Best Virtue

March 18, 1971 — heart-to-heart talk in Rajpur
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 77)

Master: When what you think, what you have in your heart and what you give out are in unison, that is truth. When they’re one, that is truthfulness. And this is also the result when you conceal nothing from God. When your heart says something, your brain thinks something else and your mouth says something else, you cannot be truthful.

Two students went to a Master. He examined both of them and gave them each a pigeon instructing them to kill them where nobody could see. One was very clever; he went out around the wall, shot and killed the pigeon and brought it back in no time. The other was just running here, there, from morning till night; he could not find any place where he could kill the bird where nobody could see him. He came back at night, “I have not found any place. The very pigeon sees me.” The Teacher said, “Well you are fit for initiation.” When you see that He sees every action of yours, you cannot conceal. I found the greatest thing that appealed to Master was that very quality. I would tell others, “Go on, tell Him what you’ve done; open up.” We conceal, mind that. Our attitude is to conceal so that nobody would see, but He sees all the time. So deeds of darkness are committed in the dark, don’t you think? When you do something wrong and you’re asked whether you’ve done it or not, you have to tell a lie, then eventually you are found out. Truthfulness is the biggest thing that appealed to my Master, I tell you. Perhaps He saw that in me. I was very truthful — this is a necessity.

We conceal, even deceive Master, you see. We think we are more clever. We put things in a way which puts a cover over our deceptions. So, I always say, “Be true to your own self.” When you do something wrong, you deceive yourself. You see, and the God Power in you sees when you’re clear to Him…

And further, when He sees other’s faults, He does not crow over them. He wants to cover them. What do we do? We broadcast like un-paid apprentices of the CID (secret police) of God; like a plagued rat we carry tales. Even if there are faults in others . . . when a child is besmeared with filth, you wash the filth, you do not kill the child. God is in him, you see. When that attitude comes, that brings you nearer to Him, nearest to Him. You say, “Oh, He’s seeing me.” Then other things follow naturally.

I told you, truthfulness is when your heart, mouth and brain are in unison. When what you have in your heart, your brain thinks, proves it; it is like that and you know it to be. When you can find no place where He is not, where you are not seen by anybody. Sometimes we speak something but we think differently. We do so many things under-handedly. Do you follow me? All things are covered. When a child sees his mother working near him, he is afraid of nothing. That mother looks after the child wherever he goes. When we see Him everywhere and He sees us, how can we conceal anything? We have to come to that. Be open to Him. Anything which comes out of the heart is heard. So, which prayer is heard? That prayer which comes out of the depths of your heart. When your heart, your brain and your mouth are in unison–that is truthfulness.

So be true to yourself. The God is within you and the Master Power is within you. Truthfulness is wanted. This appeals to Him. When you discover that there is nowhere He is not. First of all you see yourself that Power overhead which is everywhere. That is the reason the student who was looking for a place where nobody would see him replied, “Wherever I went I was looking into His eyes. He was looking at me.

So the first thing, for clarification, that all Masters give out is to just know that God is seeing you. The God in you is seeing you and the God overhead is seeing . . . This is the greatest teaching of a Master: All things lead to that.

Yes, it is all sin when you forget Him; that is all sin. Forgetfulness is the greatest sin. Consider that during the day. You’ve got ample time to consider it, discuss all the viewpoints and angles. All right, God bless you.

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