Birds of the Flock Fly Together

March 8, 1971 — heart-to-heart talk by Sant Kirpal Singh
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 73)

Q: Is the seat of the soul you speak about in your Meditation Instructions behind and between the two eye-brows identical to the position that we look into in front of us?

Master: The seat of the soul is at the back of the eyes. If you put a nail here, [Master touches the spot on His Forehead] and one fourth inch behind, and a little to the right side, that is seat of the soul. But if you meditate there, there’s strain. So I have found very practicable and helpful, just looking to the front outside. When you concentrate there, that will adjust of itself without any effort. And moreover, when you meditate there, [focused inside], sometimes, when withdrawn, you feel you are just encircled by a big stone wall within. You see?

Q: It says in the circular, focus attention between and behind the eyebrows, and it also says look in front of you.

M: I say look in front of you because if you concentrate that will adjust of itself, without any strain. Focusing inside will give you strain. All right, try it, if you can, but that will give you headache and strain. And even if you are withdrawn, you will feel hemmed in by a very strong stone wall within.

Q: Pressure.

M: Yes, yes. Books say so. I felt it. Everything should be improved, you see, not always going by the letter of the rule.
There were seventy children for initiation at Delhi, seventy. All got It, Light. Seventy children, you see.

Q: How old were they, Master?

M: Some four years and five years and some even three years. They don’t require any theory, you see. It is for the learned people to understand theory.

M: A lady once came to me,Well, I don’t want to hear any theory. Give me an experience.” “All right.” She had it. Children don’t need any theory, just a little boost. There were about 150 adults and 70 children. About 220 in the tent. In practice the same work has to be done by the learned or unlearned, you see. The learned won’t start before understanding what is what. So they say, “He is not very clear.” “How can that be possible?  What light?  It is all dark, how can you say there is light?

M: Once I met a “Saint” here, He had many followers. I went to where he was talking to listen to him. He came to know that I was there and began shouting, “What is inside, it is all flesh, bone, this dirt and this filth. If you want to see the sun, see outside. Let the eye behold.” I kept quiet. Later I told him, “Well look here, dear friend, I have heard about you, I have come, just to have a scent from you. So now I have got a clue. I am very thankful to you for what you have said. It appears that Guru Nanak’s teachings are very deep. Whatever you have understood, that’s all right, well and good, but that requires more going into detail.” He was a very fond follower of Guru Nanak. He said, “This is a very big thing. Who can understand Guru Nanak?” I told him, “Maybe it’s that you have more shares and I may have little.” Even the so-called teachers do not see what is wrong. They go on with outer performance, outer rituals, this and that. Apara Vidya, it is called. People are very much pleased also with turning prayer wheels and lighting candles and turning this and that thing. They are also immersing into the water. Most of the people in all religions are engaged in such rituals but they don’t understand the basic teachings, you see. For these are the basic teachings of all religions given by all Saints who came in the past. You have read that book, “Naam or Word” — Yes?

Q: Master, in talking to Christians about Jesus Christ and reincarnation,there is no quote that he ever stated actually about reincarnation, just an inference we can draw. Is it not so?

M: Refer to Elijah and others. Yes, and moreover, the pity is you see, the present Bible is very, excuse me if I say it is old. We need not go into these things. One man (Sir Robert Walpole) wrote, “Don’t you read out history to me for I know that must be false.” History is written down later on by those who have not seen or heard, that’s all.

M: So we are concerned with the teachings, you see. This is all right. “Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet.” And the appearance of the Christ or Guru Power is revealed. In the Revelations of St. John: Then he saw a form clothed white in sun — quite God-like. There were harps playing-and this and that referred to (You might quote that.) Have you read that passage? So you have got harp sound, where? Third or fourth plane. References are there. People have forgotten.

M: These things can be clarified only by going within and talking with Those directly within. You will find all Truth. You can meet Christ within and others. I mentioned to you some days back there was one lady in America when we went there for the first time. She used to attend the talks very eagerly, but on the day of Initiation she did not turn up. On the next day she was asked, “Why did you not turn up?” “I meet Christ daily. I do not need any initiation.” I said to her, “Fine, you meet Christ daily, that’s very good. Now when you see Him again, just ask him what to do further.” For about twenty days she was silent. Then all at once the night before I was due to go to Louisville, she phoned, … spoke to her. “I want initiation.” — “Well He is leaving tomorrow morning. It is now dark.” “No, no, I cannot have no from you.” She came up and said she wanted Initiation. “Well, did you meet Christ?” She said, “For about 20 days He did not appear to me. When I met Him I asked Him what to do further. He said, ‘For further, you go to Him.

M: Those who are in the higher planes also work through the Masters here on earth — the physical plane.
M: Kabir, Guru Nanak, Baba Sawan Singh, all say the same thing. There was one man who came here — he had met Baba Sawan Singh inside. He asked Him, “What are the real facts?” He said, “Go to the person [Kirpal Singh]. He will carry on [my work].” These are regular things, you see. There’s government outside, there is also government within us too — it is no haphazard thing. In the beginning was the Word and the Word became Flesh and dwelt amongst us. Very clear.

M: You please — do you have to say anything? No. That’s all right. So all ocean of mind is calm and quiet, no ripples, eh? When the waters are calm and quiet, it means they are very deep. Where the water is calm and quiet it is considered to be very deep. Are you going deep?

Q: Did Jesus as a man exist? If not, who do people see and speak to when they supposedly meet Him inside?

M: There all if’s and but’s should be stopped. Christ Power did exist all through. Whether or not Jesus or Nanak or Buddha or anybody did exist, Christ Power did exist. Don’t go into that as it is history. Many things come up like that. We are concerned with the teachings, mind that. If you lose that sight, you are nowhere.

M: Some say Prophet Mohammed is the highest, the only messenger of God. Guru Nanak says there have been hundreds of prophets at His Door. You see?

M: Christians say,Christ is the begotten Son of God. There is no other.” This is (excuse me if I use the word) a fallacy. Begotten Son means Wordless came into Word. Word is the begotten Son of Wordless and that Word was distributed through human poles. Very common sense. He has been sending Messengers here, there and everywhere to take people up and they used their powers according to the need of the time, that’s all.

M: How high one is or the other not; go and see for yourself. Mind that when you criticize any great man, and you don’t lose respect for that great man, then that’s all right. But when you criticize and lose respect for him, then that’s a heinous crime. Who can judge others? He who can go higher than that. Mind that. Men are sitting, the mice run around on the ground. How can you judge about those who reside There? Birds of the Flock fly together. All were sent by God with some commission according to the needs of the time. There may be many whose names we do not know.

M: First of all, only he who goes higher than that has the right to judge, is it not so? What right have we got? We gain little and lose one hundred percent. Is not talking against anyone and losing respect for him a heinous crime? So Word made Flesh — Word is Perfect. So don’t judge others.

M: I was replying the other day to somebody who wrote to me, “Such and such died of such and such. Such a great man died of such and such.” I replied to him, “Do not judge those you do not know. If you do not know definitely, go within and ask Him.” I wrote him like that. I get very strange letters, you see. “That blessed man is not alive,” I said. “… but he died of such and such.., he is supposed to be going to the highest plane.” I told him, “There are two reasons. One, they work hard, then nature demands. If a man works for 20 hours a day, like a machine, will his body not give way? With good luck he will carry on, but after all, body is made by nature. And moreover sometimes these great Men take on the burden of others.” I wrote him like that. Then I said, “Please don’t say anything against any man, unless you have seen and you are sure, you have no right to say. All right, go within and ask Him.” This is what I wrote.

M: So mind your own business. How much have you got? How far have you reached? When they went to my Master, people asked, “How great is Baba Sawan Singh?” I told them, “I don’t know, but I know that He is surely far, far above me.” If I know Him, I become Him. Man can only know him who is equal to him or higher than him. Those who are equal to Him may know what is what, but those who are higher than that can also judge. What right have we to judge? Is this not common sense? “How great is He? — I don’t know, but of that much I am sure, He is far, far above me.” When I went to Him earlier, now I admit, I saw the Christ Power in Him, the Son of God working as the son of man.

M: Some people advised our Master to form a new religion. He said, “Well, there is water underneath, but there are already so many wells, why dig a new one?” The basic teachings of all are the same.

M: People have lost their common sense in bigotry and narrow-mindedness. They are only standing on one side of the wall and judging others in those very troubled times. So don’t criticize anybody. By criticizing a Saint, sometimes saying gold is gold, diamond is diamond, silver is silver, that’s another thing, but with all that if you don’t lose respect for Him that’s all right. Otherwise you lose. Do you know why? Christ said that you can call me anything you like, but to say anything against the God in me, that is never to be forgotten. It is the God Power working through these poles, you see. If you lose respect for Them, where do you stand?

M: So this is the butter you get. Eat it with some sugar to digest with love and devotion.

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