Celebration of Sant Kirpal Singh’s 100th birthday (4 am)

On Febryary 6, 1994 at four o’clock in the morning, the birthday celebrations started in Kirpal Sagar as part of the World Conference on Unity of Man. Dr Harbhajan Singh addressed the congregation with the following words:

I greet all of you on His auspicious birthday, and I have lots of things to share with you, specially on the pattern for which He has developed us.

Which pattern I mean?

To serve our soul and to serve others. The service to the soul is the biggest one. Service to the soul means to overcome our shortcomings and to develop the soul. Now we are identified into the body through the senses and the sense organs so much that we have forgotten ourselves and have forgotten the Overself (God).

We do not know what we are, who we are, from where we came, and how we are sent into the world. That is also a big secret. Because when Master (Master Power, God Power) has sent us into the world, He put a curtain there again and we cannot see beyond that. So the whole world is blind. This is such a pattern that the whole world is blind and cannot see. It is in a big illusion. It is a sad story.

When we close our eyes, we see the darkness. After death, after leaving this body, would we see the brilliant light within? Would we see the way back to God?

No. According to the Holy Scriptures, the soul after leaving the body does not track on the proper place. It is according to what we are and how we have developed ourselves.

The condition of the soul is just like a girl who has been married and sent away with the husband by the parents and she does not know whether she is going to a hut or a palace, how her life will be. Specially in India it is like this that the girl is sent away without knowing, where she has to dwell in. This is the condition of the soul.

Now the discriminating power, which all the human beings have at present, is the highest one. Beforehand, maybe thousands of years before, people used to live an animal life. At that time it was very difficult to discriminate man’s life from the animal’s life. People used to live in forests and discrimination was at the lowest ebb.

Now we have got a very big chance to live with discriminating power. That is the highest thing, that we can differentiate ourselves from the entire creation due to this discriminating power. So we can know what we are, who we are, and what is what.

We can say just like a man showing you a jewel at night, “Yes, well, see this thing, how beautiful it is.“ You say, “No, let the sun rise.“ Because when the sun rises, you can see everything in its original condition.

So this is a sun that has come up, this birth (as a human being) is said to be a sunrise. It is just like a garden where flowers are growing and where there are fruits. So when this turn of coming into the man-body is given to us, we have to smell, whether this is a nasty smell or it is a good smell.

Alexander the Great had the intention to create tyranny and murder in the world. But his Master was very conscious for that reason. He thought, “This king will create a lot of tyranny and murder in the world, I must save him.” He tried his level best, and forcibly took him above the body-consciousness. But Alexander the Great, whose attention was always focused on ruling over the world, to get the possession of the whole world, did not listen to his Master. But it is said Quazi Kisr forcibly took him above the body-consciousness through his attention. But it is said, there was utter darkness and Alexander could not drink the water of life.

This man-body is a pool of nectar. And there is the Amrit (Nectar) inside, there is the Water of Life and Bread of Life.

Kabir says,

“When the pitcher (man-body) breaks,
the reflection of the water disappears itself.”
— Kabir

There is a reflection in us. If we use it, it will show us the way back to God. Everyone is created for something higher and we have to make the best use of it.

What our Master did — what all Masters did — we have to follow their footsteps.

And what are those footsteps?

Their life was full of service to other people. To others means, to fellow-beings.

Sant Kirpal Singh throughout His life served others. When He was in the army, He was an officer. Even then He used to go to the hospital, serving the poor and the sick, giving them fruit, massage, and He used to give them water to clean their body. He Himself cleaned the ulcerating hearts. Out of love that He created there, those people used to weep, “O Sant Kirpal Singh, why do you do all these things? You are a great personality. We know you are the God-into-action-Power. Your attention is sufficient, you should not give us massage.”

Many times when He used to go by train to Beas or somewhere else in India, wherever He went He saw that there were very old people who were unable to carry their luggage. They demanded, “O Master, why do you carry our load, you should not do that.”“I am very strong, I can carry your load.”

Once Kabir had to go to one city. At that time there used to be these carriages driven by horses. There was one very rich person, who went to that city only to listen to the Satsang of Kabir. He shouted, “Where is a kuli? A kuli should be there.” Kabir went to him and said, “Yes, I am the kuli.” Kabir took the luggage of this man on His shoulder and brought it where he wanted. But to his utmost surprise the man saw the same power (Kabir) sitting on the dais (platform). He said, “O Master, you are such a Master.” He was very much ashamed of that. Kabir said, “No, I have not done a new thing for you. Masters always come to carry your luggage, to carry your load.”

We are burdened, we are heavy loaded in this world. Our purpose of human life is to pay off the debts. Masters came and said, “My son, my children are fully loaded with burden and they cannot carry it.” They have to carry our burden.

Masters tell us, this man-body is the capital given to us. This world is a big market, and we are the merchants in it. Whereas we have to undertake a very good business just to pay off the debts.

What have we to pay back?

Service to the humanity, called Guruseva and Gurubhakti.

What is Gurubhakti?

It means to follow the footsteps of the Master, 100 percent, not 99 percent, but 100 percent. There should be no failure in our life. That is Guruseva, the service to the Master Power. If you serve others you protect yourself. You overcome your problems. All these things are practical subjects. But by the grace of the Master we all are doing that, and we are putting our head and heart for this purpose. I really appreciate that the disciples of Sant Kirpal Singh are very devoted to tackle all these problems. One person met me, he said, “In a week, in ten days I have been coming over here two, three times. I have seen all those persons who have come from the West doing up to midnight, they do not take any rest.” I said, “No, they have a very sound sleep, a loveable sleep. All they do, they do for the sake of God.” And this is one condition. He puts all His children unto the service of God. That is the biggest way of life.

There is a reason behind it.

Now these two powers are there (Positive or Master Power, and negative power).

If you start living with Master, you are getting detached, and ultimately fully detached from the sphere of the negative power. All you do for the Master Power that is credited to the Master Power and you get free from the facts of the negative power. So those negative facts, they disappear by doing service to others. This is a law, law of God. The selfless service is the highest criteria, is the highest way of life, if really Master blesses us.

Master used to say, “You can meditate. If you meditate for three hours, but your mind is stilled only for fifteen minutes, the time-period calculated will be not three hours but fifteen minutes. But if you do selfless service for three hours, your time-period will be calculated as three hours.”

The time (devoted) for meditation and the selfless service is one and the same, but it matters if you really control your mind. You are doing the selfless service fully embedded in good thoughts, good deeds and good actions, you are under His will. You have created harmony in you.

While doing the work you have created harmony in others. You have shed radiation for other people. When really you do the selfless service, what happens? Some power is standing beside you and it helps you to do more, it helps you to finish the work and that is what we saw.

Some people who really meditate, they see this phenomenon that Master is with each one of us.

But when?

When we are doing for Him. He is always with us. So those things which we have undertaken, the World Conference on Unity of Man, means, we have to take our Master always with us and do for others. When really you do for God, when you do for others, for the development of the soul of others and our own self, the Master Power will always be with you. A time comes in life, when He settles fully within, He will never leave you.

“I shall never leave thee
nor forsake thee
till the end of the world.”
— Hebrews 13:5, Matthew 28:20

But for whom?

Who are the blessed ones.

“Blessed are the pure in heart
for they shall see God.”
— Matthew 5:8

Purity in thoughts, deeds and actions only comes through the selfless service, when you surrender yourself unto the Master.

Once some people passed by a very rich person whose angle of vision was changed and who was doing the selfless service. They said, “O, he is such a rich person, we have never seen him working. He had hundreds of servants at his disposal and he is doing this work, and he is doing a very inferious work.” When those persons smilingly wanted to pass by, he said, “No, I am doing God’s work. This is part of my life. I should have done it, before I have not done yet. If I am a rich person, I must make the best use of this heritage which Master has given to me. So all that belongs to me, actually belongs to the Master, whatever I am gaining out of this labourious work, only that is my property. The other is a reaction of the past.”

Sometimes Master gives you something, sometimes He does not give you anything. It is a reaction of the past. For the Master Power there is no difference between the rich and the poor, between the high and the low. He sees us from the angle of the soul.

We can be happy in the world but we are not contented. If we are happy and we are not contented, will the happiness be of any use? No, it will be of no use. This happiness is for a short while, it will pass away. So we have to be contented.

With these words I greet you from the core of my heart, because I have all love, rather a respectful love. We are near to each other, and we have to shed love and radiation in the world, and we have to create this loveable atmosphere everywhere in the world.

Wherever you go, you bring His message.

And what is that message?

“Peace be unto the world, all the world over, o Lord.”

So with these words I would request you to make the best use of the sitting over here. We want Parshad, everybody wants Parshad. And what is this Parshad? We should get this Parshad over here (at the third eye), Guru Parshad, the Parshad which the Guru gives.

The Guru (Master Power) is within. When we invert within, this Parshad is there. This Light and Sound Principle, the Music of the Spheres that resounds within, that is the Parshad. So let us sit in meditation (sweet remembrance of the Master Power).

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