On Bhajan: Do One Practice at a Time

Morning darshan, Rajpur, September 19, 1970
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 11)

Disciple: Would You talk for a couple of minutes about Bhajan?

Master: Bhajan? Bhajan means what? There are two practices, one Light, the other Sound. What do you mean by Bhajan, first practice or the second? Second practice is called Bhajan, coming in contact with the Sound Principle. You would like to know about Sound Principle? Light? What?

Disciple: Master, when I sit in Bhajan …

Master: Bhajan means hearing the Sound Current.

Disciple: Right. Is it correct to put the attention here? [He points to forehead.]

Master: I’ve not told you that.

Disciple: Where does the attention go?

Master: Attention is solely in hearing. But the seat of the soul is there. You are always there. If you put your attention there, then your attention will be divided. You should be quite cut off from outside, just hear from within any Sound that is coming.

If any Sound comes from the left, don’t pay attention, that will give a debasing effect.

Only listen to that Sound attentively which is coming from the right side.

If it is at a distance, don’t follow it. If you are searching for the origin of the Sound, it will grow faint and die out. Hear what kind of Sound comes from the right. In that case, the Sound will come closer, become stronger, and ultimately come from above to drag you into the Beyond.

You are not to repeat the Names at the time. You are not to fix your gaze during Sound practice; the seat of the soul is there. Just hear what comes.

Disciple: Sometimes a lot of Light comes from the front and I can’t cut it off.

Master: I think I have explained this twice, thrice, four times, since you have come. Do one practice at a time.

When you hear the Sound, if Light intervenes, don’t pay attention. For example, I am talking to you, but looking at someone else; I cannot pay any attention to you.

When you are seeing Light, and Sound intervenes, put your whole attention into seeing.

When you go within, and both of them combine, then that’s all right. But initially put in whole attention into one practice at a time. You follow?

That requires practice. Practice makes a man perfect. Food eaten won’t give you strength; food which is digested will give you strength — otherwise it will create disease. You will have dysentery; you will have diarrhea.

These very things are given in the instructions at the time of initiation. So practice makes a man perfect. Theoretical knowledge without practice leads you nowhere.

Because you’re very rich, very learned, because you hold a very high status in life, or you’re a millionaire, that won’t save you.

Only this thing [the Naam] goes along with you, the very Bread and Water of Life. This is the Real Thing that goes along with you. All other things leave, including the body.

On spiritual health depends the life of mind and body. If you stop all questioning and put in more time in meditation, many things are found unasked for.

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