God’s Complaint

February 20, 1971 — Evening Talk, Rajpur Road, Dehradun
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 58)

Master: Always live in the living present — not in the living present, but in the living moment. Did you read my circular on that point? If you care for the living moment, you can care for eternity. Read the circulars and go into them deeply. If you care for the pennies, pounds will be saved, is it not so? If you keep your mind occupied every moment, then nothing can go wrong. It is given very briefly in the circulars. Brevity is the soul of all creation. The Master’s sayings are very brief, but to the point.

If you watch your present moment, then everything is all right. If you don’t care, sometimes for hours you’re oblivious and in those vacant hours there’s so much trouble that comes up which affects your meditations. So when you sit for meditation, forget the past, forget the future; live in the living present. This is the one thing that will give you success in your meditations. But the vacant hours in which you’ve not kept the mind occupied with some constructive thought, affect your meditation.

So that is the remedy that accounts for all these things: If you would pass your every hour in peace with no ill will against anybody and no attachment to anybody, if you can pass each hour like that for one day, then continuously for some days, no such ramifications of mind will come up to affect your meditations. We are frittering away our moments of life in such like pursuits. Kabir says,

Make each breath you take the offering to your Master.

Do you follow what I have said? Every breath you take, make it the offering to your Master. This is very valuable, Kabir says, and we fritter away a fortune. If a dying man wishes to stay for a few minutes longer, he cannot.

How frivolously we kill our time. Every moment of life is very valuable. Make the best use of it. When death overtakes us, that is the time you say; “Oh, had some time been given me, I would have done this and that thing.” Is it not so? But you cannot get time then which you have frittered away so ruthlessly, so cruelly. Kabir says,

In one breath he crossed three planes:
physical, astral, causal.

One breath is very valuable. That is why some Saints have been spending their time in the threes: three minutes, three days — continuously in the remembrance of God, with no moment forgetting. For three days — then you may have a week at least. All right, try. One Saint says,

If you can pass three days and nights
in sweet, constant remembrance of God,
you go to His feet.

Three days — can we? It’s not much. Let no other thought other than God strike your mind. Why not start with one day? Start from today. All right, from now on till tomorrow evening, no thought — constant remembrance, even when you eat, don’t forget Him. Try one day. That will give you good training. We don’t care for the trifling things, but that is where the substantial thing comes from. One day is not much. You have been here how many days?

So many days. And if you had passed even one day and night in constant remembrance, you would have changed very much. If in 24 hours of the day and night you are doing your best by meditating five hours, four hours — even then you are not in constant remembrance.

How many hours have you put in today?

Question: Six, Master.

Master: In six hours you had no other thought than God?

Question: Maybe two.

Master: Two, maybe.

Question: Two real hours of meditation.

Master: And out of two hours did you have sweet remembrance constantly? You see, I’m afraid even that may not be very true. Then go into it. I have sifted that point. Now you sift it your own self. You are in constant remembrance for two hours?

Question: With Your Grace I had a very good meditation which lasted…

Master: Well, I am talking about something else. In your meditations you had some glimpses for a moment, two, ten, fifteen minutes.., you had good experience, of course, that is creditable, but what I am talking about is: constant remembrance. Like a hard task-master, don’t spare yourself. We spare ourselves, you see. Diary is like a very hard task-master over your head. Every moment should be watched as to what thought crosses your mind, and how many times you fail — even in thought, word and deed. When you think of God constantly — how blissful it is. No ill-will for anybody, no exaggeration, no underrating. The time that you spend in scaling, you are judging; this is like that, this not like that, this is that way, this is that. That is called delusion — maya. And that is intellect, you see, maya. The intellect is the instrument of scaling. Your intellect is always scaling.

Question: Well, when we’re doing our diaries or in the course of the day when we’re weeding out faults from our minds, isn’t that also scaling?

Master: Scaling is not that. Doing your diaries is weeding out, which is something else. Where your intellect works, that is Maya. Intellect is the instrument of what? — of delusion, always scaling. That is why it is said that your outgoing faculties must be controlled, mind controlled, and intellect also stilled. Then you can rise above, easily. These words are very simple. We are always clutching or watching or scaling: this is this, what is that. Most of the time is spent in that. Don’t spare yourself — none of you! If you keep the diary constantly, you will have transvision if there is no ill will for anybody, no attachment to anybody, no deluding your own self and not deluding others, no contempt, no attachment. These things create ripples in the subconscious reservoir of your mind, and if they are stilled, the water is calm, quite still — then you can see your face. Tenth Guru says: “If you think of Him for awhile, ten minutes or even for a moment, with all of your heart and soul, then no negative power can affect you. These are very simple words. Go deep down into their meaning. Yes?

Question: Master, what does thinking of God really mean?

Master: Thinking of God is much better as compared to thinking of worldly things, but Seeing is above all. Feelings or drawing inferences are subject to error. The time we spend in Seeing is the highest way; constantly — and then no negative power will affect you. Go deep down into this. These very simple words are given in the scriptures, but we simply never go into their depths.

Question: I don’t think, even for two minutes.

[Master chuckles]
Master: Now, you said you spent two hours. I am very glad to hear your honesty. Yes?

Question: Master, if we do Simran, is this thinking of God?

Master: Simran, what is Simran? It is the repetition of the different Names given to that Power working in all planes. The same God-Power working in different planes is called by different names. In the highest plane it is called Truth. In the second plane it is called “I am you — you are me.” In the third plane you find, “I’m above all three attributes.” The same Power is called by different names in different planes, but it is the same Power. That is One. And when you see that Power working, that is Light and Sound. We are always doing some remembrance of the world, something. Every man, whether he is in the office or in the field or anywhere, starts remembering what he has to do tomorrow; here, there, everywhere, this and that, making programs, setting this and that. Nobody can remain without remembrance of one thing or the other. So remembrance of God is far better than remembrance of the world.

Whatever becomes the ruling passion in your life — you go there after death. If it is for the world, then you come down to the world. If it is for God, then you return There. Remembrance of God is pointing your attention to something higher working in the universe; but unless you see that Power…

These are helping factors. Are they not? Just go deep down into that thing. Constant remembrance does not mean automatic repetition of names. All the same, it (automatic repetition) is remembering that Power. Unless you become conscious of that Power, you are just like a blind man. Still, it is comparatively better than thinking of the world. To think of God is much better, but that is also not sufficient unless you see that Power.

Listen here, I say now hear this attentively. God complains, “I reside in them.” God is where?

He is in the same house which He has made, and that is the man-body. “But they dethrone Me from the body and put Me where? In churches. In the models. These are the models, and they put light there. Instead of seeing Me, My Light, they see the symbols of light.”

Are they not dethroning God? Do you follow what I mean to say?

God resides in temples which He has made, and people raise up churches and temples constructed after the model of man. He does not reside there.

He says, “I reside in you, and people have thrown Me out. So they raise models which they make with mud and mortar. If they had seen Me they would have known . . . I am the Light within them. But they just light candles outside.”

He says, “The people dethrone Me. They don’t come where I live. They turn Me out into the temples.”

Is it not true? Do you find that? “In church people light candles — outer symbols. They don’t see Me in their home.”

So He says, “I am long forgotten by everybody.”

It is a true complaint, is it not?

He says, “I reside in you, I am Light. Take heed that the Light within you is not darkened.

It’s certainly a complaint, is it not?

“I reside in you. I’m the Light. I’m the Sound Principle — Music of the spheres. Instead of that, they make models and direct people to them. They try to disown Me.”

Excuse me, but the Truth remains like that.

So God says, “Well, always see Me, instead of making models of Me outside. Why do you forget Me? I’m in your temple, residing within you. I reside nowhere else. Is it not so?”

All the scriptures say that. Then God, I think, is quite justified to complain.

If you love some friend of yours, you remember him. Is it not better to see him? Which is the better of the two?

Seeing is better. He stands by; watching you, within you, waiting for you. And we are doing this and that thing. We make models of Light, and of the Sound Principle, and He is within you. We don’t talk to Him within. This is what men are doing in all the religions. They’re making models. They attach too much importance to those things and not to the man-body where He Himself resides. He’s waiting for you there.

Does what I say appeal to you? Is it not something substantial? Is it not something real? And what are we doing?

Question: Wasting our time.

Master: Yes. [Chuckles]

If some thief enters a room where he knows there is wealth buried; he knows; he’s got a clue about where it is; he’s read about it somewhere; and he’s all alone in that room with nobody to watch him — what will he do? Will he sleep or dig under the earth? Nobody is watching him while he is digging. Nobody has seen him. Dig. Tap inside. That is what Emerson said. This what all Scriptures say.

The Koran says, “I am a hidden treasure within you. Why don’t you find Me?”

Guru Nanak says, “There’s a valuable jewel lying within you, just be guided by the Word of the Master and you’ll get It.

Why not dig for your own self?

Go within and find Him. He is there, waiting. For that you will have to close yourself within the closet of the body, that’s all — not thinking of the outside world. God’s complaint is very real, is it not?

It’s only for the sake of bringing home this point. It does not mean God complains, but this is what we actually do. We even make a mockery of God by lighting candles, here and there, and ringing bells. He’s within you. By drawing people to those things, you’re deceiving your own self. You’re deceiving God and all other people too. By ringing the bell and lighting the candle, and making dome shaped buildings — is it not a mockery? This is a good story for you. It will draw many people.

So every day, you get something fresh, not given in books. At least out of the 24 hours of the day and night, leave and spend some time with Him, within you. That costs you nothing. Does it cost you? Then?

You’ve come from thousands of miles. What for?

Only to learn these few words. Spend some time within you. God says, “I’m within you. Don’t make a mockery of Me.” Is it not a good story for you to write? All right.

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