God Has Entered My House

March 20, 1971 — Rajpur
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 82)

This is a hymn from Kabir, who appreciates his own good luck:

By God’s grace the Word made flesh has entered my house,
and it is fortunate I am that the manifested God in man has come in.
Now what should I do?
He has given me a contact with that God within me — so go on!
no moment should be lost but to be with that Power.
The result is, I am quiet, sitting in that bliss, at peace.
Mind has found no place in me to rise into ripples now —
quiet, calm, serene.
O mind, go on with this thing you have got by the grace of God
who has appeared in man body and entered your house.
So fortunate I am, you see.
The result is, now I have escaped the wheel of life —
birth and death.
I am at home with God. Thank You, God,

. . . Kabir says.

God Himself made flesh came to me,
gave me a contact with Him who is already within me.
O mind, go on with it now!
Don’t lose a minute without remaining in contact with that.

That is what the hymn says.

Out of thousands, millions, trillions of people, how many people get the contact? They are engaged mostly in the outward ways of worship — those methods which are performed with the help of hands or outgoing faculties or intellect. Who can give us that contact except the God in man — that God which is manifest in the man body. Greatly fortunate, O mind, that God in man has entered my house. This man body too really is a house we live in — an outside house.

I remember when our Master went to Beas; he sat in a room and gave instructions to someone there. When He went back, I locked it. Nobody entered. Whenever you came into that room, the sweet Music was heard. So places are blessed by such personalities. The atmosphere is charged. Greatly fortunate we are that such a person has entered our house. So that is our lesson—thanking God; thanking our own destiny, our own God, and God in man.

So now He says,

O Mind, never go and leave that bliss that you now have.

Let no moment pass without remembrance, constant remembrance.

The lower mind does not like to withdraw from outside. At times, for an hour or two, we try to go in; but it does not remain inside. But once we get that bliss, that bliss inside which is stronger, more attractive, more intoxicating, we will never dare to lose contact with that Power. Outside things are attractive to us; but are those things really attractive? We are conscious beings, a drop of the ocean of all consciousness, which is an ocean of intoxication. These outside things are all material things. When you are wholly engrossed, imbued with outer things, you have that bliss, a little contact with your own intoxication within, like a dog who eats bones.

There is no taste in the bones, but his own blood goes out and he drinks that blood, which provides the taste. So we are bliss; we are a drop of intoxication. When you are imbued with something else, for that moment so long as you are engaged there, there is some bliss; but it is really no bliss. When our soul, which is a drop of the ocean of all consciousness, comes in contact with all consciousness, it gets more bliss — the most bliss. So really we are of the same essence as that of God; He is eternal. So God is all wisdom, He is all bliss, joy, happiness. We all want happiness. Pity we seek it amiss; it is within our own selves, and by coming in contact with that higher consciousness, you will become more happy. We have that reflection of our own peace and happiness in outer things by engaging in them.

We are fortunate we have Someone who gives us a clue to that — not a clue, but a demonstration of that, for a while. We should develop that from day to day. Then we will say, like Kabir:

I am greatly fortunate that I have met with the Master,
who came and entered my outer house, my inner house too.

So mind, now enjoy that bliss. Never lose a moment of it. Be thankful. Have the real right perspective as the matter stands. By concentration only can you feel that bliss; you come in contact with the higher consciousness — more bliss. If you are engaged in the outer things, then also you have some bliss; but that is only temporary, for a while, a drop. Is that not true? Does this not appeal to you?

All Masters bring this to the world, you see. Shamas Tabrez, a great Saint of Persia, says,

Don’t look to my outer dress.
I appear to be living in rags.
Look within me to see who I am.

People asked Shamas Tabrez,Why have you come here?

I could not refuse. I have been sent.
Look within me — I am the King of Kings.

These are his words I am quoting you. “What have you brought?

I have brought the very strong whiskey of heaven
to distribute to the world;
that is why I have come to you.

So all Masters say the same thing in their own language. They bring something…. What did Christ say?

I am the bread of life which has come down from heaven;
whosoever partakes of art shall have everlasting life.

Both expressed themselves in different words, but they say the same thing.

Fortunate those are who get a contact and like Kabir say,

Be thankful to the God in man.

We fritter away all this valuable life in trifling things. Our Master used to class people, disciples. He would say that the Satsangis are all there, but there are some “homey” Satsangis — those who are at home with the Master. They were more dear to Him than anybody else in the world.

You remember that Christ was once sitting with a good number of people and he was told that his mother and brethren had come, said

Who is my mother?
Who are my brethren?
Those who do the will of God.

Masters have that angle of vision. All the four sons of the tenth Guru were martyred. There were so many people sitting by him. His wife came up and asked him, “Where are my children?” — “I have sacrificed them for all these children of mine!” You do not know how dear you are to the Master.

So those who are obeying, living up to what He says, forget all relations. It is He who binds our inner relation which can never be broken even after death. Here all issues are paid off; give and take, that’s all. Each one has to go his I own way; but the inner relation can never be broken even after death; even after leaving the body. Our Master used to give an example of people crossing a river. The sailor first takes one load, then another lot, then a third lot. Those whom Masters have initiated are taken one by one. All will go — some before, some after. But on the other side of the world you will all meet.

Are these things in books? Books cannot explain everything.

We are looked after by the shepherd. People asked Christ, “Why have you come here?” He answered, “I have lost my sheep.” When I was leaving by plane for the West, people gathered together and asked me why I was going. “I am going to find all my brothers there.”

We do not realize what a blessing we have. Make the best use of it.

God made flesh has come —
has entered my house
and given me a contact.
O mind, don’t rest for a moment.

And that’s the main object of man’s life. In this human body you can go back to your home and in no other. You are fortunate you have the human body. What you can do here in a short time cannot be done in the other world — the higher planes — in ten times as long. Every day, every hour, every minute, brings us closer to the end of the human body. So hurry up! Repose; just go into the lap of the mother. Nothing further to be done.

That is the result of effort; but effortless effort. There are two mottos in the world: First, “God helps those who help themselves;” but also, “God helps those who do not help themselves.” Help yourself so much so that you forget yourself in that effort. So go back, recede. Leave off thinking; if the mind, outgoing faculties, and intellect stand still, that very silence transfers into Light, then into Sound. So it is comparatively easier if you can repose, having faith in the Mother. You cannot repose unless you have full confidence in the Mother. A child can never dream that a lion would come and eat him up; he will run to the mother, and the mother would rather be eaten by the lion than let the child be, such love she has for the child. So how fortunate we are, you see.

Here is the open secret I have spoken to you from a common sense level. So what remains now? Don’t be led away by the daily doings. Life is a series of interruptions; a matter of give and take, reactions of the past. Nobody can even dream that anything goes according to his will and pleasure With all that, these are give and take, passing phases. Stick to what you have been given; that will prove a sheet anchor. Remain air conditioned, not to be affected by the outside atmosphere, cold or heat, hurricanes or anything. Where is that? — that is in your own Self. So recede; you will feel it. Don’t allow any waves coming from the outside to enter through the outgoing faculties. Shut yourself in the closet, as Christ said: the closet of your body.

What does meditation mean? When you enter within you will find He is there, quite cut off from the outside. This is something given to you practically. You are to develop it by regular practice, weeding out all outer attachments in one way or another.

When a child is there trying to walk here and there, and the mother is pleased to see, first the child crawling, then walking, then running. Master is pleased to see his children going along. He does not compare the man running with the child hopping along; he appreciates that hopping too. Similar to the mother, is it not? The child is very dear to the mother, is he not? The child running, as well as the child hopping.

So let us be thankful, that’s all I can say. Kabir has a good lesson to give us.

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