Good-bye to Western Sangat

Excerpt from Satsang held by Dr Harbhajan Singh — St. Gilgen on Sunday, 6 August 1995

Dear brothers and sisters, next Sunday I have to go back to India. I’m happy that I enjoyed your love, your co-operation and I am more happy that in spite of my illness, many brothers and sisters could do, much more than before, and they felt the grace everywhere. I can tell them that this grace will not leave. This grace will continue, and a time is coming when this will be overflowing within you, but you should keep your heart open for it. You should be broad-hearted; you should have love for all human beings.

All Masters, all holy personalities, always prayed, God bless all, peace be unto all over the world. They never demanded anything for themselves. If you say, “Peace be unto all,” you are not separate from all, you are one of them. So if you develop others, you will be developed. If you give this high teaching, if you convey good thoughts to others, you will be developed with good thoughts. As you say, so you become.

When you develop others, this development will affect you firsthand. Reformers were never reformers, but when they started to reform others, they became reformers.

When you have good wishes for others when you want to develop others, this development will have an effect on you. Otherwise everything is narrow-mindedness, (and remains within) confinements, and our own wishes. When your own wishes start to inflate, duality, otherness, and everything else appear in the heart.

My purpose in my life was to convey the higher values of life to at least one person every day. And by the grace of the Master I could do more. If one time, I could not do so I had to do more after some days.

One time Master asked, “What commission do you get from those persons whom you develop or bring for Initiation?” I replied, “Master, I get commission, I get the love of the Master.” Master said, “They are getting some experience – how does it help you?” I answered, “Master, it seems that those experiences have also come to me, they have also developed in me.” Master said, “You are right. If all my disciples become like you, I will have no problem in spreading these spiritual aspects of life to others.” This is a way we all have to develop.

Thank you. Next Sunday I have to go back early, so I have all good wishes. As regards my illness: This was a great blessing upon me, I tell you. I had a glimpse of my Master from whom I only needed attention, because I am a borrowed servant of Him, and He came Himself and other Forces were with me as well when I was taken to the operating theatre. I do not know when I entered the operating theatre — I was above the body consciousness. This operation was done under the holy shadow of these Masters. I don’t take it as a suffering, it was a blessing for me, and I understand that it was also a blessing for the Mission.

In all aspects I am very happy with you, but I say only one thing to you: Whether we are here or anywhere in the world, we are one, our cause is one, which is only to live and do with the teaching, so that once we are reborn into it, we should remain there. I assure you that this grace which is within you, you can feel, when you really live and do with it and you will get more and more. You can experience it in your life and you can compare it with your past life – you will see a difference of sky and earth.

I say good bye to all of you, because I have to go that day very early. Wishing you all that is good for you and God willing, we meet again. Thank you.

Normally Bhaji never said “good bye” before his departure for India, but in this Satsang he used these words to take leave from the Western Sangat. Bhaji held his final Satsang in the evening of Saturday, 12 August. In this talk he requested all to become an example in the West.

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