Five Charged Names

December 10, 1970 — Heart-to-heart talk
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 26)

Question: In repeating the five Names, does there come a time when just repeating Sat Naam is sufficient or is it necessary to repeat them in order every time?

Master: Look here, there are five planes, five planes. The Power is the same, working in different planes, called by different names. You start from the physical, astral, causal, slowly and then go up, step by step. The Power is the same. Just as a power house in one building which lights up all the rooms in the building, the same power house — power in each one goes to the second plane, then the third, then the fourth. The Power is the same, Naam or Word, only one. God has hundreds and thousands of names. But appropriately speaking, there are five planes and the Names given are according to these planes, one by one. So it ( Simran [ see also: “Simran: The Sweet Remembrance of God” and “Simran of the Five Names” ] ) is for remembrance and is how a man can go to Him.

For instance they learn, “I am not the body, I am light.” Then all three lokas (physical, astral, causal planes) are working, then they pass away. When you transcend the three gunas you feel “I and my Father are one.” Then we are one; no returning. But we have not to think of the meanings. These names were given according to each plane, but Master can give any word that strikes Him, that’s another thing, because this is a science, a regular way.

So whatever Master gives, that charging will help you. Do you follow me now? When you’ve been given the full theory and you sit inside, Master says, “All right, say Sat Naam,” He gives you a boost. The five names are given only according to the planes. For the fourth plane, you say . . . which means I and my Father are one; you feel like I am One with Him. Then you say that power into expression only is the cause of all these five planes. But you’re not to think of the meaning. That’s only for your intellectual understanding.

So any word given by the Master is sufficient. This is a scientific way you follow. Masters give some words and say, “All right go on, that charging will help. You are not to think of the meaning. If you think of the meanings then the intellect will work. Unless the outgoing faculties are controlled, mind is stilled and intellect is also stilled for a while, you cannot transcend.” Do you follow now? All right.

When a new man comes up, the theory should also be explained to him. Why is the theory not explained to new initiates? They should not repeat the Names dumb-like, parrot-like. Why five words are given and why we can’t learn them from books. These names are given in the books too, but they are not ‘charged’ from a book.

You see, ordinarily, if the seed is sown in the field, that will generally grow into a fruit growing tree in about six to seven years. If you give it food in a scientific way, that very tree will give you fruit in two to three years. That quickens. Charging quickens the result. Do you follow me? And moreover, the charging helps to work as a sheet anchor against any negative apparition within.

What is there to guide you, to protect you? It has a purpose behind it, you see. The same things are repeated by an ordinary man, that has an effect. There’s nothing lost in nature, but it takes time to sprout forth. A Man who has that power, if he is sincere, can say to even a child, “All right, repeat these names.” They’re His words. Even if he does not know the meaning, those words work on account of the thought transference or charging behind them. That quickens the results and also works as a sheet anchor against any negative power within.

Question: In some Satsangs no explanations are given. They feel you should read only Master’s words.

Master: What I have given in the books I have got it, experienced, digested and given in my own words, shorn of all terminologies; hard facts. That you will grasp quickly. You may read other books. There’s no harm, if they’re on the subject by others who have been given some glimpses of the thing.

Yesterday I got a letter from a very intellectual man, who always splits hairs. He referred to a book, “Answers by Zoroaster.” I had told him I had not seen the book, so he sent it. He quotes from the 47th page, “It says so, like that, but your teachings, Ruhani Satsang, are not according to that.” I read the book. Then I explained to him that these words are explained in a natural way; they mean the same thing. The language may be different. The way they are put may be different, but the purpose is the same. So intellectual people simply split hairs. They cannot come to the core of the matter.

For this reason, what I have given is a digest, you see, hard facts. I think that those who have really gone in may have referred to a step, two steps, three steps like that, but they were all on the way. They only gave that much in their own way: what was necessary to meet with the times. Further, one man wrote to me, “Prophet Mohammed referred to the horrors in the other world.” I tell him, “Well look here, you do not know the circumstances under which he had to work there.” All were heathens. They were after worldly enjoyments. He told, “All right, you go up, you’ll have more enjoyments.” In a way this was to give them a boost to do something. When they go up they will see for themselves what is what, and more. On the way too, those whose character was not sound, fell down in the astral planes. There are reasons. We do not know the pros and cons and the basic things of why that man has said so, or why this man has said so.

Question: We only read from your books. But I meant to stop and explain a certain point to the people, who are not yet Satsangis or who are. Some people take objection to that. Some people feel you should only read and some people feel you should explain.

Master: No. No. Don’t be too narrow minded. This is given; there is for instance, an almond with the shell around it. If you break it and get the real thing, then? This is what you have been given — the real thing, without any casing outside; direct facts. The intellectuals want to know why this is so, why this is not a necessity. So this is what I got in that letter. I had to explain to him not to be too sticky, “Don’t lose the spirit.”

Whatever I have given I have given for an average layman who can follow exactly what is what. No hidden terminology or round about sayings — direct. So it is easier to grasp things, but it is not a hard and fast rule not to look to the books of others. That is why I gave the digest of whatever little I came to know intellectually by study or other scriptures in “Naam or Word.” I have also written a comparative study of all Yogas “Crown of Life”. You generally won’t find books like that. Each man says his Yoga leads you to the ultimate goal. Well, this is not so. Each Yoga has its own scope. And by giving a comparative study of religion it is explained that Hatha Yoga is only to develop your physical body, that’s all. Prana Yoga can prolong your life. In Bhakti Yoga you’ll have to make a hypothesis.

I have referred to Ramakrishna as an instance you may have read. He was a worshiper of the Mother, Shakti. He saw Mother all around. He went to his Guru and said, “Well, I cannot transcend into Oneness.” His Guru struck him here (on the head), and he rose. He gave him a boost. Jnana Yoga is a matter of drawing inference for intellectual giants; not everybody’s work. You can have dips — glimpses of Truth — by these practices.

But this (Surat Shabd Yoga) is direct contact with the God-into-Expression Power, Light and Sound. You’ve been given a contact with That. This is not a new thing we are now giving. Masters have all along been giving to a selected few, In the old days Rishis used to give children of five, seven and nine years old, a contact with the Light and Sound.

On the 7th December, I gave initiation. Some lady who was very intellectual came up and asked if she could attend. “Well, come on visit, see for yourself.” So she was convinced. Facts are facts, you see. And this is a rare opportunity due to the grace of our Master, I would say, that people are having first hand experience all free. You’ll very rarely find this. I’ve been in contact with most of the heads of other religions. They have no inkling into it in a practical way.

Some Masters do know too. Swami N.N. knew this thing but he started from the lowest center taking them up step by step. And this has been given to you direct; that’s the difference. By going through here, there, everywhere, ultimately you come there, to Eye Center. Why not have this on the very first day? But that depends on the competency of the one who can give that’s all.

Who can give you a direct contact with That, is the only criterion of a Saint or a Master. You are having something. To raise you up from the body consciousness is a very difficult thing to start with. For that the Yogis have to do Kumbhak (a Yoga practice involving breath control) and so many other things for years and years. You get on the very first day a glimpse of That. This is a great blessing, you see. You cannot ever judge His greatness, but still you can see there is something.

Do you follow why the five Names are a necessity? What’s the purpose of it? Masters can say, “Say flower, flower or rose.” Word “rose” does not accomplish anything in itself but if they’re according to scientific creation, then. . . ? The names are given only for the reason I have explained. When things are not explained to new people who come, they say, “What is all this?” And they object to repeating parrot-like, saying this, and then? They’re right. Now the world has grown intellectually. They don’t like any imposition or anything. Explain to them.

Who knows the inner planes? References are written but very few have gone. They have given references, not details. Even if that is given in books, and people are telling you parrot-like, “Oh! How will you judge that he really is the son of God or not?” The only criterion is that He can give you a boost, a way up, on the very first day, whether young or old, He gives you something to start with. The more you go, the same God-into-Expression leads you to the place from where It emanated. So this is a very natural way, but it is difficult to give first hand experience, maybe little or more.

In the old days, you know, the people were made to sit at the feet of the Master for years. It is said of Ibrahim (Abraam), Ibrahim Adam, who left the kingship to have Spirituality from Kabir, that he remained three, four years, very obedient to Kabir. Loi who was a worker in charge of the household told Kabir, “Well he has been here for three years. It is better to give him something.” He told her “Oh, he’s not yet ready.”“Why do you say? He obeys every little order of yours, lives according to what is given to him and does not do anything of his own will; anything.” . . . “All right, when he goes out of the door, throw the rubbish of the whole household over his head, then hear what he says.” She did this on the following morning, throwing all the rubbish of the house over his head. He said, “Had I been in Bokhara!” (Where he was king.) That I-hood was still there, with all his obedience. So Kabir said, “I told you he was not ready yet.” Then after two, three years more Kabir said, “Now he’s ready.” She said, “What is the difference? We don’t find any difference outwardly.” . . . “All right now, when he goes out, put all the refuse of the house, including the night waste over his head, and then hear what he says.” She did the same thing. He said, “Oh God, I’m still worse than that.” You follow me?

It’s fortunate you’ve come in contact with the God-into-Expression Power by which you lose your ego. The more you come in contact, you become a conscious co-worker. And that starts when you rise above the body consciousness. That is what Masters have been stressing:

Learn to die so that you may begin to live.

At the time of death, the soul withdraws from outside and rises above at the back of the eyes and you see some Power is working. When you rise above body consciousness daily you see some very strong Power is controlling the whole universe. And fortunate you are, I would say, with the Grace of our Master, you are all having it.

So now it is for you to develop by regular practice and ethical living. And the diary is meant only for that purpose. You are given something the very first day, something you should have had only after years of preparation, when you are ready, like Ibrahim (Abraam).

So that’s the golden opportunity you people have got. I’m only the midway and nothing else. The instrument is there and that God Power is working. No son of man can do it. It is He, the Christ Power or God Power which never dies, you see. They asked me in America, “Tell me, when is Christ returning?” I told them, “Has He ever left you?” He (Christ) says,

I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world.

All Masters say that. You may leave; He will never leave you. Our Master used to say, He won’t leave you unless He takes you to the Feet of the Sat Purusha. You may leave Him but He has a long rope, you see. So that Power works, that Power at different times and through different human poles according to the needs of the times. He knows best. And the only criterion is that He should be able to give you something, some capital to start with, maybe little, maybe more. And that can be developed more and more, not through the word of mouth, mind that, but through receptivity. One third is learnt through word of mouth, and two thirds by receptivity. Eyes are the windows of the soul. When soul is absorbed in the intoxication, well, you’ll have the same injection in your soul.

Once I was sitting by the Master. He used to make me sit and give a talk. He was training me like a child, you see. I used to repeat my questions and thoughts to Him. I used to turn to Him and talk and the people enjoyed. Once I told Him, in the old days, there were customs. They (Masters) would dip the large toe of the foot and give the disciples the water sanctified by this charging. Then the times did come when they were made to sit before Master’s Face and look into His Eyes. Soul speaks through the eyes and they were charged. Then the time would come when they would bring something they had made to Master, some silks or something like that, and He charged their work. He touched it, “All right, you have it.” Then again the time came when they used to bow down and touch the Master’s Feet. And our Master used to say, “Well, what is lying down there, I’m here. What are you up to? I’m here, through the Eyes.” And now I say, “Well, all right, folding hands is sufficient.” Folding hands means you look into the eyes and you see. Why bow down, why not look direct? That is direct contact, through the eyes. Do you follow these purposes? So eyes are the windows of the soul, you see.

These things are not yet explained in books very clearly, I tell you, but the facts are there. If you read all scriptures you ultimately conclude that there is something. What’s the use of these words (Simran)? Charging helps, not the words. The words only explain the planes according to creation, that’s all. The newcomers want to understand intellectually why it is necessary. Previously nobody questioned it. Masters said, “All right, go on, go on.” And charging helped them. Whether you know the whys and wherefores of things or not, the charging will help.

What do the children see? You saw the other day. I gave a sitting to the children outside. “All right have it, sit down, see here.” What explanation is given to them? Nothing. So it’s the charging that helps. That comes from the soul in whatever state it is in. That is why you can enjoy this even from thousands of miles when you develop receptivity. Of course physical presence cannot be underrated. That is direct, by radiation. Radiation can be had even at thousands of miles as I told. Only direct your attention. Let nothing remain between you and Him; Not even your body. So when you have understood, do it. Derive the full benefit. Do you remember Christ said, “Eat me, drink me.” How to eat Him? Not the flesh, you see. He is Word made flesh. It is Word you have to eat. And what do you have to drink? The nectar of the Word. That is within you and you have been given a contact within. So this is an explanation of the five charged words.

These are outer lectures, because they are given out heart to heart, there it is. The whole theory is explained in these talks … Read “Crown of Life.” Read “Naam or Word.” Very clear, whatever could possibly be given to you in words, is given therein. The question is to digest, to live up to it. If you follow correctly then everything will be all right. Newcomers are very intellectual. They will not take a step unless they understand why it is so. “Why should I repeat these words? Why not others?”

So sometimes the group leader over there does not explain. I told him that they have told you the Names but not the whys and the wherefores. Perhaps for want of time. . . How can these things (explanation of charged words) be explained in their general lecture, you see? There the theory is explained. They’re right so far, I supported them. But they should now I think, give explanation privately as questions come up.

Very intellectual people do want. Some people come up to me, “I have come. Will you give me time?”. . . “Oh yes, do come on, bring all your questions. Sit inside, lock the door. Keep the key with you. Don’t come out until you’re satisfied.” What more can I say? With the Grace of God, of course, I know that Truth is Truth and cannot be made untruth. I am giving you what I have found with the Grace of the Master.

Are you doing all right with your meditations please? Don’t keep reserved. You’re here only for that purpose. God will give you. He’s within you, waiting for you, anxiously. Would you keep Him waiting? Then hurry after Him. Thank you.

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