and higher satisfaction.

A Conscious Co-worker of the Divine Plan, his condition is like a married man without an issue. The Gurmukh is His real son who bears all qualities of his Father, and through his life shines the competency of his Father, and those who partake rejoice in the Grace of the Father.

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(41) Godman, p. 24

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