December 14, 1970
(Light of Kirpal, chapter 28)

Master: It is very difficult to leave off ego, Oh, I am great. — So that is why Christ said,

Blessed are the humble. They are the peace-makers.

Humility cannot be had by mere intellectual wrestling. That comes only when you see some Higher Power is working — when you say,

I’m merely a puppet in His Hands.

Only then true humility comes, not before. This little ego is satan-like, I would say. It drags everybody, in whatever line he is working. Even preachers say, “Oh, who is there like me? … I am the greatest preacher. I can do everything. Everything is under my thumb. I can make and unmake things.” So that true humility can come only through coming in contact with the God-into-Expression Power which is within us. That’s all. By mere intellectual wrestling we can come up for awhile but not permanently. That is the whole trouble underlying everything. If all become servants, that’s all right. But we want to become bosses: The whole trouble arises there.

Those who are attached outside cannot leave the body. “I have to do this. I have to do that. I have this job. Who will look after these people? Who will look after my property?” Well, this very body is left at death — what about the outer things? Our vision does not become very clear unless we rise above body consciousness. Then you’ll see things in right perspective. If we leave, then where’s the world? All the material world is gone.

That is why Christ said, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a man who is expanded — a wealthy man with all outward attachments. The teachings of the Masters just cut down the very stem of the whole trouble. When you rise above body consciousness, the physical ego is gone. But the astral ego, causal ego are still there. Complete humility arises only when you rise above three planes, not before. In the beginning you’ll begin to have a little humility. Even those who go to the astral plane, they’re also not free from ego.

We fight for all these outward things. This can be explained in these two words — women and gold. And all is left at the time of death. The very body is left off then. So we have to know ourselves practically. The more you are able to rise above body-consciousness at your will, that is what is wanted. The whole angle of vision will be changed. When you go up in an airplane, very big mountains appear like small mounds. When I passed over the Suez Canal on my first trip, they said, “We have passed the Suez Canal.” You say the Suez Canal which has been the apple of discord; it just looked like a very small stream, a gutter, I would say. So all this greatness becomes very little.

One detailed circular was issued on humility. With God’s Grace we are put on the Way. Guidance is there also. That will cut the tree from the very stem, from the very roots. So world is there. Now if you take L out of it, WORD (God-into-Expression Power) remains. That’s all. But He likes who more? I think you can reply better.

Question: The ones who obey Him.

Master: Those who obey Him and progress. Merely sitting won’t work. We sit down and don’t do what He wants us to do. When I was in school, there was one geometrical problem and the professor came in to the class and said, You could not solve this geometrical problem last year. He addressed me and one or two more, Try tomorrow — tomorrow is Sunday. Try to see if this could be solved. The next morning I went and sat down. First I solved that problem in a very long way, then in a short-cut way. On Monday we attended the school. He asked, Well, have you come to any conclusions? Have you solved the problem?Yes,” I told him, I have solved it in two ways. I showed him on the board. Teacher naturally likes students like that.

I was among the very lowest set of people who sat at the Feet of our Master, but through His Grace He liked me. So you are dear. All of you are dear. Don’t think you are not dear. But more dear is he who makes progress and lives according to the commandments. That you can only have if you live a righteous life and also progress spiritually. Perhaps you people do not know how much I like you. I don’t think you know at this level. A child does not know how much the mother likes him.

So rest assured I have love for you, more especially you who sat at the Feet of my Master. There is one old one here too, who sat at the Feet of Master. This relationship of brothers and sisters cannot be broken: A relationship which cannot be broken after death.

Remember His Commandments. If you love the Master, just abide by His Commandments. If I love you all then what do I expect from you — your progress. A seed is sown — it could sprout into a tree and bear forth — laden with fruit. This is what I wish for you. I wish you to progress more than me.

Have courage, don’t be discouraged. Go on doing and help will come. At every step help will come, unasked for. And that help is given by that Power which is within you all. I have got a little ingress with the Grace of my Master, that’s all I can say.

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