It Is All His Grace — God is The Doer

(Light of Kirpal, chapter 85)

[Somebody tries to touch Master’s feet.]

Master: I have contacted you with the Lord with whom I am contacted; not to my feet, please. The more you come in contact, the more Glorious He will become — not this mannequin body of flesh. So I’ve made you not my disciples, but of the God in me.

Disciple: I understand that very well. In other words, the Will. You decided to serve God. And by that decision you made is the greatest thing.

Master: But He is doing it, not I.

Disciple: Yes, I understand, the nucleus of the whole thing is that.

Master: Pray that you may become the true disciple of God. You see?

Disciple: Master, what you have given us, Lord, we’d like to write it on the soles of our feet and the palms of our hands and in our hearts. And every day of our lives, Lord, we’d like to carry it, sustain it sweetly for others… unfailing, sweet in your Name, Master, so that we can be what you teach and what you are. At the end of the day when we sit for meditation and come above in praise of Thee, what we sing we’ve written on the soles of our feet all day long in your remembrance serving others. We’d like to do that, Lord…

Master: It is He, mind that, it is He who has done, not I, the Son of man. Don’t forget it. There are two phases of life. One, as son of man, and the other as Son of God. So that Son of God has given you something, not I. You see I’m — I’m Mr. Kirpal Singh Ji here, that’s all. He sent you here. He contacted you with Himself. He‘s always within you.

Disciple: These things are very precious Master, exceedingly sweet that we are thankful that we’re together, that we can listen to the love in the others’ hearts.

Master: I was a very spendthrift man, who has given everything. Master (Hazur Baba Sawan Singh) found me like that — He gave it to me and said: “All right, distribute.” It is not my wealth. It is His wealth. You can throw away the wealth of somebody else, earned by somebody else, throw it away. I’m not responsible. It is His Grace. This is how I see.

Perhaps you may be mistaken. You people may be mistaken. But I see quite clearly; it is like that. He sends you here, He gives you contact. He further guides you. So long as you are in the physical body you require physical guidance, that’s all.

So I’m ashamed at times to see that God gives me fame for which I am not due. So I pass it on. At the Diamond Jubilee [February 6, 1969] that was celebrated here, men of all religions, heads of all religions came up; everybody highly praised. I was asked after that to give a talk. I told them, “Whatever you have spoken about me, it is not due to me, but to the Master at whose Feet I did sit. So I have been passing on all your remarks to Him.” This was what I said, I’ve been passing on every word you said to Him. I only work at the post office.

Really, it is so, how can I say otherwise?

If I were not true to my own self, I would say so many things. I’m true… I see it is so; I give out the same thing; the people don’t believe me. Strange enough, the fact remains like that, you see. And still they say, “No, no, no, no.”

Is it not a fact? Then, why are you misled?

You see bodies come and go, that Power never leaves you, that’s all.

When a man is spoken of very highly by others, he becomes all puffed up. Well this is only acting and posing, you see. When I see He is doing it, how can I say it is my doing?

His Grace brings you here. His Grace gives you a contact with Him within… Then how can you not believe that hundreds of people who sit, all find that. I simply give them some instructions and go away on my job. When I come back I ask, “How many have seen This Form, again this…” So it is my duty. Am I due all that praise?

So my Master told me, “I confer this thing to you.” I was in tears, “How can I feel, when you say that you will go and I should remain?” He answered, “Well, I wish it to be. Distribute it, go out into the world.” Then I said, “All right, I will simply…, a dog barks, you see. I’ll be barking too, and it is for you to send down, that’s all.”

So I do that. I give instructions and go away. And people have it. If I am there I must be exerting to give you something.

Is it not so?

I never exert, because I don’t do it. So when a commander sits in his office inside, he keeps one boy running, you see. And that my Master does to me without my knowledge. So I prayed to God, “Master, if any good goes out of me I do not want to be aware of it.”

Pray to God to send you to some Center, to someone with whom He is in contact. It is He in him who gives something. I think everything will be very clear if the understanding is like that.

So pray to God that you go to somebody who will put you on the Way, somebody who gives all credit to God not to the son of man. We have respect for Him of course, but all the same the Master does not act and pose. He sees things as clearly as daylight.

Why should He deceive Himself?

So it is all God’s Grace that He takes over each one, nearer to Him day by day; just winding up all give and take.

Once Christ asked His disciples, “Do you know who I am?” Some said, “You are the son of a carpenter,”“You are the inhabitant of such and such a place,” this and that. Then Simon told Him, “You are the Son of the Living God. Christ turned to him and said, “It is not you who has said this, it is God in you who has made you utter these words.”

Those who have got clear understanding, might see; otherwise he works at the level of a man. So man must be true to his own self. If you cannot deceive yourself, you cannot be deceived by anyone. All clear every time.

Of course that comes: time factor is a necessity for that. Not in one day. Whatever things now seem to be impossible, are not impossible. Everything is possible in the world, of course with the guidance of God-in-Man or God overhead. Time factor, time factor is necessary.

Be always clear to your own self, that’s all. Mind will deceive you. Don’t be misled.

You will see when a clod of earth is thrown into the sky, it will come back to the earth, because it is its nature. Anyhow mind will work like a good friend to bring you down to earth into the worldly things. Like a very fine gentleman he will come up, “Do this thing, do that thing…” Earth like.

When a flame of a candle is lit, flame goes upward to its source, up, up, up. When you up-turn it, even then it goes up. When that flame is lit, it never forgets its origin… Sometimes a candle is lit, sometimes not, that is why sometimes you feel buoyant, sometimes you feel worldly — you are driven down by mind.

Be thankful for what you have got with the Grace of God, and expect more. He will give you more. He only requires turning your attention to Him. The more you can turn your attention to Him the more you will get. You have got your money deposited in the Bank. If you open the window you will have the money, successfully. That money is never depleted. That is unending. So sit at the Door, have it, have it! It is from the perennial source, it will never end.

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