Anniversary of August 21, 1974

Remembering the physical departure of Sant Kirpal Singh
Talk by Dr Harbhajan Singh, St. Gilgen on 13 August 1994

Dear brothers and sisters!

We had very nice days with you, whereas we were all putting in time to disseminate the Teaching of the God Power, the very Truth without label and we could also develop. When you develop others, you are developed, when you help others, you are helped. In this way, our development is there.

God Power had always His work (Mission) in the world. Now the purpose for each one of us is the same, it does not differ at all. Whether we are (already) working in this Mission few years before, or those who are coming up, their all work is one. That is not a new thing, that is the old, old thing.

Master Power always tries to develop everybody, because only that Power knows our background, knows all the ins and outs, all the whirlpools that can happen in our life and a lot of other things — joy and sorrow of the world.

For that purpose, He is entirely concerned to help you (to become) more positive and potent so that you can easily overcome all those things. You know the very high values of life, which all Masters attained and we have to attain — that has no shortcoming, has no loophole and is a very direct path to God Power.

Those who are working in Kirpal Sagar, I am really proud of them as well, because lots of developments are there and everybody wants to overcome (his weaknesses) and I see, that very little, little problems sometimes do happen, and these can be eliminated without any dire consequences.

I am really very happy to be here and this time passed very quickly — as I told you I never feel homesick, because I have no home anywhere in the world (Bhaji laughs) — this problem is not with me. So this should be the subject for each one of us.

This is what Master told me, He said, “Yes I have also no house (home), I have no place.” Because it is a thought — suppose if we have to go today or tomorrow. What we have, what we possess, what we have to take with us?

Only our positive thoughts, only our actions, only our work which we did for the Master and did for others, that will go along with us, and nothing else will go along with us.

Otherwise our negative thoughts will create hindrance in our way. So this is a true Teaching, everybody has to accept it.

Master says, “See the world, but know yourself and leave others to themselves.” It will be very good. Let people follow you, you must not follow others. This can be a right solution in your life, and in this way you can help lots of people because already you know a lot of things.

You already know lots of things, thousand incidences happened during the time of the Master and even after Him (after His physical departure). He is the Doer. He did everything and He is still doing.

I am not going to repeat those things, but this time was a very serious matter in our life in 1974 when Master had to leave the physical body.

Today is 13th (August) and He left the body on 21st. For that purpose I would really like to tell something what His commandments were and why He left the body.

You know, His remembrance brings some radiation, some vibration in the life.

One poet has told,

“Oh, God whose name did I mention,
that my attention has started to kiss my tongue.”

To remember Him brings us very close to Him, but those were the very difficult days that time.

And the same thing happened with us. Once Master was telling about His Master and then He said, “I experienced two difficulties in my life, one before His arrival and the other after His departure.” Two difficulties.

It is really a difficulty, before a Godman comes into the world for those who yearn for Him, and when they meet, they feel happy. This time which is spent in yearning, that is a very terrible time, but there is a hope, that we will meet.

But the second difficulty that one experiences after the departure, that is very difficult to bear. Because then one has to find ways and means how to meet Him again, otherwise it is too difficult.

You know, a blind one cannot hold the arm of the other one. Only the one, who has the eyes, he can hold the blind one.

So He selected us, He put us on the path. Now everywhere in the world people remember Him, because He was the God-into-action Power. He was a Godman. He did all. Everything that He had with Him, He distributed.

He said, that all that He had acquired, He had got, He is not taking away anything, all this grace He leaves for the children. This is something out of His competency. I mean to say, that if He has left the body — His attention, His grace that works all the time.

You know, I already told you, because now when we go back and you (are) over here for celebrating His physical departure day. This time is coming too near.

Master was fully okay, there was no problem with Him, when at once He decided to go back. But at the same time, when it was decided, then Baba Jaimal Singh told within, “Go and tell Him, that He should not take the allopathic medicine.”

I went there — He was staying in Dehra Dhun then. Early in the morning when I arrived, then Master told to Taiji, “Well you want to hear some message from the Master? You come up.”

I said, “Master it is You who gives the direction within and also You are the one who hears it from outside.” And I said, “Master You should not take allopathic medicine!”

He said, “Then I will come to your house.” I could not understand — three times He told it. And I said, “Master You prescribe homeopathic and other medicines to others and why You take allopathic medicine? Because the doctor thinks, that You suffer from some bronchial problem — bronchial allergy.” But Master said, that this problem is not with Him. I said, “Master then if they give You medicine against the bronchial allergy, it will create some problems in Your alveoli, and then they won’t be able to create much oxygen to provide for the brain and Your whole body will be very hot.”

Then Master gave me two flowers together on one little branch. He said, “This is my parshad, which so far I have not given to anybody. This is for you and your wife.” And then we had something more, we had a talk. Then afterwards I bowed down but He did not accept it. He put His feet away to other direction. So it was just like falling the sky on my head. I was alone there and He did not accept it, but immediately He gave His hand very close to my breast and I pressed His hand. At the same moment a very high (inner) sound came into my ear. “Now you don’t need (to bow down), now you need only the help. Help is there. Now this time (of bowing down to His feet) has passed” — that is what He meant with it.

Anyhow from that moment He said, “Taiji, you always blame me, that I am suffering. Now you can write down, that I will not take medicine after one and half month! From 6th July to 21st August it is exactly one and half months.

Anyhow — this time was a very, very, very terrible time. It was hot weather there in India and it was also something that was going on within. Master throughout His life never mentioned such things that He mentioned (during that time), so I had a big fear in my mind, in heart, that something will happen. But actually, what was the problem?

Even in the newspaper it was (told) by the astrologers, that there will be a dissolution of the world, which negative power declared.

Then it was decided within, that negative power wants a dissolution of the world whereas Master Power will bring the Golden Age instead, because the Iron Age was finished, its life was only up to that time.

Then Master had immediately to leave the body, that was one reason of His going back. I told you lots of things about how He left the body, but I would say, that I was unfortunate, He ordered me to be with Him (in the hospital). He said, “Except this person, no one should be with me, only He should be with me.”

Anyhow, there were a lot of things which I talked with Master during these two days. Not only verbally, but only with the attention, He did it. It was something — some prayers from my side and He replied these prayers. But that day — He had already told about four month before — in Dehra Dhun — He had told everything about His further Mission — how it will go on, and as I told you.

His words always reverberate within us and He was telling about how this work is going in the West. I said, “Master why you tell it to me?” Master said, “No, it is a need of the time, you must do it!” (to continue the work of the Mission). I said, “Master, no!” He said, “If the heat goes out of the brick kiln, the bricks can never be ready for proper building, you should not weep over it!”

Then He said, “You are given right understanding, rather rare right understanding of its special significance and lots of your brothers and sisters can be benefited out of it. And while developing others you will also be developed.” I said, “Master, if it is so then multiply it to all my brothers and sisters.” He said, “Then there will be a revolution of spirituality in the world!”

I would never accept, because it was never my wish even not a dot of it (was) in my heart. He had created such nearness, that I ever wanted to see Him, I ever wanted to be more close to Him. Because when you see the inner glory of the Master and the inner glory of your own self, then you have no (choice) except than to surrender to the Master Power. This is the subject of everybody, this is one phase, that must come in the life of everybody, then he can become conscious-co-worker of the Divine plan.

Then Master said, “No (listen), you are a borrowed servant of God! The borrowed servant of God has nothing to say, his purpose is only to listen and implement it.” He said, “Let it be your outer work, my work will be the inner — all help will be there.” I said, “Master, even this I don’t accept, this does not appeal to me, I never wished in my life and why You say (so)?” He said, “Then I give you one thing, that was hardly given, not often, but that is a beautiful thing: Only those will come to you, who are sent by Him!”

So all that, what He had to do He did beforehand (before leaving the body) and those who accept it they got this radiation, they felt it, but it was a very terrible time.

After 20 days, on 27th July it was the celebration of Master Baby Sawan Singh’s birthday. So there was a huge gathering, it was very hot. Master was sick and in spite of that, He was sitting there for a long time, many hours He was sitting there. Even there was so much rush that Satsang could not be held in the premises (Sawan Ashram), more than 50.000 people were there — such a big gathering was there.

After the Satsang was over it was very hot. Master had to stay outside, because there was no way to go into the Ashram, but after it (the way) was cleared Master went inside. He told me, “You should bolt this room, nobody should come inside.”

Master was sitting and He told, “What a beautiful day it would have been, if I had left the body today, if I had gone today!” I said, “Master why you say like this?” He said, “It is the birthday of my Master (I would like to have gone this day!)”

I said, “Master, it is Your Master’s birthday, but what will become of us? And You belong to us.” I said, “Master, let us go upstairs and I will give you a massage and You will feel alright.” He said, “How I will be happy, how I will feel right? Since I have to initiate tomorrow lots of people.”

People say, “This initiation is a little work,” but Master has to bear the reactions, the past karmas. Ages upon ages there are the storehouses — good and bad seeds that no power in the three worlds can destroy. Only the Master Power, who has the holy fire, He can destroy it. He can help you to get rid of it. Only after it is destroyed one feels nearness, ones feels very close to the Master Power. He creates His own place there.

Then I was with Him upstairs and giving massage, when I was pressing Him, He (caught) hold of my hand and said, “Feel the pulse of this patient, for how many days He will prolong?” I said, “Master, why You told like this? Why you say?” He said, “I have told.” Then He said, “No father — how a father can leave the child, I am with you, I am not going anywhere, don’t worry.”

Then we had a lot of work, at the place where now Kirpal Sagar is being built. I said, “Master today I must go back, because there is so much work and we have to do it!” He said, “Today I have not to give any parshad to anybody, but those who have come from the farm, those who were doing the selfless service I will only give parshad to them.” We were all in all 31 persons. He gave the parshad to us.

And we had one thing — Master said, “Whenever you have to go, even if you have got leave together with all other persons, even then you must come separate to me,” and then we both — me and my wife — went always separately (to Him).

When we went separately (to Master), He said, “Yes, you want parshad?” I said, “Yes.” But I had no open cloth with me. I said, “Master, You put it into the dupatta (Indian shawl) — this cloth of my wife there.” Master was putting a lot of parshad there but as He was giving the parshad to us, His eyes were full of tears and He said, “Before 20th August you must come, I have very important work with you.” — Never He said (such words) before. Before we were with Him all the time, but He never said like this, it was the first time He said, “You must be with me before 20th August.”

Then I said, “Master, I even do not like to go, I want to remain with You.” He said, “No, you must go and set all your work there.” He said, “I have given some promises and you also go there and tell them that I will not be able to do that.” So three promises He had given. He said, “You go there and tell them, that I won’t be able to come there to make a Satsang at one place.” So like that, there were two more (promises).

Then I was more doubtful why Master says like this? Then the time was coming near and it was a very hard time, it was a very dreadful time. Each day and night that passed, that had a further reaction in our thoughts. It was a time (when) I was even unable to sit in meditation — all the time attention what will become of us (if Master is going back). Never would I have liked to come, but I would go to some places (other centres). I said, “Let us be very pious, let us be very responsible for His Mission.”

And I started to make prayer, “Master bless us with Your presence, we will do exactly what You want, and if we have committed some mistakes, forgive us, but whatever is now coming up in our consciousness, that should not happen.” In this way, these days were passing.

Then it was 18th — then Bibi Lajo who was very close to Baba Sawan Singh she used to cook the food for Baba Sawan Singh, she went to Master there and she said — she brought one girl there, who was married already. She said, “This girl, this woman is married, since many years and she wants some children, she is not happy and Master bless us, bless this woman with a child.”

Master said, “You go to Amritsar and meet him there.” He told about me. “He has a medicine he will tell you and one thing you also tell from my side, but you only tell this things in his ear, nobody should listen to it, tell him that Kirpal Singh’s face is turning yellow. This much only you tell to him and he should come to me.”

I knew it was His order, that I must be there by the 20th of August. It was 18th August in the evening, when she told me this news. Then I was very upset. I went straight way to the house and next day I had to catch the train to be there. Because my situation was suchlike that I was even unable to drive the car. I had to go by train. — and He said, “Only he should come, nobody should come along with him.” These were the conditions, which He laid down.

“Oh, many, many years have passed,
you didn’t meet me, come back —
come as early as possible!”

During night-time my doctor there was working in the hospital, he woke me up at midnight — he said, “There is a very serious case, please you come and check him also. I want your advice also.” I went there and came (back) immediately and when I was entering into my house, I felt that somebody is coming behind (me) it was full darkness. I was a little bit afraid as who is following me? And I am not seeing him, who is following me. Just when I entered — and I was sleeping outside — it was very hot— I was sleeping outside in the open air. When I was just sitting on the bed, He helped me Himself, He laid me down and I felt, that it is a very tight grip on my shoulders. I said, “Never in my meditation it happened so, what is the cause?” I thought it may be the negative power, but when I could not get rid of the (suspected) negative power, then I started making Simran. When I started making Simran, this grip got very soft and Master turned to me, and He showed that His face was yellow. He said, “Oh, many, many years have passed, you didn’t meet me, come back — come as early as possible!” Then immediately, I got up and went straight to the room of the Master.

One time in my life it so happened, that Master had a wound on His feet and it was dressed (bandaged) and I asked, “Master, what happened with Your feet?” He turned His face and said, “This pain is only a little bit, but the pain of the heart is very strong and there is no remedy for it.” These words I always remembered, why Master said it?

But when I wanted to go into the house after this experience and it shocked me very much, my whole body was trembling. “There is going to be something, there is going to be some mishappening.” The room was closed, I tried from the windows and there was one wood that was lying above, that fell down and my foot also started to bleed.

Never I (would have) thought that when I was sitting (in meditation), that Master will come to me, because my attention was always wavering — I was half-hearted, never I would even sit in meditation during these days. It was not feeling balanced in my life.

When I sat down, immediately Master appeared, He said, “Now I have given you the wound, it is bleeding and now you would see, if it is more severe or the pain of the heart, is more (painful) there.”

Then at once I got up and started to pack everything. Anyhow — I went there — I have told you a lot of times all these things…

They (the doctors) were giving (the wrong tablets to Master), they said, “Master you must take this medicine.” He said, “No, Dr (Harbhajan Singh) has told me, not to take any medicine — allopathic medicine.”

Throughout the day, Master did not take any medicine, but when I had to reach — maybe one hour before — they stressed too much upon Master and they brought a very highly qualified doctor so Master had to accept this medicine. The medicine of which I told, “Master You should not take this medicine” — instead of one, he gave four tablets together and after taking this medicine Master’s whole body started to burn. Because this had to happen. But when I went there I saw the Master — anyhow.

When Master was brought to the hospital Master asked everybody, that they should come near and said, “All people should go to their houses. Nobody should stay in the centre. Except this person (Dr Harbhajan Singh), nobody should be in my room (in the hospital).”

So anyhow, so many things did happen but I would only say, that He would never like to leave His children. He was so loveable to everyone. He wanted to develop everybody. He knew that His work is not finished, (but) He had to go, but if He went, He only wanted to save the whole humanity otherwise there would have been a dissolution of the world.

Whatever He did in 14 years, in rather 18 years, 16 years even many books can be written about it. Because without a Master who is responsible for this physical world— without His presence, there could never be a change. He helped to bring the Golden Age and finish with the Iron Age. But it was a very miserable time for the Master who has to go through all the phases within and He has to defend each of His children. His concern for all human beings is one and the same — in this way He does not discriminate among His children, all children are loveable to Him.

Those who come up they receive more grace, they are more benefited, their way becomes very clear, but still He loves all. He does not leave anybody His attention goes everywhere. I have seen that in India there even wayfarers who just passed by, they were benefited.

That Power never dies.

So this day (Master’s physical departure) is coming very close to us, it had bothered each one of us but that Power never dies. On 21st August on the cremation ground His body was burning, His tape was being played and people were very unhappy, they were crying, weeping, but slowly, slowly everybody started to sleep there. This whole park was full with persons, full with brothers and sisters. But when it was midnight many people were sleeping Master caught hold of the arm of five to six persons — not one or two — and said, “Well I am not dead, you are dead, see I am still working, I am not bound with the physical body.”

The same thing is with us. Once you are bound, you have no wish. You cannot demand anything from Him, I tell you. Well you can demand lots of things for others, but you cannot demand anything for yourself, but He will give you that thing, which will not be exhausted. More you spend, more it will grow, but it is for others. (By) serving others, you will be benefitted, you will become more and more conscious. That was His parshad He gave us, and that is for everybody.

On 20th August, we had not taken anything because we were very, very much worried about His health and Master knew, that we were hungry, that we had not taken anything. Taiji came there. In the morning — (while) Taiji gave water to Master — He said, “No, it is not time for water, it is a time for tea.” So we were very happy, that Master has demanded for the tea. Then we brought the tea for the Master, He said, “No, first you take and then I will take.” So then we could take anything we liked, we took the breakfast and we were very happy that Master is now fully okay, but after we finished we brought the tea to the Master, He said, “No, I won’t take it, I really don’t need it!”

So even Master was conscious about our food, He was to leave the body and He was very much conscious about His children.

Then anyhow — many things happened — it was nearly half past six when Master closed His own eyes and closed His mouth and immediately left the body. Then there was no sign of any pulse there — He left the body.

How He left the body it was wonderful; He was opening the eyes — looking — because the doctor had come there, then He closed His eyes, closed His mouth and then Doctor said, “What happened, He is no more in the body?” So even there was no feeling of breath there, He left the body at once.

I tell you, to remain with such a Master and to work for such a Master is a great blessing, because He would never leave us. He is our eternal companion and we are blessed, that we can work with Him for all the times — not (only) in this body but we have to work eternally, for all times. Now, during short time we have to develop fully, to work with Him.

So His 21st August time (of His physical departure) we are also celebrating here, you must get together, because Master says, “Why should we get together at Satsang? It is a special grace of the Master.”

One time it so happened in Amritsar, one person — when Master was physically there — one said, “Well, now we have the tape recorder and we can listen to Your voice there (at home), we don’t come there (to the centre).” Master said, “Well please, listen to it, (but) when there is a time for Satsang, I am only in the centre and not in the house of anybody.” This means, “Where more than two sit in my name, there I am.” When we all get together, we get His grace.

You know, when He was going to leave the physical body, Taiji asked whether Baba Ji has come, Baba Sawan Singh has come? He said, “No, all have come, not only Baba Sawan Singh, but all Powers have come.”

That is what I myself felt when Master left the body. This whole room was just like —something like gold, it looked like gold, everything gold. It was just like some clouds of gold that have gathered there. Anyhow, this is something that cannot be explained, that is beyond description.

It was His wish, He left, but whatever we are doing He has helped, He has bound us and we are helpless.

Simply we have to surrender to His Will and we have to work for Him, because each of one of us has very short time with us. Because we have to get the eternal life, eternal contact and that is not a display of the physical world, that is not a display of the senses, that is not a display of the mind. Therefore we have to overcome all those things, to live eternally with Him, to have the eternal life with Him.

Those, who come over here, those who contact me, and who even contact you, there is only one thing: that we are all one. We have to become conscious, we are all reading in one and the same class. It does not differ whether we are the old initiates or the new ones, we are all standing in the one and the same row, because we have the previous link with the Master Power.

As I told you many times, Master has said that He so far has not initiated any new one.

We are all the old, old disciples of different Masters. We had this link. We had come over here with a background. So we should develop our background, we should help ourselves through this background. This will yield an eternal life, eternal awakening, and I wish, that all of us now — as we are leaving — our contact (should be) not only here, but thereafter also.

You know I feel very much — I am very much disturbed and your Biji as well, if we find some mistake anywhere, if we see, that someone is detached, then we feel very upset. Because here is nothing about politics, it is a matter of oneness, it is a matter of unity, how to get together.

Once we got together in the name of the Master, then we should live with Him, because we can only have our elixir of life, the bliss, direct through living with Him — there is no other way to have it.

Lots of people want some concession, they want some easy way. I said (to them),

This is the most easiest way, it is very loveable,
it is full of vibration, it is full of radiation.”

Some people used to go to the Master. They said, “Master we cannot meditate we are the worldly persons, we have lots of things to do, we have to pull on with our children…” Then Master said, “Okay, you remember Him, you put in some time regularly. If you remember Him, He will also remember you.” Then Master said, “Whose eyes became four, where will he go?” (When Master’s eyes and the eyes of the disciple become one) One cannot go (away).

Once His contact is created this will never loose— this will take us somewhere.

These are not only assurances, these are the very positive ways and we have to live with it. In reality if you ask from my heart, I am really very proud of all of you, because I am getting so much vibration from my brothers and sisters, which is even beyond my description. If I say, “Yes, you helped this way, that way” — no it is our common cause, it is a way of our living, it is the art of life and that is also described in all Holy Scriptures how holy persons, how devoted disciples of Master lived previously and it is a wonderful way of life.

You know, at some time they said, “Master, we want to sacrifice our life for the cause of Truth.” They were so much intoxicated that they presented themselves — “Okay, if sacrifice is needed then we present ourselves for sacrifice.” They wanted to finish with this vesture, they wanted to leave this wall, they wanted to live eternally with the Master Power.

Those who rise above these problems, those who rise into the higher consciousness and they dip into the consciousness, I tell you, they will have eternal life — surely.

Tomorrow I must go, but I am not taking only my Master with me, I am taking all of you in my heart, I tell you. And your remembrance is always with us, and never we forget, this is some holy contact, I tell you, because there is no bargain in it, there is no worldly issue in it. It is something — a direct contact — not only feeling or emotions, it is a true contact. Once it is created then we have to live with it.

Master used to say, “Once you have got this contact, you may try to go anywhere you cannot go.” Because this is something that is beyond everything, so our contact is for all the time. A time will come in the world, when none of us will be here.

Where will we be? We will be servings somewhere and jointly. Either we work here or there, we have to work, and that is only possible with the eternal life, which is waiting for us, we are blessed with this. His gracious hand is working upon us. A time will come when we will see ourselves that really it is the right way.

My mother-in-law, when she left the body, she said, “Let me leave the body. I will see you again and I will tell you if there is any problem within, while going inside”, and then she told something, “You should not be affected with this problem, I am affected there (inside).”

In the Satsang we learn how to live in this body and how to leave this body and while in the body how to live with the Master Power. All that it is our subject. And whenever we have some problems she (mother-in-law) comes, she says, “Yes, you tell me and I can tell you some way out of it.” It is only because those, who become conscious-co-worker of Divine plan, they are (still) working. Somebody is entitled to do work here or there, not in the physical body, but on the level of spirit — one can work anywhere.

So once we are in the lap of the Father, then we know, that we will remain there forever.

Thank you, tomorrow we must go back and God willing I will see you, I invite you there to start with the holy work in Sarovar. God willing next year we meet again, but before that time you are most welcome to participate in this holy work we will start in the month of November, on 16th November this year.

This is the most holy work, when we are going to start with this building, which will have all the four symbols of different religions together. So there we have to put full attention to work there. Master’s wish is, that those receptive disciples should carry on this work, so that this spiritual task that radiates from one to another, that lives very, very long in this world and it is through your hardships, through your selfless service.

So wishing you all that is good for you and so thank you once again.

Keep His love within your heart. Master is the supreme in the whole creation, because He is gifted with this heritage, He is sent into the world. Is the heaven greater or is the Creator of the heaven greater?

People say, they want the water of life, but after the water of life, people want salvation. Kabir says, “Where He has to live forever, there salvation serves the water in that house.” So great is the Master Power.

One devoted disciple of Guru Gobind SinghBhai Nandlal — has told, that he even does not have a wish for the water of life since it is contaminated with the promise of immortality.

Such are the lovers — they are the lovers of the Master Power. Because there is a Divine intoxication. He has the overflowing cup of the Divine love for all of us.

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