The Third Eye (Salzburg, 1993)

Public talk by Dr Harbhajan Singh in Salzburg, on 30 July 1993

Talk “Third Eye (Salzburg 1993)” by Dr Harbhajan Singh (1:01:19)

Dear brothers and sisters!

I am very happy to be among you. Last year we gathered in this hotel and this time we also discussed very important matter relating (to) our purpose of human life. Today the subject is about the Third Eye.

Why this subject was chosen?

Because of many, many reasons.
Because the whole world is misled on this very point.

Today I will discuss, rather will tell you very clearly and vividly, so that you understand about the Third Eye.

So much is said about the Third Eye, all Masters have told about the Third Eye, even competent Masters tell about it, and so-called ‘masters’ tell us, but there is a very big distance (between the two); that of the earth and sky.

This is such a subject, if you understand it, then I assure you that you will never be misguided or misled by anybody in the world. Because your Power, your God is within you, and you have the direct and independent contact with that Power. But when you are misled outwardly, then help is not possible within.

So, when competent Masters come in the world they tell it from their practical life. And They will lead you to the very spot from where you have to start. But all others, so-called ‘masters’, they will deal with the same philosophy but according to their own views. And they will not lead you anywhere. They will keep you below the body-consciousness.

And what will be the result?

You will be misguided. You will lose the purpose of human life. So I assure you, if you understand me, you will surely have the gift.

What is that gift?

You will be able to solve the riddle of life and you will never be confused. You have not to wander thereafter. Because today you will know the real subject, the real side from where you have to transcend above.

This is a very, very important subject. Please, be attentive to it and you will get the gift of your human life. For the purpose we have come in this world — that is to meet a good end. And for that purpose we have to attain the higher values of life, and these higher values of life only start when you rise above the plane of senses.

And so far you do not transcend the Third Eye, you cannot rise into the higher values of life and how you can know the hidden values of life therein?

Everyone says, Here is the seat of the soul”, but no one knows where is the seat of the soul. Because that is not made of the flesh.

Now I will let you know very practically that where is the seat of the soul.

At the time of death we transcend from the lower extremities, transcending all the chakras(1), even breaking the throat ganglion, our soul reaches behind and in the middle of the two eye-brows, but that is the experience which happens at the time of death. Then the man who is going to die, he will not reveal you the secret, because he is bound. It is so terrible to leave the body, that in the Holy Scriptures lots of things, lots of hazards are told about it.

But Masters tell us, “You can locate this site, locate the seat of the soul while in the body.” All Masters did it. And what is written in the Holy Scriptures is the experience of our competent Masters who transcended above the body-consciousness, entering through the Third Eye, and They could reach the true Heaven, that was taught by Christ.

And Masters tell us,

“Their experience must become our experience.”

As Mr. Wolfgang already has told you, that the macrocosm is in the microcosm. All that God has created, the whole Creation and the Creator Himself, that is within the man-body.

Man-body is a prototype of the whole creation.

This world as well as this man-body is a play-field of negative and positive power, both. Both are the impelling forces in the world. They have their destination fully fixed. Therefore we have to know, in this very game, we have to locate our way back to God.

It is told, “Here is the seat of the soul.” But before we reach at the seat of the soul, below is the intellect, then is the mind and afterward there is the soul.

If you do not overcome the intellect and mind, how can you reach at the seat of the soul?

Everywhere in the world people are sitting, “Let me meditate, I am meditating.” But all those experiences they are getting while meditating, that is not the practical experience, that is not the positive experience (which sets us free and connects us with the God Power). That is the negative experience (which binds us further so we have to continue suffering in this world).

This is why all these ‘masters’ — so-called ‘masters’ — they are not able to change our lives. Whereas Christ has told, rather all the competent Masters of the world have told,

“Ye be perfect as your Father is in the Heaven.”

So this subject is your subject. If you attend to it, if you become receptive, and it is only possible when you have known what is what. Beforehand it is not possible. When something is known to you, you can have the approach. Either direct or through somebody, possibility is there.

If you are not known about any place, how can you go there as well?

Knowledge of the self or the over-self is a must. And for that purpose we have come into the man-body.

It is said, that all these experiences, when we come over here, get over here, all that is from the mind. Because mind in the body, in the physical body, is always the astral mind. And mind is the king of the three worlds. It can assume the astral form, it can assume the causal form, and what is in the astral and the causal form, that is all matter. So it can turn into any form. So these are the different, thousands tricks of the mind. Sometimes it shows something within and the same thing it will show outside. When inside and outside you see the same thing, you say, “Oh, he is a great Master, he is a competent Master”, but this is not the reality. Reality (the God-into-expression Power) is something different.

Well, I tell you, all the competent Masters, whether They came in the East or West, came at different places, different times, They taught the same very Truth with one opinion, and this one opinion exists in the Holy Scriptures as well. So I already referred to you, that Their experience must become your experience.

If their experiences do not become your experiences then you are bewildered, then you are misled, then you are going to different directions.

Now before we touch the subject, we have to know what we are, who we are, from where we came, how we came, and now what is the purpose of human life, that is all to be understood.

This is the physical body. When we leave it, we assume into the astral body, and when we leave the astral body, then we assume the causal body. And in correspondence with that, there are the physical, astral and the causal worlds.

Now there is one very important thing: Christ has told,

“Where the world’s philosophies end,
there the true religion starts.”

So whether it is physical, astral or causal world, they are the worlds. Here is the physical dust, above there is the astral dust, and above is the causal dust. And it is all matter. There is consciousness, but these worlds are all subject to decay. And these astral and the above planes, they undergo destruction at the time of dissolution. All these souls living there, they have to come back to the transmigration(2). There is no solution to our problems in the three worlds.

Where the world’s philosophies end, there the religion starts” means, the true Heaven that was taught by the Christ that is not in the astral and the causal body and in the astral or in the causal plane. You have to transcend above.

If the heaven that is taught by the Christ would be in the astral or in the causal plane, then it will be subject to decay. Then it is not Reality, it is not the saying of a competent Master. So definitely, as per teaching of all other competent Masters, They have revealed the same Truth that you have to transcend the three worlds, physical, astral and the causal worlds.

Now much is told about the heaven. This hell and heaven that is in the astral plane, that was never created by the God Power. It is said, when God sent us into the world, our way was clear, we could come and could go back, there was no barrier at all.

So God asked this negative power(3), “How you created these barriers for my children?” He said, “Your children created wishes and I fulfilled those wishes and due to that this strengthened my hand. And now I have created the hell for the sinners, and heaven for the pious egoists.” So this hell and heaven that is taught everywhere in the world, that is not created by the Master Power, that is created by the negative power (to keep us under his clutch).

Once we enter into the astral plane, we are affected with the negativity and we cannot come out of it. Lots of Rishis and Munis — you can read their stories — they entered into the astral plane and they became the skeleton of the bones but could not get rid of this astral plane. Because it is so wide-spread.

There is light, excessive light, but no sound. And light without sound is stationary. Once you enter there, it is a very small neck (narrow opening) inside, but then it is wide-spread. So this is why the experience of all these Rishis and Munis who meditated into the astral plane, they do not tally with each other, they differ with each other, because just like when you reach at the top of the mountain, you are standing at one place. And when you come down, you can go to any country. You can go anywhere you want. If you go to this side, you will explain the experience of this side. If you go to the southern side, you will tell the experience of the southern side. So their experience never tally with each other, all differ with each other.

They became the skeleton of bones. Now (1993) there was one example in India. There was one ‘master’, so-called master, he had 100.000 disciples at his disposal. He died one and a half month before, but his disciples would not allow to burn the body. Because they said, “No, our Master would come back.” He entered into the astral plane, but could not come out of it. Then the government interfered and 500 people were arrested who objected the government. It is not the way. This is all, everything is going on there.

And what has come out of the astral plane?

It is a miraculous plane. All the miracles, spiritual healing, black magic, all these supernatural powers, they are playing there. I tell you, there is no person with right understanding in any religion. If there is (someone), he will rise above the shackles of the religions. So is the case, there is no power in the three worlds with right understanding. If there is, he will rise above the astral and the causal and he will transcend into the true Heaven that was taught by the Christ. He will not stay. Because this is a big sphere, physical, astral and causal.

Now this body is not five-folded, it is said to be eight-folded. (About five elements) we know all, these are water, earth and all that we know, fire, air and ether… But there are three other. These are the mind, intellect and the ego.

And how the ego has been created?

Out of our wishes. Because we wanted to live there out of our wishes in this world. And we have to strive for it. And it is very hard to get rid of it. So all these souls who are living in the astral and the causal plane, they have to come to the transmigration and they cannot solve the riddle of life.

There are lots of angels, avataras, gods, goddesses, they have no discriminating power. They are only living with the mantras, riddhis and siddhis (supernatural powers). And then those who go there, they have to surrender to those powers. There is no way out. So there the mind works. It is called the gross mind. Gross mind is called: intellect, mind plus the ego, that has gathered and it has come with us since ages upon ages and that is within our mind. So there is no escape. Even the avataras cannot get rid of it.

What is karma?

To bind ourselves with our own actions. That is called karma. There is no escape in the three worlds to get rid of this karma. So those who are affected with the karmas, they have to come back into this world again and again. If they lose the golden chance of this life, the golden view, then they have to go to the transmigration, (there is) no way out. And this is from the Holy Scriptures, I tell you.

The astral plane is open for everyone. It is a death-trap. Everyone is invited there. Because it is fully controlled by the negative power.

And what happens there?

It is in the history, it is in the scriptures that one disciple and his master, both were sitting, meditating on the astral plane. The disciple could enter more quickly into the astral plane because he was more receptive than his master. Because it is open for everybody. If really you have to meditate (there) then you don’t need a master.

And what is there?

Those who go there, they will never come back. So there are the miraculous powers, just lying (like) so many flowers on the floor. When you go there you are attracted by it. And then you will come back with these miraculous powers. All this spiritual healing — (saying) “I bless you” — this is all from that plane.

Now as for example: we cannot bear our own karmas, it is very difficult. This man-body, this life is a series of so many interruptions. And how we can get rid of it?

When we bear the karmas of others, when we give the attention to other people, we (also) have to bear their karmas. We cannot get rid of it. So this is a very, very serious matter. And people are playing everywhere in the world. This ‘spiritual healing’, Reiki, something that is told, that is all from the astral plane. That is negative. And those who cross some limits, they are not entitled to come back into the man-body, because then they are controlled by the negative power. And negative power then has four ways, four steps above. The first step: those who are the sinners, they are put into the hell. Those who are little better, they are taking the work like ghosts and evil spirits. And those who still (are) meditating on various gods and goddesses, they are living as pious egoist in the (astral) heaven. But then there is a high heaven that is in the causal plane, there the avataras and a lot of other super-natural powers, they live there.

And what (will) become of them?

When they misuse all those virtues they got, then they are rolled down back into the hell. So there is no Reality, there is no Truth (God), there is no life (consciousness) in the three worlds. So I will tell you, Truth is within you. And you can succeed in it if you just understand it and then live up to it.

Now Christ has told, and all the Masters have told, and rather They gave the practical experience to this riddle of life, they have told,

“If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

And now we have to see what is that third eye?

There (at the seat of the soul) are the three nerves, three arteries (channels), rather. Left side, right side, and in the middle. It (left side) is called Ida and to the right side it is called Pingala, and the midway is called the Sushmana. These are the three arteries.

Now this Ida and Pingala, they are entering into the astral and the causal, so they are seen. And it is the midway, that is not seen, that is a hollow (void — without any matter that could reflect the astral or causal light), and that is not seen. That is not made of flesh. All Masters told, “You have to transcend through the midway.” So this experience which all competent Masters gave, that they gave through the midway. They didn’t give it through the astral and the causal plane.

Now this midway, what is this midway?

It is full of darkness. There is no light. But light of the Master appears there. And it opens above the causal plane. Above the causal plane means: above the astral and the causal body. When you rise above the causal plane from there you see the cause and the effect disappears by itself. So when you rise above the plane of senses and the shackles of the mind, means: you are at the seat of the soul. It is very, very difficult to rise above the intellect and the mind and the shackles of the mind. No son of man can do that.

So far you do not rise above the causal plane how you can claim that you have risen above the cause and effect of the world?

And how can you be reborn?

You cannot enter the kingdom of God
unless you are born anew.

Since you have to enter into the true Heaven that was taught by the Christ and that is above the astral and the causal plane, above the cause and effect of the world, how can you claim that you are meditating?

This meditation people are doing throughout the world this will take them maximum to the (astral) heaven, they can remain there as pious egoists, but they cannot solve the riddle of life, they have to come back to the transmigration. They will not be entitled to get this man-body again.

This is not more than gymnastics. At the maximum people — those who are stressing over here — they will be taken back by the mind into the chakras. Throughout their life they cannot transcend one chakra. If they are stressing too much, maximum they will enter into the astral plane and they will lose the life. And there is no remedy.

So now I will tell you the description of the Third Eye.

Now Christ has told,

“If you shut the ten doors of this temple,
you can see the heavenly light within.”

You can see the heavenly light within when you shut the ten doors of this temple. Now it is a very definite thing. What are these ten doors of this temple, this golden temple?

This (body) is a golden temple, this is the true church.

So here are the five senses, these are the five doors, which are opening outside: ears, eyes, nose, throat and touch below. These are the five senses. Five doors are opening outside, and we are getting the outward action and reaction of the world.

Christ has told that you have to shut the ten doors. When they close from outside, then inversion is there, then they open inside. As for example: when you are sleeping at the night-time your senses, they invert within.

But Christ has told that these five senses, they also must be closed from inside also. Is it possible?

All Masters have told, in Guru Granth Sahib the same thing is told. All Masters have the same experience. You have to shut the ten doors of this temple.

When you shut the ten doors of this temple (what happens?), as for example; sometimes somebody passes by you and somebody asks you, “Well, gentleman, have you seen that person who just passed by you?” You say, “Oh, my attention was somewhere else.” Your eyes were open, but still you could not see that person who just passed by you because your attention was somewhere else. Your eyes were open but your attention was not working with the eyes.

Newton, the great scientist, drum-beaters passed by him. He said, “No one has passed.” He was so much busy, he has so much inverted within, he was solving his problem that he could not hear the sound of the drums.

So this means, you have to shut the ten doors of this temple. As for example you have been somewhere. They welcomed you there, they gave you warm welcome, they served you with good food there, so you had very lovable talk there. Now you come back to your home. Now you remember all this — thoughtless thought. You are taking the food, you are talking with your friends, you are doing other work, but your attention is there, “They served me like this.” It was very beautiful for you. It is called the thoughtless thought. When really you rise above the shackles of the mind, when you rise above the intellect, and then the shackles of the mind, then your thoughts become thoughtless. Means you are above the (three) worlds.

If you shut the doors from outside, these doors, when they open inside, they have the link with the astral and the causal plane. And this midway, that has the link with above the causal plane. So all these three arteries, they begin to work. Now the mind is there. It starts (to work), it will take you to the astral and the causal plane.

Masters tell us that you have to shut the ten doors, also the five doors that invert within, you have to shut them. When these are shut, there will be no light from the astral and the causal plane. And in this midway, there is no matter, it is a vacuum, and the outer light cannot affect there. The astral light has no effect on it. Because without a matter the light cannot shine (reflect) inside in the vacuum. So it is all dark, there are the layers of darkness within.

You know, if you shut the ten doors, only thereafter, when you come over here, then you transcend above the causal plane and …

“… knock the door and it shall be opened unto you.”

And that is the (third) eye. That is the Third Eye. And when this Third Eye is opened…

“… your whole body will be full of light.”

And there is the gushing and effulgent light that will welcome you and there is the Bread of Light and Water of Life. Then you are reborn. Because it is the same experience which happens at the time of death.

You can enter into the astral plane, but you cannot have that experience which happens at the time of death. Because when you enter above, through this midway above the causal plane into the true Heaven that was taught by the Christ, there is the Holy Light. Once you see the Holy Light there, that will change your life.

Once you have this experience — only one time — that will change you. Then you have the contact direct with the Master.

Therefore it was said,

“I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world.”

Because then you have the contact with the Master Power above the causal plane, in the Heaven, that will never leave you.

From there the true religion starts. Then your contact with the world is broken. “Broken” means, you have to live in the world, yet you will feel that you are above the world. Those passions, those attachments with which you are so much affected, it will not affect you. You will have a wonderful life.

Whereas the light in the astral and the causal plane gives food to the mind and not to the soul. You know, those who meditate, enter into the astral plane, they are more egoist than others. Because they always get food for the mind.

Further I will explain to you, more broadly, more vividly, so that you may understand as from where you have to start.

Guru Nanak says,

“… those are not blind who have no eyes on their foreheads,
but blind are those whose inner eye is not opened.”

And it is said, that when we leave the body and our third eye is not opened, then it is pitch darkness. We even cannot see our astral feet below. It is so big darkness. Therefore Masters come in the world to make them see who do not see. And make them hear, those who do not hear. And now I have told you, that it is pitch darkness within, and a time will come when everyone will have to go through this way.

It is very easy to live in this world, it is very easy to live in this body,
but it is very difficult to leave this world and leave the body.

Because we are miserably attached with it. Therefore it is said,

“Learn to die so that you may begin to live”,

… because it is a technique, it is a Grace from the Master which will help you to open the gate of life.

There are various examples. Alexander the Great whose attention was to create problems in the world. He created tyranny and murder in the world, but his Master, Khwaja Kidr, he knew his attention from within. He wanted to avoid him doing that, he wanted to save him. It is said, that he forcibly took him above the body-consciousness. But he could not drink the water of life because it was pitch darkness there. He came back and he started the same thing where his intention was bound.

This is a beautiful subject in itself, because our purpose is to solve the riddle of life. And it is only possible when you are able to see.

To see from these (outer) eyes?

No! (It means) to see from the Third Eye.

It is said, that reading, writing, feeling, emotions, drawing inferences can all be subject to error. Seeing is above all. Without seeing there is no belief. But now I have told you the twin facts of seeing.

There are other ‘masters’, who will help you to see on the level of the mind and intellect. It is very, very dreadful, because when you stress over here, you are coming into the chakras. And when you have learned to come into the chakras, at the time of death, the natural way is to transcend from lower extremities and slowly, slowly our attention is going upward (before leaving the body). It is very, very dreadful. If you have learned to come back into the man-body (downward into the chakras), then the effect will be reverse. It will be very bad end, dreadful end (of life).

We are here, at the seat of the soul, but only when the Master Power infuses His life there, then only you can see the seat of the soul. He will withdraw you from outside and inside and will (open) the way out. He will save you from the outer world and from the inner worlds. When you are not affected from the (physical) world, the other world, astral and causal worlds are also similar, it affects you too hard there also.

Here are the hours, there are the years. The things which you can do here in some hours, there you cannot do in some years. So those people who go through this way, it is very, very dreadful, it is a very lengthy way. Then there is no hope to come back into the (human) life. For that purpose I will request you to read some scriptures from some competent Masters, like Kabir.

It is said, Kabir came in all the four ages, He was Satsukrat, Muninder, Karunamae and Kabir. He has told each and everything right from how the Creation started. And He has told you the very positive and potent way back to God. And he has told, except the midway, other ways — astral and the causal way — are the death-trap. Once you are caught there you belong to the negative power. You will lose the purpose of human life.

It is only the grace of the competent Master who helps you.

Now who is the Master?

There are hundred thousand ‘masters’, but there is only one Doer (Controlling Power). There is no second doer. And He is the Christ Power, Master Power, God Power. He is our Master.

Christ lived before Jesus. Jesus was the son of man on whose pole the Christ Power worked. This Christ Power has no beginning, no end, He is the Creator. He sustains the whole Creation and we have direct and independent contact with that Power, that is our Master.

If there is anyone who is commissioned from God, there is only one thing in Him — He will never say, that He is a Master. He says there is only one Doer. He says, “I am a borrowed servant of God.” No Master ever claimed himself as Master, because those who claim themselves as Masters, they can never be the Masters.

So there are hundred thousand ‘masters’, those who claim themselves, “Yes, we are the master, you come to us.” Kabir has told, directly or indirectly they are working for the negative power. And further He has warned, “Never sit by the evil doers.”

They say they are the evil doers who teach you the astral things, the astral activities. Kabir says,

“Never sit by the evil doers,
otherwise your soul will fall down
like the petals of the roses.”

Because all these problems with which many, many people are affected, they are from the astral diseases.

Diseases of the mind are due to the astral activities.

Now you know, those who meditate on the astral plane, when they enter there, they lose the intellect. Because then mind takes the intellect with it. Then they lose the discriminating power. And this is why those people who are suffering from psychic problem, they have no intellect. They lose the intellect. They have no discrimination power. They cannot find the way back.

So all these problems, psychic problems are due to the astral activities. Lots of are due to this. Because it is the attachment. And we have to get rid of it.

How to get rid of it?

Then we will take up this subject again.

Man is the highest rung in the whole creation — on what ground?

He has the discriminating power. Even gods, goddesses, angels, avataras, they have no discriminating power in them, so they cannot go back to Home Eternal. So this is one beauty in man. The purpose of man is not to look like a man but is to appear (live or act) like a (perfect or true) man.

And when it is possible?

When he uses the discriminating power.

What the discriminating power tells us?

“What is what.”

Because if we use the discriminating power, then it helps our consciousness. If you know this subject, you have the yearning. And while you are yearning, you will have a ruling passion in your life. Once you have understood “what is what”, then you are conscious. You will never be misguided.

When there will be yearning, Master Power will help you from within.

What will He do?

He will make your contact with the one, who is already connected with God. You will never be misled. So the purpose of human life is to become conscious co-worker of the Divine plan.

Everyone can become conscious co-worker of the Divine plan because it is our turn to meet God. All other things are side-issues in the world.

Man comes in this world with ten merits. If he multiplies them, then he is a (true) human being. If he destroys all (his merits/virtues), then he will not (gain anything), then he will lose the turn (the opportunity) of human life. So that is linked with our discriminating power.

When Sant Kirpal Singh first time visited the USA in 1955, He said,

“God does not reside in temples made of stones and bricks”

… because your true Faith, your true Bible, your true church (Temple of God) is the man-body. Man-body contains all the symbols of these temples, churches and gurdawaras (Sikh temples).

What is there?

When we go there (in the church), we ring the bell. When you enter there (in the body), the bell is already ringing inside, all the time it is ringing. There (in the church or temple) we light the candle. There (in the body) is the light within. But that is the Holy Light. That is blessed by the Master Power within. So your true Faith, your true Bible is much more within than outside. Those who believe these words of the Christ, they are the true Christians.

And who are the true Christians?

When you rise above the plane of senses, it is the same experience which happens at the time of death. At the time of death when you transcend above all the ganglions (chakras(1)), your spirit comes at the root of the two eyes. From there it takes upward trend and then it takes inward trend. Here it takes the cross. So those are the true Christians, who take the cross daily. You have to take the cross. If you do not take the cross you are not the true Christians.

My purpose to reveal to you this very link within you is not to make you as followers, but my purpose is to remind you about your consciousness. God is the Ocean of All-Consciousness. We are the drop of that consciousness, we are of the same essence as that of God.

We are the conscious entity. (But) we can only become conscious if we rise above the plane of senses and the shackles of the mind.

When Sant Kirpal Singh was asked, “Can You give that first-hand experience which Christ used to give?” He said, “Yes, sit and see.”

Because Christ has told,

“I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world.”

All Masters told. Sometimes He came as Christ, sometimes He came as Buddha, sometimes He came as Guru Nanak, sometimes He came as Kabir.

And in the 20th century He came as Sant Kirpal Singh. So it is a life-giving thing I am telling you. I have told these things, I have directed these things direct to your soul. You cannot forget it. It is the food for the soul. I have not told you anything else, any food or any emotional thing for the mind and for your intellect. This you can never forget. If you remember my words nobody can misguide you. If you are not misguided you are a perfect person. You are fit to go back. You need some guidance, it is already there. It is possible.

What I have spoken to you, it is from my practical life. And I stress you lovably to have that subject by your own self. You become conscious co-worker of the Divine plan, you become the ambassador of truth, you become an example in your own house, you can change the whole house, you can change the neighbour. That is the teaching of the Christ. The teaching of the Master does not tell you to make some barriers.

There are already so many wells. Why to dig a well again? Where is a need for that?

You just make it pure. There are already so many religions. There is no need to change the religion, there is no need to change the faith. The faith is within, the faith of all human beings is one and the same. The religion, a true religion is one and the same. All the Masters came from one and the same Source and went back to the same Source. And their teaching is taught with one opinion. And so is with our case. We have to become the same.

“I and my Father are one.”

So we have to become one with our Father.

You can be helped in this direction and there is no enforcement. It is all lovable way, because …

… there is no end to the competency of your Master
and there is no end to your learning.

More you learn, more you remain in close contact with that Power. We are only away from that Power due to our ignorance. All these problems in the world, that is called Maya(4), that is our ignorance (forgetting that there is nothing permanent in the three worlds). Whatever we do in ignorance, that binds us into it. And there is no escape out of it.

Every action has its reaction.

All possibilities are there. That is provided within us. There are two ways. If we surrender to the teaching it is well and good. More easily you surrender to the teaching, more easily you can be benefited.

The words of the Master is the Master Himself.

If you believe the words of the Master, you are a perfect person. The Master Power is innate in the soul, He hears us before anything (comes) from the outer side.

He is the Life in our life.

That Power is innate in the soul. When you remember Him, He will remember you. You need guidance from Him, He will guide you.

But when someone who is commissioned from God comes, he will never attach you with himself. He will attach you directly with God. He says, “My Master is that One, and He is your Master.”

Master of the whole creation is One, there is only one Doer. That is the Master Power, God Power, Christ Power. And we have direct and independent contact.

We are all brothers and sisters in God.

If you follow, here we are together, there we must be together. We have one opinion, we have one way back to God.

Read the scriptures. You can change the Bible from outside, but you cannot change the Bible that is within you. It is two-page Bible, you open it and you can read the whole thing there inside.

The question is within, the answer is also within.
The disease is within and its remedy is also within.

As for example you put me a question. If I give you the wrong answer, you will never cooperate with me since you have the right answer within you. Can you cooperate with a false thing? No! You say, “It is a false thing, it is not the right answer. I want the right answer.” Because you have the right answer. Unless it is given to you, you would never cooperate with me.

I have told you the very perfect teaching, the teaching of the competent Master. That will never differ from you. That will clutch you like anything. It is such a lovable thing within. When you are reborn, then you are above the world. You live in the world, yet you know that you have not to come back into the world. You have to live with your Father for all the times.

Your boat is in the water,
but water will not enter into the boat.

Because when you enter, when you have the Holy Light within, then your thoughts will be potent and positive. Those thoughts, when they become potent and positive, they will not have any reaction, they will not bind you at all.

But all those (other) thoughts, every action has its reaction. All those karmas will bind you back into the body. There is no way out.

Those seeds who are burnt in the fire, they will not grow again. When you rise above the plane of senses and the shackles of the mind, you enter into the (true) Heaven.

Then what is there?

Your thoughts become potent and positive. Then Master Power sits in you. If you commit any mistake thereafter, you will have to bear it upon your body or the Master Himself (has to bear it). But Master will save you all the times. Then we are in the lap of our Father, either living or dead.

But one thing I (would like to) remind you about. Once you are born anew, and it is the same experience which happens at the time of death, then you will never die. And there are lots of — many, many experiences every day happening in the world.

Those who are initiated by Sant Kirpal Singh, even initiated now, if they leave the body, they (can) tell the date and time, provided they lived with the teaching. And they say, “Well, we are going.” They leave the body so lovably. It is said, we were happy when we were in the lap of our Father.

And when we will be happy again?

When we have learned / When we learn the Art of Life. When we know how to leave this body. When you have that experience which is written in the Holy Scriptures, the positive and potent experience, then you will have this happiness again with you. This is the eternal happiness.

The Master Power will never give you any assurance for peace of mind, solace or comfort in the world, because this is nothingness. It is a food for the three worlds which will catch you, which will bind you with its reaction. The reaction is there. Because this is nothingness, this is of delusionary nature.

Whereas all those Masters, so-called ‘masters’, hundred thousand ‘masters’, they come to fulfill their wishes because they are bound with wishes. Their life is not positive and potent, I tell you.

Ye be perfect, as your Father is in the Heaven.”

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

If they are not pure, how can they teach the purity to you?
How will they help you to live with pure thoughts, pure deeds and pure actions?

This is one thing. This is only the subject about the “Third Eye.” But this is very important subject. But still there is no end to the teaching and there is no end to our learning. Once we have understood, then (we should) live and do with it.

And for how long?

Up to your whole life. If really you want to solve the mystery of death, then you have to live and do with it. Because the subject is spontaneous.

The spiritual aspect of life bears no time and no space. It is spontaneous.

Spirituality is not taught, but caught.

So the purpose of human life is to live and do with it once you have understood it.

And for how long?

Up to our last breath. Because thereafter we have to live with this Power eternally and work with Him eternally.

Please, keep these words with you. All that glitters is not gold. Even the gold cannot be tested without a touch-stone. Make your decision, develop your life. And keep my words with you.

Christ has told,

“If you love me, keep my commandments.”

If you keep these words with you, that will help you. If you simply live with it, you will see that there will be a big change in your life. You will feel it.

So thank you, time is up. And wishing you all that is good for you.

[Audience applauds]

Why clapping?

I haven’t told you any new philosophy. You are older than all the philosophies of the world.

Now you can take one thing. People will come to you only to spoil your goodness.

Master used to say,

“If bad persons do not leave their bad habits,
good persons should also not leave their good habits.”

Whatever is taught to you, you keep it with you. Live a holy life with good thoughts, good deeds and good actions. That will bring you near to the Master Power. That will help you a lot. That will help you to change your angle of vision.

Question: What should I do to close the ten doors in the temple to find the way in the middle?

Bhaji: Yes, this is a mystery that is revealed by the Master Power. You can be helped and you can have that experience which Sant Kirpal Singh used to give. He said, “Sit and see.” Provided, you determine your life, when you determine to live and to do with it.

It is your heritage. You are not to get anything from outside. It is your heritage and that will be given to you, that is within you. Master is not going to give you anything from outside. Everything is within you.

You can have some more books. You can study them. Those who want to live with it, they can leave their addresses over here. Because I told you, there is no end to the teaching, and there is no end to the learning. When you really learn it, you will have a wonderful change in your life, I tell you. Only by knowing the true aspect of life.

This teaching will not stress your nerves, but relax your nerves. It will make you fully conscious.

There are two circles, one is the negative circle, one is the positive circle. If you are in the negative circle, then you are not in the positive circle. But if you are in the positive circle, then you are not in the negative circle. When you are in the positive circle, Master initiates you, He keeps His hand on your silver cord(5) and nobody can undo with it. Because He is the Supreme. No power from the world, from the three worlds can snatch your attention from Him.

Questions: What is the difference between the Master Power and the term “Master” as a person, a Godman? Secondly, much was told about Christ, how does this tally with healing, for example Reiki? What is the criteria of what is the Truth, and what is false?

Bhaji: Because all that appears in the astral plane, that is negative. And all these miraculous things, it is just like a firework. For a moment it appears to be very nice, but afterward (we see that) it is dust. So those who take it to the heart, they are affected. Others are not affected. So all these miraculous things, black magic, Reiki, all those things, spiritual healing, that is but the way of negative power.

I tell you how. Because man wants to be happy in the world. Just to be happy in the world he has to create some wishes. When he creates some wishes, you know how we create the negative thoughts, just to fulfill those wishes. When those wishes are fulfilled, then it becomes attachment, “Oh, I am very strong, I could fulfill this wish.” After some time the same wish will become fake and void, and you will lose the contact. Then you have to create another wish just to be happy in the world. So throughout life man goes on creating wishes after wishes and ultimately he dies in the negative circle.

How he dies in the negative circle?

With the attachment, one suffers with the diseases of the mind. And with ego, one suffers with the diseases of the body. When the diseases of the mind and the diseases of the body get together, man dies in the negative circle.

Therefore all Masters tell,

“Be desireless!”

You are the supreme, why you want the help of other persons?

Only for bodily sake. This is not a help. Because these wishes in the three worlds, this is the activity of the negative power.

Kabir has told it wonderfully,

“With the death of one, two die, and with the death of two, four die.
And with the death of four six die.
Out of six, two are female and four are male.”

If you don’t create a wish — (this means) the death of one. With the death of one, two die, means, if you don’t create a wish, you will not be affected with the attachment and the ego. This attachment and ego give birth to all the problems of the world. This rather goes up to the cause and effect of the world. So there is no escape out of it.

Whereas Masters say, “Be desireless!” If really you are desireless, you are a perfect person, you are a human being.

And I told you, there is only one Master and the one who is commissioned from God Power, he would never say that he is a Master. It is a God-into-Action Power. That Power can take work from him, (and also) from you.

Sant Kirpal Singh told me, “I want to give my work in the hands of conscious people.” He wanted to give His further work in the hands of conscious people. So He told me, that there are a lot of conscious people. They can develop themselves. So far we are all reading in one and the same class.

And who is a Master?

Who can give you the experience according to the teaching, according to the experience of the competent Master. But He says, “I am not the Master.” He says He (the Master Power) is the Doer. If at any moment in his life he claims to be a Master, his contact will be broken at once from the God Power. He will not be fit to work for the Master Power. There is only one God, and there are all ‘master’, they are their ‘masters’. This is ego. This is a ‘doership’. All Masters said, they are the servants, they are the “borrowed servants of the holy body.”

Kabir has even told, “I am the bitch (female dog) of my Master. Having the string (leash) in His hand He takes me anywhere He likes. I am bound to my Master.”

Thank you once again.

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(1) chakras: energy centres in the body, where some powers are the servants of this human body (rektum: Ganesh, procreation organ: Brahma, navel: Vishnu, heart: Shiva/Rudra/Mahesh), throat: Durga/Shakti). When we (soul) leave the body, then these chakras break first and powers have to leave the body before us — so how can they help us at the time of death?

(2) transmigration: incarnation into lower species, below the human form. These are not just any kind of animals, plants, etc., but also evil ghosts, angels, gods and goddesses, avataras (who are the servants of the human form). We can be sent into any lower form within the three worlds — but not into the human form, which has the highest rung in the Creation — next to God.

(3) negative power: This is outgoing expression of God, who has been given the control of the three worlds. Dr Harbhajan Singh explained, “Mind, maya (illusion), matter (nature), or negative power are one and the same, they do everything to keep the soul under their clutch and would never allow any soul to escape from the three worlds. The Law of Karma binds us very strongly into this world (because every action has a reaction that is binding us)

(4) maya (illusion), mind, matter, see “negative power(3)

(5) silver cord: The subtle connection of the soul (consciousness, spirit or life) with the physical body. This silver cord is only broken at the time of death by the angel of death. Only if we came under the protection of the Master Power, God Power, then this Power has the silver cord in His hand to break it very lovably, and He will withdraw us from the body and take us above the three worlds, outside the reach of mind and negative power.

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