Mind: A Good Servant But A Bad Master

September 21, 1970
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 14)

Master: My friend, you followed what I told you this morning? I think now you are wide awake?

Disciple: Yes.

Master: That’s all right. Thank God. There is no question of disappointment. Do as you’re told and you’ll succeed wonderfully. And do one thing at a time. Don’t leave the world and go to the jungle, to deserted places to pass your days. Remain in the world.

Swimming can be learned in water only, not on dry land. Don’t you think so? You must remain in the world, develop physically, intellectually, and also spiritually. Develop all around. And do one thing at a time. You’ve started from today. You took my words to your heart, didn’t you?

Disciple: I tried to.

Master: There’s no question of trying. To try means not doing. If a learned man says, “Try, try,” even he won’t do it. Say yes or no. You’ll do it. “I’ll do it, I must do it!” You see?

“Trying” means polite way of saying, “No, I won’t do it.”

If you want to do it, you’ll do it. When you have decided you have come to the right conclusion that we should develop all around, physically, intellectually, and spiritually, you’ll devote time to those things.

Disciple: What do you do when the mind is in control though?

Master: For mind control you have been given a definite way. For concentration there is no high-road. The only way is to concentrate, concentrate, and concentrate. In due course it will come.

When I joined the government service, I was not accustomed to chairs, I could not sit on a chair continuously for an hour, I tell you. When I was initiated I used to sit for twelve hours regularly. And at one time I sat for thirty-six hours continuously, without a break. So this is a habit.

If your mind wants something, that’s all right. Put in one hour, two hours, three hours, four hours, and clarify what you want. If you want something put in time; out of twenty-four hours, eight hours, ten hours, twelve hours.

You should also develop further spiritually. Does it appeal to you?

Then do it. After all,you have to leave the body, nobody else has to leave the body in your place. If you now learn to rise above it, then no sting of death is there. One can say,

“O death, where is thy sting?”

The last enemy that we have to conquer is death. How to conquer it? No escape. Then learn to die. This is a Way which gives some demonstration the very first day, for a while, before it is too late. And by regular practice you can do it.

Does what I’m saying appeal to you? Common sense. Then do it, please. When you go home don’t say, “I went to the Master and nothing was done.” I wish you progress before you go. If you do it, you’ll be sure to progress. Did you sit for meditation during the day after that?

Disciple: Maybe just fifteen to twenty minutes because we were outside.

Master: All right. If there is any difficulty, I can understand. Just say a little prayer, to make an atmosphere, then sit down. It will help.

Disciple: I find I’ve been up and down with my mind so many times and each time. . .

Master: Is the mind yours, does the mind belong to you, or do you belong to the mind? The mind gets strength from you. If somebody’s servant catches you by the ears, and drags you by the leg, then? Do you approve, do you appreciate it?

So the mind is your servant, like fire it is a good servant but a bad master, you see. I won’t let you go unless you progress. You were telling me, “I’m going this morning.” Why? I’ll ask the government not to let you go from here, that’s all I can do. You’re a sane man — I’m talking to you as man to man, as a friend, as a sympathizer.

You say you cannot do it? Just obey. If you listen literally to what I say, you’ll say that you are progressing. That’s why I want you to have regular recourse. You should eat what you are given at the regular times: there’s nobody to meet you, no correspondence, nothing of the sort. I think with one or two or three months’ training the mind will be all right. It is not difficult, only setting the habit. Would you like I should not let you go?

Disciple: Yes.

Master: Then it’s all right. You have come here, spending so much money, only for that reason — you have come here not for any excursion — then make the best use of it.

Disciple: I would like it very much.

Master: I wish you to like it. If you like it, who stands in the way? Who is there? Your servant mind, that’s all I can say. God will help you. It’s as definite a Way as two and two make four.

In the beginning naturally a man has to accustom himself by regularity. What we do today, tomorrow, for ten days, fifteen days, the mind will go there naturally. So regularity like that pays. Wholly and solely do one thing at a time. Now you say it is like that; later you’ll say, “Oh it is all right.”

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