Avoid Nature’s Bill And Don’t Worry About Past and Future

November 26, 1970, Morning Session, Rajpur
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 21)

Master: Prophet Mohammed once commissioned one doctor to attend to any sick people. The doctor remained with them for six months long and nobody fell sick. He went to Prophet Mohammed and said, “Well, I’ve been here six months — there appears to be no need of me, I had better go.”

Mohammed said, “Look here, I ordered them to eat one morsel less than their appetites. ‘Leave off your food when you’ve still got some hunger, and exercise.’ That is why there is no need of any doctor.” This is the best prescription you have been given. Eat a morsel less than you really have appetite for. Leave the table still a little hungry. We eat to our full, you see. If the stomach is so full, digestion is not all right and in this way you go sick and run to see doctors.

There was one doctor in Paris. All doctors ran up to ask him for advice — what he had discovered in the medical way. He said, “So long as there are free doctors — nature’s doctors — no doctor is required: Ample sun, air and water.” So long as these three doctors are there, there’s no sickness. So use an abundance of water, abundance of sunlight, and abundance of air, that’s all.

Swami Shiv Dayal Singh said: “Those who want to do Bhajan, they must have only one meal a day.” The more the stomach is empty — the more you can be concentrated.

Bibi Hardevi used to do this. I’m not advising you to do that thing, but I’m telling you what some people have been doing. They eat less, only that much that can be digested. If you leave the table with little appetite still, then naturally that food will digest and there will be no derangement in your digestion. Nature does not spare a little carelessness, as I told you. I think you are the better judge. These are very ordinary things, helping factors.

Hafiz says, “You may fast for years — do you mean to say that will give you something?” No need of fasting. Sometimes a day or two days fasting might clear your system — that’s another thing. That’s a helping factor. But the best thing is: Eat a morsel less than you need — take leave of the table when you are still hungry a little. If you eat to your capacity, sometimes, your digestion helps, sometimes not. Machinery used too much will be worn out — you see, it wears away. There’s a grinding action in the stomach — machinery-like.

Question: Anything more?

Master: Its all love! One Power (negative power) is going into Expression: Causing all Creation, Sustenance and Maintenance — going out. The other Power (Positive Power, Master Power) is receding, pulling you back to your home, that’s all.

Question: It seems to be the Power against Light — the Power of Darkness… — where does that come in?

Master: There’s no darkness. He’s all Light. It is all God’s Expression. If you close your eyes you see darkness. When they’re open you don’t see any darkness. What goes into expression — if your thoughts go out into expression — that is going away from your own Self. You have to withdraw from outside, come into your own Self, then you see He is already waiting for you.

These Powers, the going out and pulling back, are expressions for explanation. After all, it is all the God-Power — no other Power was created. Are there two Gods? You would have to think there are two Gods — one evil and one good. But it is all the whole Creation of God. Was Satan born before God? Then? Don’t go into these things — the house is on fire — get out and see who put it and why he put it on fire — that’s all. Go up! Many things will be solved. You see you have got something very definite. Are you satisfied — does it appeal to you intellectually? Are you on the Way? If so then go on with it. See for your own self what is what. Outer Guidance is necessary — you may ask for it.

As I told you last night, the more you come in contact with the Sound Principle, you will become the abode of all virtues. If a tree is to be cut… then it is better to shear off all the branches first, then cut the stem. So self-introspection means to cut off the branches. The ego, the stem, will be cut only when you come in contact with that Sound Principle or Light Principle — you’ll see that, He is the Doer — I’m not the doer.

If you come in contact, everything will be all right. Spirituality is not so difficult as people had thought it to be — It is very natural, a simple way — but we have made it hard to understand, you see. What is it — withdraw from outside — close your eyes — the seat of the Soul is back of the eyes — that’s it: The whole world is there.

From there the ABC starts. A plane leaves from where? — from the airport — and this is the airport from where the plane flies. And don’t be afraid that you are going to die.

For that little things have to be observed. The first thing is accuracy. The second is worry. Don’t worry. Worry kills a man — it puts the whole system out of order. Avoid these two things; you will have it. The more you will come in contact with the Light and Sound Principles, the more fresh and buoyant you will become: And One — two in one.

Question: Master, if I or if we followed your teachings exactly, how long would it take us to reach the inside?

Master: There’s no hard and fast rule for that. The more accurately you live it — you’ll have quicker results. Some men come with background — they start — if they go on like that — regularly — then they will go on progressing. Another man — who has started here afresh — who has no background but is really on the Way … If both of them go on regularly — that’s all right. But if the one who has got background — goes by fits and starts, first runs like a hare sometimes, then sleeps sometimes; the other man who has started afresh and who’s regular, will go ahead of him.

You follow what I mean?

Regularity pays. Even those who have got background will have more if they put in more time. If they have background and they don’t put in more regular time then, naturally, the other man will go ahead.

So there’s no hard and fast rule for that. You can finish it all in this one birth! The proper guidance and help is there and you are to live up to that.

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