Last Satsang in the West

Last Satsang by Dr Harbhajan Singh in St. Gilgen, on 6 August 1995, where he took leave from the Western Sangat

Dear brothers and sisters,

you have just listened to the Master’s voice. The same Power, the Master Power, Who is the only Doer in the world has been coming into the world and fulfil our desires. They came at different places and different times but Their purpose was one and the same. So they blessed us according to our right understanding.

There was a time when we lived an animal-life and they could not bless us, but now on the level of right understanding or understanding, man is on the highest. So the same Power, like Jesus Christ, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Guru Gobind Singh and in the 20th century Sant Kirpal Singh. Now Sant Kirpal Singh has opened it, so vividly and lovably, that it is not difficult to give it on the level of spirit, on the level of soul.

A time was there, when even the intellect was not developed. So when Kabir came, these people could not understand very simple things, and He was put to lots of punishments and the same thing happened with the Christ.

So whose fault was there? Not the fault of Masters, but our fault. Because if a man lives an animal-life, he has to go back into the animal-life. Wherever our attention is, there we must go. So we create our background.

Master says, “You create your background right now.”

Which background? Background of right understanding, rather rare right understanding of its special significance with which you can know yourself and know your Father within you.

Masters have been coming to fulfil our highest purpose of human life, the highest desires in man, that is to know ourselves and know God. If there is again some problem in the world, or as it is written in the Holy Scriptures, there is a dissolution and grand dissolution, and if unfortunately such things come into the world, man has to suffer hundred thousand years to come on that very level (again).

This level, which we are blessed with now, it is very, very difficult to get it, everybody can understand, everybody can know what he is, what are his relations. On the level of senses he has forgotten, but he immediately can recover, immediately can come back, because this awareness is within.

As you already know, that man has now got these three things in him, on the highest level he has the consciousness, he has the discriminating power, and he has the free will. By using all these virtues, by using all these blessings one can overcome all his problems, he can rise in the higher consciousness while in the physical body.

As you know the (outer) science is developing day by day. We can develop much more on the spiritual level, that is our heritage. Science can reach up to the level of intellect, but not beyond that.

But our way starts, our true religion starts from where? As written in the Bible,

“Where the world-philosophy ends,
there the (true) religion starts.”

World-philosophy will end with our physical body, with our mind, with our intellect, but we are something beyond that. We have to use that power, we can rise above. Master doesn’t say, “Not on the level of intellect, you don’t rise above.” No. On the level of intellect you must be very high. On the level of mind, you should know how to control the mind.

Everything is within you, you can control them (mind and senses), you can rise into the higher consciousness because neither this world nor your attachments belong to you. You are the alone one, and you can know your purpose, either you have to get the bliss, you have to go back, or you have to suffer in the world. It is entirely up to everyone.

But when Masters come in the world, they have one beauty in them. Those who come into their circle (sphere), they are blessed. They say, “OK”, they have the background. Once you come in contact with such Power, you rise into the awareness, you are gifted with the life. So coming to the Satsang or coming in contact with the Word-made-flesh, a conscious co-worker of the divine plan is a great blessing.

Alas, this month, the month of August, is a very unfortunate time for us, when Sant Kirpal Singh decided to go back. And during His stay in the world and our contact with Him, I think, we could not differentiate between the love and the separation. And only after leaving His physical body we could know the meaning of love and the meaning of separation, not beforehand. Had we known it beforehand, we could have made the best use of His love. If really we know how much He loves us from within, because He is directly connected with the God Power and in this world He is connected with all human beings. All religions, all human beings, all countries, all belong to Him.

People ask me, “After all, you should mention also about the religion, to which religion you belong.” I tell them, “All religions belong to me, all those religions, they are my religions. They are not separate from me.”

So Masters always tell,

“If God is a Christian, then I am a Christian.
If He is a Hindu, I am a Hindi.
If He is a Sikh, I am a Sikh.”

This is the first awareness, that we only belong to Him and we do not belong to this world. And we do not belong to our attachments which we have created for our self-enjoyment, for our self-attractions. I tell you, all that we have, it is only a self-attraction. We bring something (from the market), only wanted to see (it) and become happy. Otherwise there is nothing in it.

There is something which becomes happy — this (outer thing) is not the thing which makes you happy! This is your awareness (attention, a ray of our soul or consciousness) which makes you happy. You can put it anywhere, you feel happy. If you put it on the right way, if you focus it on your own self (soul), you can have eternal happiness. That is only the difference.

In 1974, when He decided to go back, it was 6th July, when I was with Him, and He was sick. But He was not sick with any disease, but He became sick. He was sick for many years but He was very active in His doing. Nobody felt He was sick. When others were sleeping, He was awake with pains, with lots of problems.

In 1963, in America, He was asked: “Master, would there we a Third World War?” or “When there will be a Third World War?” He said, “Father cannot see His children dying.” They said, “Does it mean, that there will be no Third World War?” He said, “Yes, this is what we wanted.”

So what is the Master Power? Master Power is not the physical body. He transmits into hundred thousand bodies and identifies into the whole world, into the whole creation. He may go or not go to good places but He will definitely go to that place where His children are affected badly. He has to bear bad effect of the human beings, bad effects of the children. There were not just a few but there were lots of incidences, that were connected with His life.

At this time it was said, that there will be a dissolution in the world. There are some scriptures already. Even there is written in (scriptures related to) Islam, there is written, they say, that in 14th century of their era (calendar), that there is going to be the end of the world and all pure ones, they will go to the paradise and all others will go to the hell.

Even in the newspaper it started to come, that there is going to be the end of the world. And Master said,

“No, there will be no end of the world,
but there will be the beginning of the Golden Age.”

So it was decided in one and half months. It was decided within, Sant Kirpal Singh has to go back to bring this change within. So a Master, Who brings the change into the world, such a Master only comes after 100 000 years. Whenever there is going to be a change in the world, the Power from the highest plane, the Power of the Sat Purusha, that comes direct into the world.

It was a Power of Sant Kirpal Singh and you know, He justified all our contacts. I know, if there is one person in the family who is initiated, all others are not initiated, still they are forgiven, they are taken back. Master makes such arrangements, that they yearn for His love.

Everybody wants to get rid of this world and this mind, because a time comes in the life of a person, when he has to yearn. Blessed are those who yearned beforehand, and others they yearn, when they are going back (leave the body) and it is not given. They yearn for one breath and it is not given. So everything becomes fake and void for them, everything becomes tasteless for them.

Sant Kirpal Singh was such a Power. His Grace is working too high. It is always working overhead. I tell it in every Satsang, “when you accept, immediately you will have the radiation of the Master.” It is not a matter of Initiation. Once you start to accept it, you will have the radiation of the Master immediately, that is His greatness. Because for Him — He is the Sat Purusha — this distance is no bar for Him. One moment He is there (on the higher planes) and in one moment He is within all of us.

And Who is that Power? The radiant form of the Master. He is also said to be a Guru Dev (radiant form). And who is the Master of all human beings? The radiant form of the Master. But where we get Him? When we rise above the plane of senses and the shackles of the mind! When we rise above the three worlds then we can have His glimpses, and when He is a Sat Purusha, when He is the radiant form of the Master, it is called Guru Dev, and His Power is working in the world, He has the three forces all together, so you can have His radiation immediately.

This is one difference when such a Power comes in the world, otherwise you won’t get it. There was a time (during previous ages), people used to do penances. They used to give so much pains to this physical body, to the mind, to the intellect. What is wrong with the body? The problem is with the mind! Master says, “You take one step, Master is coming with millions of steps forward.” Master says, “Once you have come in contact with Him, you may leave (Him), but He will not leave (you).” This is one thing with Him.

* * *

I told you about my elder brother, who was a non-believer, he did not believe the Master. He was a totally worldly person. One month before I came here, he left the body. He met me, but (normally) he lived separately from me, some 700 km away. We never see each other for some years even. He said, “I’m going back to my home.” I said, “Yes, go back.” From the railway-station he had the ticket, but he came back. He said, “I’m very afraid.” I said, “Why you are afraid?” He said, “It seemed, that I have to go back (die, leave the body).”“No problem, you can go back. Where is the problem in going back? Everyone is going, you can also go.” But he was very afraid.

He stayed with me for five days. Every day I was telling little bit. On fifth day I said, “Brother, you have done lots of things, you have amassed much money. Now you look back, is there anything that can help you?” He said, “No, these things cannot help me, but these things can obstruct my way. They are creating problems in me.” But he told me, “There is a very big snake. And continuously he’s looking at me and he wanted to kill me. And I even do not close my eye.” He would not sleep even whole night. When he told me, I said, “Yes, this snake (mind) cannot kill you, but you can kill the snake.”

But in the morning when he got up, he said, Sant Kirpal Singh came to him and the snake ran away, and He looked very loveably to him from head to toe and went back, but He did not say anything to him. And immediately he said, “Please, send my body to my children, otherwise they all have to come back here.” Then he said, “I will not go back to my home, but I must go, but I will not go (to my outer) home, I will come back to Kirpal Sagar.” But then he went. Before he went, he embraced me and said, “It is our last meeting.” I said, “No, we can meet again.” Then he sat in the car, but again he came back and said, “No, brother, it is our last meeting.” I said, “If it is our last meeting, then take your Master with you.” Then he took some food, even water from Kirpal Sagar, and some milk. He said, “I will not use anything,” it was a 10-hour journey to go back (to his place).

It was only 15 minutes before the arrival at that station, when he took everything, and put everything into his bag, and put it over here, wrote down his address and his telephone-number, put this slip in the pocket and then holding his hand over here (supporting his head) he closed his eyes.

But before, on the way to the travel (railway station) he was telling so many things about the Master whom he never worshipped, to whom he never went there for any blessing, but in the train he left the body. His son came there to receive him and took him in the car as a dead body.

I went there and narrated the whole story. The son, with whom he used to love very much, his younger son, he told, “Oh, I worship this snake.” Because in that area people worship this snake, there are very big snakes and they fulfil their desire by worshipping this snake. There are many, many ways, so it is not only one way of the negative power, there are lots of ways to overpower the man. So I thought, “Oh, why he didn’t want?” (when) he said, “I will not go to the home.” It is all the grace of the Master that he even did not allow him to go to his house, because if he had gone to his house, his death would have been delayed because of the circumstances, because of the atmosphere there, his son was the worshipper (of the snake). Then he said, “It is the third room behind, where this snake is living.” And people come there and they are also worship there.

Then I made one Satsang there. I said,

“There are thousand ways to be misled into the world,
but there is only one way to go back.
Please, find this way.”

This whole atmosphere is full of dirt. Black magic is dirt, spiritual healing is dirt, Reiki is dirt, Polarity (healing touch) is dirt; all that is dirt. All that is creating a cloudy atmosphere. Once you go there, you are misled, you lose the awareness.

* * *

What is there in the three worlds? What is there in the astral and the causal world?

Diseases of the mind are due to the astral effect on the mind.

Doctors tell us, all Saints have told us, and still we run after these astral beauties and astral experiences. All, that is going on in this world, that is all astral difficulties. Negative power is creating a shadow upon all of us. We want to see them, see it yourself what you are, who you are! See your (own) glory yourself!

You are the son of a lion, you are the son of a King, you are the indweller of that (true) Heaven, with whom you have are to live. Your Father (God) is there. From where we came, had we known any time?

If we (really) were the indweller of this world then we should live over here (forever), why we leave the body? That is a big problem. We don’t understand it.

Which are the forces, which keep us into this world?

That is all the play of the negative power. Whatever is being played there, it is much more that will come up in the form of science.

People are misled, (but) we should not be misled. We have come into this world and we have to go back. One day, a time will come, when none of us will be in this world, everyone will go. Where will we go? Have we ever thought so far, that we are the indweller of some other world?

If we would be the indweller of the astral plane, then there is no problem, either to stay here or there, because those who have left the body in the unnatural way, they are in-between, they are hanging. They are neither in the astral plane nor in the physical plane. They are hanging, all such souls they are hanging (in between).

And those who are now following these other ways, these astral activities, they will also become the evil spirits. They will never come into the holy ghost. And whatever I’m telling you, that is from the Holy Scriptures, and that is the practical experience. Go ahead with it and you can have your (practical) experience within also. This whole atmosphere is crowded with evil spirits, and they are very happy when they are being summoned, when they are made to act upon (somebody).

Sant Kirpal Singh, in these days He had planned to go. On 6th July (1974) He told after one and half month He would not take any medicine, He will be fully right. So from 6th July to 21st August it is exactly 45 days. We could not understand. He said, yes, He would be fully right, because He is not taking any medicine. He was carrying the burden of whole world. You know, Father is responsible for His children.

He left the body on 21st and as by His direction, I was with Him. He said, “Except this person, nobody should be with me.” There were lots of people, but no one was allowed to go inside. I asked lots of things, but He replied, He was in terrible conditions, His body was burning like anything.

What does this mean?

Just to overcome the negative facts. He was meditating in the house of negative power. Meditation on the lower plane for the disciple is very easy, I tell you. It gives a radiation under the protection of the Master Power. It is a different meditation. It gives us ever-lasting life, it is very loveable, but the Master’s meditation is a different one. His meditation is just like to sit in the fire. He does it against to the negative power.

Whenever a Master has to clear His children, He has to sit in the house of the negative power and meditate and cut the tentacles of the negative power. His whole body was burning, but He never said it like this. He told me — and with His grace I could know why it is so. But whenever I asked, “Master, how you feel?”“I’m fully OK, you tell me, if you have any problem. It can be solved.” He was so loveable all the time.

But even beforehand he directed me all these things. He said, “There will be a revolution of Spirituality.” He wrote one letter, He also asked me, “You are blessed with right understanding, rather rare right understanding of its special significance. Lots of your brothers and sisters in this world, they can be benefited and they can work with you. And those who will work, I will be responsible for them.”

Anyhow, I told lots of things. I said, “Master, it is Your Mission, You must do it.” Master said, “You are a borrowed servant.” A borrowed servant means, he should listen to what is being told and implement it. And then He said, “I give you one thing, that was hardly ever given to anybody and it will work wonderfully with you.” He said, “Only those will come to you, who are sent by God, who have the background, others will not come. Your work will remain easy with His grace.”

Anybody who comes over here, I never say, “He has come,” I say, “He is sent by God,” otherwise nobody can come, it is His commandment. He said, “Only those will come to you, who are sent by Him.” And He said, “People are there in the world, who have the right understanding. A time will come, when they will all get together and there will be a revolution of Spirituality.”

Anyhow, I repeated this sometimes (at certain times) and this is the time for this repetition, because those were the days when He was telling me, lots of times He told me many things. He told me all about what is going on in His Mission.

And this “Unity of Man”, I have to tell you, that it has nothing to do even with His parent organization (Ruhani Satsang), He has written down (in His last Circular Letter “On the Unity of Man”). He said, He has simplified this Teaching, that it may touch the heart of anybody, rather everybody. It is pure Spirituality, and it is the basic Teaching of all religions, and it is the Teaching of the heart (soul), not of head (intellect). So everybody would accept it.

And Master said, “It will only will be available at one place in the whole world and from that place you can take it anywhere in the world.” At that time some people asked; “Master, now, should we go and do it?” And at once Master said, “No, for that purpose I have another group of persons.”

And I’m unhappy with it, that none of them, they have concern for that purpose, they have become the ‘doers’. So far one is the ‘doer’ at any place, he has to serve there, he has to bear the consequences of his ‘doership’ (ego). Therefore Master says, never to become ‘doer’.”

There is only one Doer (the God-into-expression Power, Shabd, Naam) and we are all one, we are all the class-fellows. It is His grace. When He was in the West, He brought very, very important personalities. He met the Pope, even many, many priests and high priests and cardinals throughout world, and everybody accepted it (the universal Teaching), that it is according to the Teaching of the Christ. And this was the reason, that Sant Kirpal Singh was awarded this award of the Knights of Malta, Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, this was given first time to a non-Christian in the history.

Why? Because He revived the Teaching of the Christ. And this is what I’m telling you, that is the Teaching of Christ, we have forgotten. All what is going on everywhere, that is not the Teaching of the Jesus Christ, I tell you. You should depend upon His very potent words.

You can change the Bible, but you cannot change the Teaching of the Christ, that is in your heart. Pity to say, Bible was changed some times, Henry VIII also changed it for wishing a marriage with another woman, but this Teaching is within us.

It is not a new Teaching, it is very, very old. Man is older than all the philosophies of the world and this Teaching is applicable to everybody. We are not the worthy son of that Power, when we are going astray, (away from) that Teaching.

I always tell, there is only one Doer, that is within you, He is the Master of the whole Creation. He is the radiant form of the Master, but when will you see Him? When you rise above the three worlds.

When you rise above the play of astral and the causal plane — where the world philosophies end, there the (true) religion start. Are not these the potent words of the Jesus Christ?

You want to find Him? You want to find His heaven only in the astral and the causal plane? But astral and causal plane, they are going to be destructed (they are not eternal). At any moment they can be destructed, but (instead) you have to rise above (higher than these planes).

If really you have to go back, you have to rise above the cause and effect of the world. Why you stay in the three worlds? After all, astral and the causal world, they are the worlds (made of matter). They are subject to destruction and all those souls will come back to the transmigration, into the lower species and then it will takes too much time to come back into the man-body. It is a big evolution. It is not a little evolution.

Maulana Rumi has told in His own poem, that He has told beautifully in His own language. He said, that I was going through this evolution many times in my life. And then He said,

“It was 84 lakhs species (1), I went through it.
I was growing like grass, and cut like grass.

By the grace of the Master, this time I have the awareness.
Oh God, bless me, that I may not go back into it.

Otherwise time may not come to reach back to You.
Now I have found a place, Oh God, keep me adjusted there.

I know, now I’m the indweller of some other place.
I’m not the indweller of any place else,
the whole Creation is very big,
that is beyond the three worlds (2).”

Master tell us, make prayer before Him (God). And in other words, I tell you, simply, the essence of Master’s words, Master told it. Master said, “Once you have known the Truth, start to live and do with it immediately. Don’t delay it.” Delay means curse, delay means time, delay means space. When you again start to live in space and time, delay is there and curse is there. And don’t be cursed!

* * *

[ Concluding the Satsang, Bhaji bid farewell to the Western Sangat with the following words. ]

Dear brothers and sisters, next Sunday I have to go back to India. I’m happy that I enjoyed your love, your cooperation and I feel more happy that in spite of my illness, many brothers and sisters, they could do more, much more than before and they felt the grace everywhere.

And I tell them, that this grace will not leave. This grace will continue and soon time is coming when this (grace) will be overflowing within you, but you should keep your heart open for it. You should be broad-hearted, you should have love for all human beings.

All Masters, all holy personalities, they always prayed,

“God bless all, peace be unto all the world over, oh God.”

They never demanded anything for themselves. If one says, “Peace be unto all” and you are not separate from all, you are one of them.

If you develop others, you will be developed. If you give some high Teaching, if you convey good thoughts to others, you will be developed with good thoughts. As you say, so you become. As you want to develop, means, when you develop others, this development will affect you first hand (before it will affect others).

Reformers were never reformers, but when they started to reform others, they became reformers. So when you have good wishes for others, when you want to develop others, this development will affect on you.

Otherwise everything is narrow-mindedness, confinements, our own wishes. When your own wishes started to inflate, then duality, otherness, and what not, everything appears in the heart.

My purpose in my life was to tell something at least to one person every day. I must convey the higher values of life at least to one person. And by the grace of the Master, I could do more. If I could not do one day, then I had to do after some days more.

* * *

One time Master asked, “What commission you get from those persons whom you develop, bring them for Initiation, this or that?” I said, “Master, I get commission.”“What commission you get?” I said, “The love of the Master.” Master said, “They are getting some experience — what it helps you?” I told, “Master, it seemed that those experiences, they have also come to me, they have also developed in me.” Master said, “You are right.” Master says, “If all my disciples become like you, then I have no problem in spreading these spiritual aspects of life to others.” So this is a way, we have to develop it in a way.

* * *

Thank you, because on Sunday, next Sunday, I have to go back earlier, maybe between 6 and half past 6. So I have all good wishes, and in my illness, this illness was a great blessing upon me, I tell you. I could have the glimpse of my Master from whom I only need the attention, because I am a borrowed servant of Him. But He came Himself. And Guru Gobind Singh, Baba Jaimal Singh, Guru Teg Bahadur, all Forces were with me, when I was brought to the operation theatre (3), but I do not know when I entered into the operation theatre — I was above the body-consciousness.

This operation was done under the holy shadow of these Masters. And I could learn a lot. I don’t take it as a suffering for me, it was a blessing for me, but I understand it, it is also a blessing for the Mission. In all aspects, I am very happy with you, but I say only one thing to you, whether we are here or anywhere in the world, we are one, our cause is one, that is only to live and do with it, to do with the Teachings, so that once we are reborn into it (the Beyond), we should remain there.

And I assure you, that this grace which is within you, you feel it, when you really live and do with it, you will get it more and more. You can experience in your life and you can compare it with your past life, you will see a difference of sky and earth.

So, thank you, I say GOOD-BYE TO ALL OF YOU, because I have to go that day very early. So wishing you all that is good for you, and God willing, we see again. Thank you.

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(1) 84 lakhs species: the scriptures say, there are 8,4 Millions of life-forms in the creation
     (1 lakh = 100.000)

(2) three worlds: physical, astral and causal worlds — the domain of mind and negative power (Kal)

(3) operation theatre: Dr Harbhajan Singh underwent a successful heart surgery on June 27th, 1995.

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